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JR/T 0001-2009 (JRT 0001-2009)

Chinese Standard: 'JR/T 0001-2009'
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JR/T 0001-2009English700 Add to Cart 0--10 minutes. Auto-delivered. Specification on point of sale(POS)terminal for bank card JR/T 0001-2009 Obsolete JR/T 0001-2009
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Standard ID JR/T 0001-2009 (JR/T0001-2009)
Description (Translated English) Specification on point of sale(POS)terminal for bank card
Sector / Industry Finance Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard A11
Classification of International Standard 35.240.40
Word Count Estimation 56,523
Date of Issue 2009-03-17
Date of Implementation 2009-07-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) JR/T 0001-2001
Quoted Standard GB 2312; GB 4943; GB 9254; GB 13000.1; GB/T 14916; GB/T 15120.1; GB/T 15150-1994; GB/T 15694.1; GB/T 17552; GB/T 17618; GB 18030; GB/T 19584; GB/T 21078.1; JR/T 0008; JR/T 0025.1; ISO 9564-3; GB/T 15120.2; GB/T 15120.3; GB/T 15120.6; JR/T 0025.2; JR/T 0025.3; JR/T 0025.4; JR/T 0025.5; JR/T 0025.6; JR/T 0025.7; JR/T 0025.8; JR/T 0025.9; JR/T 0025.10; JR/T 0025.11; JR/T 0025.12; JR/T 0025.13; JR/T 0025.14; JR/T 0025.15; JR/T 0025.16; JR/T 0025.17
Drafting Organization People's Bank of China Science and Technology Division
Administrative Organization National Financial Standardization Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from) Finance Standards Commission (website) 090722; industry standard filing Notice 2010 No. 3 (total 123)
Summary This standard specifies the hardware magnetic stripe bank cards and IC Carter about merchant point of sale terminal requirements, software requirements, security requirements, applications, transaction interface, transaction processing, message format and POS terminals evidence elements do not involve magnetic stripe bank cards and IC card transactions host requirements. This standard applies to the territory of People's Republic of China and sales of various bank cards accepted point of terminal equipment.

JR/T 0001-2009
ICS 35.240.40
A 11
Replacing JR/T 0001-2001
Specification on point of sale (POS)
terminal for bank card
ISSUED ON . MARCH 17, 2009
Issued by. the People’s Bank of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1  Scope ... 5 
2  Normative references ... 5 
3  Terms and definitions ... 6 
4  Hardware requirements of POS terminal ... 10 
5  Software requirements of POS terminal ... 13 
6  Security requirements of POS terminal ... 13 
7  POS terminal applications ... 13 
8  POS terminal transaction interface ... 19 
9  POS terminal transaction processing ... 26 
10  POS terminal message format ... 48 
11  POS terminal voucher elements ... 62 
Annex A (Informative) MAC algorithm ... 70 
Annex B (Informative) Response code treatment ... 73 
Annex C (Informative) POS terminal transaction voucher sample ... 78 
This Standard replaces JR/T 0001-2001 Specification of Point of Sale (POS) Terminal with
Magnetic Stripe Card in Bank.
This Standard, in comparison with JR/T 0001 -2001, has the major changes as follows.
— The title of the standard is revised from Specification of Point of Sale (POS) Terminal
with Magnetic Stripe Card in Bank to Specification on Point of Sal (POS) Terminal for
Bank Card;
— Contents of IC card are added in respect of terminal display, information transmission
from terminal to backstage, and voucher printing, etc. And the contents of judging bank
card medium are added in the transaction process;
— Improve safety requirements of POS terminal. Add descriptions of MAC encryption
algorithm and length requirements for keys based on various banks’ experiences;
— Unify transaction processing and transaction interface elements;
— Unify transaction response codes and text messages of screen prompts for cashier;
— Unify voucher elements and give transaction voucher sample;
— Add descriptions of balance check, offline transaction and additional pre-authorized
transaction. However, it is an optional transaction for accepting institution.
In this Standard, Annex A, Annex B and Annex C are informative Annexes.
This Standard was proposed by the People's Bank of China.
This Standard shall be centralized by the National Financial Standardization Technical
Drafting organizations of this Standard. Technology Department of People's Bank of China,
and China Financial Computerization Corporation.
Participating drafting organizations of this Standard. Industrial and Commercial Bank of
China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of
Communications, China Merchants Bank, China UnionPay Co., Ltd., and Bank Card Test
Center, and Zhongchao Credit Card Industry Development Co., Ltd.
The main drafters of this Standard. Jiang Yunbing, Du Ning, Li Shuguang, Zhang Yan, Liu
Qibin, Liu Zhiyu, Ma Xiaoqiong, Liu Yun, Zhao Zhilan, Jin Rusen, Pu Humin, Liao Zhijiang,
Tang Shuming, He Zhijian, Zeng Zheng, Yuan Guoneng, Qian Fei, Ji Xidong, Huang
Faguo, Shao Kuoyi, Liu Zhigang, Zhang Yongfeng, Liu Erjun, and Gao Yun.
This Standard was firstly issued in March, 2001 and this is the first revision.
Specification on point of sale (POS) terminal
for bank card
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the requirements for hardware, software and safety, application
functions, transaction interface, transaction processing process, message format and
voucher elements of POS terminal of specially engaged merchant’s bank magnetic strip
card. It does not specify the provisions of bank magnetic strip card and IC card transaction
The Standards is applicable to POS terminal equipment accepting various kinds of bank
card within the territory of the People’s Republic of China.
2 Normative references
The articles contained in the following documents have become part of this Standard
when they are quoted herein. For the dated documents so quoted, all the modifications
(excluding corrections) or revisions made thereafter shall not be applicable to this
Standard. For the undated documents so quoted, the latest editions shall be applicable to
this Standard.
GB 2312 Code of Chinese graphic character set for information interchange; Primary
GB 4943 Safety of information technology equipment (GB 4943-2001, eqv IEC
GB 9254 Information technology equipment - Radio disturbance characteristics - Limits
and methods of measurement (GB 9254-1998, CISPR 22. 1997, IDT)
GB 13000.1 Information technology-Universal multiple- Octet coded character
set(UCS)- Part 1. Architecture and basic multilingual plane (GB
13000.1-1993, ISO/IEC 10646.1-1993, IDT)
GB/T 14916 Identification cards - Physical characteristics (GB/T 14916-2006, ISO/IEC
7810.2003, IDT)
GB/T 15120 (All parts) Identification cards-Recording technique (GB/T 15120 (All
parts)-1994, ISO 7811. 1985, IDT)
GB/T 15694.1 Identification cards- Identification of issuers-Part 1. Numbering
system (GB/T 15694.1-1995, idt ISO/IEC 7812-1.1993)
GB/T 17552 Identification cards--Financial transaction cards
GB/T 17618 Information technology equipment--Immunity characteristics--Limits
and methods of measurement (GB/T 17618-1998, idt CISPR 24.1997)
GB 18030 Information technology -- Chinese coded character set
GB/T 19584 Specification on magnetic stripe data content and application for bank
GB/T 21078.1 Banking - Personal Identification Number management and security -
Part 1. Basic principles and requirements for online PIN handling in ATM
and POS systems (GB/T 21078.1-2007, ISO 9564-1.2002, MOD)
JR/T 0008 Bank identification number and card number for bank card
JR/T 0025 (All parts) China financial integrated circuit card specifications
ISO 9564-3 Banking - Personal Identification Number (PIN) management and security
- Part 1. Basic principles and requirements for online PIN handling in ATM
and POS systems
3 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
Bank card
The payment tools issued by financing institutions such as commercial banks, etc. to the
society, with whole or part functions of consumer credit, transfer and settlement of
accounts as well as cash deposit and withdrawal, etc.
Magnetic stripe card
Magnetic recording medium card has three magnetic-tracks to record magnetically
encoded information.
Notes. Physical features shall conform to GB/T 14916 standard. Records of magnetic strip shall conform
to standards including GB/T 15120, GB/T 15694.1, GB/T 17552 and GB/T 19584.
Integrated circuit(s) card (ICC)
Cards with one or more integrated circuit(s) installed inside, used for executing the
functions of processing and storage.
Point of sale terminal (POS terminal)
Any magnetic strip card, as long as it conforms to the standards of GB/T 14916, GB/T
15120, GB/T 15694-1 and GB/T 17552, shall be able to be read. The card swiping
direction might be single or bi-directional. Speed of card swiping is between 10cm/s to
100cm/s. And the service life of magnetic strip reader shall be up to more than 400,000
Card number reading of magnetic strip card shall give priority to reading data of the
second magnetic track. And if it is unavailable, read from the third.
Under the condition that magnetic strip reader reads the card with wrong magnetic
information, it shall prompts “swipe the card again or press cancel-key to quit”.
4.5 IC-card reader
ICC reader is used for accepting ICC insertion by user and proceeding transmission and
communication of command data with ICC. Its modules include mechanical part, electric
part and logical protocol, etc. See JR/T 0025.3.
There shall be a distinct sign indicating how to insert ICC, near the slot of ICC reader of
POS terminal. If the terminal can lock cards, then it shall ensure that the card can be
released under the condition of power-down, equipment exception or transaction
4.6 Storage capacity of transaction......
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