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Industry Standard: QC, QC/T, QCT
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Std ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
QC/T 649-2013 Motor vehicles. Steering control mechanism. Performance requirements and test methods QC/T 649-2013
QC/T 662-2013 Vehicle air conditioner (HFC-134a) receiver dryer QC/T 662-2013
QC/T 68-2013 Technical specification of magneto for motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 68-2013
QC/T 682-2013 Seats used in motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 682-2013
QC/T 684-2013 Specifications of sealing gaskets for engines of motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 684-2013
QC/T 718-2013 Truck mounted concrete pump QC/T 718-2013
QC/T 721-2013 Non-electrolytically applied zinc flake coatings for automobile QC/T 721-2013
QC/T 898-2013 Wire spoke of motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 898-2013
QC/T 899-2013 Spoke nipple of motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 899-2013
QC/T 902-2013 Technical specifications of motorcycle electronic control fuel-injection system QC/T 902-2013
QC/T 903-2013 Fault-types for motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 903-2013
QC/T 904-2013 Wheels hub of motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 904-2013
QC/T 905-2013 Protecting facility for automotive QC/T 905-2013
QC/T 906-2013 Technical requirements and test methods of hemp fiber board for automobile interior trim QC/T 906-2013
QC/T 907-2013 Methods of testing performance of radiators for automobile QC/T 907-2013
QC/T 908-2013 Horse vehicle QC/T 908-2013
QC/T 909-2013 Mobile mixing semi-trailer for bitumen-cement-mortar QC/T 909-2013
QC/T 910-2013 Glass transport semi-trailer QC/T 910-2013
QC/T 911-2013 Power supply vehicle QC/T 911-2013
QC/T 912-2013 Technical requirements for matching of towing vehicle and semi-trailer QC/T 912-2013
QC/T 913-2013 General technical specifications for platform trailer with hydraulic suspension QC/T 913-2013
QC/T 914-2013 Engineering approval evaluation program of dimethyl ether vehicle QC/T 914-2013
QC/T 915-2013 Vehicle DME integrated valve cylinder QC/T 915-2013
QC/T 916-2013 Specifications for mono-fuel DME engines of heavy-duty vehicles QC/T 916-2013
QC/T 918-2013 Test methods of petrol filter for automobiles QC/T 918-2013
QC/T 919-2013 Test methods of luboil filter for automobiles QC/T 919-2013
QC/T 920-2013 Specifications of full-flow luboil filter assembly for automobiles QC/T 920-2013
QC/T 921-2013 Specification and test methods of by-pass centrifugal luboil filters for automobiles QC/T 921-2013
QC/T 922-2013 Specifications of paper element for automobile air filters QC/T 922-2013
QC/T 923-2013 Specifications of fuel prefilter assembly for automotive diesels QC/T 923-2013
QC/T 925-2013 Ultracapacitor electric city bus. Engineering approval evaluation program QC/T 925-2013
QC/T 926-2013 The reliability test methods for powertrain unit of light-duty hybrid electric vehicles (ISG type) QC/T 926-2013
QC/T 927-2013 Flange coupling connectors QC/T 927-2013
QC/T 928-2013 Plastic cable and tubing clips with interfix hole QC/T 928-2013
QC/T 929-2013 Plastic cable and tubing clips with side-fix hole QC/T 929-2013
QC/T 930-2013 Corrugated pipe protectors QC/T 930-2013
QC/T 931-2013 Heavy duty hose clamps QC/T 931-2013
QC/T 935-2013 Kitchen garbage vehicle QC/T 935-2013
QC/T 936-2013 Detachable container garbage collector QC/T 936-2013
QC/T 937-2013 Guardrail repair car QC/T 937-2013
QC/T 938-2013 The test specification of protection for pedestrians in the events of collisions QC/T 938-2013
QC/T 939-2013 Technival qualifications of front discharge truck QC/T 939-2013
QC/T 940-2013 Exhibition vehicle QC/T 940-2013
QC/T 945-2013 Passenger vehicle air-conditioning unit QC/T 945-2013
QC/T 946-2013 Strength requirement and test of automobile safe belt strap QC/T 946-2013
QC/T 947-2013 Technology standards of auto-dimming rearview mirror for motor vehicle QC/T 947-2013
QC/T 948-2013 Roof load carriers for road vehicles QC/T 948-2013
QC/T 949-2013 Specification for audio player on board QC/T 949-2013
QC/T 950-2013 Performance requirement and test of heating car cushion QC/T 950-2013
QC/T 951-2013 Circuit-breakers for automobile QC/T 951-2013
QC/T 952-2013 Disc wheels for passenger car. Dimensional of attachment on hub QC/T 952-2013
QC/T 953-2013 Commercial road vehicles. Flat attachment wheel fixing nuts QC/T 953-2013
QC/T 954-2013 Commercial vehicles. Flat attachment fixing nuts. Test methods(ISO 10597: 2004, Road vehicles. Flat attachment fixing nuts for commercial vehicles. Test methods, IDT) QC/T 954-2013
QC/T 955-2013 Auto leveling device of special purpose vehicle QC/T 955-2013
QC/T 956-2013 Dry-mixed mortar vehicle QC/T 956-2013
QC/T 957-2013 Cleaning sweeper truck QC/T 957-2013
QC/T 958-2013 Performance requirements and bench test methods of automobile vacuum pump QC/T 958-2013
QC/T 959-2013 Performance requirements and bench test methods of mechanical parking-brake control lever assembly QC/T 959-2013
QC/T 960.1-2013 Road vehicle-Hydraulic braking systems. Part 1: Double-flare pipes, tapped holes, male fittings and tube seats QC/T 960.1-2013
QC/T 961-2013 Performance requirements and bench test methods of hydraulic brake system plastic reservoir assembly QC/T 961-2013
QC/T 933-2012 The technical standard of radio controlling vehicle QC/T 933-2012
QC/T 934-2012 The technical standard of radio monitoring vehicle QC/T 934-2012
QC/T 241-2011 Air leakage test methods of automobile wheels for tubeless tires QC/T 241-2011
QC/T 259-2011 Performance requirements and test methods of joint between rim and disc QC/T 259-2011
QC/T 29063.1-2011 Technical specification for auto manual transmission assembly. Part 1: Mini-vehicle QC/T 29063.1-2011
QC/T 319-2011 Power-take-off for special purpose vehicles QC/T 319-2011
QC/T 474-2011 Buses-ride comfort-evaluation value and limits QC/T 474-2011
QC/T 568.1-2011 Rig testing method for auto manual transmission assembly. Part 1: Mini-vehicle QC/T 568.1-2011
QC/T 585-2011 Technical specification of mechanical jacks for passenger cars QC/T 585-2011
QC/T 608-2011 B type spring nuts QC/T 608-2011
QC/T 615-2011 Plastic expansion nut with open end. Type B QC/T 615-2011
QC/T 616-2011 Plastic expansion nut with open end. Type C QC/T 616-2011
QC/T 692-2011 Technical specification of gasoline/NG bi-fuel engine QC/T 692-2011
QC/T 693-2011 Technical specification of liquefied petroleum gas engine QC/T 693-2011
QC/T 696-2011 The centralized lubrication system of automotive chassis QC/T 696-2011
QC/T 712-2011 Weld nuts for fixing the safety belt devices of vehicle QC/T 712-2011
QC/T 843-2011 General specifications for limousine QC/T 843-2011
QC/T 844-2011 Technical specification of recliner for passenger car seats QC/T 844-2011
QC/T 845-2011 Passenger car. Technique specification of lock for seat QC/T 845-2011
QC/T 846-2011 Generic specifications for heavy-duty flat transporter QC/T 846-2011
QC/T 847-2011 Sewer dredge vehicle QC/T 847-2011
QC/T 848-2011 Hook loader container handing device QC/T 848-2011
QC/T 849-2011 Mobile stage vehicle QC/T 849-2011
QC/T 850-2011 Polyurethane foam for seating of passenger car QC/T 850-2011
QC/T 851-2011 Reinforcement adhesive sheet for automobile QC/T 851-2011
QC/T 852-2011 Hemming adhesive for automobile QC/T 852-2011
QC/T 853-2011 Hexagon flange removing scraps bolts QC/T 853-2011
QC/T 854-2011 Bolt with double end QC/T 854-2011
QC/T 855-2011 Hexalobular socket pan head screws QC/T 855-2011
QC/T 856-2011 Hexagon lobular socket countersunk head screws QC/T 856-2011
QC/T 857-2011 Weld studs QC/T 857-2011
QC/T 858-2011 Hexagon thick nuts. Fine thread QC/T 858-2011
QC/T 859-2011 A type square nuts box QC/T 859-2011
QC/T 860-2011 Hexagon weld nuts QC/T 860-2011
QC/T 861-2011 Flat head threaded tubular hexagon blind riveted nuts QC/T 861-2011
QC/T 862-2011 B type square nuts box QC/T 862-2011
QC/T 863-2011 Square weld nuts QC/T 863-2011
QC/T 864-2011 Hexagonal nuts with serrated flange QC/T 864-2011
QC/T 865-2011 Tapping rivets QC/T 865-2011
QC/T 866-2011 Hexalobular socket raised countersunk head screws QC/T 866-2011