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 List of Chinese Standard

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AQ, AQ/T Security & Safety AQ - Security & Safety AQ, AQ/T
BB Packaging BB - Packaging BB
CB, CB/T, CBT Shipping CB, CB/T
CJ, CJ/T, CJT Urban Construction CJ - Urban Construction CJ, CJ/T
DL, DL/T, DLT Electricity & Power DL - Electricity & Power DL, DL/T
EJ Nuclear EJ
FZ, FZ/T, FZT Spinning & Textile FZ - Spinning & Textile FZ, FZ/T
GB National Standard GB - National Standard GB
GB/T, GBT National Standard GBT - National Standard GB/T, GBT
GJB Military
GY, GY/T Radio, Film & TV GY - Radio, Film & TV GY, GY/T
HB Aviation HB
HG, HG/T, HGT Chemical Industry HG - Chemical Industry HG, HG/T
HJ, HJ/T, HJT Environmental Protection HJ - Environmental Protection HJ, HJ/T
HS Customs HS - Customs HS
HY Ocean HY
JB, JB/T, JBT Mechanical JB - Mechanical JB, JB/T
JG, JG/T, JGT Building & Construction JG - Building & Construction JG, JG/T
JJ, JJG Metrology & Measurement JJ - Metrology & Measurement JJ
JR Finance JR - Finance JR
JT, JT/T, JTT Highway & Transportation JT - Highway & Transportation JT, JT/T
LB Travel & Tourism LB - Travel & Tourism LB
LS, LS/T, LST Food & Beverage LS - Food & Beverage LS, LS/T
LY, LY/T, LYT Forestry LY - Forestry LY, LY/T
MH Civil Aviation MH
NY, NY/T, NYT Agriculture NY - Agriculture NY, NY/T
QB, QB/T, QBT Light & Industry QB - Light & Industry QB, QB/T
QC, QC/T, QCT Car & Vehicle QC - Car & Vehicle QC, QC/T
QJ Aerospace QJ, QJ/T
QX, QX/T, QXT Meteorology QX - Meteorology QX, QX/T
SB, SB/T, SBT Business SB - Business SB, SB/T
SH, SH/T, SHT Petrochemical SH - Petrochemical SH, SH/T
SJ, SJ/T, SJT Electronics SJ - Electronics SJ, SJ/T
SL, SL/T, SLT Irrigation SL - Irrigation SL, SL/T
SN, SN/T, SNT Commodity Inspection SN - Commodity Inspection SN, SN/T, SNT
SY, SY/T, SYT Oil & Gas SY - Oil & Gas SY, SY/T
TB, TB/T, TBT Railway & Train TB - Railway & Train TB, TB/T
TD Land TD - Land TD
WM Foreign Trade WM - Foreign Trade WM
XB Rare Earth Metal XB
YB, YB/T, YBT Metallurgy YB - Metallurgy YB, YB/T
YC Tobacco YC - Tobacco YC
YD, YD/T, YDT Telecom / Communication YD - Telecommunication             YD, YD/T
YS, YS/T, YST Metallurgy YS - Metallurgy YS, YS/T
YY, YY/T, YYT Medical / Pharmaceutical YY - Medical/ Pharmaceutical   YY, YY/T
YZ Postal YZ - Postal YZ
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