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GB 25131-2010: PDF in English

GB 25131-2010
ICS 27.200
J 73
Safety requirements for water chillers (heat pump)
using the vapor compression cycle
Issued by: General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 4 
2 Normative references ... 4 
3 List of hazards ... 5 
4 Safety requirements ... 6 
5 Determination for safety requirements ... 13 
6 Use information ... 19 
Safety requirements for water chillers (heat pump)
using the vapor compression cycle
1 Scope
This Standard specifies safety requirements and determination for water chiller
(heat pump) set (hereinafter referred to as “the set”).
This Standard is applicable to motor-driven water chiller (heat pump) set using
the vapor compression cycle.
Other liquid chiller sets can also refer to this Standard for implementation.
2 Normative references
The provisions in following documents become the provisions of this Standard
through reference in this Standard. For dated references, the subsequent
amendments (excluding corrigendum) or revisions do not apply to this Standard,
however, parties who reach an agreement based on this Standard are
encouraged to study if the latest versions of these documents are applicable.
For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document applies.
GB 4208-2008, Degrees of protection provided by enclosure (IP code) (IEC
60529:2001, IDT)
GB 4343.1, Electromagnetic compatibility requirements for household
appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus - Part 1: Emission (GB
4343.1-2009, IEC/ISPR 14-1:2005, IDT)
GB 4706.1-2005, Household and Similar Electrical Appliances - Safety - Part
1: General Requirements (IEC 60335-1:2001, IDT)
GB/T 5013.4, Rubber insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including
450/750V - Part 4: Cords and flexible cables (GB 5013.4-2008, IEC 60245-
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GB/T 5023.3, Polyvinyl chloride insulated cables of rated voltages up to and
including 450/750V - Part 3: Non-sheathed cables for fixed wiring (GB
5023.3-2008, IEC 60227-3:1997, IDT)
GB 5226.1-2008, Electrical Safety of Machinery - Electrical Equipment of
Machines - Part 1: General Requirements (IEC 60204-1:2005, IDT)
that is held continuously by hand during normal use, its structure shall make
operator’s hands unable to be in contact with metal parts during normal
4.3.6 For the parts that may fly out of the joints (couplings) of the exposed
rotating shaft and the motor shaft (such as bolts, nuts, washers) or blades of
the fan, it shall set a fixed protective device (such as protective cover or barrier).
The protective device shall have sufficient strength, stiffness, corrosion
resistance, fatigue resistance and high penetration resistance.
4.3.7 When overcurrent, overload or other parameters (such as pressure,
temperature, etc.) exceed the specified range, it shall set safety protective
devise such as overcurrent, overload protector or various controllers.
The set shall at least set:
- motor overload protection;
- high-pressure and/or low-pressure protection;
- high-temperature and/or low-temperature protection;
- oil pressure difference protection for compressor that uses forced oil supply;
- phase sequence protection for the set that has phase sequence
The above protections are set according to the parameter values specified in
relevant instruction manual.
4.3.8 For the set that the cooling capability is greater than 150kW, it shall install
an emergency stop device. The emergency stop device shall be set in a position
that is obvious and easy to distinguish and operate. When the manipulator of
the emergency stop device is reset, the set can only be started automatically
when automatic start is allowed.
4.3.9 When the set is started and operating as normal, it shall have accurate
and reliable signal display.
4.3.10 When the set has failures such as overload or high-pressure, low-
pressure as well as high-temperature, low-temperature exceeding the limit
values, it shall be able to alarm or stop.
4.3.11 The control system of the set shall be set with water flow interrupting
interlock protection. When a current interruption fault occurs, it shall be able to
alarm and stop.
4.4 Electrical equipment
cooling set, air cooling heat pump set, evaporative cooling set, after they are
subject to the water spray test, the insulation resistance and withstand voltage
shall meet requirements of 4.4.2 and 4.4.3.
4.4.6 Internal wiring The internal wiring of the set shall be smooth, without sharp edges. The
wiring shall be protected from the contact with burrs, heat exchanger fins, so as
to avoid the damage to wiring insulation. The surface especially the inner surface of the metal hose or metal hole
that the internal goes through the insulated wire, shall be flat, smooth or with
insulating bushing. The metal hole shall have insulating retainer. The internal wiring of the set must be firmly fixed and effectively prevent
wiring from the contact with moving parts. The yellow/green two-color wire can only be used for the grounding wire
and connected to the grounding terminal. It cannot be connected to other
terminals. Aluminum wire shall not be used for internal wiring of the set. The insulation of internal wiring of the set shall be able to withstand the
possible electrical stress during normal use.
4.4.7 Wiring terminals for power connection and external leads The set of which rated voltage is under 600V uses single power supply
mode. If other power supplies are required for some parts (such as electronic
circuit) of electrical equipment, these power supplies shall be taken from
components (such as transformer) that are part of the set’s electrical equipment.
For the set of which its compressor uses a high-voltage generator that its rated
voltage is above 3000V, it shall need different high-, low- voltage introducing
power supply. The connection shall comply with relevant provisions. For the fixed-installed set, the power cord can be directly connected to
the power supply terminal of the power cut-off switch. Or provide a set of power
supply terminals that meet the standard requirements. It shall allow the
connection of fixed wiring cables that meet the required nominal cross-sectional
area and voltage rating. The power cut-off switch of the set shall meet the technical
specifications and safety requirements of the corresponding standard. The wiring terminals for external wires of the set shall meet the relevant
requirements of the provisions, so as to make all connections, especially the
connection that protects the grounding circuit, strongly connected without the
4.5 Noise and vibration
4.5.1 When the set is designed and manufactured, it shall try to reduce the
noise value and the vibration value.
4.5.2 The noise value of the set shall not exceed the specified value of
corresponding set standard.
4.6 Pressure vessel
4.6.1 The design, manufacture, mark and test of pressure vessel are in
accordance with JB/T 4750.
4.6.2 The pressure vessel that can store liquid refrigerant and can be isolated
from other components of the refrigeration system shall use safety relief device
for overpressure protection. The pressure relief device is in accordance with the
relevant provisions of 5.3.2 in GB 9237-2001.
4.7 Material
4.7.1 The steel materials, non-ferrous metals, alloys and non-metal materials
used in the set shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of 5.2 in GB
4.7.2 The insulation materials used shall be flame retardant, non-toxic, odorless.
The binder shall be non-toxic. The pasting or fixing shall be firm.
4.8 Refrigerant and lubricant
Refrigerant classification is in accordance with the provisions of 4.3 in GB 9237-
4.8.1 Refrigerant and lubricant charge The refrigerant number shall match the nameplate. The performances
of refrigerant and lubricant shall comply with the relevant standards. Users are not allowed to change the type of refrigerant at will. When the
refrigerant needs to be replaced, it shall be carried out in accordance with the
instructions in the instruction manual. And set a new nameplate to prove the
replacement of refrigerant. When charging refrigerant and lubricant into the set, it shall carefully
weigh and reach the specified amount.
4.8.2 Discharge of refrigerant vapor The set shall avoid refrigerant leakage.
5.3.2 For the provisions of 4.3.2, check according to the requirements of 5.4.5
and corresponding provisions.
5.3.3 For the provisions of 4.3.3, perform visual inspection to determine whether
it is accepted.
5.3.4 For the provisions of 4.3.4, perform visual inspection and manual test to
determine whether it is accepted.
5.3.5 For the provisions of 4.3.5, perform visual inspection and manual test to
determine whether it is accepted.
5.3.6 Check that the protective shield or cover of the coupling and fan impeller
(plate) shall be fixed (must use tools with fasteners to install and remove).
Firmly install.
5.3.7 For safety protective device
a) Motor overload protection: Check the product certificate of the overload
protector shall be consistent with the nameplate. Simulate the action. The
set shall be shut down;
b) High-pressure and/or low-pressure protection: If a high-pressure safety
valve is used, check that the product certificate of conformity shall match
the nameplate. If a fusible plug is used, check its re-inspection report and
see if the infusible portion of the fusible plug is printed with a temperature
mark in “°C”. If a high-pressure controller or high-pressure switch is used,
make it simulate the action and the set shall be shut down;
c) High-temperature and/or low-temperature protection: Check the
temperature controller's product certificate shall match the nameplate.
Make it simulate the action. The set shall be shut down;
d) The set with oil pressure difference protection: Check the product
certificate of the differential pressure controller shall match the nameplate.
Make it simulate the action. The set shall be shut down;
e) The set with phase sequence protection: Check the product certificate of
phase sequence protector shall match the nameplate.
5.3.8 When the set contacts the power supply, drive the manipulator of the
emergency stop device, and the set power supply shall be cut off immediately.
The set shall not be restarted when the manipulator is reset. And just when the
boot is allowed, press the start button to start.
5.3.9 Check whether the set has accurate and reliable signal display when it
starts and is operating.
exempted from this test.
5.4.4 Winding temperature rise test
The set can perform cooling or heat pump heating test, under a suitable cooling
medium temperature, according to relevant provisions while using electrical
resistance method to measure the temperature of winding of motor. The limit
value of its winding temperature rise shall comply with the provisions in Table
5.4.5 Moisture proof test
Under normal conditions, according to relevant provisions of Clause 14 in GB
4208-2008, perform water spraying insulation test to outdoor side of the set.
Then perform insulation resistance test according to 5.4.2 and withstand
voltage test according to 5.4.3, which shall comply with the provisions of 4.4.2
and 4.4.3, respectively.
After water spraying insulation test, visually inspect the inside of the enclosure.
Water that enters the enclosure shall not reduce creepage and electrical
clearance to below the minimum specified in 4.4.9.
5.4.6 Internal wiring Determine whether the provisions on internal wiring slot and wiring are
accepted through visual inspection. Determine whether the provisions on metal hose or metal hole that the
internal part passes through insulated wire are accepted through visual
inspection. Determine whether the provisions of are accepted through visual
inspection. Determine whether the provisions on use and connection of
yellow/green two-color wire are accepted through visual inspection. Determine whether the provisions of are accepted through visual
inspection. The insulation performance of internal wiring shall comply with the cord
insulation specified in GB/T 5023.3 or GB/T 5013.4 or the insulation of the
following electrical strength test:
Apply 2000V voltage between the wire and the metal foil wrapped on the
outside of the insulation. Last 15min. It shall not penetrate.
NOTE: This test is only applicable to wiring that is subjected to grid voltage.
5.8 Refrigerant and lubricant
5.8.1 For the charging of refrigerant and lubricant, check the certificate of
refrigerant and lubricant and weigh to determine if it meets the requirements. If
the refrigerant is replaced, check if the set is equipped with a new nameplate.
5.8.2 For discharge of refrigerant vapor, in addition to qualified air tightness test
in accordance with the provisions of, it shall check whether the
ventilation area of the equipment room meets the requirements, according to
the provisions of 6.1.3 in GB 9237-2001.
5.9 Test operation and maintenance
5.9.1 Test operation Perform air tightness test, vacuum test and hydraulic test on the water
side of the set according to the test methods specified in relevant standard
provisions. The test results shall comply with the provisions of relevant
standards. When performing air tightness test of the set, it shall carefully check the
color mark on the outside of the cylinder. And inspect outside in accordance
with relevant provisions. Use it when it is confirmed not oxygen, any
combustible gas or combustible gas mixture (except inflating directly with an air
5.9.2 Maintenance
Maintenance and repair of the set are in accordance with relevant provisions of
7.1.3 and 7.1.4 in GB 9237-2001.
6 Use information
Use information of the set consists of text, chart, mark, signal or symbol. It is a
part of the set supply.
Use information provided by the set manufacturer shall meet requirements of
6.1 in GB/T 15706.2-2007.
The set’s use information is configured on the set itself (such as signals,
warning devices, signs, nameplates, etc.) and accompanying files (especially
in the instruction manual).
6.1 Signal and warning device
Visual signals (such as flashlights) and audible signals (such as alarms) are
used for dangerous situations.
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