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QC/T 943-2013 (QCT 943-2013)

Chinese Standard: 'QC/T 943-2013'
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QC/T 943-2013English170 Add to Cart 0--10 minutes. Auto-delivered. Test methods of lead and cadmium in automobiles materials QC/T 943-2013 Valid QC/T 943-2013
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Standard ID QC/T 943-2013 (QC/T943-2013)
Description (Translated English) Test methods of lead and cadmium in automobiles materials
Sector / Industry Automobile & Vehicle Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard T05
Classification of International Standard 43.020
Word Count Estimation 16,110
Quoted Standard GB/T 602; GB/T 4336-2002; GB/T 7999-2007; GB/T 8170; GB/T 20066; GB/T 30512-2014; GB/Z 21277-2007; YS/T 482-2005; IEC 62321-2008
Drafting Organization Dongfeng Motor Company
Administrative Organization National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from) Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Notice No. 52 of 2013; industry standard for filing Notice 2013 No. 12 (No. 168 overall)
Summary This standard specifies the detection of lead in automotive materials, the content of the pot. "X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, " applies to automotive materials selection and fast determination of lead and cadmium. "Optical Direct Reading spectrometry o

QC/T 943‐2013 
ICS 43.020
T 05
Test methods of lead and cadmium in
automobiles materials
汽车材料中铅, 镉的检测方法
Issued by. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the
People’s Republic of China
Announcement of ministry of Industry and Information
Technology of the People's Republic of China
No. 52 in 2013
“Methyl Butenol Polyether” and other 811 industrial standards are approved by the
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In which - Chemical industry standard.
149 items; non-ferrous industry standard. 105 items; gold industry standard. 5 items;
metallurgical industry standard. 15 items; building materials industry standard. 3 items;
machinery industry standard. 39 items; aviation industry standard. 69 items; shipbuilding
industry standard 53 items; automobile industry standard. 42 items; textile industry
standard. 63 items; light industry standard. 59 items; petrochemical industry standard. 42
items; civil explosive industry standard. 1 item; electronics industry standard. 50 items;
communications industry standard. 116 items.
Above chemical industry standards are published by Chemical Industry Press; textiles,
non-ferrous and gold industry standards are published by China Standard Press;
metallurgical industry standards are published by Metallurgical Industry Press; building
materials industry standards are published by the Building Materials Industry Press;
machinery industry standards are published by Machinery Industry Press; the aviation
industry standards are published by China Aviation Integrated Technical Institute
Organization; the shipbuilding industry standards are published by China Shipbuilding
Technology and Economy Institute Organization; the automobile industry standards are
published by the China Planning Press; light industry standards are published by China
Light Industry Press; the petrochemical industry standard is published by the China
Petrochemical Press; civil explosive industry standards are published by China Ordnance
Industry Standard Institute Organization; electronic industry standards are published by
the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and electronics industry
Standardization Institute organization; communication industry standards are published by
the People's Posts and Telecom Press.
Annex. The Standard number, standard name and initial implementation date of 42
automobile industries.
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China
October 17, 2013
Number, Name and Initial Implementation Date of the 42
Automobile Industry Standards
S/N Standard No. Standard Name Replaced Standard No.
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Preparation Methods for Engine
Model used in Motorcycles and
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Particulate Contamination of
Hydraulic Oil of Special Purpose
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Bench Test Methods for Mechanical
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Road Vehicle- Hydraulic Braking
Systems – Part 1. Double – Flare
Pipes, Tapped Holes, Male Fittings
and Tube Seats
381 QC/T 961-2013
Performance Requirements and
Bench Test Methods for Plastic Liquid
Storage Tank of Hydraulic Braking
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386 QC/T 948-2013 Roof Load Carriers for Road Vehicles 2014-03-01
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389 QC/T 627-2013 Electronic Locks System for Motor Vehicles QC/T 627-1999 2014-03-01
390 QC/T 662-2013 Vehicle Air Conditioner (HFC-134a) Receiver Dryer QC/T 662-2000 2014-03-01
391 QC/T 947-2013 Technology Standards for Vehicle Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror 2014-03-01
392 QC/T 941-2013 Test Methods of Mercury in Automobiles Materials 2014-03-01
393 QC/T 943-2013 Test Methods of Lead and Cadmium in Automotive Materials 2014-03-01
394 QC/T 942-2013 Test methods of Hexavalent Chromium in Automobiles Materials 2014-03-01
395 QC/T 944-2013
Determination of Polybrominated
Biphenyls (PBBs) and
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers
(PBDEs) in Automobiles Material
396 QC/T 938-2013
Test Specification of Protection for
Pedestrians in the Event of a
Table of Contents 
Foreword ... 6 
1  Scope ... 8 
2  Normative references ... 8 
3  X-ray fluorescence spectrometry ... 9 
4  Measure the lead and cadmium in the materials of steel, copper and
copper alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy - photoelectric direct reading
spectrometry ... 11 
5  Atomic absorption spectrometry, inductive coupling plasma atomic
emission spectroscopy or inductively coupled plasma mass
spectrometry - measure lead and cadmium ... 14 
6  Test report ... 19 
Annex A (Informative) Instrument operating conditions ... 20 
This Standard is drafted in accordance with the provisions set out in the GB/T 1.1-2009
Directives for Standardization - Part 1. Structure and Drafting of Standards.
This Standard includes Method I, Method II and Method III.
Method I of this Standard. "X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry for Rapid Screening of
Lead, Cadmium in Automobiles Materials" is prepared with reference to GB/Z 21277-2007
Rapid Screening of Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Cadmium and Bromine of Regulated
Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment -- X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry.
Method II of this Standard. "Photoelectric Direct Reading Spectrometry for the
Determination of Lead, Cadmium in Steel, Copper and Copper Alloys, Aluminum and
Aluminum-Alloys" is prepared with reference to GB/T 4336-2002 Method for Spark
Discharge Atomic Emission Spectrometric Analysis of Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel
(routine method), GB/T 7999-2007 Optical Emission Spectrometric Analysis Method of
Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys, and ......
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