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Industry Standard: JJ, JJ/T, JJT
Chinese National Standard:  GB     GB/T    
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Standard ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
JJF 1015-2014 General Norm for Pattern Evaluation of Measuring Instruments JJF 1015-2014
JJF 1070.1-2011 Rules of Metrological Testing for Net Quantity of Soap Products in Prepackages with Fixed Content JJF 1070.1-2011
JJF 1070.2-2011 Rules of Metrological Testing for Net Quantity of Wheat Flour Products in Prepackages with Fixed Content [including Amendment 1] JJF 1070.2-2011
JJF 1070-2005 Rules of Metrological Testing for Net Quantity of Products in Prepackages with Fixed Content JJF 1070-2005
JJF 1363-2012 Program of Pattern Evaluation of Sulfur Hydrogen Gas Analyzers JJF 1363-2012
JJF 1368-2012 Program of Pattern Evaluation of Combustible - Gas Alarm Detectors JJF 1368-2012
JJF 1396-2013 Calibration Specification for Spectrum Analyzer JJF 1396-2013
JJF 1424-2013 Program of Pattern Evaluation of Ammonia-Nitrogen Automatic Analyzers JJF 1424-2013
JJF 1441-2013 Program of Pattern Evaluation of Dissolved Oxygen Meter With Covered-Membrane-Electrode JJF 1441-2013
JJG 1036-2008 Verification Regulation for Electronic Balance JJG 1036-2008
JJG 1037-2008 Verification Regulation of turbine Flowmeter JJG 1037-2008
JJG 1073-2011 Verification Regulation of Pressure Type SF6 Gas Density Monitors JJG 1073-2011
JJG 1094-2013 Water Quality On-line Analyzers of Total Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen JJG 1094-2013
JJG 1107-2015 Automatic Standard Pressure Generators JJG 1107-2015
JJG 291-2008 Verification regulation of dissolved oxygen meter with covered-membrane-electrode JJG 291-2008
JJG 376-2007 Verification Regulation of Electrolytic Conductivity Meters JJG 376-2007
JJG 631-2013 Verification Regulation of Ammonia-Nitrogen Automatic Analyzers JJG 631-2013
JJG 646-2006 Verification Regulation of Locomotive Pipette JJG 646-2006
JJG 667-2010 Verification regulation of liquid positive displacement flowmeter JJG 667-2010
JJG 714-2012 Verification Regulation of Blood Cell Analyzers JJG 714-2012
JJG 797-2013 Verification Regulation of Calibration Instrument for Torque Wrenches JJG 797-2013
JJG 880-2006 Verification Regulation of Turbidimeters JJG 880-2006
JJG 882-2004 Verification Regulation of the Pressure Transmitter JJG 882-2004
JJF 010-2008 A large modulus Mechanical Hob Check Calibration Specification JJF 010-2008
JJF 011-2008 The 3301 gear spiral measuring instrument calibration specification JJF 011-2008
JJF 011-2010 Calibration Specification for Eight-Basket Oven JJF 011-2010
JJF 01-2008 Textured tester calibration specification JJF 01-2008
JJF 012-2006 Y321-type hand-twist machine calibration specification JJF 012-2006
JJF 012-2008 Calibration of the measuring instrument specifications of the 3802-type hob spiral JJF 012-2008
JJF 013-2006 The Y331 type yarn twist machine calibration specification JJF 013-2006
JJF 013-2008 Hob cutting edge spiral model calibration specification JJF 013-2008
JJF 014-2006 The Y381 type of shake the the blackboards machine calibration specification JJF 014-2006
JJF 014-2008 Low-power single-phase motor automatic detection device calibration specification JJF 014-2008
JJF 015-2006 Pendulum yarn strength calibration specification JJF 015-2006
JJF 015-2008 Range hood electrical performance testing device calibration specification JJF 015-2008
JJF 016-2008 Irons automatic detection device calibration specification JJF 016-2008
JJF 016-2010 Calibration specification for fabric thickness instruments JJF 016-2010
JJF 017-2006 Pendulum fabric strength machine calibration specification JJF 017-2006
JJF 017-2008 Flashover to breakdown test device calibration specification JJF 017-2008
JJF 018-2006 Pendulum fabric rupture strength machine calibration specification JJF 018-2006
JJF 018-2008 Automatic rice cooker factory testing device calibration specification JJF 018-2008
JJF 019-2008 Drum washing machine factory sampling device calibration specification JJF 019-2008
JJF 019-2010 Calibration Specification for Wrap Reelers JJF 019-2010
JJF 020-2008 Washing machine parameter tester calibration specification JJF 020-2008
JJF 020-2010 Calibration Specification for Elemental Analyzers JJF 020-2010
JJF 021-2006 The horizontal pull socks calibration specification JJF 021-2006
JJF 021-2008 Motor temperature rise of resistance measuring instrument calibration specifications JJF 021-2008
JJF 02-2008 Handling and stability tester calibration specification JJF 02-2008
JJF 022-2006 The standard dynamometer leverage calibration specification JJF 022-2006
JJF 022-2008 20kV and below, the impact of full-wave voltage test device calibration specification JJF 022-2008
JJF 023-2008 The armature test instrument calibration specification JJF 023-2008
JJF 023-2010 Calibration specification for traveling counting glasses JJF 023-2010
JJF 024-2006 Fabric yarn length measuring instrument calibration specification JJF 024-2006
JJF 024-2008 The zinc oxide arrester leakage current measurement instrument calibration specification JJF 024-2008
JJF 025-2006 Fiber cut calibration specification JJF 025-2006
JJF 025-2008 Impact oscillating current interference source calibration specification JJF 025-2008
JJF 026-2008 Elastic component fatigue testing machine calibration specification JJF 026-2008
JJF 026-2010 Calibration Specification for Coordinate Measuring Machine Calibration Specification for Sheathed Thermocouples JJF 026-2010
JJF 027-2008 Elastic element characteristics Calibration Specification JJF 027-2008
JJF 027-2010 Calibration specification for corlour fastness to friction testers JJF 027-2010
JJF 028-2008 Current density tester calibration specification JJF 028-2008
JJF 028-2010 Calibration Specification for Particulate Analyzer JJF 028-2010
JJF 029-2006 Roller fiber length analyzer calibration specification JJF 029-2006
JJF 029-2008 The relative aperture Test Calibration Specification for JJF 029-2008
JJF 030-2006 Comb-piece wool length analyzer calibration specification JJF 030-2006
JJF 030-2008 Flash contact tester calibration specification JJF 030-2008
JJF 031-2006 Ironing, sublimation color fastness Calibration Specification JJF 031-2006
JJF 031-2008 Of weighing fuel consumption measuring instrument calibration specification JJF 031-2008
JJF 03-2008 Car speedometer calibration specification JJF 03-2008
JJF 032-2006 The whiteness meter calibration specification JJF 032-2006
JJF 032-2008 Spark Tester Calibration Specification JJF 032-2008
JJF 033-2006 Fabric Pilling ball instrument calibration specifications JJF 033-2006
JJF 033-2008 Surface potentiometer Calibration specification JJF 033-2008
JJF 034-2006 Vertical wrinkles flexible instrument calibration specification JJF 034-2006
JJF 034-2008 Multi electrometer calibration specification JJF 034-2008
JJF 035-2006 The fabric vertical Determination Calibration Specification JJF 035-2006
JJF 035-2008 Welding power test device calibration specification JJF 035-2008
JJF 036-2006 Capacitive evenness tester metrological verification standard calibration specification JJF 036-2006
JJF 036-2008 Water pump comprehensive performance test bed calibration specification JJF 036-2008
JJF 037-2006 Fabric style instrument calibration specifications JJF 037-2006
JJF 037-2008 Thermocouple test tube furnace calibration specification JJF 037-2008
JJF 038-2006 The fabric flat grinding instrument calibration specification JJF 038-2006
JJF 038-2008 Seismic pressure gauge calibration specification JJF 038-2008
JJF 039-2006 Low pressure fabric breathable meter calibration specification JJF 039-2006
JJF 039-2008 Voltage transformer load box calibration specification JJF 039-2008
JJF 040-2006 The yarn hairiness instrument calibration specification JJF 040-2006
JJF 040-2008 Current transformer load box calibration specification JJF 040-2008
JJF 041-2006 The cotton fiber polarizer maturity Calibration Specification JJF 041-2006
JJF 041-2008 High voltage standard capacitor calibration specification JJF 041-2008
JJF 04-2008 The level wheel positioning instrument calibration specification JJF 04-2008
JJF 042-2006 To crimp elastic Calibration Specification JJF 042-2006
JJF 042-2008 Impact measurement of peak voltage meter calibration specification JJF 042-2008
JJF 043-2006 And raw silk cohesion Machine Calibration Specification JJF 043-2006
JJF 043-2009 The cigarette end tribal wire tester VRof rotating cage method JJF 043-2009
JJF 044-2006 The raw silk calibration specification JJF 044-2006
JJF 044-2009 The cigarette end tribal wire tester VRof rotary box method JJF 044-2009
JJF 045-2006 Denier machine calibration specification JJF 045-2006
JJF 045-2009 Sandblasting hardness of machine calibration specification JJF 045-2009
JJF 046-2006 Turks scale calibration specification JJF 046-2006
JJF 046-2009 Grinding wheel strength testing machine calibration specification JJF 046-2009

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