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JJF 1075-2015 (JJF1075-2015)

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JJF 1075-2015English559 Add to Cart 4 days Calibration Specification for Clamp Ammeters JJF 1075-2015 Valid JJF 1075-2015
JJF 1075-2001English559 Add to Cart 3 days Calibration Specification of Clamp Ammeters JJF 1075-2001 Obsolete JJF 1075-2001

JJF 1075-2015: PDF in English
JJF 1075-2015
Calibration Specification for Clamp Ammeters
National Metrological Technical Code of the People's Republic of China
Clamp ammeter calibration specification
2015-12-07 released
2016-06-07 implementation
State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued
Clamp ammeter calibration specification
Replacing JJF 1075-2001
Unit. National Electromagnetic Metrology Technical Committee
The main drafting unit. Tianjin Institute of measurement supervision and inspection
Participate in the drafting unit. Changsha Tianheng Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd
This specification entrusts the National Electromagnetic Metrology Technical Committee to explain
The main drafters of this specification.
Ma Lianhui (Tianjin Metrology Supervision and Research Institute of Science and Technology)
Liu Yong (Tianjin Metrology Supervision and Research Institute of Science and Technology)
Sun Bing (Tianjin Institute of Metrology and Supervision Science and Technology)
Participate in the drafters.
Zhou Xinhua (Changsha Tianheng Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd.)
table of Contents
Introduction (II)
1 range (1)
2 References (1)
3 Overview (1)
4 Metering characteristics (1)
5 Calibration conditions (1)
5.1 Environmental conditions (1)
5.2 Measurement standards and other equipment (2)
6 Calibration items and calibration methods (3)
6.1 Calibration items (3)
6.2 Calibration method (3)
7 Calibration Results Expression (6)
8 re-school time interval (7)
Appendix A Clamp Ammeter Current Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation Example (8)
Appendix B Introduction and Calibration of Clamp Ammeter (11)
Appendix C Clamp Ammeter Current Maximum Allowable Error Representation (15)
Appendix D Clamp Ammeter Calibration Original Recording Format (16)
Appendix E Clamp Ammeter Calibration Certificate Inside Page Format (18)
This specification is based on JJF 1071-2010 "National Metrological Calibration Rules", JJF 1059.1-2012
"Measurement Uncertainty Assessment and Representation", JJF 1001-2011 "Generic Metrological Terms and Definitions".
This specification is a revision of the JJF 1075-2001 "Clamp Ammeter Calibration Specification".
Compared with JJF 1075-2001, the main amendments are.
- the preparation of the format in line with JJF 1071-2010 "national measurement calibration rules to prepare the rules" requirements;
--- The scope of application has been adjusted. The operating frequency range of the clamp ammeter is adjusted to DC or (45 ~
400) Hz;
--- to expand the current measurement range, from the original (0.1 ~ 1000) A expanded to (0.1 ~.2000) A;
--- to calibrate the accuracy of the school level to 0.2;
- for the expansion of the uncertainty of the k value of the re-provision, provides k = 2;
- The calibration method is re-divided into four methods. 1) standard current source method; 2) standard table ratio
More law; 3) standard transformer method; 4) standard resistance method;
- Appendix A adds an example of the uncertainty of the current measurement of the clamp ammeter;
--- Appendix B to increase the clamp ammeter calibration methods introduced and error analysis;
- Appendix C increases the maximum allowable error representation of the clamp ammeter current;
--- Appendix D, E Added Clamp Ammeter Calibration Original Record/Calibration Certificate Inside Page Format.
The previous release of this specification is.
--- JJF 1075-2001.
Clamp ammeter calibration specification
1 Scope
This specification applies to line voltage not exceeding 650V, DC or AC frequency is (45 ~ 400) Hz, current
(0.1 ~.2000) A clamp ammeter calibration, but also for multi-function clamp meter current function calibration. Not applicable
Calibration of the clamp leakage ammeter.
2 reference file
This specification refers to the following documents.
Current Meter, Voltmeter, Power Meter and Resistance Meter
JB/T 9285-1999 Clamp ammeter
For dated references, only the dated edition applies to this specification; references that are not dated
, The latest version (including all modifications) applies to this specification.
3 Overview
Clamp ammeter (including digital, pointer) is a way to open and close the magnetic circuit in the current conductor to measure its electrical
Flow of the instrument. It is characterized by no need to disconnect the loop, you can measure the current measured circuit. In accordance with the principle of measurement clamp
Ammeter can be divided into transformer, Hall effect and magnetic balance and so on.
The principle of the transformer clamp ammeter can only measure the AC current, Hall effect principle and the principle of magnetic balance of the clamp
Flow meter can measure AC and DC current.
4 measurement characteristics
Measuring range. (0.1 ~.2000) A;
Operating frequency. DC or AC frequency (45 ~ 400) Hz;
The maximum allowable error is shown in Table 1, where the error of the digital clamp ammeter is expressed by relative error, the pointer clamp
The ammeter error is expressed as a reference error. The error representation is given in Appendix C.
Table 1 clamp ammeter maximum allowable error
Accuracy class 0.2 grade 0.5 grade 1.0 grade 2.0 grade 5.0
Maximum permissible error ± 0.2% ± 0.5% ± 1.0% ± 2.0% ± 5.0%
Note. The above indicators are not used for qualifying, for reference only.
5 calibration conditions
5.1 Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature. (20 ± 5) ℃;
Standard ID JJF 1075-2015 (JJF1075-2015)
Description (Translated English) Calibration Specification for Clamp Ammeters
Sector / Industry Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard A55
Word Count Estimation 24,275
Date of Issue 2015-12-07
Date of Implementation 2016-06-07
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) JJF 1075-2001
Quoted Standard JJG 124-2005; JB/T 9285-1999
Drafting Organization Tianjin Metrology Supervision and Inspection Institute
Administrative Organization National Electromagnetic Measurement Technology Committee
Regulation (derived from) ?AQSIQ 2015 Nian (No.148)
Issuing agency(ies) State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
Summary This standard is applicable to the calibration of a Clamp ammeter with a line voltage of not more than 650 V, a DC or AC frequency of (45 to 400) Hz, and a current of 0.1 to 2 000. It is also suitable for the calibration of the multifunction clamp current function. Not suitable for calibration of clamp-type leakage ammeter.