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National Standard: GB/T, GBT
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Standard ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
GB/T 34564.1-2017 Cold-word mould steel - Part 1: High toughness and wear-resistance steels GB/T 34564.1-2017
GB/T 34566-2017 Hot stamping steel sheet and strip for automobile GB/T 34566-2017
GB/T 34584-2017 Safety technical regulations for hydrogen refueling station GB/T 34584-2017
GB/T 34585-2017 Battery electric goods vehicles - Specifications GB/T 34585-2017
GB/T 34589-2017 Road vehicles - Diagnostic connector GB/T 34589-2017
GB/T 34590.7-2017 Road vehicles - Functional safety - Part 7: Production and operation GB/T 34590.7-2017
GB/T 34592-2017 Steering force steering angle detector for steering wheel of automobile GB/T 34592-2017
GB/T 34593-2017 Test methods of hydrogen emission for fuel cell engine GB/T 34593-2017
GB/T 34595-2017 The technical specifications for remanufacturing of automotive components - Water pump GB/T 34595-2017
GB/T 34596-2017 The technical specification for remanufacturing of automotive components - Oil pumps GB/T 34596-2017
GB/T 34598-2017 Plug-in hybrid electric commercial vehicles - Specifications GB/T 34598-2017
GB/T 34600-2017 The technical specification for remanufacturing of automotive components - Spark and compression ignition engines GB/T 34600-2017
GB/T 34657.1-2017 Interoperability test specifications of electric vehicle conductive charging - Part 1: Supply equipment GB/T 34657.1-2017
GB/T 34657.2-2017 Interoperability test specifications of electric vehicle conductive charging - Part 2: Vehicle GB/T 34657.2-2017
GB/T 34658-2017 Conformance test for communication protocols between off-board conductive charger and battery management system for electric vehicle GB/T 34658-2017
GB/T 34667-2017 General specifications of electrical self-balancing vehicles GB/T 34667-2017
GB/T 34668-2017 Safety requirements and test methods for electrical self-balancing vehicles GB/T 34668-2017
GB/T 5591.1-2017 Combined flexible materials for electrical insulation - Part 1: Definitions and general requirements GB/T 5591.1-2017
GB/T 702-2017 Hot-rolled steel bars - Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances GB/T 702-2017
GB/T 9252-2017 Method for pressure cycling test of gas cylinders GB/T 9252-2017
GB/T 10414-2017 Synchronous belt drives—Automotive synchronous pulleys GB/T 10414-2017
GB/T 10574.11-2017 Methods for chemical analysis of tin-lead solders—Part 11: Determination of phosphorus content—Crystal violet phosphorus-vanadium-molybdeum heteropoly acid spectrophotometry GB/T 10574.11-2017
GB/T 12000-2017 Plastics—Determination of the effects of exposure to damp heat, water spray and salt mist GB/T 12000-2017
GB/T 12665-2017 Requirements of damp-heat testing of electrical machine for service in general environmental condition GB/T 12665-2017
GB/T 156-2017 Standard voltages GB/T 156-2017
GB/T 18363-2017 Filling receptacle of CNG vehicle GB/T 18363-2017
GB/T 18364-2017 Filling receptacle of LPG vehicle GB/T 18364-2017
GB/T 18487.2-2017 Electric vehicle conductive charging system—Part 2: EMC requirements for off-board electric vehicle supply equipment GB/T 18487.2-2017
GB/T 18881-2017 Catalyst for light-duty petrol vehicle exhaust purification GB/T 18881-2017
GB/T 19345.1-2017 Amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys—Part 1: Fe-based amorphous soft magnetic alloy strips GB/T 19345.1-2017
GB/T 2100-2017 Corrosion-resistanst steel castings for general applications GB/T 2100-2017
GB/T 290-2017 Rolling bearings—Needle roller bearings with drawn cup and without inner ring—Boundary dimensions GB/T 290-2017
GB/T 304.1-2017 Spherical plain bearings—Classification GB/T 304.1-2017
GB/T 342-2017 Dimension, shape, mass and tolerance of cold-drawn round, square and hexagonal steel wires GB/T 342-2017
GB/T 34676-2017 Interior wall coatings for children's room decorating GB/T 34676-2017
GB/T 35178-2017 Fuel cell electric vehicles—Hydrogen consumption—Test methods GB/T 35178-2017
GB/T 35179-2017 Bench test methods for safe ride performance of in-use electric vehicles GB/T 35179-2017
GB/T 35788-2017 Security technical requirement for the electronic identification of motor vehicles GB/T 35788-2017
GB/T 4094.2-2017 Electric vehicles—Symbols for controls, indicators and tell-tales GB/T 4094.2-2017
GB/T 4437.2-2017 Aluminium and aluminium alloy extruded tubes—Part 2: Seam tubes GB/T 4437.2-2017
GB/T 6653-2017 Steel plates and strips for welded gas cylinders GB/T 6653-2017
GB/T 11060.4-2017 Natural gas--Determination of sulfur compound--Part 4: Determination of total sulfur content by oxidative microcoulometry method GB/T 11060.4-2017
GB/T 1499.1-2017 Steel for the reinforcement of concrete--Part 1: Hot rolled plain bars GB/T 1499.1-2017
GB/T 1796.3-2017 Tyre valves--Part 3: Snap-in valves GB/T 1796.3-2017
GB/T 200-2017 Moderate-heat portland cement, low-heat portland cement GB/T 200-2017
GB/T 21980-2017 General technical specification for sportswear and protecting suits GB/T 21980-2017
GB/T 22794-2017 Type F and type B residual current operated circuit-breakers with and without integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses GB/T 22794-2017
GB/T 35349-2017 Parking brake performance test methods for vehicles GB/T 35349-2017
GB/T 35369-2017 Passenger detection device for vehicle seat belt reminder GB/T 35369-2017
GB/T 35751-2017 Nonwovens and composite nonwovens for automotive interior GB/T 35751-2017
GB/T 35785-2017 Specification for the installation of read-write equipment ofthe electronic identification of motor vehicles GB/T 35785-2017
GB/T 35790.1-2017 Specification for installation of the electronic identification of motor vehicles--Part 1: Automobile GB/T 35790.1-2017
GB/T 3903.2-2017 Footwear--Test methods for whole shoe--Abrasion resistance GB/T 3903.2-2017
GB/T 3903.4-2017 Footwear--Test methods for whole shoe--Hardness GB/T 3903.4-2017
GB/T 5169.16-2017 Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products--Part 16: Test flames--50 W horizontal and vertical flame test methods GB/T 5169.16-2017
GB/T 6503-2017 Man-made fibres--Test method of moisture regain GB/T 6503-2017
GB/T 6504-2017 Man-made fiber--Test method for oil content GB/T 6504-2017
GB/T 6506-2017 Synthetic fibre--Test method for crimp contraction properties of textured filament yarns GB/T 6506-2017
GB/T 13869-2017 General guide for safety of electric user GB/T 13869-2017
GB/T 35641-2017 Basic requirements for engineering surveying and mapping GB/T 35641-2017
GB/T 536-2017 Liquefied anhydrous ammonia GB/T 536-2017
GB/T 11951-2018 Natural fibres--Terminology GB/T 11951-2018
GB/T 317-2018 White granulated sugar GB/T 317-2018
GB/T 35892-2018 Laboratory animal--Guideline for ethical review of animal welfare GB/T 35892-2018
GB/T 13531.6-2018 General methods on determination of cosmetics—Determination of partical size GB/T 13531.6-2018
GB/T 13531.7-2018 General methods on determination of cosmetics—Determination of refractive index GB/T 13531.7-2018
GB/T 1499.2-2018 Steel for the reinforcement of concrete—Part 2: Hot rolled ribbed bars GB/T 1499.2-2018
GB/T 1572-2018 Determination of clinkering property of coal GB/T 1572-2018
GB/T 1573-2018 Determination of thermal stability of coal GB/T 1573-2018
GB/T 1575-2018 Determination of yield of benzene-soluble extract in brown coals GB/T 1575-2018
GB/T 220-2018 Determination of carboxyreactivity of coal GB/T 220-2018
GB/T 35840.1-2018 Steels for plastic mould—Part 1: Non-alloy steels GB/T 35840.1-2018
GB/T 35841-2018 High strength steel plate for dump truck structure GB/T 35841-2018
GB/T 35929-2018 Packaging—Tactile warnings of danger—Requirements GB/T 35929-2018
GB/T 18253-2018 Steel and steel products--Types of inspection documents GB/T 18253-2018
GB/T 36023-2018 Guides for energy efficiency assessment of prepainting process GB/T 36023-2018
GB/T 36025-2018 Guides for energy efficiency assessment of continuous galvanizing process GB/T 36025-2018
GB/T 36102-2018 Tin-coated copper-clad steel wire for electronic products GB/T 36102-2018
GB/T 36108-2018 CAD software technical requirements of fixed dental restoration GB/T 36108-2018
GB/T 4288-2018 Household and similar electrical washing machine GB/T 4288-2018
GB/T 21360-2018 (Automotive air conditioner refrigerant compressor) GB/T 21360-2018
GB/T 36120-2018 (Child restraint system product identification for motor vehicles) GB/T 36120-2018
GB/T 19071.1-2018 Wind turbines--Asynchronous generator--Part 1: Technical conditions GB/T 19071.1-2018
GB/T 24593-2018 Welded austenitic stainless steel tubes for boiler and heat exchanger GB/T 24593-2018
GB/T 36388-2018 Specification for integrated vector management--Construction site GB/T 36388-2018
GB/T 36398-2018 Lanthanum cerium-magnesium alloy GB/T 36398-2018
GB/T 36427-2018 Specification for conformance test of IoT household electrical appliance GB/T 36427-2018
GB/T 36268-2018 Test method of energy consumption per unit products for laminated glass GB/T 36268-2018
GB/T 36269-2018 Determination of trace nickel for plate glass GB/T 36269-2018
GB/T 36274-2018 Technical specification for energy management system of microgrids GB/T 36274-2018
GB/T 36277-2018 Technical specification for on-board static DC electric energy meter of electric vehicle GB/T 36277-2018
GB/T 36278-2018 Technical code for electric vehicle charging/battery swap infrastructure interconnecting to distribution network GB/T 36278-2018
GB/T 36400-2018 Standard terminology of decorative glass GB/T 36400-2018
GB/T 36404-2018 On-line detection for spot faults of flat glass GB/T 36404-2018
GB/T 36405-2018 Test method for stress in flat glass GB/T 36405-2018
GB/T 36406-2018 Test method of tin penetrated on float glass surface GB/T 36406-2018
GB/T 609-2018 Chemical reagent--General method for the determination of total nitrogen GB/T 609-2018
GB/T 18411-2018 Power-driven vehicles manufacturer's plate GB/T 18411-2018
GB/T 36282-2018 Electromagnetic compatibility requirements and test methods of drive motor system for electric vehicles GB/T 36282-2018
GB/T 1222-2016 Spring steels GB/T 1222-2016

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