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GB 4706.89-2008

Chinese Standard: 'GB 4706.89-2008'
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GB 4706.89-2008English150 Add to Cart 0--10 minutes. Auto immediate delivery. Household and similar electrical appliances -- Safety -- Particular requirements for high pressure cleaners and steam cleaners, for industrial and commercial use Valid GB 4706.89-2008
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Standard ID GB 4706.89-2008 (GB4706.89-2008)
Description (Translated English) Household and similar electrical appliances. Safety. Particular requirements for high pressure cleaners and steam cleaners, for industrial and commercial use
Sector / Industry National Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard K09
Classification of International Standard 13.120
Word Count Estimation 20,270
Date of Issue 2008-06-13
Date of Implementation 2009-07-01
Adopted Standard IEC 60335-2-79-1995, IDT
Drafting Organization Beijing Institute of Mechanical Services
Administrative Organization National Standardization Technical Committee appliances processing services for commercial electric appliances catering Sub-Committee
Regulation (derived from) Announcement of Newly Approved National Standards No. 10 of 2008 (total 123)
Proposing organization China Light Industry Federation
Issuing agency(ies) General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, China National Standardization Administration Committee
Summary This Chinese standard applies to a pressure of not less than 25X105Pa (25 bar) nor more than 250X105Pa (250 bar) high-pressure cleaner, the high-pressure pump transmission input power does not exceed 10kW. This standard also applies to the effective volume of the tank is equal to or greater than 1. 5L steam cleaner, even if the pressure is below 25X105Pa (25bar). This standard also applies to the preceding paragraph within the fixed appliances. This standard also applies to the use of other forms of energy instead of the motor apparatus, but their effects must be considered. Modification, replace with the following variation of the initial two Note 3: package

GB 4706.89-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances.Safety.Particular requirements for high pressure cleaners and steam cleaners, for industrial and commercial use
ICS 13.120
National Standards of People's Republic of China
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety
Industrial and commercial high-pressure cleaner with
Particular requirements for steam cleaners
(IEC 60335-2-79.1995, IDT)
Published 2008-06-13
2009-07-01 implementation
Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China
Standardization Administration of China issued
Table of Contents
Introduction Ⅲ
IEC Foreword Ⅳ
1 Scope 1
2 Definitions 1
3 2 general requirements
General conditions for 4 Test 2
5 Void 3
6 Category 3
7 Marking and instructions 3
8 Protection against access to live parts 4
9 start electric appliance 5
10 Power input and current 5
11 5 fever
5 12 Void
Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature 5 13
14 empty Chapter 6
15 6 Moisture resistance
16 Leakage current and electric strength 6
Transformer 17 and associated circuitry overload 6
18 Endurance 6
19 Non-operating normally 7
20 Stability and mechanical hazards 8
21 Mechanical strength 9
22 Structure 9
Internal wiring 11 23
24 element 11
25 and the external power connection cord 11
26 with the external lead terminal 12
27 for earthing 12
Screws 28 and 12 are connected
29 creepage distance and clearance distance through insulation 12
30 heat, fire resistance and tracking 12
31 rust 12
32 radiation, toxicity and similar hazards 12
Warning sign 101 in FIG. 13
102 impact test apparatus 13 of FIG.
A reaction force on the handle 103 in FIG. 13
Appendix 14
Annex A (normative) normative standards referenced 14
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
GB 4706 all technical contents of this section is mandatory.
This section is equivalent to using IEC 60335-2-79.1995 "Safety Part 2 and similar household electrical appliances. a high-pressure industrial and commercial
Particular requirements for cleaning with steam cleaners "(1995) and the first edition Amendment No. (2000).
This section should GB 4706.1-1998 "Household and Similar Electrical Appliances - Safety Part 1. General Requirements," with the use.
Stated in this section "applicable" section, it indicates that the corresponding provision of suitable 4706.1-1998 GB ; this section states that "place" of
Section shall prevail provision of this section; "modify" part of this section stated, represents the corresponding provision of GB 4706.1-1998 phase
Off - the contents of the contents of this section after the modification, and the other of the provision is still apply; in this section indicate the "increase" section, list
Shows in addition to meeting the corresponding provision GB 4706.1-1998, it should also increase compliance with this provision.
In keeping with the provisions of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC ) of this section with respect to the pressure units in the International System of Units (Pa) of
At the same time, retaining the pressure unit (bar) and the original document from enclosed in parentheses, placed after the International System of Units (Pa).
In order to comply with national rules symbols, 22.106 present in the original part of the formula is carried out with the following modifications symbol. Original
Text is "W = 200 × Δ P Sang where. W is the water exit velocity, m/s; ΔP is rated pressure, bar." Was replaced by "ν = 0.002 × Δ P Sang
Wherein. ν is the velocity of the water outlet, m/s; ΔP is a pressure rated, Pa. "Wherein a coefficient according to a change 200 into units of the nominal pressure
200/105 = 0.002. Similarly, the original 22.106 formula "F = W × Q60
"Becomes" F = ν × Q60
", While the original formula of" T = F
This part of the body of the Central African title in bold are defined in Chapter 2.
APPENDIX This section attribute properties in accordance with Appendix 4706.1-1998 GB predetermined.
This part of the increase provisions, notes and chart numbers starting from 101.
This section was proposed by China Light Industry Federation.
This part of the jurisdiction of the National Standardization Technical Committee appliances Electrical Business Equipment Processing Services Sub-Committee diet.
This section was drafted. Beijing Institute of Machinery Services, Trade and Industry, Zhejiang University.
The main drafters of this section. Li Jiping, Liu Xu, Zhang Cheng Bin, Wu Lin book, Hong Yongping, Shang Weidong.
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
IEC Foreword
1) The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC ) is the global standardization set by Member States Electrotechnical Commission (IEC National Committees) composed of
Weaving. IEC 's mission is to promote international cooperation in all fields of electronic and electrical issues related to standardization of. The purpose, in addition to carry out this purpose
Other activities, IEC also issued international standards. Its formulation is entrusted to technical committees. Any interest in the issues involved
IEC National Committee may participate in this work. Contact with the IEC international organizations, government agencies and civil society, can also participate. IEC
In close cooperation with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO ) in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the agreement between the two organizations.
2) technical committee with representatives from all the countries concerned of this Committee to develop a formal decision of the IEC on technical matters
Discussion or agreement, as close as possible to express the consensus of opinion on the issues involved in the international arena.
3) published standards, technical reports or guidelines to the form of recommendations for international use, and in this sense the National Committee for the
4) In order to promote international unification, IEC National Committees agree as much as possible the international standards IEC unmistakably apply to
To national and regional standards. IEC standards and any inconsistencies between the corresponding national or regional standard shall be in the national or regional standards
specifically defined.
5) IEC provides no recognized mark, nor responsible for any equipment declared to be consistent with one of its standards.
This part of the international standard IEC 60335 IEC 61 "Household and similar electrical appliances" belongs to the Technical Committee of 61J
"Commercial electric appliance cleaning" sub-committee to develop.
The standard configuration of the first edition IEC 60335-2-79.
Text of this standard is based on the following documents.
DIS Report on voting
61J (CO)/17 61J/37/RVD
Voting on all the materials Approved Standard, may be identified as shown in the report on the voting table.
This second part to be used in conjunction with IEC 60335-1 Amendment and the latest version, which is standard in the third edition (1991) of
Making basis.
This second portion of the supplement or modify the terms corresponding to IEC 60335-1, IEC standard for conversion into. industrial and commercial electric high-pressure cleaning
Safety requirements with electric steam cleaners.
When the first part of the individual provisions such as this is not mentioned in the second part, if justified, the provisions still apply. In the standard description "increase
When adding "," Edit "or" place ", in the first part of the body should be modified accordingly.
1) using the following typographic.
--- requirement itself. roman;
--- test specifications. italic;
--- Description Matters. Small roman.
Text in bold are defined in Chapter 2. When a portion defining a first involves an adjective, in this second part and the adjective
Its related noun also in bold.
2) the terms of the first part of the increase and charts should be numbered starting from 101 onwards.
The following differences exist in some countries.
--- Chapter 1. The different pressure ranges (United States).
This standard is not intended for household appliances (Italy).
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
--- Chapter 3. DC element (Australia) limits the neutral line of the appliance.
--- 6.1. equal to or lower than the rated voltage of 250V single-phase appliances need to have ground fault current interrupter (United States).
--- Chapter 9. Using different starting requirements (United States).
--- 11.101. burners burning is controlled (Germany).
Different requirements for smoke spot (USA).
--- 20.103. Fuel tank capacity may be limited (USA).
--- 21.101,21.101.2 and 21.102. need for different burner test (USA).
--- 24.1.3. different test switch (US).
--- 25.7. PVC cables are not suitable for use in outdoor low temperature (Sweden, Finland).
Require a different length of the power cord (Canada, US).
--- Chapter 32. connected to the water bodies subject to adjustment (Canada).
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety
Industrial and commercial high-pressure cleaner with
Particular requirements for steam cleaners
Range 1
GB 4706.1-1998 in this chapter except as follows, are applicable.
The chapter Addition.
This section applies to the pressure of not less than 25 × 105Pa (25bar) is not higher than 250 × 105Pa (250bar) high-pressure cleaning device, its high
Gear pump input power is not more than 10kW. This section also applies to the tank is greater than or equal to the effective volume of 1.5L steam cleaning
, Even when the pressure is lower than 25 × 105Pa (25bar).
This section also applies to fixed appliances within the upper range.
This section is also applicable to other forms of energy instead of the appliance motor, its effect must be considered.
Note original content by the following two alternative 3.
--- appliance contained in the processing apparatus;
--- appliance intended for use in corrosive or explosive gases (such as steam or gas etc.) locations where special conditions occur frequently.
2 Definitions
GB 4706.1-1998 this chapter except as follows, are applicable.
2.2.9 article replaced by the following.
Appliance power supply voltage of the rated voltage, and the rated flow rated work pressure, and a nozzle mounted on the hose and prescribed by the manufacturer; filter and
Filters are working in a clean state, the unloading valve adjusted to the rated pressure. Water heaters, if fitted, working at maximum power.
Pressure operated valve when the pump pressure exceeds a predetermined value, the remaining fluid back to the input system. In addition, when the output flow off,
It flows down the entire pump is bypassed discharged.
When the pump pressure steam cleaner or exceeds a predetermined value, the remaining fluid or vapor into the atmosphere or back to the input of the system operating pressure
Appliance manufacturer to specify the maximum pump pressure or steam cleaner at.
So that parts of the appliance or the appliance can limit pressure which does not impair the work of coordination.
Factory to the nozzle flow at rated pressure specified by the appliance.
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
Electricity, gas, liquid fuel or water, or a heat exchanger means heating the cleaning agent.
Added or without addition of water-soluble or miscible chemicals.
The hydraulic change to a predetermined value from acting on the control means.
The flow velocity changes, to a predetermined value from acting on the control means.
Directly on the flame characteristics react to ascertain presence of a flame, and to promote safe stop off the ignition failure or malfunction phenomenon that appears
The control device.
NOTE. The main safety controller, also called a flame cutting device.
If the trigger is not in the working position A to stop fluid flow through the outlet means thereof.
A ignition on the burner during the entire service, regardless of whether or not the ignition burner, can continue to maintain continuous energy conducted
Manufacturer specified maximum temperature of the cleaning agent.
It provides centralized parallel water jets nozzles. Also known as the nozzle needle, the nozzle dense nozzle or 0 °.
High-pressure tube made of a high-pressure hose end portion of the nozzle cleaning apparatus.
3 general requirements
This chapter in GB 4706.1-1998 is applicable.
General Conditions Test 4
GB 4706.1-1998 this chapter except as follows, are applicable.
4.1 Addition.
Burner working at nominal input power. We intend to work more than the rated input power of the appliance in the most unfavorable testimony was attached power
Plus test.
If a burner air conditioning apparatus, which is adjusted to produce the air-fuel combustion using the recommended specification properties
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
Oil mixing ratio on. State of the combustion flame can be performance, CO2 percentage in the exhaust gas, or other methods of determination.
The flue is fixed to a flue with the intended use of the appliance, the exhaust gas is measured in this section proceeds flue.
The ventilation device set to give instructions on the recommended strength.
5 Void
Category 6
GB 4706.1-1998 this chapter except as follows, are applicable.
6.1 article replaced by the following.
Protection against electric shock, the appliance should belong to the class Ⅰ, Ⅱ Ⅲ or Class (see Table 6.2).
Compliance is checked by inspection and relevant tests.
6.2 article replaced by the following.
Protection and waterproof rating hazardous to water intrusion should at least comply with the following requirements.
The type of appliance protection class (electric shock protection) waterproof rating of GB 4208-1993
Steam Cleaner
For indoor use only
For outdoor use
Handheld member
High pressure cleaners
Hand-held appliance Ⅱ-Ⅲ IPX7
Other types of appliances Ⅰ-Ⅱ-Ⅲ IPX5
Handheld member Ⅱ-Ⅲ IPX7
However, the installation of a single room in a less prone to dripping or splashing of fixed appliances, should be at least IPX0 level.
Compliance is checked by inspection and relevant tests.
7 Marking and instructions
GB 4706.1-1998 this chapter except as follows, are applicable.
7.1 Addition.
--- rated pressure units. Pa Pa [bar or bar];
--- allowable pressure, unit. Pa Pa [bar or bar];
--- the maximum rated flow, the unit is. liters/minute (L/min);
--- maximum rated temperature above 50 ℃;
--- year of production, the last two digits of the year of production available year representation;
--- the highest water pressure, unit. Pa Pa [bar or bar], the specification does not provide mounting;
Maximum power --- water heater, the unit is kW;
101 Note. the predetermined input power of the electric heater, the power output of a predetermined gas or oil heater.
--- must be permanently fixed to the appliance coincides with a warning symbol nature yellow label having a black line 101 in FIG.
All hoses should be marked with the allowable unit pressure Pa (or bar) and the highest temperature (unit ℃), and shall identify the manufacturer's name and birth
Production date. These data may be encoded.
Gun trigger should be marked with the ejection lever unit allowable pressure Pa (or bar) and the highest temperature (unit ℃) also represents a trigger gun
The manufacturer's trademark.
102 Note. It is recommended safety valve should be marked with an identification mark.
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
Heater emissions flue or duct surface temperature exceeds 60K, the high temperature near the surface to be labeled warnings, instructions.
"Warning! Temperature, inaccessible" or GB/T 5465.2-1996 No. 5041 of the symbol.
Font height of not less than 4mm.
7.12 Addition.
Instructions cover shall include the following.
"Warning! Do not read this manual use this instrument."
7.12.1 Addition.
Instructions shall include the following points.
--- power connection is completed by a qualified electrician and should comply with IEC 60364.
101 Note. this recommendation appliance should include a residual current supply means when the leakage current to the ground exceeds 30mA, time of 30ms when the power interrupt; or
Comprising means can test the ground circuit.
---caveat! This appliance is specified with the manufacturer or provided for use with the recommended cleaning agent. The use of other cleaning agents or chemicals may be
It can adversely affect the safety of the appliance.
---caveat! Unless the person wearing protective clothing, do not use the appliance within the scope of their activities.
---caveat! High-pressure sprayer if used improperly can sometimes be dangerous. Not allowed to flow toward the person, or the charging electric equipment
The appliance itself.
--- Not to wash clothes and footwear and the flow of water toward yourself or others.
Before --- user maintenance, cut off the power.
--- children or untrained personnel should not use high pressure cleaners and steam cleaners.
--- In order to ensure the safety of appliances using only original parts provided by the manufacturer or approved.
---caveat! High-pressure hoses, fittings is important for the safety of the appliance. Use only recommended by the manufacturer of hose and fittings.
--- if the appliance cord or important components, such as safety devices, high pressure hose, trigger gun and other damage, do not use the appliance.
--- If an extension cord, the plug and the socket must be waterproof structure.
---caveat! Use of inappropriate extension cords can be dangerous.
--- When using gaseous or liquid fuels, the correct technical specifications and the following warning.
"Warning! You should not use incorrect fuel because they can be dangerous."
--- For fuel appliances no primary safety control device shall be marked.
"This must not be left unattended when the appliance is in operation."
--- intended use of the appliance.
It is important --- for gas or oil heating appliances, provide adequate ventilation and to ensure complete exhaust emissions.
--- Details about the appliances open/stop and custody.
--- intended for use in dry rooms in a separate fixed appliances and steam cleaners intended only for outdoor use, the security
Specification sheet should include the following considerations. "Do not splash or wash."
--- About the nozzles to be used to open the trigger gun, the recoil force and the risk of such sudden torque on adequate capital injection assembly
Material, if the recoil force exceeds 20N, must be given in the specification.
--- functional safety devices such as safety valves, flow switches, pressure switches or the like.
--- adequate information about user maintenance maintenance.
--- adequate information about the fault.
--- is a remote signal transmission apparatus fabricated, wiring must refer to their installation requirements.
--- sufficient information on the connection to the water mains, including a maximum water pressure, if it is not marked on the nameplate.
--- water should be given the washer (if applicable) instructions for use, such as "start the appliance until the hose into the red mark."
8 Protection against access to live parts
This chapter in GB 4706.1-1998 is applicable.
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
8.1 Addition.
101 Note. water and cleaning agent with water is considered to be electrically conductive.
The last paragraph of the article 8.1.4 Addition.
Independent from the battery system 18 to the section 24 composed of an acidic or alkaline electrochemical cells, including batteries, so as to satisfy the following condition should be considered
Class Ⅲ.
--- maximum charge voltage of each cell does not exceed 2.7V;
--- No grounding member (see Chapter 27);
--- the conductive member can not fall on the charging member, and thus will not reverse polarity across the charging member (see Chapter 22).
9 start electric appliances
GB 4706.1-1998 This chapter does not apply.
Power input and current 10
GB 4706.1-1998 of this chapter except for the following content, are applicable.
When 10.101 working properly, the pressure should not exceed the rated pressure deviation ± 10%, and should not exceed the allowable pressure.
Note. according to manufacturer's instructions burner performance adjustment.
11 fever
GB 4706.1-1998 of this chapter except for the following content, are applicable.
To "11.2 to 11.7 and 11.101 to 11.104" instead of "11.2 to 11.7."
11.4 article be amended as follows.
With "electric heating appliances" instead of "heating appliances."
11.101 maximum exhaust temperature should not exceed 400 ℃.
Any test instrument input test shall be required for recording observations. After 15min should work through the flue outlet and fume hood
Between the hood of the exhaust gas to take a sample. If three consecutive interval values 15min consistent analysis of samples displayed, that the work is steady
The amount of soot in the exhaust gas should not exceed the following values.
--- For spray burner and the combustor wall mounted, corresponds Shell No. 2 - the amount of Bacharach Shel-Bacharach smoke spot;
--- for vaporizing burner, equivalent Shell No. 2 - the amount of Bacharach Shel-Bacharach smoke spot.
The amount of CO in the exhaust gas should not exceed 0.04% in dry air and time division (volume percentage).
Compliance is checked by measurement.
11.102 built detergent hose, fittings and lance temperature should not exceed the rated temperature.
Compliance is checked by measurement.
11.103 constitutes an exhaust pipe temperature or the housing part of the flue and the exhaust gas temperature of the combustion chamber is no limit.
Shall ensure that appropriate protective measures to prevent users from accidentally touching metal parts.
Temperature protection device should not exceed 60K.
Compliance is checked by measurement.
11.104 When a liquid fuel is used, if an ignition source in contact with the fuel-air mixture, the fuel tank should be lower than the maximum temperature of firing
The temperature of 10K.
Compliance is checked by measurement.
12 Void
Leakage current and electric strength at the operating temperature of 13
The chapter of GB 4706.1-1998 is applicable.
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
14 Void
15 Moisture resistance
GB 4706.1-1998 of this chapter except for the following content, are applicable.
15.1.2 Not applicable.
15.2 article replaced by the following.
Appliance shall be constructed so that the liquid due to work caused by overflow, too full and overturned due to unstable appliances and hand-held appliances
Liquid caused by the spill will not affect their electrical insulation.
Note. 180N force as applied by the most unfavorable horizontal direction at the top of the appliance overturns the appliance, the appliance is considered to be unstable. The appliance is placed in
Support surface inclined 10 ° to the horizontal, which liquid container is used to raise the level of half the manual instructions.
Compliance is checked by the following test.
X-connected with the appliance, in addition to those specifically prepared with a cord, the other should be equipped with a predetermined minimum cross-sectional allowed in Table 11
Xu most lightweight flexible cord.
With an appliance inlet appliance, it can be matched with the connector plug into place, or test cartridge connectors, whichever is the most
The artificial vessel water appliance, with from about 1% NaCl aqueous solution is filled, and then use the capacity of the container equal to 15%, or
With the concentration of the aqueous 0.25L, whichever is more than the amount, the time in 1min continuously into the vessel.
Handpiece and instrument instability, which container is filled with liquid if the pontoon, if the best washing detergent box is filled with a conductive
Agent, and cover the lid, the tipping over from the most unfavorable position of normal use, and remain in the position 5min, except that the instrument automatically returns to its normal
By location.
After each test, the appliance should withstand 16.3 electric strength test, the test voltage.
--- Basic insulation. 1000V;
--- Additional insulation. 2750V;
--- reinforced insulation. 3750V.
Inspection showed that should not result in the insulating creepage distance and clearance is reduced to less than 29.1 watermarks predetermined limits.
15.3 article be amended as follows.
Substituted value (93 ± 2)% by (93 ± 6)%.
16 Leakage current and electric strength
The chapter of GB 4706.1-1998 is applicable.
Overload protection of transformers and associated circuitry 17
This chapter in GB 4706.1-1998 is applicable.
18 Endurance
18.1 appliance configuration such that it is not sufficient to affect the electrical or mechanical failure to meet this standard in normal use. Insulation shall not prejudice
Bad, while contact with the joint should not cause loosening due to vibration or the like heat.
In addition, the overload protection device and the safety valve shall operate in a normal operating state.
The electric appliance, subjected to the tests of 18.2 and 18.6, are also applicable if subjected to additional testing of 18.3 to 18.5, which is bonded to check
Grid sex.
18.2 appliance under normal operation at rated working voltage 96h, to shorten the time required for experimental work Chapter 11 and Chapter 13.
Appliance continuous operation, or the operation times corresponding period, each period of not less than 8h.
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
Specified run time is actual working time. If the appliance incorporates more than one motor, the specified time were running application
To each motor.
Experiment with unheated cleaning agent.
In this test, all the hose coiled on the concrete.
18.3 appliance start 50 times to 1.1 times the rated voltage of the voltage under normal operating conditions, and 0.85 times the rated voltage of the voltage start
50 times, each time at least equal to the duration of full power 10 times the desired start time, but not less than 10s.
After each operating cycle, is sufficient to prevent overheating of the insertion of a batch, it is equal to at least 3 times the power and time.
18.4 with a centrifugal or other types of automatic start switch appliance, in the normal operation voltage of 0.9 times the rated voltage to start
10,000, in a predetermined operation cycle 18.3.
Forced cooling may be applied if necessary.
18.5 with a self-resetting thermal circuit breaker appliance rated voltage 1.1 times the supply voltage, the load will in the fraction of thermal cut
Bell inside started until the completion of the thermal cut-up 200 duty cycle.
18.6 18.2 and 18.3 in the test, the overload protection device and the safety valve shall operate.
After finish of the test 18.2 to 18.5, the appliance is subjected to trial Chapter 16.
Linker, the handle, protection devices, brushes and other accessories or components cover not loose, and does not affect the safety of the damage should be in normal use.
19 Abnormal operation
GB 4706.1-1998 of this chapter except for the following content, are applicable.
19.1 Addition.
In addition to fuel gas-fired appliances 19.101,19.102 and subjected to the tests of 19.103.
19.11.2 Addition.
101 Note. If the relevant IEC standards included within the appliance occurs, the contacts that meet these criteria are not open or shorted.
However, to a heating element for turning on and off during normal use of the contactor main contacts in the locked position "on (ON)" herein may be considered
A fault condition, the at least two sets of contacts connected in series unless the appliance incorporates. For example, working with two mutually independent contactor, or with
A contactor that two independent sets of main contacts operate independently by two armatures.
19.101 fans boost fuel and gas appliances.
When the supply fan assist implement a ventilation means combustion air is restricted, the appliance should continue its work, in order to avoid dangerous situations
Conditions, or cut off the fuel supply to extinguish the flames.
19.101.1 exhaust duct with an area sufficient to cover the entire aperture of the flat metal plate block, in the most disadvantageous manner placed on top of the pipe.
Compliance is checked by the test of 11.101.
19.101.2 tool in normal operating state, the amount of air entering the combustion limit. With an appropriate size without forcibly the terry
A combustion air inlet assembly closure.
Compliance is checked by the test of 11.101.
19.102 atmospheric gas appliances
In the case where 19.102.1 fume hood hood outlet is blocked, when the equipment is used for the test in normal atmospheric oxygen in the exhaust gas sample airless
Concentration of carbon monoxide should not exceed 0.04%.
The appliance for at least 15min at normal test pressure. Then blocked outlet hood a fume hood, and collecting samples of the exhaust gas to be
Compliance is checked by the test of 11.101.
The total value of the applied pressure downdraught 19.102.2 hood a fume hood outlet is between 0Pa ~ 13Pa, not the main burner flame quenching
Off; nor cause flashback, dissipated, flying, combustion outside the appliance, when the normal atmospheric oxygen in the test instrument, the exhaust gas does not cause no
Carbon monoxide concentration in air samples more than 0.04%.
Appliances are properly test pressure for at least 15min. The diameter and length at least equal to 10 times the diameter of the chimney straight segments direct mounting
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
Attached to a fume hood at the outlet of the ventilation hood, and connected to the outlet of the blower. Total gas flow pressure imposed at the midpoint of both end points of 1Pa chimney straight segment
Discrimination force measured so that the test head coincides with the axis of the chimney.
The maximum value is defined from the lowest total pressure change in the gas flow chimney, and pay attention to its effects. Samples were collected and analyzed exhaust gas.
Compliance is checked by the test of 11.101.
Downdraught 19.102.3 as applied to the main burner, the auxiliary burner not extinguished, should not be allowed to leave the main burner, respectively
Flames produced work flashback.
Equipped with a power tool or work at the burner plenum or induced ventilation, which shall be constructed so performance is not a result of ventilation chimney
Or blockage affected. When the appliance satisfies the following conditions are deemed to have satisfied this requirement.
Regardless of the ventilation chimney exit or outlet of the diverter (if installed one), including any plugging reaches completely closed including
To what extent, in the air when the test fixture with normal oxygen supply amount, the concentration of the exhaust gas air-free sample of carbon monoxide should not exceed
If an outage occurs, when re-open the flue outlet tube, should not the untreated gas into the combustion chamber.
Appliances are properly test pressure for at least 15min. When the appliance incorporates an automatic cut off gas supply in case of a total closure of the flue
When the controller, the area of the flue outlet pipe is gradually reduced to the lowest point, at this time, the controller still remain in the open position. Then take a
The exhaust gas sample and analyzed.
Compliance is checked by the test of 11.101.
19.102.4 in flue or ventilation outlet diverter outlet (if any) is applied within the total range of variation downdraught 0Pa ~ 13Pa
Pressure, not to be the main burner flame is extinguished, so that flashback is not dissipated, flying, outside the combustion appliance when the appliance with the normal supply
When atmospheric oxygen in the test, does not produce carbon monoxide concentration exceeds 0.04% of the sample in an oxygen free exhaust gases.
The diameter and length at least equal to 10 times the diameter of the chimney straight line segment, or directly mounted to the outlet of the ventilation chimney exit the diverter, and
Connected to the outlet of the blower. Total gas flow pressure imposed 1Pa chimney at the midpoint of straight line segments ends resolution measurements, so that the test head
Axis coincides with the chimney.
The total downdraught pressure is adjusted to 13Pa. Then the appliance for at least 15min. Take a sample of the exhaust gas to be analyzed, and subsequently
The total downdraught pressure from 0Pa changes to 13Pa and attention to the impact of the main burner flame.
Compliance is checked by the test of 11.101.
19.103 appliance should be a successful ignition to start with as far as possible.
Compliance is checked by the following test.
Ignition transformer powered to 0.75 times the rated voltage. Starting the appliance should not lead to dangerous situations.
20 Stability and mechanical hazards
GB 4706.1-1998 of this chapter except for the following content, are applicable.
20.101 group pumps, pipes, hoses, hose fittings, couplings, seals, valves and other can be directly shipped in solution or cleaning agent
Element, should be designed to withstand any machine that may occur during the use of the maximum rated operating temperature under normal operating conditions, chemical, or
Thermal stresses.
Compliance is checked by the following test or provide evidence to the testing agency.
Cleaner hose 7d diluted test standard at 85 ℃ shall not be damaged. Instrument seal structure employed immersed in standard 85 ℃
The concentration of the cleaning agent is diluted quasi 7d, and the rinse water should not seal for testing different.
Metal pressure receiving member used in the construction of the instrument immersed in a dilute concentration of a standard cleaning agent, should not be etched, starting pits or
Appropriate metal coupons (e.g., 200mm × 200mm × 2mm), the surface area should be recorded in units of dm2, or such as acetone and then
Toluene as a solvent to remove oil, dried and weighed to the nearest 0.1mg. When this test piece immersed in the cleaning agent 85 ℃ 7d, the end
Removed, rinsed with water and dried to calculate the change in mass (in mg/dm2). On the test piece should be no significant signs of corrosion, mass
Change should be less than 40mg/dm2.
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
In the above cleaning agent for hoses, seals and test suitability of a metal, the test is repeated using only the local drinking water as a test solution.
Results obtained with water, should be just less than the allowable deviation, while corrosive cleaning agent used in the test and the like, play a guide
20.102 appliance should have the water heater to prevent excessive heating of water or an aqueous cleaning agent due to pressure, the appliance should be equipped with safety devices to prevent the temperature exceeding
Setpoint temperature plus 20K or exceed the allowable stress.
Compliance is checked by inspection and the appropriate test.
20.103 oil or gas heating appliance should not cause uncontrolled combustion of combustible gas or liquid fuel. They should have a main safety controller, in addition to
They are non-fuel, portable, and is at work on a continuous ignition of an ignition device again.
Compliance is checked by inspection.
21 Mechanical strength
GB 4706.1-1998 of this chapter except for the following content, are applicable.
Value "0.5J ± 0.04J" to "1.0J ± 0.04J".
21.101 appliance often withstand the rated pressure of parts shall have adequate mechanical strength.
Compliance is checked by the following test.
21.101.1 withstand high pressure system hydrostatic test pressure twice the rated 5min at room temperature.
High pressure hose rated to withstand pressure at room temperature for 4 times the static pressure test, so the test pressure from the beginning to reach 0 within 15s ~ 30s
Pressure predetermined value.
Note. the safety valve must be pressure sensors and/or substitute of the test does not work.
21.101.2 water supply hose, if any, water is subjected to twice the maximum hydrostatic pressure test at room temperature 5min.
In this test should not rupture.
21.102 pressure safety equipment should be reliable.
Compliance is checked by the following test.
Pressure equipment unheated increased to 110%, or plus 15 × 105Pa (15bar) allowable pressure, the equipment shall operate.
21.103 Hand-held appliances, in normal use workers who carry appliances, as well as the gun, there should be a drop of antibody.
Compliance is checked by the following test.
Appliance or gun dropped from a height of 1m to hydro-formed concrete paving board.
Test 5 times, the test apparatus and/or the lance in the horizontal position of the spindle so that each time that the device for a different local overshoot
Strike force.
Subsequently the appliance or its spindle vertical lance, nozzle aligned drop downward 5 times.
After this test, the tool damage the gun should affect compliance with this standard does not occur, in particular, should not come into contact charging member.
22 Construction
GB 4706.1-1998 of this chapter except for the following content, are applicable.
22.2 Addition.
High pressure cleaners and steam cleaners in which the power supply circuit should be provided with a switch or circuit breaker, to ensure all-pole disconnection.
22.7 Addition.
Any safety device should be difficult to reach the user, the security device or regulating device is closed, and that the device does not work without
It may be used.
From the safety valve spray cleaners should not be dangerous surroundings.
22.12 Addition.
If the lead to weakening of the security within the meaning of this standard should not be removed without tools high pressure system parts.
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
22.35 article modified as follows.
Remove the comment.
These components are subjected to impact test in Chapter 21. If this does not meet the requirements of insulation 29.2, subjected to the impact test described below.
The sample coated part was placed 7d (168h) at a temperature of (70 ± 2) ℃ is. After the sample was allowed to reach approximately room temperature.
Inspection should read. No shrinkage to the clad material having a degree of insulating properties is no longer required, or the insulating layer can not be peeled off such that the longitudinal
To move.
Thereafter, the sample for 4h at a temperature (-10 ± 2) ℃ in.
This sample was then subjected to a temperature shock is still using the apparatus shown in FIG 102. A 0.3kg mass of the weight is dropped from a height of 350mm
Falls on hardened steel chisel B, the chisel edge is placed on the sample.
In normal use, the insulating material may be frangible or damage each position on each time an impact is applied, the distance between the impact point of at least
After this test, the insulating material should show not peeled off, and in the metal member and the insulating material encloses the desired range surrounding metal foils
Inter, do electric strength test specified in 16.3 once.
22.101 appliance from the charging member may allow liquid to enter the ground is less than 60mm range, there should be no gaps or channels.
Compliance is checked by measurement.
22.102 for any condensed water drain hole or overflow of the liquid used, should be not less than 5mm in diameter or less than 30mm2 in area, which
Width of not less than 3mm.
Compliance is checked by measurement.
22.103 appliance or trigger the gun shall be provided with a means for suspension of a liquid into the nozzle. A hand held cleaning apparatus, a steam cleaner
And the gun is triggered when the user is not actuated actuating member which the device should operate without hydraulic automatic.
Hand-held washing apparatus, and a steam cleaner actuating member triggering the gun should have a means which is available to non-operating state
These actuating the locking member.
Hand-held washing apparatus, a steam cleaner and should not trigger the gun locked in the operating state.
When placed on a flat surface, actuating member should be in no danger of accidental actuation position.
Water jet should not manipulate the valve stem projecting from the appliance is inoperative, and in such a manner that the error caused by accidental contact
Compliance is checked by inspection and test.
Note. During a first test requirements allow drainage from the nozzle.
22.104 In addition to steam cleaners, with fixed or adjustable nozzle subminiature appliance, a distance from the nozzle to the trigger should be greater than
Compliance is checked by measurement.
22.105 attachment on the high-pressure hose should only be done using special tools by the manufacturer or its agent.
Portion of the water injector at a 50cm distance stiff hose, should be a clearly visible red marks around the high pressure hose.
Compliance is checked by inspection.
When 22.106 appliance according to the manufacturer's instructions and using components, there should be a dangerously out of control movement.
Portable appliance mass greater than 100kg, should have a parking brake or similar tools.
Compliance is checked by inspection.
Reaction nozzle component force Fr in the direction of the lance should be limited to 150N. Fr is calculated by the following formula.
ν = 0.002 × Δ P Sang
v --- water exit velocity, m/s;
ΔP --- rated pressure, Pa.
GB 4706.89-2008/IEC 60335-2-79.1995
F = ν × Q60
--- F. In the direction of the nozzle counterforce, N;
Q --- rated flow, L/min.
Fr = F × cosα
--- [alpha] angle of the injection nozzle and the lever, Figure 103.
If the reaction force of the handle direction exceeds 150N, the gun should be mounted a trigger bracket, whereby the reaction force is transmitted entirely or partially
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