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Industry Standard: JJ, JJ/T, JJT
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Std ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
JJF 1111-2003 Calibration Specification for Modulation Meters JJF 1111-2003
JJF 1112-2003 Rules for confirmation of metrology testing system JJF 1112-2003
JJF 1113-2004 Calibration Specification of Angle Measuring Instrument for Bearing Ring JJF 1113-2004
JJF 1114-2004 Calibration Specification for Optical and Digital Dividing Tables JJF 1114-2004
JJF 1115-2004 Calibration Specification for Photoelectric Shaft Encoders JJF 1115-2004
JJF 1116-2004 Calibration Specification for Linear Accelerometer Used Precision Centrifuger JJF 1116-2004
JJF 1117.1-2012 Measurement Comparison of Chemical Quantity JJF 1117.1-2012
JJF 1117-2004 Specification for Comparison of Measuring Instrument JJF 1117-2004
JJF 1117-2010 Measurement comparison JJF 1117-2010
JJF 1118-2004 Calibration Specification for Global Positioning System(GPS)Receiver JJF 1118-2004
JJF 1119-2004 Calibration specification for Electronic Level Meter JJF 1119-2004
JJF 1120-2004 Calibration specification for thermal ionization isotope mass spectrometers JJF 1120-2004
JJF 1121-2004 Calibration Specification for Hand-hold pitch Comparator JJF 1121-2004
JJF 1122-2004 Calibration specification for Gear Helix Measuring Instruments JJF 1122-2004
JJF 1123-2004 Calibration Specification for Base circle pitch comparator JJF 1123-2004
JJF 1124-2004 Calibration specification for Gear involute Measuring instruments JJF 1124-2004
JJF 1125-2004 Calibration Specification for Gear Hob Tester JJF 1125-2004
JJF 1126-2004 Calibration Specification for Ultrasonic Thickness Instruments JJF 1126-2004
JJF 1127-2004 Calibration Specification for RF impedance/Meterial Analyzers JJF 1127-2004
JJF 1128-2004 Calibration Specification for Vector Signal Analyzers JJF 1128-2004
JJF 1129-2005 Calibration specification of urine analyzers JJF 1129-2005
JJF 1130-2005 Guide to the Estimation of Uncertainty in Calibration of Geometrical Measuring Equipment JJF 1130-2005
JJF 1131-2005 Calibration Specification for TDMA-GSM Radio Communication Testers JJF 1131-2005
JJF 1132-2005 Calibration Specification for Combined Type Angle Rules JJF 1132-2005
JJF 1133-2005 Calibration specification of gold gauge utilizing X-ray fluorescence spectrometry JJF 1133-2005
JJF 1134-2005 Calibration Specification for Working Force Measuring Machines for Special Purposes JJF 1134-2005
JJF 1135-2005 Evaluation of Uncertainty in Chemical Analysis Measurement JJF 1135-2005
JJF 1136-2005 Calibration specification of tonometers JJF 1136-2005
JJF 1137-2005 Calibration specification for microphone preamplifiers JJF 1137-2005
JJF 1138-2005 Calibration Specification for the Testers of Sharpened Milling Cutter JJF 1138-2005
JJF 1139-2005 Principle and method for determination verification period of measuring instruments JJF 1139-2005
JJF 1140-2006 Calibration Specification for Square Testers JJF 1140-2006
JJF 1141-2006 Calibration Specification for Turning Angle Testers for Automobile JJF 1141-2006
JJF 1142-2006 Calibration specification for building acoustic JJF 1142-2006
JJF 1143-2006 Calibration specification for acoustic performance of reverberation rooms JJF 1143-2006
JJF 1144-2006 Calibration Specificatiom for EMI Testing Receivers JJF 1144-2006
JJF 1145-2006 Calibration specification for electret microphone instrument JJF 1145-2006
JJF 1146-2006 Calibration specification for acoustic characteristcs of anechoic water tanker JJF 1146-2006
JJF 1147-2006 Calibration specfication for acoustic performance of anechoic rooms and hemi-anechoic rooms JJF 1147-2006
JJF 1148-2006 Calibration Specification for Test Devices of Contact Lenses JJF 1148-2006
JJF 1149-2006 Calibration Specification for Cardiac Defibrillators and Cardiac Defibrillators-monitors JJF 1149-2006
JJF 1149-2014 Calibration Specification for Cardiac Defibrillators JJF 1149-2014
JJF 1150-2006 Calibration specification for relative spectral responsivity for photoelectric detectors JJF 1150-2006
JJF 1151-2006 Calibration Specification for Wheel Dynamic Balancers JJF 1151-2006
JJF 1152-2006 Calibration Specification of Arbitrary Waveform Generator JJF 1152-2006
JJF 1153-2006 Calibration specification for shock accelerometers(absolute method) JJF 1153-2006
JJF 1154-2006 Calibration Specification for Four-wheel alignmenter JJF 1154-2006
JJF 1154-2014 Calibration Specification for Four-wheel Aligners JJF 1154-2014
JJF 1155-2006 Calibration Specification for Absorbing Clamp in the Range of 30MHz to 1.0GHz JJF 1155-2006
JJF 1156-2006 Terminology and Definitions for Measurement of Vibration, Shock and Rotating Velocity JJF 1156-2006
JJF 1157-2006 Calibration Specification for Measuring Amplifiers JJF 1157-2006
JJF 1158-2006 Calibration Specification for Stable Isotope Gas Mass Spectrometer JJF 1158-2006
JJF 1159-2006 Calibration Specification for Quadrupole Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometers JJF 1159-2006
JJF 1160-2006 Calibration Specification of Small and Medium Scale Digital Integrated Circuit Testing System JJF 1160-2006
JJF 1161-2006 Program of pattern evaluation of heating catalytic methane alarm detector JJF 1161-2006
JJF 1162-2006 Program of pattern evaluation of dust samplers JJF 1162-2006
JJF 1163-2006 Program of Pattern Evaluation of Methane Detectors of Interferometer Type JJF 1163-2006
JJF 1164-2006 Calibration Specification for Bench Top Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometers JJF 1164-2006
JJF 1165-2007 Calibration Specification for SINAD Meters JJF 1165-2007
JJF 1166-2007 Calibration Specification for Rotating Lasers JJF 1166-2007
JJF 1167-2007 Calibration Specification for Psophometers JJF 1167-2007
JJF 1168-2007 Calibration Specification for Portable Braking Performance Tester for Motor Vehicle JJF 1168-2007
JJF 1169-2007 Calibration Specification for Manipulating Force Tester for Automotive Brake JJF 1169-2007
JJF 1170-2007 Calibration Specification for Cryogenic Resistance Thermometers with Negative Sensitivity JJF 1170-2007
JJF 1171-2007 Calibration Specification for Temperature Itinerant Detecting Instrument JJF 1171-2007
JJF 1172-2007 Calibration Specification for Volatile Organic Compounds Photo Ionization Detectors JJF 1172-2007
JJF 1173-2007 Calibration Specification of Measuring Receivers JJF 1173-2007
JJF 1174-2007 Calibration Specification for Digital Signal Generator JJF 1174-2007
JJF 1175-2007 Calibration Specification for Test Sieves JJF 1175-2007
JJF 1176-2007 Calibration Specification for (0~1500) Celsius Tungsten-Rhenium Thermocouples JJF 1176-2007
JJF 1177-2007 Calibration Specification of CDMA Digital Radio Communication Testers JJF 1177-2007
JJF 1178-2007 Calibration Specification of Fixed-Point Devices for Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer JJF 1178-2007
JJF 1179-2007 Calibration Specification of High Temperature Dynamic IC Burn-in System JJF 1179-2007
JJF 1180-2007 Glossary and Definition of Time and Frequency Metrology JJF 1180-2007
JJF 1181-2007 Weighing Instrument Terms in Metrology and Their Definitions JJF 1181-2007
JJF 1182-2007 Guide for Software Testing of Measuring Instruments JJF 1182-2007
JJF 1183-2007 Calibration Specification of the Temperature Transmitter JJF 1183-2007
JJF 1184-2007 Testing Specification of Temperature Uniformity in Thermocouple Calibration Furnaces JJF 1184-2007
JJF 1185-2007 Calibration Specification for Vibrometer (Velocity) of Rolling Bearings JJF 1185-2007
JJF 1186-2007 The Rules for Drafting of Contents for Certificates and Labels of Certified Reference Materials JJF 1186-2007
JJF 1186-2008 Thermal imager calibration specifications JJF 1186-2008
JJF 1187-2008 Calibration Specification for Thermal Imagers JJF 1187-2008
JJF 1188-2008 Terms and Their Definitions for Radio Measurement JJF 1188-2008
JJF 1189-2008 Calibration Specification for Length Measuring Instrument JJF 1189-2008
JJF 1190-2008 Calibration specification for airborne particle counter JJF 1190-2008
JJF 1191-2008 Calibration Specification for Acoustic Performance of Audiometry Rooms JJF 1191-2008
JJF 1192-2008 Calibration Specification for Automotive Suspension Tester JJF 1192-2008
JJF 1193-2008 Calibration Specification for Non-contact Antomotive Speedmeter JJF 1193-2008
JJF 1194-2008 Calibration Specification of Tester for Tyre Strength and Bead Unseating Resistance JJF 1194-2008
JJF 1195-2008 Calibration Specification of Drum Tester for Tyre Endurance and High Speed Test JJF 1195-2008
JJF 1196-2008 Calibration Specification of Motor Vehicle Testers for Steering Force and Steering Angle JJF 1196-2008
JJF 1197-2008 Calibration Specification of Optical Fiber Chromatic Dispersion Test Sets JJF 1197-2008
JJF 1198-2008 Calibration Specification of Tunable Laser Source for Telecommunications JJF 1198-2008
JJF 1199-2008 Calibration Specification of Optical Attenuator for Telecommunications JJF 1199-2008
JJF 1200-2008 Calibration specification for audio-frequency power amplifiers JJF 1200-2008
JJF 1-2007 Evaluation of Uncertainty in Measurement for Parameter of Physical Characteristics of Cigarettes. Part 4: Hardness JJF 1-2007
JJF 1201-1990 Operating Technical Norm of 3.39μm Wavelength primary Standard JJF 1201-1990
JJF 1201-2008 Calibration specification for hearing aids measurement instrument JJF 1201-2008
JJF 1202-1990 Operating technical norm of 0. 633μm wavelength primary standard JJF 1202-1990
JJF 1202-2008 Calibration specification for electret microphones JJF 1202-2008