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Std ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
YY/T 1205-2013 Total bilirubin test kit (Vanadate oxidation method) YY/T 1205-2013
YY/T 1206-2013 Total cholesterol kit (COD-PAP method) YY/T 1206-2013
YY/T 1213-2013 Follicle stimulating hormone quantitative labelling immunoassay kit YY/T 1213-2013
YY/T 1214-2013 Human chorionic gonadotrophin quantitative labelling immunoassay kit YY/T 1214-2013
YY/T 1216-2013 Alpha-fetoprotein quantitative labelling immunoassay kit YY/T 1216-2013
YY/T 1218-2013 Thyroid-stimulating hormone quantitative labelling immunoassay kit YY/T 1218-2013
YY/T 1231-2014 Creatinine test reagent kit (Method of sarcosine oxidase) YY/T 1231-2014
YY/T 1232-2014 Gamma-Glutamyl transpeptadase test reagent kit (Method of GPNA) YY/T 1232-2014
YY/T 1233-2014 Cardiac troponin-I (cTnl) quantitative detection reagent (kit) (Chemiluminescent immunoassay) YY/T 1233-2014
YY/T 1235-2014 Rubella virus IgG / IgM antibody detection kit YY/T 1235-2014
YY/T 1240-2014 D-Dimer reagent (kit) YY/T 1240-2014
YY/T 1244-2014 Purified water for in vitro diagnostic reagents YY/T 1244-2014
YY/T 1247-2014 Hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg) detection reagent (kit) (chemiluminescent immunoassay) YY/T 1247-2014
YY/T 1249-2014 Free prostate specific antigen quantitative labelling immunoassay kit YY/T 1249-2014
YY 0308-2004 Medical sodium hyaluronate gel YY 0308-2004
YY 0321.3-2009 Single-use filter for anaesthesia YY 0321.3-2009
YY 0326.1-2002 Plasmapheresis centrifuge apparatus for single use - Part 1: Centrifuge bowl YY 0326.1-2002
YY 0326.2-2002 Plasmapheresis centrifuge apparatus for single use - Part 2: Plasma tubing YY 0326.2-2002
YY 0326.3-2005 Plasmapheresis centrifuge apparatus for single use - Part 3: Containers for plasma YY 0326.3-2005
YY 0341-2009 General technological requirements for non-active metallic surgical implants for osteosynthesis YY 0341-2009
YY 0450.1-2003 Accessory devices for sterile single-use intravascular catheters. Part 1: Introducers YY 0450.1-2003
YY 0285.1-2017 Intravascular catheters - Sterile and single-use catheters - Part 1: General requirements YY 0285.1-2017
YY 0285.3-2017 Intravascular catheters—Sterile and single-use catheters—Part 3: Central venous catheters YY 0285.3-2017
YY 0285.4-2017 Intravascular catheters—Sterile and single-use catheters—Part 4: Balloon dilatation catheters YY 0285.4-2017
YY 0286.3-2017 Special infusion sets -- Part 3: Light-resistant infusion sets for single use YY 0286.3-2017
YY 0762-2017 Ophthalmic optical -- Capsular tension ring YY 0762-2017
YY 0989.7-2017 Implants for surgery -- Active implantable medical devices -- Part 7: Particular requirements for cochlear implant systems YY 0989.7-2017
YY/T 0127.7-2017 Biological evaluation of dental materials -- Part 2: Biological evaluation test method of dental materials -- Pulp and dentine usage test YY/T 0127.7-2017
YY/T 0287-2017 Medical devices -- Quality management systems -- Requirements for regulatory purposes YY/T 0287-2017
YY/T 0326-2017 Plasmapheresis centrifuge apparatus for single use YY/T 0326-2017
YY/T 0471.5-2017 Test methods for primary wound dressings—Part 5: Bacterial barrier properties YY/T 0471.5-2017
YY/T 0490-2017 Tracheobronchial tubes—Sizing and marking YY/T 0490-2017
YY/T 0492-2017 Implantable cardiac pacing lead YY/T 0492-2017
YY/T 0614-2017 Single-use high-pressure angiographic syringes and accessories YY/T 0614-2017
YY/T 0618-2017 Test methods for bacterial endotoxins of medical devices—Routine monitoring and alternatives to batch testing YY/T 0618-2017
YY/T 0619-2017 Medical endoscopes--Rigid resectosocope YY/T 0619-2017
YY/T 0653-2017 Hematology analyzer YY/T 0653-2017
YY/T 0654-2017 Automatic chemistry analyzer YY/T 0654-2017
YY/T 0657-2017 Medical centrifuge YY/T 0657-2017
YY/T 0659-2017 Blood coagulation analyzer YY/T 0659-2017
YY/T 0686-2017 Medical forceps YY/T 0686-2017
YY/T 0706-2017 Particular specifications for mammographic X-ray equipment YY/T 0706-2017
YY/T 1122-2017 General technique requirememts for orthopaedics clamp(scissor) YY/T 1122-2017
YY/T 1137-2017 General technique requirements for orthopaedics saw YY/T 1137-2017
YY/T 1292.4-2017 Test for reproductive and developmental toxicity of medical devices—Part 4: Two-generation reproductive toxicity test YY/T 1292.4-2017
YY/T 1293.5-2017 Contacting wound dressing—Part 5: Alginate dressing YY/T 1293.5-2017
YY/T 1403-2017 Requirements of contract sterilization using ethylene oxide YY/T 1403-2017
YY/T 1465.4-2017 Immunogenic evaluation method of medical devices—Part 4: Phagocytosis of mouse peritoneal macrophages on chicken erythrocytes—Ex-vivo method YY/T 1465.4-2017
YY/T 1477.4-2017 Standard test models for primary wound dressing performance evaluation—Part 4: In vitro wound model for adhesion properties evaluation of dressings YY/T 1477.4-2017
YY/T 1510-2017 Medical plasma virus inactivated device YY/T 1510-2017
YY/T 1511-2017 Collagen sponge YY/T 1511-2017
YY/T 1512-2017 Biological evaluation of medical devices—Guidance on the conduct of biological evaluation within a risk management process YY/T 1512-2017
YY/T 1513-2017 C-reactive protein testing kit YY/T 1513-2017
YY/T 1514-2017 Detection kit for antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2(western blotting) YY/T 1514-2017
YY/T 1515-2017 HIV-1 RNA quantitative assay YY/T 1515-2017
YY/T 1516-2017 Prolactin quantitative labelling immunoassay kit YY/T 1516-2017
YY/T 1517-2017 Detection kit for IgA antibody to epstein-barr viral capsid antigens YY/T 1517-2017
YY/T 1518-2017 C-peptide quantitative labelling immunoassay kit YY/T 1518-2017
YY/T 1519-2017 Electrophysiology catheter YY/T 1519-2017
YY/T 1521-2017 Technical requirements for sonoelasticity tissue-mimicking phantom YY/T 1521-2017
YY/T 1522-2017 Flow-metering devices for connection to terminal units of medical gas pipeline systems YY/T 1522-2017
YY/T 1523-2017 Bicarbonate assay kit(PEPC enzymatic method) YY/T 1523-2017
YY/T 1524-2017 α-L-Fucosidase(AFU) assay kit(CNPF substrate method) YY/T 1524-2017
YY/T 1525-2017 Test kit for methamphetamine (colloidal gold method) YY/T 1525-2017
YY/T 1526-2017 Detection kit for human immunodeficiency virus 1 type(HIV-1) p24 antigen and antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus(chemiluminescence immuno-assay) YY/T 1526-2017
YY/T 1527-2017 α/β-Thalassemia gene typing detection kit YY/T 1527-2017
YY/T 1528-2017 Myoglobin assay kit(immunoturbidimetric method) YY/T 1528-2017
YY/T 1529-2017 ELISA analytical instruments YY/T 1529-2017
YY/T 1530-2017 Control materials for urine formed element analyzer YY/T 1530-2017
YY/T 1531-2017 Biochemical identification systems for bacteria YY/T 1531-2017
YY/T 1532-2017 Biological evaluation of medical devices—Nanomaterials—Hemolysis test YY/T 1532-2017
YY/T 1533-2017 Automatic time-resolved fluorescence counter YY/T 1533-2017
YY/T 1534-2017 Measuring methods for optical radiation safety classification of medical LED equipment YY/T 1534-2017
YY/T 1535-2017 Medical devices for human in vitro assisted reproductive technology—Biological evaluation—Human sperm survival assay YY/T 1535-2017
YY/T 1536-2017 Catheters other than intravascular catheters—Standard test model for evaluating the surface sliding performance YY/T 1536-2017
YY/T 1537-2017 Laser positioning system in radiation therapy—Functional-performance characteristics and test methods YY/T 1537-2017
YY/T 1538-2017 Auto-scanning water phantom system in radiation therapy—Functional-performance characteristics and test methods YY/T 1538-2017
YY/T 1539-2017 Medical clean bench YY/T 1539-2017
YY/T 1540-2017 Guide for the check of medical class Ⅱ biological safety cabinets YY/T 1540-2017
YY/T 1541-2017 Specification for high voltage cable assemblies and sockets of Mammographic X-ray equipment YY/T 1541-2017
YY/T 1542-2017 Evaluation method of automatic exposure control in digital medical X-ray equipment YY/T 1542-2017
YY/T 1543-2017 Nasal oxygen cannula YY/T 1543-2017
YY/T 1544-2017 Ethylene oxide sterilization safety and effectiveness basic supply requirements YY/T 1544-2017
YY/T 1545-2017 Evaluation of connection between haemodialysis concentrate and haemodialysis equipment YY/T 1545-2017
YY/T 1546-2017 Testing method for SPECT imaging based on CT-attenuation correction YY/T 1546-2017
YY/T 1547.1-2017 Immobilization device for body positioning used in radiation therapy—Part 1: Thermoplastic YY/T 1547.1-2017
YY/T 1547.2-2017 Immobilization device for body positioning used in radiation therapy—Part 2: Vacuum cushion YY/T 1547.2-2017
YY/T 1548-2017 Film dose measurement methods used in radiation therapy YY/T 1548-2017
YY/T 1549-2017 Calibrator for Biochemical Analyzer YY/T 1549-2017
YY/T 1550.1-2017 Guidance of study on the compatibility of infusion equipments and pharmaceutical products—Part 1: Drug sorption YY/T 1550.1-2017
YY/T 1551.1-2017 Air filters for medical infusion and transfusion equipments—Part 1: Aerosol bacterial retention test method YY/T 1551.1-2017
YY/T 1551.2-2017 Air filters for medical infusion and transfusion equipments—Part 2: Liquid bacterial retention test method YY/T 1551.2-2017
YY/T 1551.3-2017 Air filters for medical infusion and transfusion equipments—Part 3: Integrity test methods YY/T 1551.3-2017
YY/T 1554-2017 Oviduct catheter YY/T 1554-2017
YY/T 1555.1-2017 Particular requirement of silicone gel filled breast implant—Performance requirement of silicone gel filler—Part 1: Limitation requirement of volatile substances YY/T 1555.1-2017
YY/T 1556-2017 Test methods for particle contamination of infusion, transfusion and injection equipments for medical use YY/T 1556-2017
YY/T 1557-2017 Thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU) materials for manufacture of infusion, transfusion and injection equipments for medical use YY/T 1557-2017
YY/T 1559-2017 Spinal implants—Standard test methods for static and dynamic characterization of spinal artificial discs YY/T 1559-2017
YY/T 1560-2017 Spinal implant—Standard test methods for occipital-cervical and occipital-cervical-thoracic implant constructs in a vertebrectomy model YY/T 1560-2017
YY/T 1561-2017 Tissue engineering medical device products - Remnant α-Gal antigen determination in scaffold materials utilizing animal tissues and their derivatives YY/T 1561-2017