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Q/BQB 482-2009 English PDF

Q/BQB 482-2009 (Q/BQB482-2009, QBQB 482-2009, QBQB482-2009)
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Q/BQB 482-2009English159 Add to Cart 2 days [Need to translate] Cold rolled steel strip for electromagnetic pure iron Obsolete Q/BQB 482-2009
Q/BQB 482-2023English319 Add to Cart 3 days [Need to translate] Cold-rolled steel strip for electromagnetic pure-iron use   Q/BQB 482-2023
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Standard ID Q/BQB 482-2009 (Q/BQB482-2009; QBQB 482-2009; QBQB482-2009)
Description (Translated English) Cold rolled steel strip for electromagnetic pure iron
Sector / Industry Chinese Industry Standard
Word Count Estimation 3,000
Drafting Organization BaoSteel Group
Administrative Organization BaoSteel Group

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Q/BQB 482-2009
Cold rolled steel strip for electromagnetic pure iron
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Enterprise Standard
Magnetic iron cold rolled steel
Instead of BZJ 482-2005
1 Scope
This standard specifies the terms and definitions, classifications and code, size, shape, weight, magnetic properties of magnetic iron cold-rolled strip and the like
Technical requirements, inspection and testing, packaging, marking and inspection documents.
This standard applies to Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. production, for the manufacture of magnetic iron yoke electromagnetic relay armature and cold
Rolling belt (hereinafter referred to as strip).
2 Normative references
The following documents contain provisions which, through reference in this standard and become the standard terms. For dated references, subsequent
All amendments (not including errata content) or revisions do not apply to this standard, however, encourage up according to the standard
Research into whether the parties to the agreement to use the latest versions of these documents. For undated references, the latest edition
Apply to this standard.
GB/T 222-2006 finished steel chemical composition and permissible variations
GB/T 223 steel and alloy chemical analysis method
Methods of measurement GB/T 2523-2008 cold-rolled sheet metal (with) the surface roughness and peak number of
GB/T 2975-1998 steel and steel products for mechanical testing and sample preparation position
GB/T 3656-2008 coercivity soft magnetic material throw shift measurement method
GB/T 4336-2002 carbon steel and low alloy steel spark source atomic emission spectrometry methods (conventional
GB/T 4340.1-1999 Vickers hardness test - Part 1. Test methods
GB/T 8170-2008 revised value represents about rules and limit values and judgment
Methods of measurement GB/T 13012-2008 dc magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials
GB/T 20066-2006 Steel and iron - Sampling and determination of the chemical composition of the sample with a sample preparation method
GB/T 20123-2006 Steel - Determination of total carbon and sulfur content of the high-frequency induction furnace combustion infrared absorption method (often
Conventional methods)
GB/T 20125-2006 Determination of low-alloy steel by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission multi-element content
GB/T 20126-2006 Determination of non-alloy steel of low carbon content - Part 2. induction furnace (preheated)
After the internal combustion infrared absorption method
Q/BQB 400 cold-rolled products, packaging, labeling and inspection documents
Size Q/BQB 401 cold rolling steel sheet and strip, shape, weight and tolerance
3 Terms and Definitions
3.1 coercivity coercivity
From the steady state of saturation magnetization of the sample, saturated hysteresis loop along the magnetic field changes monotonically, so that the saturation magnetic polarization along the hysteresis loop
Line magnetic field strength is reduced to zero is called the coercive force with Hc, the unit is safe per meter (A/m).
3.2 maximum permeability maximum permeability
DC magnetization, the magnetization curve than the basic sample stable magnetic flux density and magnetic field strength of the respective called permeability with μ
FIG. The ratio of the maximum value as the maximum magnetic permeability, expressed by μmax. Hang units per meter (H/m).
3.3 magnetic properties (magnetic induction) magnetic polarization (magnetic flux density)
Magnetization characteristic usually normal magnetization curve, corresponding to a given magnetic field strength of the magnetic induction (magnetic intensity) to represent.
The sign of the magnetic induction B (0.01H), units T (Tesla).
Example. BB50 representation corresponds to a magnetic field strength of the magnetic induction 5000A/m when.
4 Classification and designation
Steel grades and use shall comply with the requirements in Table 1.
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. 2009-01-08 Posted 2009-06-30 before implementation
Q/BQB 482-2008
Table 1
Trademark use
DT4E manufacturing an electromagnetic relay armature and the yoke
5 Ordering information required
The user must provide the following information when ordering 5.1.
a) Product Name (strip);
b) number of this standard;
c) grades;
d) Size;
e) the edge of the state;
f) weight;
g) packaging;
h) use;
i) other special requirements.
5.2 If ordering the contract does not indicate the state of the edge of the strip by trimming state supplier.
6 size, shape, weight and tolerance
6.1 steel nominal thickness 0.60mm ~ 1.6mm, nominal width of 800mm ~ 1250mm
6.2 Size Tolerances
6.2.1 strip thickness tolerances shall comply with the provisions of Table 2.
6.2.2 strip width, shape and weight tolerances shall comply with the provisions of Q/BQB 401's.
Table 2
Grade Nominal thickness
Thickness tolerance
0.60 ± 0.035
> 0.60 ~ 0.80 ± 0.045
> 0.80 ~ 1.5 ± 0.050 DT4E
> 1.5 ~ 1.6 ± 0.060
7 Technical Requirements
7.1 Chemical composition
7.1.1 The chemical composition of the steel strip (melting component) shall comply with the requirements of Table 3.
table 3
Chemical composition% Grade
C Si Mn PS Alt
DT4E ≤0.010 ≤0.30 ≤0.40 ≤0.10 ≤0.030 ≤0.050
7.1.2 chemical composition of the finished strip tolerances shall comply with the provisions of GB/T 222's.
7.2 Delivery Status
7.2.1 strip to soften annealed delivery.
7.2.2 usually coated steel sheet and strip oil supply, the film of oil should be used to remove an aqueous alkali solution. In conventional packaging, transportation, loading
By unloading and storage conditions, the supplier shall ensure that from the date of manufacture is completed within six months, the surface of the stainless steel sheet and strip. according to
The demand side, the agreement by both parties and specified in the contract, but also may not be coated with oil supply.
7.3 Mechanical Properties
Steel hardness values shall conform to Table 4.
Table 4
The value of a range of hardness grades
DT4E 85 ~ 125
and three-a hardness test.
7.4 Magnetic
7.4.1 magnetic annealing
The magnetic strip can be annealed in accordance with Table 5. Typically, test specimens magnetic annealing conditions were. back
Fire an atmosphere of N2, a sample with the furnace temperature was raised to 900 ℃ (± 20 ℃), insulation 2h, followed by not more than 50 ℃/h cooling rate
It cooled to 700 ℃, and furnace cooling. It allows two magnetic annealing.
Q/BQB 482-2008
table 5
A magnetic induction
Not less than grades
no greater than
A maximum permeability
H/m × 10-3
Not less than B10 BB25 BB50 BB100
DT4E 48 11.3 1.50 1.62 1.71 1.80
a maximum permeability and magnetic flux density peak negotiation test items. After consultation between the supplier and indicate in the contract, to provide maximum permeability and
Magnetic induction value under different experimental conditions, and to ensure compliance with the requirements specified value.
7.4.2 magnetic aging
Artificial aging coercivity value-added steel strip should not exceed 10% of the value of the coercive force after aging should not exceed 48 A/m, recommended
Efficient process. insulation 100h at 100 ℃, and then air-cooled. Negotiated by both sides, it can also be other processes at aging
7.5 surface quality
7.5.1 The steel surface should be smooth and clean, can not affect the use of the defect. But it does not affect the normal use of the material slightly
Shortcomings, such as the distribution of isolated minor scratches, small blisters, hairline and other imperfections are allowed to exist.
7.5.2 For steel, because there is no opportunity to cut with a defective part, it allows a number of unusual part with, but there is lack of
The trap shall not exceed 6% of the total length of each volume.
7.6 surface structure
Should ensure uniform and smooth surface of the strip, such as a claim does not indicate the average surface roughness of the guaranteed value when ordering, guarantees for the surface
Average roughness Ra≤0.6μm.
8 inspection and testing
Size 8.1 steel, shape using the appropriate measurement tool.
8.2 strip thickness should be no less than 5mm from the edge of the measurement.
8.3 Acceptance strip should grant each inspection lot shall be not more than 30 tons with grades of magnetic iron steel components.
8.4 each batch of test strip project, the number of samples, sampling methods, test methods and sampling should be directed to comply with the requirements in Table 6.
Table 6
Number of samples test items (a) Test Method for Sampling method
Chemical analysis 1/furnace GB/T 20066 GB/T 223, GB/T 4336, GB/T 20123, GB/T 20125, GB/T 20126
Hardness GB/T 4340.1
Coercivity GB/T 3656
Maximum permeability
Magnetic induction
GB/T 13012 in the permeameter method
Average surface roughness -
GB/T 2975
GB/T 2523
8.5 For the hardness and magnetic properties, if a particular test results do not meet the standard requirements, from the same batch number and then either take a double
The amount of sample retest the failed project. Retest results (including all indicators of the project test required) qualified,
The entire batch of qualified. Retest results (including all indicators of the project test required) even if there is a failure indicator, the complex
Test failed. As retest failed, already a test and the test results can not be incompatible single acceptance, but without making the batch of material
Single test can be resubmitted by piece and acceptance tests.
9 packaging, marking and inspection documents
Strip packaging, marking and inspection documents shall comply with Q/BQB 400's. For a party to have special packaging requirements, should
Specified in the contract.
10 numerical rounding rules
Numerical rounding rules should comply with GB/T 8170's.
Additional information.
This standard replaces BZJ482-2005.
The standard proposed by Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. of technical quality.
This standard was drafted by the Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of technical quality.
Sun Zhongming drafters of this standard.
This standard is the first release.