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Industry Standard: QC, QC/T, QCT
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Std ID Description (Standard Title) Detail
QC/T 234-2014 Specifications of steering bearing for motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 234-2014
QC/T 240-2014 Disc wheels. Measurement methods for dimensional characteristics of attachment on hub QC/T 240-2014
QC/T 242-2014 Static unbalance requirements and test methods of vehicle wheels QC/T 242-2014
QC/T 25-2014 Technical specification of automobile clutch QC/T 25-2014
QC/T 27-2014 Bench test method of automobile clutch QC/T 27-2014
QC/T 29096-2014 The bench test methods of automobile steering gear QC/T 29096-2014
QC/T 29097-2014 The technical specifications of automobile steering gear QC/T 29097-2014
QC/T 299.1-2014 Automobile hydraulic steering powerpump. Part1: Technical requirements QC/T 299.1-2014
QC/T 299.2-2014 Automobile hydraulic steering power pump. Part 2: Test method QC/T 299.2-2014
QC/T 301-2014 Technical requirements and test methods for motor vehicles power cylinder QC/T 301-2014
QC/T 303-2014 Technical requirements and test methods for motor vehicles oil reservoir QC/T 303-2014
QC/T 413-2002 Basic technical conditions of automotive electrical equipment QC/T 413-2002
QC/T 430-2014 Road vehicles. Editorial nominating method for the type designation of spark-plugs QC/T 430-2014
QC/T 459-2014 Truck with loading crane QC/T 459-2014
QC/T 563-2014 Performance and test methods for automobile steering wheel QC/T 563-2014
QC/T 593-2014 Performance requirements and bench test methods of automobile hydraulic proportional valve QC/T 593-2014
QC/T 628-2014 Steering lock with ignition switch for vehicle QC/T 628-2014
QC/T 636-2014 Electric window regulator specification for vehicles QC/T 636-2014
QC/T 644-2014 Specifications for automobile metal fuel tank QC/T 644-2014
QC/T 66-2014 Wet clutch for motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 66-2014
QC/T 680-2014 Specifications of voltage regulators for motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 680-2014
QC/T 695-2002 Auto Universal Relay QC/T 695-2002
QC/T 70-2014 Measurement method of acoustic noise for engines of motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 70-2014
QC/T 707-2004 Technical specification of center box for motor vehicles QC/T 707-2004
QC/T 741-2014 Ultra-capacitor for electric vehicles (including Amendment List 2017XG1) QC/T 741-2014
QC/T 804-2014 Instrument panel assembly and console assembly for passenger cars QC/T 804-2014
QC/T 962-2014 Specifications of painting coat for motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 962-2014
QC/T 963-2014 Drum brake of motorcycles and mopeds wheels QC/T 963-2014
QC/T 964-2014 The strength of the plastic seats and their anchorages for city buses QC/T 964-2014
QC/T 965-2014 Driver of electric rear-view mirrors for motor vehicle QC/T 965-2014
QC/T 966-2014 Coating technical conditions for automotive plastic parts QC/T 966-2014
QC/T 967-2014 Port fuel injector for gasoline engine QC/T 967-2014
QC/T 968-2014 Determination methods of platinum, palladium and rhodium contents in metallic catalytic converters QC/T 968-2014
QC/T 969-2014 Interior trunk release for compartment of a passenger car QC/T 969-2014
QC/T 970-2014 Passenger car air filter technical specification QC/T 970-2014
QC/T 971-2014 Specifications of air filter element for motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 971-2014
QC/T 972-2014 Technical requirements and test method for motor vehicle. electronically controlled hydraulic power steering gear QC/T 972-2014
QC/T 973-2014 Buffering chunk of motorcycles and mopeds wheels QC/T 973-2014
QC/T 974-2014 Specifications of carriage for three-wheeled motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 974-2014
QC/T 975-2014 Driving axle for right three-wheeled motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 975-2014
QC/T 976-2014 Buffering cover of motorcycles and mopeds wheels QC/T 976-2014
QC/T 977-2014 Specification for automotive electrical accelerator pedal module QC/T 977-2014
QC/T 978-2014 Relay for automobile starters specification QC/T 978-2014
QC/T 979-2014 Waterproof vent device for protecting automotive electrical and electronics equipment QC/T 979-2014
QC/T 980-2014 Coal transport vehicle QC/T 980-2014
QC/T 981-2014 Wheels for motor vehicles. Surface paint coatings QC/T 981-2014
QC/T 982-2014 The specification of laser and electron beam welding for automobile transmission gear QC/T 982-2014
QC/T 983-2014 Measuring method of cleanliness of automobile manual transmission assembly QC/T 983-2014
QC/T 984-2014 Automotive glass replacement requirement QC/T 984-2014
QC/T 985-2014 Solar reflective coated laminated automotive windshield QC/T 985-2014
QC/T 986-2014 Atomizing spray pump for vehicle air-conditioning system QC/T 986-2014
QC/T 987-2014 Performance requirements and test methods for safety belts retractor of motor vehicles QC/T 987-2014
QC/T 988-2014 Vehicle door outside handle QC/T 988-2014
QC/T 199-2013 Vehicle wheels-balance weight QC/T 199-2013
QC/T 225-2013 Technical specification of starting motor for motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 225-2013
QC/T 229-2013 Technical requirements for the motorcycle and moped rotor oil pump QC/T 229-2013
QC/T 253-2013 Codina method for engine type of motorcycle and mopeg QC/T 253-2013
QC/T 258-2013 Vehicle wheels. Nut seat strength tests QC/T 258-2013
QC/T 287-2013 Dimensions of fuel filter paper element for vehicles QC/T 287-2013
QC/T 29032-2013 Alarms sensor for automobile air filters QC/T 29032-2013
QC/T 29061-2013 Engineering specification for auto engine wax thermostat QC/T 29061-2013
QC/T 29104-2013 Limiting value of contamination level of solid particles of special purpose vehicle hydraulic system QC/T 29104-2013
QC/T 29105.3-2013 Sampling methods of testing particulate contamination of hydraulic oil of special purpose vehicle hydraulic system QC/T 29105.3-2013
QC/T 29115-2013 Test regulations for motorcycle and moped productions quality QC/T 29115-2013
QC/T 29117-2013 Test regulations for the engine of motorcycle and moped production quality QC/T 29117-2013
QC/T 305-2013 Motor vehicles. Hydraulic power steering control valve. Performance requirements and test methods QC/T 305-2013
QC/T 326-2013 Coding rules for automotive standardized parts QC/T 326-2013
QC/T 369-2013 Pipe clips. Fasten multipipe QC/T 369-2013
QC/T 370-2013 Pipe clips. Fasten one pipe QC/T 370-2013
QC/T 378-2013 Hexagon countersunk headless cone plugs QC/T 378-2013
QC/T 379-2013 Square head cone plugs QC/T 379-2013
QC/T 381-2013 Hexagon outside head cone plugs QC/T 381-2013
QC/T 383-2013 Hexagon outside head cone plugs with magnetic core QC/T 383-2013
QC/T 399-2013 24-degree cone connectors. Male-Body QC/T 399-2013
QC/T 400-2013 24-degree cone connectors. Male run tee-Body QC/T 400-2013
QC/T 401-2013 24-degree cone connectors. Male elbow-Body QC/T 401-2013
QC/T 402-2013 24-degree cone connectors. Male branch tee-Body QC/T 402-2013
QC/T 403-2013 Flared couplings. Male-Body QC/T 403-2013
QC/T 404-2013 Flared couplings. Male elbow-Body QC/T 404-2013
QC/T 405-2013 Flared couplings. Male branch tee-Body QC/T 405-2013
QC/T 427-2013 Automobile use battery main switch technical requirement QC/T 427-2013
QC/T 431-2013 Spark plug ceramic insulator specifications QC/T 431-2013
QC/T 439-2013 Swept-body dump truck QC/T 439-2013
QC/T 457-2013 Ambulance QC/T 457-2013
QC/T 47-2013 Automobile seat terminology QC/T 47-2013
QC/T 48-2013 Specifications of petrol filter assembly for automotive engines with electronically controlled petrol injection system QC/T 48-2013
QC/T 490-2013 Drawings for motor vehicle body QC/T 490-2013
QC/T 518-2013 Tightening torque for automotive threaded fasteners QC/T 518-2013
QC/T 526-2013 Automobile engine. Engineering approval evaluation program QC/T 526-2013
QC/T 529-2013 Motor vehicles. Hydraulic power steering gear. Technique requirements and test methods QC/T 529-2013
QC/T 592-2013 Performance requirements and Bench test methods for Hydraulic brake caliper assembly QC/T 592-2013
QC/T 599-2013 Overhead projection weld bolts QC/T 599-2013
QC/T 618-2013 Specification for plastic expansion nut QC/T 618-2013
QC/T 621.1-2013 Spring band hose clamps. Part 1: Types, dimensions, materials QC/T 621.1-2013
QC/T 621.2-2013 Spring band hose clamps. Part 2: Technical conditions QC/T 621.2-2013
QC/T 621.3-2013 Spring band hose clamps. Part 3: Hose and spigot for clamps QC/T 621.3-2013
QC/T 624-2013 Rubber plugs QC/T 624-2013
QC/T 627-2013 Electronic locks system for motor vehicles QC/T 627-2013
QC/T 64-2013 Carburetor of motorcycle and moped QC/T 64-2013
QC/T 647-2013 Motor vehicles. Steering universal joint. Performance requirements and test methods QC/T 647-2013