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GB/T 8629-2001 PDF in English

GB/T 8629-2001 (GB/T8629-2001, GBT 8629-2001, GBT8629-2001)
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GB/T 8629-2001: PDF in English (GBT 8629-2001)

GB/T 8629-2001
ICS 59.080.01
W 04
National Standard
of the People’s Republic of China
eqv ISO 6330.2000
Textiles ― Domestic washing and drying
procedures for textile testing
Issued by. State Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
ISO Foreword ... 5 
1 Scope ... 6 
2 Normative references ... 7 
3 Principle ... 7 
4 Reagents... 7 
5 Apparatus ... 7 
6 Test specimens ... 11 
7 Washing procedures ... 11 
8 Drying procedures ... 15 
9 Test report ... 16 
Annex A ... 18 
Annex B ... 19 
Annex C ... 21 
Annex D ... 24 
This Standard is the revision of GB/T 8629-1988 "Domestic washing and drying
procedures for textile testing" according to ISO 6330.2000 "Textiles — Domestic
washing and drying procedures for textile testing". And the revised major technical
contents and test methods are identical to ISO 6330.2000.
Compared with GB/T8629-1988, the revisions of this Standard are as follows.
1. CANCEL Type A2 washers; CHANGE Type A1 washers into Type A washers;
and the technical requirements and washing procedures of these washers are
2. AMEND and CHANGE the technical requirements and washing procedures of
Type B washers from an informative annex to normative text; ADJUST the
position of the detergents (WOB) for Type B washers in this Standard;
3. SPECIFY the technical requirements for the tumble dryers respectively for use
with the Type A and Type B washers;
4. AMEND the detergent formula. And ADOPT the non phosphate formula to
replace the phosphatic formula;
5. AMEND the usage of detergents;
6. CHANGE the hardness of water for washing from the former 5mg/kg (ppm) to
that no requirement on hardness of water, for general test. And the hardness of
water for arbitration test is 20mg/kg.
7. AMEND the ballast.
Annexes A, B and C of this Standard are normative; Annex D is informative.
GB/T 8628-2001 "Textiles — Preparation, marking and measuring of fabric specimens
and garments in tests for determination of dimensional change", GB/T 8630 "Textiles
— Determination of dimensional change in washing and drying", and this Standard
jointly consist of standard series of test methods for dimensional change in domestic
washing and drying.
This Standard shall replace GB/T 8629-1988, from the implementation data.
This Standard was proposed by the State Bureau of Textile Industry.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of the Basic Standard Subcommittee of
Technical Committee on Textiles of Standardization Administration of China.
National Standard of the People’s Republic of China
Textiles — Domestic Washing and
Drying Procedures for Textile Testing
eqv IS 6330.2000
Replacing GB/T 8629-1988
1 Scope 
1.1 This Standard specifies domestic washing and drying procedures for textile testing.
This Standard is applicable to domestic washing and drying of textile fabrics,
garments or other textile articles.
1.2 This Standard specifies the following washing procedures.
a) Ten different washing procedures based on the use of a horizontal drum,
front-loading type of machine (Type A washer), or
b) Eleven washing procedures based on the use of a top-loading agitator type of
machine (Type B washer).
Two results obtained with two types of machine is incomparable.
1.3 Each washing procedure represents a single domestic wash.
1.4 This Standard specifies six drying procedures.
A — Line dry
B — Drip dry
C — Flat dry
D — Flat press
E — Tumble dry
F — Oven dry
b) The type of washer and washing procedure used;
c) The drying procedure used. If the dryer is used, INDICATE the type of dryer;
d) The type of detergent used;
e) Total dry mass of the specimens and ballast (conditioned mass);
f) The ballast used;
g) Details of any deviation from this Standard.
Annex D 
Examples for selection of the washing procedures of Type A washers
For the garments and other finished products, WASH according to the washing
conditions stated in the instructions. As for the non-finished products, it is suggested
to select the required washing procedures from standards according to the fiber
property of the specimen. The following are examples of the selection.
1A Bleached cotton and linen fabrics without any special finishing.
2A Cotton, linen or viscose viscose fabrics without any special finishing.
3A Bleached nylon and bleached polyester-cotton blended fabric.
4A Cotton and viscose fabrics with special finishing, dyed nylon, polyester fiber and
orlon blended fabric, dyed polyester-cotton blended fabric.
5A Cotton, linen or fabric.
6A Acrylonitrile, cellulose acetate and cellulose triacetate fiber, blended fabric with
wool, and polyester-wool blended fabric.
7A Wool or wool-cotton or wool-viscose blended fabrics (including felt gasket), and
8A Silk and printed acetate fiber fabric.
9A Fabrics with special finishing and endurable to boiling but requiring a drying
method of drip drying.
Imitating hand washing Fabrics that are washed by imitating the hand washing but
are unendurable machine washing.
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