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JJG 880-2006

Chinese Standard: 'JJG 880-2006'
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Detail Information of JJG 880-2006; JJG880-2006
Description (Translated English): Verification Regulation of Turbidimeters
Sector / Industry: Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard: A61
Classification of International Standard: 17
Word Count Estimation: 16,161
Date of Issue: 2006-09-06
Date of Implementation: 2007-03-06
Older Standard (superseded by this standard): JJG 880-1994
Quoted Standard: JJF 1001; JJG 1015; ISO 7027
Drafting Organization: China Institute of Metrology
Administrative Organization: National Environmental stoichiometric Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from): China Measurement 2006. 11
Issuing agency(ies): State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
Summary: This standard applies to Formazine turbidity units display and display the results can be converted to Formazine (Formazine) Turbidity Units laboratory and field use of desktop and portable photoelectric turbidimeter initial verification, testing and use of follow-up inspection.

JJG 880-2006
National Metrology Technical Specifications
of the People's Republic of China
Issued by. State Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection
and Quarantine
Verification Regulation of
Replacing JJG 880-1994
This regulation was approved by General Administration of Quality Supervision,
Inspection and Quarantine on September 6, 2006, and shall be implemented from March
6, 2007.
Jurisdictional organization.
National Technical Committee on Environmental Stoichiometry
Drafting organizations.
National Institute of Metrology, China
Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology
Beijing Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology
This regulation is entrusted to and shall be responsibly interpreted by National
Technical Committee on Environmental Stoichiometry.
Main drafters of this regulation.
Zhang Wenge (National Institute of Metrology, China)
Participating drafters.
Qiu Yanhui (Beijing Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology)
Gu Jiayu (Beijing Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology)
Qi Xin (National Institute of Metrology, China)
Liu Junjie (National Institute of Metrology, China)
Table of Contents
1 Scope ... 5 
2 References ... 5 
3 Terms and unit of measurement ... 5 
4 Overview ... 6 
5 Requirements for metrological performance ... 6 
5.1 Instrument’s zero-drift ... 6 
5.2 Instrument’s indication stability ... 6 
5.3 Instrument’s repeatability ... 6 
5.4 Instrument’s indication error ... 6 
6 General technical requirements ... 6 
6.1 Appearance ... 7 
6.2 Insulation resistance ... 7 
7 Measuring instrument control ... 7 
7.1 Verification conditions ... 7 
7.2 Verification items ... 8 
7.3 Verification method ... 8 
8 Verification results handling ... 10 
9 Verification cycle ... 10 
Annex A Preparation of Zero Turbidity Water ... 11 
Annex B Calibration of Turbidity Standard Piece ... 12 
Annex C Format of Verification Record ... 13 
Annex D Format of Inner Pages of Verification Certificate ... 15 
Annex E Format of inner pages of verification results notification ... 16 
Verification Regulation of Turbidimeters
1 Scope
This regulation applies to initial verification, subsequent verification and in-use verification
of desktop and portable typhotoelectric turbidimeters for laboratory and field service that
are displayed through Formazine turbidity unit and the display results can be converted
into Formazine turbidity unit.
2 References
The following references apply to this regulation.
JJF 1001-1998 General Terms in Metrology and Their definitions
JJG 1015-2002 General Norm for Pattern Evaluation and Pattern Approval of
Measuring Instruments
ISO 7027. 1999 Water quality- Determination of turbidity.
3 Terms and unit of measurement
Formazine -- Chinese translated name of Formazine;
This regulation adopts Formazine turbidity standard specified in International Standard
ISO7027 and issued by International Standard Organization, and adopts the “Unit” used in
this standard as turbidity measurement unit. According to different measurement modes,
there are mainly following turbidity units determined based on measurement standard of
Formazine standard solution.
"FAU" (Formazine Attenuated Unit) -- Formazine light attenuation measurement unit;
“FNU” (Formazine Nephelometric Unit) -- Formazine light scattering measurement unit;
NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit) -- light scattering turbidity unit;
FTU (Formazine Turbidity Unit) -- Formazine turbidity unit;
EBC (European Brewery Convention) -- European brewing industry turbidity unit;
ASBC (American Society Brewing Chemists) -- American brewing industry turbidity unit.
Relations between these units are as follows.
1 FAU = 1 FNU = 1 NTU = 1 FTU
1 EBC = 4 FTU
A ASBC = 0.058 FTU
6.1 Appearance
6.1.1 The instrument shall be placed on platform stably; fasteners shall perform well;
adjustable knobs, keys and switches shall work normally; displaying results of display unit
shall be clear and complete.
6.1.2 The instrument shall indicate the trademark, name, model, specification, name of
manufacturer, manufacturing number and manufacturing date; nameplate shall be clear
and pasted at obvious place.
6.1.3 Inner and outer surfaces of measuring cell (transmitting part) shall be smooth, clean
and free of scratches; measuring chamber is clean inside; measuring cell has normalized
shape; measuring cell wall has a uniform thickness.
6.2 Insulation resistance
Insulation resistance between power supply terminal and metal piece of instrument shell
shall not be less than 20 MΩ.
7 Measuring instrument control
Measuring instrument control includes initial verification, subsequent verification and
in-use verification.
7.1 Verification conditions
7.1.1 Environmental conditions.
Environmental conditions. 15°C〜30°C ;
Relative humidity. ≤80 % RH;
Power supply. (220±22) V, frequency (50±1) Hz.
7.1.2 Equipment for verification Turbidity standard solution. adopt Formazine national water quality turbidity
standard solution (uncertainty is better than 3%, k=2) Insulation resistance meter. 500 V, level 10. Volumetric flask and pipette. level A. Zero turbidity water. see Annex A for specific requirements. Polymer turbidity suspension liquid of which the changing of turbidity value within 1
h is not greater than 0.2% (turbidity solution of which the spherical monodisperse polymer
particles of 0.1μm ~ 0.5μm are uniformly suspended in liquid and has a stable turbidity
value within a period of time).
Annex A
Preparation of Zero Turbidity Water
Use microfiltration membrane of which the pore diameter is not greater than 0.2 μm to
filter distilled water (or electrodialysis water, or ion exchange water); filtration shall be
repeated at least once; The filter liquor obtained is the zero turbidity water for verification.
Zero turbidity water is used for turbidimeter zero adjustment and dilution of Formazine
standard solution.
Annex B
Calibration of Turbidity Standard Piece
The turbidity standard piece (or standard pipe, hereinafter referred to as standard piece) is
the accessory of instrument to be verified and is used for verification during field
measurement. For standard piece of which the nominal value is indicated through
Formazine turbidity unit, it shall be allocated with Formazine standard solution of which
the turbidity value is close to the nominal value Tn of the standard piece; calculate turbidity
value Ts of standard solution according to dilution ratio. Use turbidimeter to be verified to
measure turbidity value Tmi of standard piece to be verified in same conditions; meanwhile,
measure Formazine standard solution for 5 to 6 times repeatedly; calculate average
measured value Tms.
Modified value of nominal value of standard......
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