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GB/T 5976-2006 (GB/T5976-2006)

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GB/T 5976-2006: PDF in English (GBT 5976-2006)
ICS 53.020.30
J 80
Replacing GB/T 5976-1986
Wire Rope Grips
Jointly Issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision,
Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of
China and the Standardization Administration of the
People's Republic of China
Foreword ... I
1 Scope ... 1
2 Normative References ... 1
3 Types and Dimensions... 2
4 Technical Requirements ... 8
5 Inspection Rules ... 9
6 Marking, Packing, Transport and Storage ...11
Appendix A (Informative) Use Method of Wire Rope Grips ... 12
This standard replaces GB/T 5976-1986 "Wire Rope Grips".
Compared with GB/T 5976-1986, this standard has the following main changes.
——Add "foreword";
——Delete H3 dimension in Figure 3 and L1 dimension in Table 3;
——Modify the sampling methods in inspection rules;
——Modify the installation quantity of wire rope grips and the specification range of
wire ropes in Appendix A.
Appendix A of this standard is informative.
This standard is proposed by China Machinery Industry Federation.
This standard is under the jurisdiction of the National Technical Committee on Lifting
Appliance of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC 227).
Drafting organization of this standard. Dalian Daqi Group Co., Ltd.
Chief drafting staff of this standard. Ding Zhiqiang, Liu Daqiang.
The previous edition of the standard replaced by this standard is as.
——GB/T 5976-1986.
Wire Rope Grips
1 Scope
This standard specifies the types and dimensions, technical requirements, inspection
rules, marking, packing, transport and storage of wire rope grips.
This standard is applicable to wire rope grips for rope end fixation or connection of
round strand wire ropes in GB 8918-2006 and GB/T 20118-2006 used under such heavy
operating conditions as crane, mine haulage, ship and building industry (hereinafter referred
to as "rope grips").
2 Normative References
The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text,
constitute provisions of this standard. For dated reference, subsequent amendments to
(excluding correction to), or revisions of, any of these publications do not apply. However, all
parties coming to an agreement according to this standard are encouraged to study whether
the latest edition of these documents is applicable. For undated references, the latest edition of
the normative document is applicable to this standard.
GB/T 41-2000 "Hexagon Nuts-Product Grade C"
GB/T 196-2003 "General Purpose Metric Screw Threads-Basic Dimensions" (ISO
724.1993, MOD)
GB/T 197-2003 "General Purpose Metric Screw Threads-Tolerances" (ISO 965-1.1998,
GB/T 700-1988 "Carbon Structural Steels"
GB/T 1348-1988 "Spheroidal Graphite Iron Castings"
GB 8918-2006 "Steel Wire Ropes for Important Purposes"
GB/T 9440-1988 "Malleable Iron Castings"
GB/T 11352-1989 "Carbon Steel Castings for General Engineering Purpose"
GB/T 13384-1992 "General Specifications for Packing of Mechanical and Electrical
GB/T 20118-2006 "Steel Wire Ropes for General Purpose"
94.3 U bolts
4.3.1 U bolts shall be refined; the screw surface shall be free from overburnt crack,
indentation, scar, striation, scale and floating rust.
4.3.2 The thread surface shall be free from bumping, burr, double cusp, scratch, crack and
imperfect thread.
4.3.3 The basic dimension of thread shall meet the requirements of GB/T 196-2003; the
thread tolerance shall meet the requirements of GB/T 197-2003; and the tolerance grade shall
be 6g.
4.3.4 The dimension deviation not given shall not be greater than 50
+ % of its basic
dimension, and the thread length deviation is +2 screw pitch.
4.4 Hexagon nuts
The nuts shall meet the requirements of GB/T 41-2000, with a performance grade of
Grade 5.
4.5 Galvanizing
4.5.1 The grip holders, U bolts and hexagon nuts (unless otherwise agreed by the supplier
and the purchaser) shall be subjected to hot dip galvanizing (U bolts and nuts with
specifications 6 and 8 may adopt electrogalvanizin). The galvanizing coat mass of single
specimen shall not be less than 450g/m2 and the average value shall not be less than 500g/m2.
4.5.2 The surface of parts subjected to hot dip galvanizing shall be smooth and flat and free
from such defects as galvanizing missing affecting use and appearance, zinc granule, bubble,
crack and peeling.
4.6 Assembly
The nut and grip holder shall be contacted well and free from any gap. The use method
of wire rope grips is detailed in Appendix A.
5 Inspection Rules
5.1 The rope grips shall be inspected by the supplier. The supplier shall ensure each batch of
rope grips meets the requirements of this standard and is accompanied by product quality
5.2 The rope grips shall be delivered in batch for acceptance. The specification, material
designation and production process of each batch of rope grips shall be same. For castings,
each cast number may be deemed as one batch.
5.3 The inspection adopts the sampling method for two times by the piece. Namely n1 group
of samples shall be randomly taken for each specification from a batch of rope grips for
acceptance, if the unqualified group number therein is not greater than C1 group, this batch of
rope grips may be subjected to acceptance. If greater than or equal to C2 group, this batch of
rope grips shall not be subjected to acceptance. If greater than C1 group but less than C2 group,
the second sampling inspection shall be carried out, and another n2 group of samples shall be
taken from this batch of rope grips. If the sum of unqualified group number in taken samples
for two times (n1+n2) is less than C2 group, acceptance shall be carried out; if greater than or
equal to C2 group, acceptance shall not be carried out.
a The test bar with performance inspection shall be taken from the same cast number of the same furnace for castings.
b If several dimensions and defects of one grip holder are unqualified, only 1 piece shall be calculated.
c This batch is randomly inspected once.
5.7 The purchaser is entitled to carry out acceptance inspection for the rope grips supplied
by the supplier in accordance with the requirements of 5.3~5.6.
6 Marking, Packing, Transport and Storage
6.1 Each grip holder shall be provided with the marks of permanent and legible
specification, material and supplier name (or trademark). Such marks shall be in the position
shown in Figure 2.
6.2 The packing types and materials for rope grips must consider the rope grips shall be free
from damage and corrosion during transport and maintaining period, and shall meet the
requirements of GB/T 13384.
6.3 The rope grips shall be ensured free from rust within a year as date of delivery during
the storage period under normal transport and maintaining conditions.
6.4 The appearance of packing boxes, cases, bags, etc. shall be provided with marks or
labels, with the content as follows.
a) Supplier name or trademark;
b) Product name;
c) Specification and quantity;
d) Delivery number and standard code;
e) Manufacturing date and delivery date;
f) Destination and consignee;
g) Box number, gross weight, net weight and volume;
h) Damp-proof mark.
6.5 The requirements beyond above-mentioned provisions shall be negotiated by the
supplier and the purchaser.
Appendix A
Use Method of Wire Rope Grips
A.1 Arrangement of wire rope grips
For wire rope grips, the grip holder is buckled on the working segment of wire rope as
shown in Figure A.1, and the U bolt is buckled on the tail segment of wire rope. The wire rope
grips shall be free from alternate arrangement on the wire rope.
Figure A.1 Correct Arrangement Method of Wire Rope Grips
A.2 Quantity of wire rope grips
For applicable places meeting the requirements of this standard, the minimum quantity
of wire rope grips required for each junction is recommended as Table A.1.
Table A.1
Specification of rope grip (nominal diameter of wire rope)
Minimum quantity of wire rope grips/group
A.3 Distance between wire rope grips
The distance A between wire rope grips is equal to 6~7 times the diameter of wire rope.
A.4 Strength at rope grip fixation
The strength at wire rope grip fixation depends on the correct arrangement of rope grip
on wire rope, as well as the caution and proficiency level of rope grip fixation and gripping.
If the clamp nuts are inappropriate or the wire rope grips are insufficient, the rope end
may have slipping at the beginning of load bearing.
If the rope grips are correctly arranged and gripped according to the recommended
quantity, and all the rope grip holders are in the longer part of the wire rope, but the U bolts
are in the shorter part or tail segment of the wire rope, the strength at the fixation shall be
80% of wire rope strength at least.
In actual use, the rope grips, after loading bearing for one and two times, shall be
checked; in many cases, the nuts shall be tightened further.
A.5 Fastening of wire rope grips
The fastening of rope grips must consider the reasonable load carrying of each rope grip;
(Above excerpt was released on 2018-01-08, modified on 2021-06-07, translated/reviewed by: Wayne Zheng et al.)
Source: https://www.chinesestandard.net/PDF.aspx/GBT5976-2006