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SJ/T 10410-2016 (SJ/T10410-2016, SJT 10410-2016, SJT10410-2016)
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SJ/T 10410-2016: PDF in English (SJT 10410-2016)

SJ/T 10410-2016
ICS 29.030
L 19
Record No.:
Replacing SJ/T 10410-2002
Permanent Ferrite Materials
Issued by: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative References ... 4
3 Nomenclature and Classification ... 4
4 Requirements ... 5
5 Test Methods ... 7
Appendix A (Informative) Physical Properties of Permanent Ferrite Materials . 8
This Standard was drafted as per the rules specified in GB/T 1.1-2009.
This Standard replaced SJ/T 10410-2002 Permanent Ferrite Materials.
Compared with SJ/T 10410-2002, this Standard made the major changes as follows:
--- Among the sintered permanent ferrite material designations, delete Y22H, Y26H-
2, Y27H, YN1T, YN4T and YN4TH; add Y33H-2, Y41, Y41H, Y42, Y42H, Y43.
--- Normative references adopt the latest version; the test methods for main
magnetic properties of the materials, and the specification, size and appearance
requirements of the test sample shall be as specified in GB/T 3217-2013.
Please note that some contents of this document may involve the patents. The issuing
agency of this document does not assume the responsibility to identify these patents.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee on
Magnetics and Ferrite Materials of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC
Drafting organization of this Standard: Yibin Jinchuan Electronics Co., Ltd.
Chief drafting staffs of this Standard: Ma Zirong, Shi Qinghui, Li Wenqing, Xu Xiaoli,
and Wang Mingyin.
The historical editions replaced by this Standard are as follows:
--- SJ 285-1997;
--- SJ/T 10410-1993, SJ/T 10410-2002.
Permanent Ferrite Materials
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the nomenclature and classification, requirements and test
methods of permanent ferrite materials.
This Standard is applicable to permanent ferrite materials, including sintered
permanent ferrite materials and bonded permanent ferrite materials.
2 Normative References
The following documents are essential to the application of this document. For the
dated documents, only the versions with the dates indicated are applicable to this
document; for the undated documents, only the latest version (including all the
amendments) are applicable to this document.
GB/T 3217-2013 Permanent Magnet (Magnetically Hard) Materials - Methods of
Measurement of Magnetic Properties
SJ/T 10213-1991 Type Designation System for Ferrite Materials and Components
3 Naming and Classification
3.1 Naming
The naming of the permanent ferrite materials shall be as specified in SJ/T 10213-
The designations of permanent ferrite materials are as follows:
Example 1:
Serial number
High coercive force
Nominal value of magnetic energy product
Sintered permanent ferrite materials (first letter of Pinyin “Yong”)
-1 H 30 Y
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