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Industry Standard: QC, QC/T, QCT
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Standard ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
QC/T 1004-2015 Preformance requirements and bench test methods of automobile electric vacuum pump QC/T 1004-2015
QC/T 1011-2015 Technical requirements and bench test methods for hydraulic air-assistant system master cylinder of clutch QC/T 1011-2015
QC/T 1012-2015 Technical requirements and determination for motor vehicles. hydraulic power steering system cleanliness QC/T 1012-2015
QC/T 1022-2015 Technical specification for reduction gearbox of battery electric passenger cars QC/T 1022-2015
QC/T 1023-2015 General Requirement of Traction Battery System for Electric Vehicles QC/T 1023-2015
QC/T 1025-2016 Performance requirements and bench test methods of automatic transmission oil pump QC/T 1025-2016
QC/T 1028-2016 Performance requirements and test methods of vehicle vacuum check valve QC/T 1028-2016
QC/T 15-1992 (Common test methods for automotive plastics) QC/T 15-1992
QC/T 17-1992 (Auto Parts weathering test general rules) QC/T 17-1992
QC/T 198-2014 General technical specification for automotive switch QC/T 198-2014
QC/T 200-2015 Performance requirements and test methods of reservoir for air brake equipment of automobile and trailer QC/T 200-2015
QC/T 239-2015 Specifications and bench test methods for commercial vehicle service brake QC/T 239-2015
QC/T 245-2002 Compressed natural gas vehicles dedicated device technology QC/T 245-2002
QC/T 25-2004 Technical specification of automobile clutch QC/T 25-2004
QC/T 27-2004 Bench test method of automobile clutch QC/T 27-2004
QC/T 288.2-2001 Automotive engine cooling water pump test methods QC/T 288.2-2001
QC/T 29009-1991 (Automotive wire connector technical conditions) QC/T 29009-1991
QC/T 29106-2014 Technical specification of automobile wire harness QC/T 29106-2014
QC/T 33-2006 Test methods of viscous fan clutch for automotive engines QC/T 33-2006
QC/T 501-2015 Automotive signal flasher QC/T 501-2015
QC/T 564-2008 Performance requirements and bench test methods for passenger car brake QC/T 564-2008
QC/T 625-2013 Metallic coatings and conversion coatings for automobile QC/T 625-2013
QC/T 648-2015 Performance requirements and bench test methods of automotive steering tie rod assy QC/T 648-2015
QC/T 674-2007 Solenoid valve of CNG vehicles QC/T 674-2007
QC/T 691-2011 Technical specification of single-fuel natural gas vehicle engine QC/T 691-2011
QC/T 743-2006 Lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles QC/T 743-2006
QC/T 746-2006 High pressure pipelines for compressed natural vehicles QC/T 746-2006
QC/T 755-2006 Technology requirements of special equipment for LNG vehicle QC/T 755-2006
QC/T 791-2007 Electric motorcycles and electric mopeds. Engineering approval evaluation program QC/T 791-2007
QC/T 792-2007 Motors and controllers for electric motorcycles and electric mopeds QC/T 792-2007
QC/T 797-2008 Material identification and marking of automotive plastic, rubber and thermoplastic elastomer parts QC/T 797-2008
QC/T 80-2011 Road vehicles. Polyamide (PA) tubing for air braking systems QC/T 80-2011
QC/T 809-2009 Nozzle of gas-fired vehicle QC/T 809-2009
QC/T 818-2009 Spoke-wheels of motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 818-2009
QC/T 823-2009 Fuel sensor for automobile and motorcycle QC/T 823-2009
QC/T 828-2010 Automobile air-to-air charge air cooler technical specification QC/T 828-2010
QC/T 840-2010 Specification and dimension of traction battery for electric vehicles QC/T 840-2010
QC/T 893-2011 Failure classification and assessment of electrical machine system for electric vehicle QC/T 893-2011
QC/T 895-2011 On-board conductive charger for electric vehicles QC/T 895-2011
QC/T 896-2011 Interface of electrical machine system for electric vehicles QC/T 896-2011
QC/T 897-2011 Technical specification of battery management system for electric vehicles QC/T 897-2011
QC/T 917-2013 Manual valve for gas vehicle QC/T 917-2013
QC/T 932-2012 Emergency shutoff valve of road tanker for dangerous liquid goods transportation QC/T 932-2012
QC/T 941-2013 Test methods of mercury in automobiles materials QC/T 941-2013
QC/T 942-2013 Test methods of hexavalent chromium in automobiles materials QC/T 942-2013
QC/T 943-2013 Test methods of lead and cadmium in automobiles materials QC/T 943-2013
QC/T 944-2013 The methods of polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers in automotive materials QC/T 944-2013
QC/T 989-2014 General requirement of traction battery enclosure for electric vehicles QC/T 989-2014
QC/T 990-2014 Zinc-air batteries for electric road vehicle QC/T 990-2014
QC/T 1051-2017 (Coach car) QC/T 1051-2017
QC/T 1052-2017 (Communication car) QC/T 1052-2017
QC/T 1053-2017 (Concrete spray truck) QC/T 1053-2017
QC/T 1054-2017 (Tunnel cleaning car) QC/T 1054-2017
QC/T 1055-2017 (Drainage Dock Trucks) QC/T 1055-2017
QC/T 1056-2017 (Technical requirements and test methods for automobile dual - clutch automatic transmission assembly) QC/T 1056-2017
QC/T 1057-2017 (Car anti-skid chains) QC/T 1057-2017
QC/T 1058-2017 (Fingerprint recognition device for automobile) QC/T 1058-2017
QC/T 1059-2017 (Car cab torsion bar flip and lock mechanism) QC/T 1059-2017
QC/T 1060-2017 (Corrugated flange bolts for hexagonal hexagon) QC/T 1060-2017
QC/T 1061-2017 (Road transport Lightweight fuel tank vehicle anti - overflow system) QC/T 1061-2017
QC/T 1062-2017 (Road transport Lightweight fuel tank vehicle unloading valve) QC/T 1062-2017
QC/T 1063-2017 (Road transport Lightweight fuel tank vehicle oil and gas recovery components) QC/T 1063-2017
QC/T 1064-2017 (Road transport Flammable liquids Dangerous goods Tank vehicles Breathing valves) QC/T 1064-2017
QC/T 1065-2017 (Road transport Flammable liquids Dangerous goods Tank vehicles Manhole covers) QC/T 1065-2017
QC/T 1066-2017 (Performance requirements and bench test method for cable assembly for car parking brake) QC/T 1066-2017
QC/T 1067.1-2017 (Connectors for automotive wiring harnesses and electrical equipment - Part 1: Definitions, test methods and general performance requirements) QC/T 1067.1-2017
QC/T 1067.2-2017 (Connectors for automotive wiring harnesses and electrical equipment - Part 2: Types and dimensions of plug terminals) QC/T 1067.2-2017
QC/T 1067.3-2017 (Connectors for automotive wiring harnesses and electrical equipment - Part 3: Types, dimensions and special requirements for wire connections) QC/T 1067.3-2017
QC/T 1068-2017 (Asynchronous Drive Motor System for Electric Vehicles) QC/T 1068-2017
QC/T 1069-2017 (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Drive Motor System for Electric Vehicles) QC/T 1069-2017
QC/T 1070-2017 (Automobile parts remanufacturing products - Technical specification Cylinder assembly) QC/T 1070-2017
QC/T 1071-2017 (Test method for steady - state flow characteristics of airway in cylinder head of automobile engine) QC/T 1071-2017
QC/T 1-2017 (The basic requirements of automotive product design) QC/T 1-2017
QC/T 18-2017 (Automotive product design and design document terminology) QC/T 18-2017
QC/T 201-2017 (Specification for nylon pipe fittings for automobile gas brake) QC/T 201-2017
QC/T 218-2017 (Technical conditions for combination switch on steering column for automobile) QC/T 218-2017
QC/T 2-2017 (Auto product pattern format) QC/T 2-2017
QC/T 245-2017 (Technical conditions for gas system of compressed natural gas) QC/T 245-2017
QC/T 247-2017 (Technical conditions for gas system of liquefied petroleum gas vehicle) QC/T 247-2017
QC/T 316-2017 (Test method for fatigue strength of automobile brake) QC/T 316-2017
QC/T 3-2017 (Automotive product design and design document integrity) QC/T 3-2017
QC/T 32-2017 (Test methods for air filters for automobiles) QC/T 32-2017
QC/T 340-2017 (Hexagon flange for automotive use) QC/T 340-2017
QC/T 4-2017 (Patterns and design documents for automotive product designs and alterations) QC/T 4-2017
QC/T 5-2017 (Standardization review of automotive product design and design documents) QC/T 5-2017
QC/T 597.1-2017 (Threaded fasteners - Pre - coated adhesive - Technical requirements - Part 1: Microcapsule locking layer) QC/T 597.1-2017
QC/T 597.2-2017 (Threaded fasteners - Pre - coated adhesive - Technical requirements - Part 2: Polyamide locking layers) QC/T 597.2-2017
QC/T 771-2017 (Automotive diesel engine paper filter diesel fuel filter assembly technical conditions) QC/T 771-2017
QC/T 772-2017 (Test methods for diesel filters for automobiles) QC/T 772-2017
QC/T 776-2017 (Travel car) QC/T 776-2017
QC/T 789-2017 (Technical requirements and bench test method for automobile eddy current retarder assembly) QC/T 789-2017
QC/T 1072-2017 (Automotive gear position sensor) QC/T 1072-2017
QC/T 1073.1-2017 (Automotive acceleration sensors - Part 1: Line acceleration sensors) QC/T 1073.1-2017
QC/T 1074-2017 (Technical Specification for Automobile Parts Remanufacturing Products Cylinder Head) QC/T 1074-2017
QC/T 1075-2017 (Technical conditions for metal honeycomb carriers for exhaust gas catalytic converters) QC/T 1075-2017
QC/T 1076-2017 (Continuously variable transmission (CVT) performance requirements and test methods) QC/T 1076-2017
QC/T 1077-2017 (Terminology and definition of automatic transmission control for automobiles) QC/T 1077-2017
QC/T 1078-2017 (Advertising car) QC/T 1078-2017
QC/T 1079-2017 (Attract the pressure truck) QC/T 1079-2017
QC/T 1080-2017 (Science propaganda car) QC/T 1080-2017

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