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JJF 1145-2006

JJF 1145-2006_English: PDF (JJF1145-2006)
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JJF 1145-2006English429 Add to Cart 3 days Calibration specification for electret microphone instrument JJF 1145-2006 Valid JJF 1145-2006

Standard ID JJF 1145-2006 (JJF1145-2006)
Description (Translated English) Calibration specification for electret microphone instrument
Sector / Industry Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard A59
Word Count Estimation 18,196
Date of Issue 2006-05-23
Date of Implementation 2006-08-23
Quoted Standard GB/T 3102.7-1993; GB/T 3947-1996; JJF 1034-2005; JJF 1059-1999; JJF 1001-1998
Drafting Organization Guangzhou measurement test
Administrative Organization National Technical Committee on Acoustic Measurement
Issuing agency(ies) State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
Summary This standard applies to Analog and digital electret microphone tester calibration.

JJF 1145-2006
Calibration specification for electret microphone instrument
National Metrology Technical Specification of the People's Republic
Electret microphone tester calibration specification
Released on.2006-05-23
Implementation of.2006-08-23
The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued
Electret microphone tester calibration specification
This specification was approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on May 23,.2006, and
Implemented on August 23,.2006.
Focal Point. National Acoustic Metrology Technical Committee
Drafting unit. Guangzhou Metrology and Testing Institute
Hangzhou Aihua Instrument Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and Quality Inspection
Guangzhou Boiler and Pressure Vessel Supervision and Inspection Institute
This specification is interpreted by the National Acoustic Metrology Technical Committee.
Drafters of this specification.
Zhou Lunbin (Guangzhou Metrology and Testing Institute)
Dai Bin (Guangzhou Metrology and Testing Institute)
Jiang Yan (Guangzhou Metrology and Testing Institute)
Zhang Shaodong (Hangzhou Aihua Instrument Co., Ltd.)
Zhang Guoqing (Shenzhen Metrology and Quality Inspection Institute)
Ma Boqun (Guangzhou Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection and Inspection Institute)
Zhou Changhua (Guangzhou Metrology and Testing Institute)
table of Contents
1 range (1)
2 Citations (1)
3 terms and units of measurement (1)
3.1 Sound pressure (1)
3.2 Response, sensitivity (1)
3.3 Sound pressure sensitivity (1)
Level 3.4 (2)
3.5 Sound pressure sensitivity level (2)
4 Overview (2)
5 Measurement characteristics (2)
5.1 Sound source part (2)
5.2 Work Feeder Section (2)
5.3 Sound Pressure Sensitivity Level Test Unit (2)
6 Calibration conditions (3)
6.1 Environmental conditions (3)
6.2 Measurement standards and other equipment (3)
7 Calibration items and calibration methods (4)
7.1 Calibration Project (4)
7.2 Calibration method (4)
8 Calibration result expression (8)
9 re-study interval (8)
Appendix A Calibration Certificate Contents (9)
Appendix B Calibration Certificate Page Format (10)
Appendix C Example of Uncertainty in Measurement Results (11)
Electret microphone tester calibration specification
1 Scope
This specification applies to the calibration of pointer and digital electret microphone testers.
2 Citations
This specification refers to the following documents.
GB/T 3102.7-1993 "Amount and unit of acoustics"
GB/T 3947-1996 "Acoustic terminology"
JJF 1001-1998 General Terms and Definitions
JJG1034-2005 "Acoustic Measurement Terms and Definitions"
JJF 1059-1999 "Measurement and Expression of Measurement Uncertainty"
Use of this specification should be done with the current valid version of the above cited documents.
3 terms and units of measure
This specification uses the relevant terms and definitions in GB/T 3947-1996, JJF 1001-1998 and JJG1034-2005.
This specification also uses the quantities and units specified in GB/T 3102.7-1993.
3.1 Sound pressure (p) soundpressure
The difference between the pressure in the medium and the static pressure when there is sound waves. The unit is Pa [Ska], Pa.
1 Sound pressure is the abbreviation of effective sound pressure in general use. The effective sound pressure is the rms value of the instantaneous sound pressure over a period of time.
The time should be an integer multiple of the period or long enough to not affect the result of the calculation.
2 The instantaneous value, average value, peak value, maximum value or peak-to-peak value of sound pressure should be respectively indicated as instantaneous sound pressure, average sound pressure and peak
Value sound pressure, maximum sound pressure or peak to peak sound pressure.
3.2 response, sensitivity response, sensitivity
The ratio of the specified amount of transducer, instrument, and system output to another specified amount at the input. Response or sensitivity