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Std ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
NB/SH/T 0174-2015 Petroleum products and hydrocarbon solvents – Detection of thiols and other sulfur species - Doctor test NB/SH/T 0174-2015
NB/T 20325.1-2014 Prestressing technology specification for safety containments of PWR nuclear power plants. Part 1: Material NB/T 20325.1-2014
NB/T 20332-2015 Construction requirements for prestressed concrete containments for pressure water reator nuclear power plants NB/T 20332-2015
NB/T 31004-2011 Guidelines for vibration condition monitoring and diagnose of wind turbine generator NB/T 31004-2011
NB/T 31018-2011 Wind turbine generator system technical specification of electric pitch system NB/T 31018-2011
NB/T 32004-2013 Technical specification of grid-connected PV inverter NB/T 32004-2013
NB/T 33001-2010 Specification for electric vehicle off-board conductive charger NB/T 33001-2010
NB/T 33002-2010 Specification for electric vehicle AC charging point NB/T 33002-2010
NB/T 33008.2-2013 Inspection and test specifications for electric vehicle charging equipment Part 2: AC charging spot NB/T 33008.2-2013
NB/T 47003.1-2009 Steel welded atmospheric pressure vessels NB/T 47003.1-2009
NB/T 47008-2010 Carbon and alloy steel forgings for pressure equipment NB/T 47008-2010
NB/T 47009-2010 Low-alloy steel forgings for low temperature pressure equipment NB/T 47009-2010
NB/T 47010-2010 Stainless and heat-resisting steel forgings for pressure equipment NB/T 47010-2010
NB/T 47013.1-2015 Nondestructive testing of pressure equipments - Part 1: General requirements NB/T 47013.1-2015
NB/T 47013.12-2015 Nondestructive testing of pressure equipment - Part 12: Magnetic fiux leakage testing NB/T 47013.12-2015
NB/T 47013.13-2015 Nondestructive testing of pressure equipments - Part 13: Pulsed eddy current testing NB/T 47013.13-2015
NB/T 47013.2-2015 [Including 2018XG1] Nondestructive testing of pressure equipments - Part 2: Radiographic testing NB/T 47013.2-2015
NB/T 47013.3-2015 Nondestructive testing of pressure equipments - Part 3: Ultrasonic testing [Including 2018XG1] NB/T 47013.3-2015
NB/T 47013.4-2015 Nondestructive testing of pressure equipments - Part 4: Magnetic particle testing NB/T 47013.4-2015
NB/T 47013.6-2015 Nondestructive testing of pressure equipment - Part 6: Eddy Current Testing NB/T 47013.6-2015
NB/T 47013.7-2012 Nondestructive testing of pressure equipments. Part 7: Visual examination NB/T 47013.7-2012
NB/T 47013.8-2012 Nondestructive testing of pressure equipments. Part 8: Leak Testing NB/T 47013.8-2012
NB/T 47013.9-2012 Nondestructive testing of pressure equipments. Part 9: Acoustic emission testing NB/T 47013.9-2012
NB/T 47014-2011 Welding procedure qualification for pressure equipment [including Corrigendum] NB/T 47014-2011
NB/T 47015-2011 [Including 2011XG1] Welding specification for pressure vessels NB/T 47015-2011
NB/T 47016-2011 Mechanical property tests of product welded test coupons for pressure equipments [including Corrigendum 1] NB/T 47016-2011
NB/T 47019.1-2011 Purchase technical specification for boiler and heater exchanger tubes/pipes. Part 1: General Requirements NB/T 47019.1-2011
NB/T 47019.5-2011 Purchase technical specification for boiler and heater exchanger tubes/pipes. Part 5: Stainless steel NB/T 47019.5-2011
NB/T 47019.6-2011 Purchase technical specification for boiler and heater exchanger tubes/pipes. Part 6: Ferrite/austenite duplex steel NB/T 47019.6-2011
NB/T 47020-2012 Type and specification for pressure vessel flanges NB/T 47020-2012
NB/SH/T 0449-2013 7805 Anti-chemical sealing grease NB/SH/T 0449-2013
NB/SH/T 0456-2014 Precision instrument grease special 7 NB/SH/T 0456-2014
NB/SH/T 0459-2014 Special grease 221 NB/SH/T 0459-2014
NB/SH/T 0467-2010 Synthetic industrial gear oils NB/SH/T 0467-2010
NB/SH/T 0474-2010 Standard test method for gasoline diluent in used gasoline engine oils by gas chromatography NB/SH/T 0474-2010
NB/SH/T 0509-2010 Test method for separation of asphalt into four fractions NB/SH/T 0509-2010
NB/SH/T 0517-2014 Standard test method for evaluation of moisture eorrosion resistance of automotive gear lubricants NB/SH/T 0517-2014
NB/SH/T 0518-2016 Standard test method for evaluation of load-capacity capacity of lubricants under conditions of low speed and high torque used for final hypoid drive axles NB/SH/T 0518-2016
NB/SH/T 0521-2010 Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol base engine coolants NB/SH/T 0521-2010
NB/SH/T 0522-2010 Petroleum asphalt for road pavement NB/SH/T 0522-2010
NB/SH/T 0527-2015 Petroleum coke(Green coke) NB/SH/T 0527-2015
NB/SH/T 0538-2013 Criteria for change of compressor oils used in light duty rotary oil-flooded air compressor NB/SH/T 0538-2013
NB/SH/T 0556-2010 Standard test method for solvent extractables in petroleum waxes NB/SH/T 0556-2010
NB/SH/T 0558-2016 Standard test method for boiling range distribution of petroleum fractions by gas chromatography NB/SH/T 0558-2016
NB/SH/T 0562-2013 Standard test method for determination of yield stress and apparent viscosity of engine oils at low temperature NB/SH/T 0562-2013
NB/SH/T 0567-2016 Determination of the flammability characteristics of fluids in contact with hot surfaces. Manifold ignition test NB/SH/T 0567-2016
NB/SH/T 0586-2010 Criteria for changing oil of enclosed industrial gear oil NB/SH/T 0586-2010
NB/SH/T 0587-2016 Molybdenum disulfide lithium lubricating grease NB/SH/T 0587-2016
NB/SH/T 0588-2013 Standard test method for determining the volume contraction of petroleum waxes NB/SH/T 0588-2013
NB/SH/T 0599-2013 Criteria for change oil of L-HM hydraulic oil NB/SH/T 0599-2013
NB/SH/T 0632-2014 Standard test method for determining specific heat capacity by differential scamdng calorlmetry NB/SH/T 0632-2014
NB/SH/T 0636-2013 Criteria for changing of L-TSA turbine oils NB/SH/T 0636-2013
NB/SH/T 0652-2010 Petroleum asphalt professional field terminology NB/SH/T 0652-2010
NB/SH/T 0655-2015 (Vaseline polycyclic aromatic test method) NB/SH/T 0655-2015
NB/SH/T 0663-2014 Standard test method for determination of alcohols and ethers in gasoline by gas chromatography NB/SH/T 0663-2014
NB/SH/T 0690-2013 Standard test method for middle distillate fuel storage stabilit at 43 Celsius NB/SH/T 0690-2013
NB/SH/T 0704-2010 Standard test method for nitrogen in petroleum and petroleum products by boat-inlet chemiluminescence NB/SH/T 0704-2010
NB/SH/T 0707-2016 Determination of benzene and toluene in petroleum waxes using headspace gas chromatography NB/SH/T 0707-2016
NB/SH/T 0721-2016 Standard test method for measuring friction and wear properties of lubricating grease using a high-frequency, linear-oscillation(SRV) test machine NB/SH/T 0721-2016
NB/SH/T 0723-2014 Standard test method for evaluation of corroesiveness of diesel engine oil at 121℃ NB/SH/T 0723-2014
NB/SH/T 0737-2014 Standard test method for elasdc recovery of asphalt materials by ductilometer NB/SH/T 0737-2014
NB/SH/T 0739-2014 Standard test method for viscosity dettrndnadon of asphalt materials at elevated t mperatures using a rotational viscometer NB/SH/T 0739-2014
NB/SH/T 0741-2010 Standard test mothod for determination of hydrocarbon types composition in gasoline by multidimensional gas chromatograph NB/SH/T 0741-2010
NB/SH/T 0752.2-2010 Determination of corrosion resistance of non-aqueous fire-resistant hydraulic fluids NB/SH/T 0752.2-2010
NB/SH/T 0808-2010 Diesel fuel diluent in used diesel engine oils by gas chromatograph NB/SH/T 0808-2010
NB/SH/T 0809-2010 Standard test method for acid number (empirical) of synthetic and natural waxes NB/SH/T 0809-2010
NB/SH/T 0810-2010 Gassing of insulating liquids under electrical stress and ionization NB/SH/T 0810-2010
NB/SH/T 0811-2010 Unused hydrocarbon-based insulating liquids. Test methods for evaluating the oxidation stability NB/SH/T 0811-2010
NB/SH/T 0812-2010 Mineral insulating oils-method for the determination of 2-furfural and related compounds NB/SH/T 0812-2010
NB/SH/T 0813-2010 Test method for the apparent viscosity of bitumens using the parallel plate plastometer NB/SH/T 0813-2010
NB/SH/T 0814-2010 Force ductility test of bituminous materials NB/SH/T 0814-2010
NB/SH/T 0815-2010 Asphalt. Determination of burning behaviour by oxygen index NB/SH/T 0815-2010
NB/SH/T 0816-2010 Standard test method for resistance of crumb rubber-modified asphalt by ball penetration tool NB/SH/T 0816-2010
NB/SH/T 0817-2010 Standard test method for density of semi-solid and solid asphalt. Nickel crucible method NB/SH/T 0817-2010
NB/SH/T 0818-2010 Asphalt-rubber binder NB/SH/T 0818-2010
NB/SH/T 0819-2010 Hot-mix asphalt recycling agents NB/SH/T 0819-2010
NB/SH/T 0820-2010 Flame retardanted asphalt for pavement NB/SH/T 0820-2010
NB/SH/T 0821-2010 Flame retardanted modified asphalt for pavement NB/SH/T 0821-2010
NB/SH/T 0822-2010 Standard test method for determination of phosphorus, sulfur, clacium, and zinc in lubrication oils by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy NB/SH/T 0822-2010
NB/SH/T 0823-2010 Standard test method for corrosion-preventive properties of lubricating greases in presence of dilute synthetic sea water environments NB/SH/T 0823-2010
NB/SH/T 0824-2010 Standard test method for determination of additive elements in lubricating oils by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry NB/SH/T 0824-2010
NB/SH/T 0825-2010 Standard test method for determination of oxidation stability of fatty acid methyl ester by accelerated oxidation test NB/SH/T 0825-2010
NB/SH/T 0826-2010 Standard test method for estimation of engine oil volatility by capillary gas chromatography NB/SH/T 0826-2010
NB/SH/T 0827-2010 Standard test method for sulfur compounds in light petroleum liquids by gas chromatograph and sulfur ive detection NB/SH/T 0827-2010
NB/SH/T 0828-2010 Standard test method for determination of silicon and other elements in engine coolant by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy NB/SH/T 0828-2010
NB/SH/T 0829-2010 Standard test method for boiling range distribution of petroleum distillates in boiling range from 174 Celsius to 700 Celsius by gas chromatography NB/SH/T 0829-2010
NB/SH/T 0830-2010 Standard test method for indicating wear characteristics of non. Petroleum and petroleum hydraulic fluids in a constant volume vane pump NB/SH/T 0830-2010
NB/SH/T 0831-2010 Test method for determination of fatty acid methyl esters and linolenic acid methyl ester contents in biodiesel by gas chromatograph NB/SH/T 0831-2010
NB/SH/T 0832-2010 Determination of hot surface oxidation of lubricating oils by pressure differential scanning calorimetry NB/SH/T 0832-2010
NB/SH/T 0833-2010 Determination of pH of fire-resistant fluids within categories HFAE, HFAS and HFC NB/SH/T 0833-2010
NB/SH/T 0834-2010 Standard test method for determination of moderately high temperature piston deposits by thermooxidation engine oil simulation test (TEOST MHT) NB/SH/T 0834-2010
NB/SH/T 0835-2010 Standard test method for calculation of viscosity-gravity constant (VGC) of petroleum oils NB/SH/T 0835-2010
NB/SH/T 0836-2010 Determination of acidity of insulating liquids. Automatic potentionmetric titration NB/SH/T 0836-2010
NB/SH/T 0837-2010 Mineral insulating oils. Determination of kinematic viscosity at very low temperatures NB/SH/T 0837-2010
NB/SH/T 0838-2010 Determination of polycyclic aromatics (PCA) in unused lubricating base oils and asphaltene free petroleum fractions. Dimethyl sulphoxide extraction refractive index method NB/SH/T 0838-2010
NB/SH/T 0839-2010 Standard test method for low-temperature torque of grease-lubricated wheel bearings NB/SH/T 0839-2010
NB/SH/T 0840-2010 Four-stroke cycle motorcycle gasoline engine oils. Friction property test method for clutch system NB/SH/T 0840-2010
NB/SH/T 0841-2010 Standard dynamometer test method for measuring fuel economy improvement for gasoline engines NB/SH/T 0841-2010
NB/SH/T 0842-2010 Standard test method for fulfur in gasoline and diesel fuel by monochromatic wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry NB/SH/T 0842-2010
NB/SH/T 0843-2010 Standard practice for evaluating analytical measurement system performance of petrochemical industry (Statistical techniques) NB/SH/T 0843-2010