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Std ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
YY/T 1562-2017 Tissue engineering medical device products—Biomaterial scaffolds—Guide for cell viability evaluation YY/T 1562-2017
YY/T 1563-2017 Spinal implants—Test method for functional, kinematic and wear assessment of total disc prostheses YY/T 1563-2017
YY/T 1564-2017 Cardiovascular implants—Pulmonary valve conduit—Pulsatile flow test methods YY/T 1564-2017
YY/T 1565-2017 Implants for surgery—Non-destructive testing—Radiographic examination of cast metallic surgical implants YY/T 1565-2017
YY/T 1566.1-2017 Autologous blood processing devices for single use--Part 1: Blood cell recoery sets, centrifuge bowl type YY/T 1566.1-2017
YY/T 1568-2017 Pessary YY/T 1568-2017
YY/T 1570-2017 Tissue engineering medical device products—Terminology, classification and nomination of skin substitute YY/T 1570-2017
YY/T 1571-2017 Tissue engineering medical device products—Sodium hyaluronate YY/T 1571-2017
YY/T 1574-2017 Tissue engineering medical device products—Standard guide for immobilization or encapsulation in alginate gels YY/T 1574-2017
YY/T 1575-2017 Tissue engineering medical device products—Standard guide for in vivo assessment of implantable devices intended to repair or regenerate bone defect YY/T 1575-2017
YY/T 1576-2017 Tissue engineering medical device products—Standard practice for implantation assessment of absorbable/resorbable biomaterials YY/T 1576-2017
YY/T 1577-2017 Tissue engineering medical device products—Standard guide for microstructure of polymeric scafforlds YY/T 1577-2017
YY 0017-2016 Implants for osteosynthesis - Metallic bone plates YY 0017-2016
YY 0018-2016 Implants for osteosynthesis - Metallic bone screws YY 0018-2016
YY 0053-2016 Hemodialysis and relevant therapies - Haemodialysers, haemodiafilters, haemofilters and haemoconcentrators YY 0053-2016
YY 0065-2016 Ophthalmic instruments - Slit-lamp microscopes YY 0065-2016
YY 0267-2016 Hemodialysis and related therapies. Extracorporeal blood circuit for blood purification devices YY 0267-2016
YY 0271.1-2016 Dentistry - Water-based cements - Part 1: Powder/liquid acid-base cements YY 0271.1-2016
YY 0271.2-2016 Dentistry - Water-based cements - Part 2: Resin-modified cements YY 0271.2-2016
YY 0299-2016 Medical ultrasonic couplants YY 0299-2016
YY 0302.2-2016 Dentistry - Rotary bur instruments - Part 2: Finishing burs YY 0302.2-2016
YY 0315-2016 Wrought titanium and titanium dental implant YY 0315-2016
YY 0325-2016 Sterile urethral catheter for single use YY 0325-2016
YY 0502-2016 Joint replacement implants - Knee joint prostheses YY 0502-2016
YY 0503-2016 Ethylene oxide sterilizer YY 0503-2016
YY 0504-2016 Portable mode steam sterilizers YY 0504-2016
YY 0579-2016 Ophthalmic instruments - Ophthalmometers YY 0579-2016
YY 0592-2016 High intensity focused ultrasound therapy system YY 0592-2016
YY 0604-2016 Cardiopulmonary bypass systems - Blood-gas exchangers(oxygenators) YY 0604-2016
YY 0605.12-2016 Implants for surgery. Metallic materials. Part 12: Wrought cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy YY 0605.12-2016
YY 0621.1-2016 Dentistry. Compatibility testing. Part 1: Metal-ceramic systems YY 0621.1-2016
YY 0649-2016 Electrical potential therapy equipment YY 0649-2016
YY 0714.2-2016 Dentistry - Soft lining material for removable dentures - Part 2: Materials for long-term use YY 0714.2-2016
YY 0792.1-2016 Ophthalmic instruments - Endoilluminators - Part 1: Requirements and test methods YY 0792.1-2016
YY 0803.3-2016 Dentistry. Root-canal instruments. Part 3: Condensers YY 0803.3-2016
YY 0983-2016 Therapeutic laser equipment. Ruby Laser equipment for therapy YY 0983-2016
YY 0989.6-2016 Implants for surgery - Active implantable medical devices - Part 6: Particular requirements for active implantable medical devices intended to treat tachyarrhythmia(including implantable defibrillators) YY 0989.6-2016
YY 0992-2016 Endoscopic washing station YY 0992-2016
YY 1048-2016 Cardiopulmonary bypass systems. Extracorporeal blood circuit YY 1048-2016
YY 1057-2016 General specifications for medical foot switch YY 1057-2016
YY 1271-2016 Cardiopulmonary bypass systems. Suction catheter for single use YY 1271-2016
YY 1272-2016 Dialysis fluid filter YY 1272-2016
YY 1273-2016 Roller pump for auxiliary blood purification YY 1273-2016
YY 1274-2016 Pressure control peritoneal dialysis equipment YY 1274-2016
YY 1275-2016 Dry heat (heated air) sterilizers YY 1275-2016
YY 1276-2016 (Development, validation and routine control requirements for dry heat sterilization of medical devices) YY 1276-2016
YY 1277-2016 Steam sterilizer - Performance requirements of biosafety YY 1277-2016
YY 1289-2016 Laser treating equipment - Ophthalmic semiconductor laser photocoagulators YY 1289-2016
YY 1290-2016 Single use bilirubin plasma hemoperfutor YY 1290-2016
YY 1298-2016 Medical endoscopes - Capsule endoscopes YY 1298-2016
YY 1300-2016 Therapeutic laser equipment - Pulsed Nd: YAG laser equipment for therapy YY 1300-2016
YY 1301-2016 Therapeutic laser equipment - Er: YAG laser equipment for therapy YY 1301-2016
YY 1412-2016 Cardiopulmonary bypass systems. Centrifugal pump YY 1412-2016
YY 1413-2016 Centrifugal blood components separation device YY 1413-2016
YY 1468-2016 Oxygen concentrator supply systems for use with medical gas pipeline systems YY 1468-2016
YY 1475-2016 Laser therapeutic equipment - Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser equipment YY 1475-2016
YY 1493-2016 Gravity control peritoneal dialysis equipment YY 1493-2016
YY/T 0043-2016 Medical suture needle YY/T 0043-2016
YY/T 0064-2016 Electrical and loading characteristics of X-ray tube assemblies for medical diagnosis YY/T 0064-2016
YY/T 0079-2016 Metallic clip YY/T 0079-2016
YY/T 0127.18-2016 Biological evaluation of medical devices used in dentistry-Part 18: Dentine barrier cytotoxicity test YY/T 0127.18-2016
YY/T 0165-2016 Medical heating pad therapy equipment YY/T 0165-2016
YY/T 0215-2016 Ozone disinfector for medical purpose YY/T 0215-2016
YY/T 0243-2016 Plunger seal of syringes for single use YY/T 0243-2016
YY/T 0291-2016 Environmental requirements and test methods for medical X-ray equipment YY/T 0291-2016
YY/T 0294.1-2016 Surgical instruments--Metallic materials--Part 1: Stainless steel YY/T 0294.1-2016
YY/T 0316-2016 Medical devices - Application of risk management to medical devices YY/T 0316-2016
YY/T 0450.3-2016 Accessory devices for sterile single-use intravascular catheters--Part 3: Inflation devices for balloon of balloon dilatation catheters YY/T 0450.3-2016
YY/T 0467-2016 Medical devices-Guidance on the selection of standards in support of recognized essential principles of safety and performance of medical devices YY/T 0467-2016
YY/T 0481-2016 Medical diagnostic X-ray equipment--Radiation conditions for use in the determination of characteristics YY/T 0481-2016
YY/T 0486-2016 Tracheal tubes designed for laser surgery--Requirements for marking and accompanying information YY/T 0486-2016
YY/T 0496-2016 Dentistry. Casting and baseplate waxes YY/T 0496-2016
YY/T 0506.2-2016 Surgical drapes, gowns and clean air suits for patients, clinical staff and equipment. Part 2: Performance requirements and test methods YY/T 0506.2-2016
YY/T 0506.4-2016 Surgical drapes, gowns and clean air suits for patients, clinical staff and equipment--Part 4: Test method for linting in the dry state YY/T 0506.4-2016
YY/T 0567.7-2016 Aseptic processing of health care products--Part 7: Alternative processes for medical devices and combination products YY/T 0567.7-2016
YY/T 0583.2-2016 Chest drainage systems for single use--Part 2: Type of dry seal valve YY/T 0583.2-2016
YY/T 0589-2016 Electrolyte analyzer YY/T 0589-2016
YY/T 0616.1-2016 Medical gloves for single use--Part 1: Requirements and testing for biological evaluation YY/T 0616.1-2016
YY/T 0616.2-2016 Medical glove for single use--Part 2: Requirements and testing for shelf life determination YY/T 0616.2-2016
YY/T 0624-2016 Dentistry--Elastomeric auxiliaries for use in orthodontics YY/T 0624-2016
YY/T 0625-2016 Dentistry--Wires for use in orthodontics YY/T 0625-2016
YY/T 0651.1-2016 Implants for surgery. Wear of total hip-joint prostheses. Part 1: Loading and displacement parameters for wear-testing machines and corresponding environmental conditions for test YY/T 0651.1-2016
YY/T 0652-2016 Wear of implant materials. Polymer and metal wear particles. Isolation and characterization YY/T 0652-2016
YY/T 0663.2-2016 Cardiovascular implants Endovascular devices--Part 2: Vascular stents YY/T 0663.2-2016
YY/T 0663.3-2016 Cardiovascular implants. Endovascular devices. Part 3: Vena cava filters YY/T 0663.3-2016
YY/T 0679-2016 Low temperature steam and formaldehyde sterilizers for medical purposes YY/T 0679-2016
YY/T 0697-2016 Electric cervical and lumbar traction therapy device YY/T 0697-2016
YY/T 0722-2016 Medical electrical equipment--Dosimetric instrument used for non-invasive measurement of X-ray tube voltage in diagnostic radiology YY/T 0722-2016
YY/T 0734.4-2016 Washer-disinfectors. Part 4: Requirements and tests for washer-disinfectors employing thermal disinfection for non-invasive medical devices, etc. YY/T 0734.4-2016
YY/T 0752-2016 Electrical surgical equipment for osseous tissue YY/T 0752-2016
YY/T 0803.5-2016 Dentistry--Endodontic instruments--Part 5: Shaping and cleaning instruments YY/T 0803.5-2016
YY/T 0869.1-2016 Medical devices. Hierarchical coding structure for adverse events. Part 1: Event-type codes YY/T 0869.1-2016
YY/T 0869.2-2016 Medical devices. Hierarchical coding structure for adverse events. Part 2: Evaluation codes YY/T 0869.2-2016
YY/T 0905.1-2016 Dentistry--Plant area equipment--Part 1: Suction systems YY/T 0905.1-2016
YY/T 0967.3-2016 Dental rotary instruments--Shanks--Part 3: Shanks made of ceramics YY/T 0967.3-2016
YY/T 0971-2016 Multi-element beam limiting device used in radiotherapy. Characteristics and test methods YY/T 0971-2016
YY/T 0972-2016 Active implantable medical devices--Four-pole connector system for implantable cardiac rhythm management devices--Dimensional and test requirements YY/T 0972-2016
YY/T 0973-2016 Radiotherapy treatment planning system for automatically-controlled brachytherapy afterloading equipment--Characteristics and test methods YY/T 0973-2016
YY/T 0975-2016 Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment--User-applied labels for syringes containing drugs used during anaesthesia--Colours, design and performance YY/T 0975-2016
YY/T 0976-2016 Medical electrical equipment--Dosimeters with ionization chambers as used in radiotherapy YY/T 0976-2016