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GB/T 22843-2009 (GB/T22843-2009, GBT 22843-2009, GBT22843-2009)
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GB/T 22843-2009: PDF in English (GBT 22843-2009)

GB/T 22843-2009
ICS 97.160
W 57
Cushion and pillow
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Standardization Administration Committee.
Table of Contents
Foreword . 3 
1 Scope .. 4 
2 Normative references .. 4 
3 Terms and definitions .. 5 
4 Requirements .. 6 
5 Sampling . 10 
6 Test methods . 11 
7 Inspection rules .. 12 
8 Marks, packaging .. 12 
Annex A (Informative) Explanations on appearance defects and degree .. 13 
Annex B (Normative) Sampling method for filler fiber content . 14 
Annex B of this Standard is normative. Annex A is informative.
This Standard was proposed by China Textile Industry Association.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee
on Home Textiles of Standardization Administration of China.
The drafting organizations of this Standard. Jiangsu Textile Product Quality
Supervision, Inspection and Test Center, Jiangsu Menglan Group Co., Ltd.,
Jiangsu Grand Group, Shenzhen Fu Anna Furniture Co., Ltd.
Main drafters of this Standard. Gao Jin, Qian Yuebao, Jing Yutang, Li Hui.
Cushion and pillow
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the terms and definitions, requirements, sampling, test
methods, inspection rules, marks and packaging of cushion and pillow.
This Standard is applicable to various pillows and cushions that use textile
fibers as the main raw material.
2 Normative references
The following standards contain the provisions which, through reference in this
Standard, constitute the provisions of this Standard. For dated references,
subsequent amendments (excluding corrections) or revisions do not apply to
this Standard. However, the parties who enter into agreement based on this
Standard are encouraged to investigate whether the latest versions of these
documents are applicable. For undated reference documents, the latest
versions apply to this Standard.
GB/T 250, Gray scale for assessing change in colour (GB/T 250-2008, ISO
105/A02.1993, IDT)
GB/T 2910, Textiles - Quantitative chemical analysis (GB/T 2910-1997, eqv
ISO 1833.1977)
GB/T 2911, Textiles - Ternary fibre mixtures - Quantitative analysis (GB/T
2911-1997, eqv ISO 5088.1976)
GB/T 3920, Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Colour fastness to rubbing
(GB/T 3920-2008, ISO 105/X12.2001, MOD)
GB/T 3921, Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Colour fastness to washing
with soap or soap and soda (GB/T 3921-2008, ISO 105-C10.2006, MOD)
GB/T 3922, Textiles - Testing method for colour fastness to perspiration
(GB/T 3922-1995, eqv ISO 105/E04.1994)
GB/T 3923.1, Textiles - Tensile properties of fabrics - Part 1. Determination
of maximum force and elongation at maximum force using the strip method
GB/T 4802.2, Textiles - Determination of fabric propensity to surface fuzzing
and to pilling - Part 2. Modified Martindale method
GB 5296.4, Instructions for use of products of consumer interest - Part 4.
Textiles and apparel
GB/T 5711, Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Colour fastness to dry
cleaning using perchloroethylene solvent (GB/T 5711-1997, eqv ISO
GB/T 8170, Rules of rounding off for numerical values & expression and
judgement of limiting values
GB/T 8427, Textiles - Tests for color fastness - Color fastness to artificial light.
Xenon arc fading lamp test (GB/T 8427-2008, ISO 105-B02.1994, MOD)
GB/T 8628, Textiles - Preparation, Marking and Measuring of Fabric
Specimens and Garments in Tests for Determination of Dimensional Change
(GB/T 8628-2001, eqv ISO 3759.1994)
GB/T 8629, Textiles - Domestic washing and drying procedures for textile
testing (GB/T 8629-2001, eqv ISO 6330.2000)
GB/T 8630, Textiles - Determination of Dimensional Change in Washing and
Drying (GB/T 8630-2002, ISO 5077.1984, MOD)
GB/T 14801, Test method for skewness and bow in woven and knitted fabrics
GB 18383, General technical requirements for products with filling materials
GB 18401, National general safety technical code for textile products
FZ/T 01053, Textiles - Identification of fiber content
FZ/T 80007.3, Dry wash resistance test method for garments used adhesive
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
3.1 pillow
an article of which the fabric is sewn and filled with fillers (such as textile fibers
or foamed materials, etc.), used as under the head; it is divided into pillows that
can be used directly and pillows that can be used only when they are added
with pillowslip
3.2 cushion
an article of which the fabric is sewn and filled with fillers (such as textile fibers
6 Test methods
6.1 Internal quality inspection
6.1.1 Fiber content is according to GB/T 2910 and GB/T 2911. The sampling
method for filler fiber content shall be in accordance with Annex B.
6.1.2 Breaking strength is in accordance with GB/T 3923.1.
6.1.3 The change rate of water-cleaning size is in accordance with GB/T 8628,
GB/T 8629, GB/T 8630. Select 5A procedures, Method A.
6.1.4 The change rate of dry-cleaning size is in accordance with FZ/T 80007.3.
6.1.5 Pilling performance is in accordance with GB/T 4802.2.
6.1.6 Light resistance fastness is in accordance with Method 3 in GB/T 8427.
6.1.7 Soap washing resistance fastness is in accordance with Test C in Gb/T
6.1.8 Color resistance fastness to dry-cleaning is in accordance with GB/T
6.1.9 Sweat stain resistance fastness is in accordance with GB/T 3922.
6.1.10 Friction resistance fastness is in accordance with GB/T 3920.
6.1.11 Numerical rounding is in accordance with GB/T 8170.
6.2 Appearance quality inspection
6.2.1 In appearance quality inspection, the product surface illuminance is not
less than 600 lx. Inspectors' eyes are about 1m away from the product.
Inspectors inspect with the eyes.
6.2.2 Measurement of specification size deviation Tool. steel ruler. Level the product on the test bench. Gently level with hand to make
the product naturally expand and contract. Measure with a steel rule at the
quarter and three quarters of the length and width of the entire product, to the
nearest of 1 mm. Calculate according to equation (1). The calculation result is
rounded to 1 decimal point according to GB/T 8170.
P - specification size deviate rate, %;
L0 - expressed value of product specification size, in millimeters (mm);
L1 - actual measured value of product specification size, in millimeters (mm).
6.2.3 Skewness and oblique pattern are in accordance with GB/T 14801.
6.2.4 Color tone and color difference are accessed with gray sample card
used for assessment of discoloration in GB/T 250.
7 Inspection rules
7.1 For single-product, the internal quality and appearance quality are rated
according to the lowest one in Table 1 and Table 2, respectively; the overall
quality is evaluated according to the lowest level of internal quality and
appearance quality.
7.2 In batch determination, internal quality is performed according to the
sampling checklist 3, and the appearance quality is performed according to the
sampling checklist 4. If the number of the rejected is less than or equal to Ac,
the inspection lot shall be accepted. If the number of the rejected is greater than
or equal to Re, the inspection batch shall be rejected.
7.3 The determination of comprehensive quality batch shall be based on the
lowest level of internal quality sampling inspection and appearance quality
sampling inspection.
8 Marks, packaging
8.1 The product use instructions shall meet the requirements of GB 5296.4.
The specification size of the product shall be indicated.
8.2 Each product shall be packaged. The packaging size shall depend on the
specific product. The packaging materials shall be appropriate which shall
ensure there is no scattering, damaging, staining, free from moisture. The
special requirements from user shall be determined by the supplier and the
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