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Chinese Standard: 'CQC-C1103-2014'
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CQC-C1103-2014English989 Add to Cart Days<=7 China Compulsory Certification Implementation Detailed-Rules - Motorcycle Engine CQC-C1103-2014


Standard ID CQC-C1103-2014 (CQC C1103-2014; CQC-C11-03-2014; CQC-C1103-2014)
Description (Translated English) China Compulsory Certification Implementation Detailed-Rules - Motorcycle Engine
Sector / Industry China Quality Certification Center - CCC Implementation Detailed-Rules
Classification of Chinese Standard CQC
Word Count Estimation 43,471
Date of Issue 2014/8/21
Drafting Organization China Quality Certification Center
Administrative Organization CQC
Summary This document specifies the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) implementation Detailed-Rules for Motorcycle Engine. This document defines the Motorcycle Engine's certification unit; certification entrusting; document requirements; sample requirements; c

China Compulsory Certification Implementation Detailed-Rules-Motorcycle Engine
Motorcycle engine implementation rules CQC-C1103-2014
Scope of application
Terms and definitions
Certification standards
The detailed implementation rules for motorcycle engine products (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation rules") are based on the "mandatory
Product Certification Implementation Rules for Motorcycle Engines "(CNCA-C11-03..2014) (The following simplified
(Referred to as product implementation rules), as a supporting document for product implementation rules,
Common implementation rules.
According to the product implementation rules,
Selection and Confirmation of Certification Modes (CNCA-00C-003), Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification
Use of Testing Resources and Other Certification Results of Production Enterprises (CNCA-00C-004),
Rules for the Implementation of Sexual Product Certification Requirements for Factory Quality Assurance Ability (CNCA-00C-005),
General Requirements for Implementation of Factory Product Certification Regulations (CNCA-00C-006) (hereinafter
Only replaced by the rule number) and the quality manual of China Quality Certification Center (hereinafter referred to as CQC),
Procedural documents, work instructions and other related requirements
Develop and publish the implementation rules of this certification based on the principles of quality, service certification enterprises and control of certification risks
The product scope, certification basis and relevant regulations in the product implementation rules to which these Implementing Rules apply
It must be consistent and in accordance with the National Certification and Accreditation Administration (hereinafter referred to as the National Accreditation Administration)
(Committee) announced adjustments to the catalogue definition and catalogue adjustment announcements.
The scope of application of motorcycle engine products shall be implemented in accordance with Article 1 of the Product Implementation Rules.
The terms and definitions related to motorcycle engine products are implemented in accordance with Article 2 of the Product Implementation Rules.
Certification-related terms and definitions are based on the "Compulsory Product Certification Management Regulations" and various rules and regulations
定 execution.
Authentication mode
Motorcycle engine certification mode
Motorcycle engine single certification mode
The standards on which the certification is based shall be implemented in accordance with Annex 1 "Type Test Projects and Standards" of the Product Implementation Rules.
In principle, the standards for certification testing should be issued by the national standardization administrative department
Latest version. When it is necessary to add new applicable standards or use other versions of standards,
Announcement issued by the China National Accreditation Regulatory Commission for the application of relevant standards or the National Accreditation Administration of Motorcycles and Parts
Implementation of technical resolutions of the Technical Expert Group (TC12).
The certification mode of motorcycle engine products is implemented in accordance with Article 4 of the Product Implementation Rules.
CQC is based on product implementation rules and requirements of CNCA-00C-003.
The implementation of the initial factory inspection and follow-up inspection after obtaining the certificate
Pinghe adopts a differentiated certification model for different product characteristics.
Basic mode.
Initial factory inspection of type test (enterprise quality assurance capability and product consistency check)
Post-certification supervision
Motorcycle engine manufacturers' quality assurance capabilities and product consistency checks are in accordance with production
Consistency check.
Post-certification supervision methods include follow-up inspection after certification, production or on-site sampling inspection at the port, or
Inspection, market sampling inspection or inspection in one of three ways or various combinations. Take the following if necessary
One way or various combinations.
Obtain real test samples by sampling the market/production site
Follow-up inspection/flight inspection without prior notice;
Increase the frequency of surveillance after certification;
Increase the coverage of inspections/inspections and increase the probability of finding failures.
Stand-alone authentication basic mode. 100% inspection. Suitable for special purposes or for special reasons
Certification unit division
Certification Commission
Proposal and acceptance of certification commission
Certification entrusted information
① Small batches of imported products that have not obtained compulsory product certification for production and consumption.
The certification body shall formulate corresponding implementation rules in accordance with relevant national policies and regulations.
Note. ① The scope of application for special purposes or for special reasons is anti-terrorism security, rescue and disaster relief, emergency command, sports competition, road
Tests, major national production and construction projects, and end-user use
The journey must be for unit or personal use).
The division of motorcycle engine products shall be implemented in accordance with Article 5 of the Product Implementation Rules.
The certification client proposes the certification commission according to the principle of unit division. CQC is reviewing the relevant information.
After the final determination of the certification commission unit with the certification client.
Motorcycle engine stand-alone certified products are not divided into units, model and engine number
Issue certificates for units, one for each machine.
The certification entrustment and acceptance of motorcycle engine products are in accordance with Article 6.1 of the Product Implementation Rules.
Ask for implementation.
The certification client submits the certification entrusted information according to the certification process and requirements of CQC.
The trustee shall be responsible for the authenticity and legality of the materials submitted for certification.
Inadmissibility under any of the following circumstances.
(1) In the certification materials of the certification client, producer (manufacturer), and manufacturing enterprise,
The scope of business does not cover certified products; legal proof materials are missing;
(2) Other situations that are inadmissible under other laws and regulations.
After the certification commission intention is accepted, the certification client shall follow
The requirements of the Bill of Materials provide relevant certification entrusted information.
For the relevant certification materials referred to in Annex 1 to these Rules, the certification client shall
Submit completely on request, of which Article 3 certification unit information shall be submitted with each certification unit.
The submission time of the implementation report of the production consistency control plan shall be implemented in accordance with the requirements of Article 7.5 of these Rules.
After CQC receives valid certification entrustment materials, it will
Implementation arrangements
Certification process
Compliance audit is expected. If the information does not meet the requirements, the certification client shall be notified to complete it.
CQC is responsible for reviewing, managing, preserving and maintaining relevant information, and reporting the results of the data review
Know the certification client.
When CQC accepts the intention of entrusted certification, it sends the Product Evaluation Activity Plan to the certification client,
It stipulates that CQC and the certification client agree on the relevant responsibilities of both parties in the implementation of certification
And arrangement.
According to the actual and classified management of the production enterprise, CQC will work with the certification client and laboratory
Coordinate the development of type test plans.
The certification client submits a letter of intent to CQC, and CQC accepts the intention to start the certification process.
The normal certification process is.
Certification client submits certification information (online or in writing)-CQC conducts investment by commission unit
Material review, determine test plan and issue type test requirements-certification client based on type test
Request sample delivery, designate a laboratory for type testing and issue a type test report to CQC ^ CQC develops a factory inspection plan based on the production consistency control plan submitted by the certification client and installs it
Row factory inspection-conduct factory site inspection-review type test report, factory inspection report and
Evaluate and approve certification results, issue certification certificates-regularize certified manufacturing companies
supervised check.
The abnormal certification process is as follows.
The type test report; the factory inspection is not completed for the type test of the certified product.
If the type test report is not provided directly according to the normal certification process, all required
The test results of all test items meet the requirements of the standard and the consistency test of the type test samples
After passing, the type test result can be determined to be qualified; the type test of the certified product is not completed
For factory inspection, the certification client must apply to CQC, which can be carried out at the same time after approval.
Note. Before the factory inspection, for foreign production enterprises, the certification client, product producer (manufacturer) or production enterprise should send invitations at an appropriate time.
Please write in order to facilitate the review process abroad.
CQC accepts the certification commission and conducts data review.
The type test plan includes all sample requirements and quantities for type testing, testing standard items,
Laboratory information, etc.
The certification client can choose the laboratory and test scheme within the scope specified by the CNCA.
The formulation should be consulted with the certification client and the laboratory.
The type test shall be carried out on the basis of the certification entrusted unit. For the type test plan, please refer to these rules.
"Annex 2. Type test plan for motorcycle engine products".
The sample requirements for type testing shall meet the relevant content requirements of Article 7.1.2 of the product implementation rules.
In principle, under the same commissioned certification unit, the type test project involves motorcycle engines
The structure and technical parameters are the same, only one test can be carried out according to the specific situation;
For specific requirements, it can be expanded according to the standard content; there are multiple certifications under the same entrusted certification unit.
When verifying the product, the difference should be supplemented by tests.
In accordance with the relevant regulatory documents issued by the CNCA and the requirements of Product Implementation Rule 7.3,
For components that have obtained compulsory product certification or voluntary product certification recognized by the CNCA,
Assembly, only need to confirm the installed components, the consistency of the assembly specifications and certificates, and the certificate
It is not necessary to send samples for inspection or additional factory inspection with the prototype.
When sampling or inspecting at the production site or market, the certification client, producer (manufacturer),
Manufacturers should actively cooperate to take samples from qualified products, at least 2 samples of the same model
Samples, one of which is sealed until the end of the test or retested.
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