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QC/T 29009-1991 English PDF

QC/T 29009-1991 (QC/T29009-1991, QCT 29009-1991, QCT29009-1991)
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Standard ID QC/T 29009-1991 (QC/T29009-1991)
Description (Translated English) Automotive wire terminal - Technical requirements
Sector / Industry Automobile & Vehicle Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard T36
Word Count Estimation 8,850
Date of Issue 1905/6/13
Date of Implementation 1991-09-01
Drafting Organization Changchun First Automobile Works
Administrative Organization Changsha Auto Electric Institute
Summary This standard specifies the technical requirements of automotive wire connectors (referred to as connectors), test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation and storage? This standard applies to cars with low-voltage wire connectors, automotive ignition wire connectors, automotive cylinder type wire connectors, automotive battery wire connector?

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QCn 29009-91
QCn 29009-91 (QC/T 29009-91)
Automotive wire terminal - Technical requirements
Issued by. China Automobile Industry Corporation
Table of Contents
1 Subject contents and application scope ... 3 
2 Normative standards ... 3 
3 Technical requirements ... 3 
4 Test methods ... 5 
5 Inspection rules ... 7 
Additional information... 7 
Automotive wire terminal - Technical requirements
1 Subject contents and application scope
This Standard specifies the technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marks,
packing, transportation and storage for automotive wire terminal (hereinafter referred as
This Standard is applicable to automotive low voltage wire terminal, automotive ignition
wire terminal, automotive cylindrical wire connection parts and automotive battery wire
2 Normative standards
ZB T35 001 Basic Technical Specifications for Automotive Electrical Equipment
QCn 29010 Type, Dimension and Technical Requirements for Automotive Low Voltage
Wire Terminal
QCn 29011 Type, Dimension and Technical Requirements for Automotive Ignition Wire
QCn 29012 Type, Dimension and Technical Requirements for Automotive Cylindrical
Wire Connector Clip
QCn 29013 Type, Dimension and Technical Requirements for Automotive Battery Wire
GB 2828 Sampling Procedures and Tables for Lot-by-lot Inspection by Attributes
(Applicable to Inspection of Successive Lots or Batches)
3 Technical requirements
3.1 The appearance and fitting dimension of the terminal shall conform to corresponding
stipulations in standards of QCn 29010, QCn 29011, QCn 29012, QCn 29013.
3.2 The surface of the terminal shall be clean, free of burrs and sharp points, without
defects such as pile, blank and peeling on the clad layer.
1.5 20 11
2.5 30 16
4.0 35 18
6.0 40 20
Table 2 The voltage drop of the cylindrical connector clip
Section area of wire-core
Test current
The voltage drop not more than
0.5 5 7.5
0.75 10 15
1.0 15 22.5
1.5 20 30
2.5 30 45
4 35 52.5
3.9 The cooperation of the cylindrical connector-clips shall be tight and reliable. It shall be
obviously sensible if there is positioning.
4 Test methods
4.1 Appearance inspection
Inspect with naked eyes, it shall conform to the stipulations of Articles 3.2 and 3.3.
4.2 Moisture resistance test
The test shall be carried out in the environment of which the relative humidity is 90% ~ 95%
and temperature is 40±2°C. The samples shall be placed in the moisture resistance box
according to the following requirements.
a. The space between samples on the test board shall not be less than 25mm;
b. The axis of the samples shall be in the horizontal position; the surface of the
terminal shall be completely exposed without contact with other articles.