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GB/T 9098-2008 (GBT9098-2008)

GB/T 9098-2008_English: PDF (GBT 9098-2008, GBT9098-2008)
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Standard ID GB/T 9098-2008 (GB/T9098-2008)
Description (Translated English) Hermetic motor-compressors for refrigerators
Sector / Industry National Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard Y61
Classification of International Standard 97.040.30
Word Count Estimation 22,275
Date of Issue 2008-06-26
Date of Implementation 2009-05-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) GB/T 9098-1996
Quoted Standard GB/T 1019; GB/T 2828.1-2003; GB/T 2829-2002; GB/T 4214.1-2000; GB 4706.17-2004; GB/T 5773-2004; GB/T 8059; IEC 60335-2-24-2002/AMD 2-2007
Drafting Organization Jiaxibeila Compressor Co., Ltd.
Administrative Organization National Standardization Technical Committee appliances
Regulation (derived from) National Standard Approval Announcement 2008 No.11 (Total No.124)
Proposing organization China Light Industry Federation
Issuing agency(ies) Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China; Standardization Administration of China
Summary This standard specifies the refrigerator Hermetic motor-compressor terminology and definitions, test methods, , Products, technical requirements for inspection rules and signs, packaging, transport, storage requirements. Safety compressor asked to see GB 4706. 17 " household and similar electrical appliances motor-compressor special requirements. " This standard applies to low back pressure refrigerant R600a and R134a class household and similar electrical appliances used in refrigeration, their nominal cooling capacity required by the standard conditions of no more than 400W Hermetic motor-compressor (hereinafter referred to the compressor). Other types of refrigerant compressors can refer to similar use, This standard does not apply to car refrigerator compressors.

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GB/T 9098-2008
ICS 97.040.30
Y 61
Replacing GB/T 9098-1996
Hermetic Motor - Compressors for
ISSUED ON. JUNE 26, 2008
Jointly Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision,
Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic
of China;
Standardization Administration of the People’s
Republic of China.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 5 
2 Normative References ... 5 
3 Terms and Definitions ... 6 
4 Product Classification ... 7 
5 Technical Requirements ... 7 
6 Test Method ... 12 
7 Inspection Rules ... 22 
8 Marking, Packaging, Transportation and Storage ... 28 
This Standard replaces GB/T 9098-1996 "Hermetic Motor - Compressors for
Compared with GB/T 9098-1996, the main technical changes in this Standard are as
- the R12 refrigerant compressor in "Application Scope" was replaced by R600a
and R134a refrigerant compressors;
- the terms and definitions of rated parameter, variable speed (variable frequency)
compressor, and variable capacity compressor were added;
- the classifications of speed control and capacity change were added in the
product classification;
- the basic contents of expression methods for compressor specification and model
were specified;
- the requirements of product technical specification were added in the technical
requirements, indicating the rated parameters and test conditions of technical
indexes such as product refrigerating capacity and coefficient of performance
(COP) of the manufacturer;
- the grading of all performance indexes of compressor by nominal working volume
of cylinder was replaced by nominal refrigerating capacity;
- the nominal coefficient of performance (COP) of compressor was graded by
efficacy level;
- the performance indexes, test methods, and assessment contents of variable
speed (variable frequency) compressor were added;
- the requirements of compressor inclining starting test were added;
- the determination methods for residual moisture content and internal impurity
content of the complete un-oiled compressor were specified;
- the test methods and assessment contents for capillary tube plugging rate of
R134a refrigerant compressor were added;
- the requirements of “motor winding temperature” and “shell temperature” were
replaced according to the relevant contents in GB 4706.17 "Household and
Similar Electrical Appliances - Safety - Particular Requirements for
- the fire warning sign for combustible refrigerant compressor was added.
This Standard was proposed by China National Light Industry Council.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee on
Household Appliances Condenser of Standardization Administration of China
(SAC/TC 46).
Drafting organizations of this Standard. Jiaxipera Compressor Co., Ltd., Huangshi
Donper Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., China Household Electric Appliance Research
Institute, China Household Electrical Appliances Association, China National Electric
Apparatus Research Institute, China Quality Certification Center, Beijing Embraco
Compressor Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Refrigerator Co., Ltd., Zanussi Electromechanical
Tianjin Compressor Co., Ltd., Shanghai Konor Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., Huayi
Compressor Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Baixue Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Hangzhou
Qianjiang Refrigeration Group Industrial Co., Ltd., and Taizhou LG Electronics
Refrigeration Co., Ltd.
Chief drafting staffs of this Standard. Zhu Jinsong, Shu Shaoren, Gong Qinghua,
Peng Huilan, Zhu Yan, Mou Xinqiang, Wang Lei, Chen Lanjuan, Zhao Ning, Liu Qixing,
Shen Haibo, Wang Yugang, Sun Rurong, Wu Jinghua, Wu Chunhua, Zhang Guojiang,
and Chen Cuiping.
The previous editions replaced by this Standard are as follows. GB/T 9098-1988 was
firstly issued; GB/T 9098-1996 was the first revision; and this Standard is the second
Hermetic Motor - Compressors for
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the terms and definitions, product classification, technical
requirements, test methods, inspection rules and the requirements of marking,
packaging, transportation and storage of hermetic motor-compressors for refrigerators.
The safety requirements of compressor are detailed in GB 4706.17 "Household and
Similar Electrical Appliances - Safety - Particular Requirements for
This Standard is applicable to the hermetic motor-compressors used for
low-back-pressure * household and similar electric refrigerators with R600a and
R134a refrigerants, and the nominal refrigerating capacity not exceeding 400 W under
the specified working conditions in this Standard (hereinafter referred to as
For similar compressors with other types of refrigerants, this Standard may also be
referred to.
This Standard is not applicable to vehicular refrigerator compressors.
2 Normative References
The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this Standard,
constitute provisions of this Standard. For dated references, subsequent amendments
(excluding corrections) or revisions of these publications do not apply. However, all
parties coming to an agreement according to this Standard are encouraged to study
whether the latest editions of these documents are applicable. For undated references,
the latest edition applies.
GB/T 1019 General Requirements for the Package of Household
and Similar Electrical Appliances
GB/T 2828.1-2003 Sampling Procedures for Inspection by Attributes - Part
1. Sampling Schemes Indexed by Acceptance Quality
Limit (AQL) for Lot-by-lot Inspection (ISO 2859-1. 1999,
* Low-back-pressure refers that the range of vaporization temperature is between -35°C (may
be lower if necessary) and -15°C.
GB/T 2829-2002 Sampling Procedures and Tables for Periodic
Inspection by Attributes (Apply to Inspection of Process
GB/T 4214.1-2000 Acoustics - Household and Similar Electrical
Appliances - Test Code for Determination of Airborne
Acoustical Noise - Part 1. General Requirements (eqv
IEC 60704-1. 1997)
GB 4706.17-2004 Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances -
Particular Requirements for Motor-Compressors (IEC
60335-2-34. 1999, IDT)
GB/T 5773-2004 Method of Performance Test for Positive Displacement
Refrigerant Compressors (ISO 917. 1989, MOD)
GB/T 8059 Household and Similar Refrigerating Appliances
IEC 60335-2-24/A2.2007 Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances -
Part. 2-24. Particular Requirements for Refrigerating
Appliance, Ice-cream Appliance and Ice Maker
3 Terms and Definitions
For the purposes of this Standard, the following terms and definitions apply.
Rated parameter
Nominal values in the product technical specification.
Variable speed (variable frequency) compressor
Compressors that change speed via variable speed (variable frequency) control
Variable capacity compressor
Compressors that change the exhaust capacity by mechanical and (or) electrical
Coefficient of performance
The ratio of refrigerating capacity and the consumed power by refrigeration when the
compressor runs in connection with the refrigerating system, in W/W.
4 Product Classification
4.1 By structural type
a) Reciprocating compressor;
b) Rotary compressor.
4.2 By installation form
a) Horizontal compressor;
b) Vertical compressor.
4.3 By speed control
a) Fixed-speed compressor;
b) Variable speed (variable frequency) compressor.
4.4 By capacity change
a) Constant capacity compressor;
b) Variable capacity compressor.
4.5 Expression methods of specification and model
The expression of specification and model shall at least include the following contents.
a) Nominal refrigerating capacity or cylinder volume;
b) Refrigerant type.
5 Technical Requirements
5.1 Product technical specification
The compressor manufacturer shall provide the product technical specification to the
user based on the demand. The product technical specification shall include the
refrigerant name (or No.), nominal refrigerating capacity of compressor, COP, input
Note. This item is only applicable to R134a refrigerant compressor.
5.3.10 Accelerated life-span test
Test according to the method given in 6.11; the refrigerating capacity and COP at the
end of test shall not be lower than 95% of the actual measured value prior to test; and
the noise value shall not be larger than 3dB(A) of actual measured value prior to test.
5.3.11 Starting durability test
After testing according to the method given in 6.12, the compressor shall be able to
work continuously without the following faults.
a) Mechanical damages to the compressor and the test pressure ratio is unable
to maintain;
b) The hanging (or supporting) spring is damaged, which increases the noise