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Industry Standard: NB, NB/T, NBT
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Standard ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
NB/SH/T 0844-2010 Standard test method for corrosiveness and oxidation stability of turbine oils NB/SH/T 0844-2010
NB/SH/T 0845-2010 Determination of viscosity shear stability of transmission lubricants using the tapered roller bearing rig NB/SH/T 0845-2010
NB/SH/T 0846-2010 Test method for evaluating performance of hydraulic oil in high pressure piston type pump NB/SH/T 0846-2010
NB/SH/T 0847-2010 Standard test method for measuring friction and wear properties of extreme pressure (EP) lubricating oils using SRV test machine NB/SH/T 0847-2010
NB/SH/T 0848-2010 Standard test method for determining the apparent viscosity of polyethylene wax NB/SH/T 0848-2010
NB/SH/T 0849-2010 Synthetic refrigerator oil for automotive air-condition NB/SH/T 0849-2010
NB/SH/T 0850-2010 Spreading testing of lubricating greases for precision engineering and optical instruments NB/SH/T 0850-2010
NB/SH/T 0851-2010 Greases for precision engineering and optical instruments NB/SH/T 0851-2010
NB/SH/T 0852-2010 Standard test method for determining the viscosity-temperature relationship of used and soot-containing engine oils at low temperature NB/SH/T 0852-2010
NB/SH/T 0853-2010 Standard practice for condition monitoring of used lubricants by trend analysis using fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometry NB/SH/T 0853-2010
NB/SH/T 0854-2013 Test method for determination of effect of greases on rolling bearing vibration performance NB/SH/T 0854-2013
NB/SH/T 0855-2013 Synthetic alkylbenzene calcium sulfonate detergents NB/SH/T 0855-2013
NB/SH/T 0856-2013 Standard test method for evaluating the high temperature detergency of diesel engine oils for agriculture use NB/SH/T 0856-2013
NB/SH/T 0857-2013 Passenger car direct injection diesel engine ring sticking and piston cleanliness test NB/SH/T 0857-2013
NB/SH/T 0858-2013 Determination of low-temperature cone penetration of lubricating greases NB/SH/T 0858-2013
NB/SH/T 0859-2013 Standard test method for the thermal stability of chemicals by thermal analysis NB/SH/T 0859-2013
NB/SH/T 0860-2013 Standard practice for enumeration of viable bacteria and fungi in liquid fuels. Filtration and culture procedures NB/SH/T 0860-2013
NB/SH/T 0861-2013 Standard test method for pentane insolubles by membrane filtration NB/SH/T 0861-2013
NB/SH/T 0862-2013 Standard test method for determination of yield stress and apparent viscosity of used engine oils at low temperature NB/SH/T 0862-2013
NB/SH/T 0863-2013 Standard guide for determination of chemical elements in fluid catalytic cracking catalysts by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry(XRF) NB/SH/T 0863-2013
NB/SH/T 0864-2013 Standard test method for determination of metals in lubricating greases by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry NB/SH/T 0864-2013
NB/SH/T 0865-2013 Standard test method for determination of wear metals and contaminants in used lubricating oils by rotating disc electrode atomic emission spectrometry NB/SH/T 0865-2013
NB/SH/T 0866-2013 Wax for self-healing type metallized capacitor NB/SH/T 0866-2013
NB/SH/T 0867-2013 Standard test method for determination of soot in diesel engine oils by thermal gravimetric analyzer NB/SH/T 0867-2013
NB/SH/T 0868-2013 Determination of the level of cleanliness of aviation turbine fuel. Portable automatic particle counter method NB/SH/T 0868-2013
NB/SH/T 0869-2013 Standard test method for oil separation from lubricating grease by centrifuging(Koppers method) NB/SH/T 0869-2013
NB/SH/T 0870-2013 Standard test method for dynamic viscosity and density of liquids by Stabinger viscometer(and the calculation of kinematic viscosity) NB/SH/T 0870-2013
NB/SH/T 0871-2013 Protective wax for rubber NB/SH/T 0871-2013
NB/SH/T 0872-2013 Standard test method for determination of shear stability of lubricating grease in presence of water(water stability test) NB/SH/T 0872-2013
NB/SH/T 0873-2013 Standard test method for determination of oxidation stability of biodiesel and blends with diesel fuel by accelerated oxidation method NB/SH/T 0873-2013
NB/SH/T 0874-2013 Crude peroleum and liquid petroleum products. Laboratory determination of density. Weighing digital liquid density meter method NB/SH/T 0874-2013
NB/SH/T 0875-2013 Poultry defeathering wax NB/SH/T 0875-2013
NB/SH/T 0876-2013 Standard test method for trace ethylene glycol in used engine oil NB/SH/T 0876-2013
NB/SH/T 0877-2014 The evaluation of oil-elastomer compatibility NB/SH/T 0877-2014
NB/SH/T 0878-2014 Test equipment and instructions for hydraulic fluids performance evaluation on Parker pumps(Vane and Piston) NB/SH/T 0878-2014
NB/SH/T 0879-2014 Standard test method for bong point distribution of samples with residues by high temperature gas chromatography NB/SH/T 0879-2014
NB/SH/T 0880-2014 Standard test method for determination of caldmm, chlorine, copper, magnesium, phospehorus, sulfur, and zinc in unused lubricating ails and additives by wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectromefry (mathematical correction procedure) NB/SH/T 0880-2014
NB/SH/T 0881-2014 Epoxy asphalt for road and bridge NB/SH/T 0881-2014
NB/SH/T 0882-2014 Standard teat method for determining extreme pressure properties of lubricating oils using SRV test machine NB/SH/T 0882-2014
NB/SH/T 0883-2014 Standard test method for determination of ignition delay and derived cetane number of diesel fbel oil by combustion in a constant volanse chamber NB/SH/T 0883-2014
NB/SH/T 0884-2014 Standard test method for Cummins ISM test NB/SH/T 0884-2014
NB/SH/T 0885-2014 Determination and total aromatics and total saturates in lube base stocks by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with refractive index detection NB/SH/T 0885-2014
NB/SH/T 0886-2014 Standard test method for pour point of petroleum products (Automatic tilt method) NB/SH/T 0886-2014
NB/SH/T 0887-2014 Bio-slice special paraffin NB/SH/T 0887-2014
NB/SH/T 0888-2014 Cemented carbide special wax NB/SH/T 0888-2014
NB/SH/T 0889-2014 liquid paraggin wax and its raw oil. Determination of normal paraffin hydrocarbons content and carbon number distrubution. Gas chromatography NB/SH/T 0889-2014
NB/SH/T 0890-2014 Standard Practice for recovering residue from emulsified asphalt using low temperature evaporative technique NB/SH/T 0890-2014
NB/SH/T 0891-2014 Spectrophotometric detection of soot in used engine oil samples NB/SH/T 0891-2014
NB/SH/T 0892-2015 Standard test method for determination of trace elements in middle distillate fuels by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) NB/SH/T 0892-2015
NB/SH/T 0893-2015 Oil dispersion test at medium temperature for passenger car direct injection diesel engines NB/SH/T 0893-2015
NB/SH/T 0894-2015 Test method for sonic shear stability of polymer-containing oils NB/SH/T 0894-2015
NB/SH/T 0895-2015 Determination of filter blocking tendency of middle distillate fuels and liquid fuels NB/SH/T 0895-2015
NB/SH/T 0896-2015 Standard test method for evaluation of automotive engine oils in the sequence ⅢG spark-ignition engine NB/SH/T 0896-2015
NB/SH/T 0897-2015 Standard test method for evaluation of automotive engine oils in the sequence IVA spark-ignition engine NB/SH/T 0897-2015
NB/SH/T 0898-2015 Standard test method for evaluation of automotive engine oils for inhibition of deposit formation in a spark-ignition internal combustion engine fueled with gasoline and operated under low-temperature, light-duty conditions NB/SH/T 0898-2015
NB/SH/T 0899-2015 Standard test method for measurement of effects of automotive engine oils on fuel economy of passenger cars and light-duty trucks in sequence VIB spark ignition engine NB/SH/T 0899-2015
NB/SH/T 0900-2015 Determination of wear characteristics of tractor hydraulic fluids by FZG test machine NB/SH/T 0900-2015
NB/SH/T 0901-2015 Standard test method for determining the glass transition temperatures of mineral oil-Differential scanning calorimetry NB/SH/T 0901-2015
NB/SH/T 0902-2015 Standard test method for measuring n-heptane induced phase separation of asphaltene-containing heavy fuel oil as separability number by an optical scanning device NB/SH/T 0902-2015
NB/SH/T 0903-2015 Standard test method for determination of methanol content in fatty acid methyl esters by gas chromatography NB/SH/T 0903-2015
NB/SH/T 0904-2015 Testing methods for oxidation stability of automatic transmission fluid NB/SH/T 0904-2015
NB/SH/T 0905-2015 Standard test method for color of petroleum products by the automatic tristimulus method NB/SH/T 0905-2015
NB/SH/T 0906-2015 Determination of high temperature deposits of engine oils by hot tube test NB/SH/T 0906-2015
NB/SH/T 0907-2015 Standard practice for conditon monitoring of phosphate antiwear additivies in in-service petroleum and hydrocarbon based lubricants by trend analysis using Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR)spectrometry NB/SH/T 0907-2015
NB/SH/T 0908-2015 Standard test method for determining stability and compatibility of heavy fuel oils and crude oils by heavy fuel oil stability analyzer (optical detection) NB/SH/T 0908-2015
NB/SH/T 0909-2015 Standard test method for peel strength of poultry defeathering wax NB/SH/T 0909-2015
NB/SH/T 0910-2015 Standard test method for measurement of hindered phenolic antioxidant content in non-zinc turbine oils by linear sweep voltammetry NB/SH/T 0910-2015
NB/SH/T 0911-2015 Standard practice for set-up and operation of Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR)spectrometers for in-service oil condition monitoring NB/SH/T 0911-2015
NB/SH/T 0912-2015 Standard test method for determination of kinematic viscosity at 100℃ of engine test oils NB/SH/T 0912-2015
NB/SH/T 0913-2015 Light white oil NB/SH/T 0913-2015
NB/SH/T 0914-2015 Crude white oil NB/SH/T 0914-2015
NB/SH/T 0915-2015 Determination of total active sulfur number in light petroleum fractions by potentiometric titration method NB/SH/T 0915-2015
NB/SH/T 0916-2015 Standard test method for determination of biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters)content in diesel fuel oil using mid infrared spectroscopy NB/SH/T 0916-2015
NB/SH/T 0917-2015 Standard test method for determination of total volatile sulfur in gaseous hydrocarbons and liquefied petroleum gases by ultraviolet fluorescence NB/SH/T 0917-2015
NB/SH/T 0918-2015 Standard test method for determination of catalyst acidity by ammonia chemisorption NB/SH/T 0918-2015
NB/SH/T 0919-2015 Standard test method for determination of sulfur compounds in gaseous fuels and natural gas by chromatography and chemiuminescence NB/SH/T 0919-2015
NB/SH/T 0920-2016 (Determination of anti-fretting wear capacity of grease under high Hertz contact pressure - High frequency linear vibration testing method) NB/SH/T 0920-2016
NB/SH/T 0921-2016 (Determination of oxidation stability of biodiesel and its blends) NB/SH/T 0921-2016
NB/SH/T 0922-2016 (Determination of micro pitting properties of lubricating oils - FZG method) NB/SH/T 0922-2016
NB/SH/T 0923-2016 (Determination of elemental content in insulating oil - Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry) NB/SH/T 0923-2016
NB/SH/T 0924-2016 (Evaluation of anti - wear properties of diesel engine oil - Follower roller wear (RFWT) method) NB/SH/T 0924-2016
NB/SH/T 0925-2016 (Evaluation of the durability of synchronous gears for manual gearboxes FZG SSP-180 method) NB/SH/T 0925-2016
NB/SH/T 0926-2016 (Internal combustion engine oil - saving performance evaluation procedure VID method) NB/SH/T 0926-2016
NB/SH/T 0927-2016 (High activity polyisobutylene) NB/SH/T 0927-2016
NB/SH/T 0928-2016 (Emulsified asphalt residue - Determination of viscosity - Vacuum capillary method) NB/SH/T 0928-2016
NB/SH/T 0929-2016 (Determination of chlorine content in lubricating oils - Inductively coupled plasma - atomic emission spectrometric method) NB/SH/T 0929-2016
NB/SH/T 0930-2016 (Determination of gas - producing properties of insulating liquids under thermal stress) NB/SH/T 0930-2016
NB/SH/T 0931-2016 (In the presence of petroleum-based and hydrocarbon-based lubricating oil oxidation monitoring Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) trend analysis) NB/SH/T 0931-2016
NB/SH/T 0932-2016 (Asphalt Surfactants) NB/SH/T 0932-2016
NB/SH/T 0933-2016 (Determination of the content of orthostructured low carbonates in Fischer - Tropsch synthetic oil by liquid - liquid extraction - ion chromatography) NB/SH/T 0933-2016
NB/SH/T 0934-2016 (Determination of Trace Metal Elements in Petroleum Coke - Wavelength Dispersive X - Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry) NB/SH/T 0934-2016
NB/SH/T 0935-2016 (In the presence of petroleum-based and hydrocarbon-based lubricants for sulfonation monitoring of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) trend analysis) NB/SH/T 0935-2016
NB/SH/T 0936.1-2016 (Determination of corrosive sulfides in unused and used insulating liquids - Part 1: Dibenzyl disulfide (DBDS) determination) NB/SH/T 0936.1-2016
NB/SH/T 0937-2016 (Determination of ammonia resistance of refrigerating machine oil) NB/SH/T 0937-2016
NB/SH/T 0938-2016 (Fuel sampling and handling procedures for volatile determination) NB/SH/T 0938-2016
NB/SH/T 0939-2016 (Determination of aromatics content in aviation fuels and petroleum fractions Refractive index photodeters High performance liquid chromatography) NB/SH/T 0939-2016
NB/SH/T 0940-2016 (Analysis of the test method (atomic emission spectrum, infrared spectrum, viscosity and laser particle counter) using a specific four-in-one tester) NB/SH/T 0940-2016
NB/SH/T 0941-2016 (Precision casting special wax) NB/SH/T 0941-2016
NB/SH/T 0942-2016 (Solvent car anti - corrosion wax) NB/SH/T 0942-2016
NB/SH/T 5001.1-2013 Energy consumption statistics indices and calculation methods for refinery in petrochemical industry NB/SH/T 5001.1-2013

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