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GB/T 42500-2023 (GB/T42500-2023, GBT 42500-2023, GBT42500-2023)
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GB/T 42500-2023: PDF in English (GBT 42500-2023)

GB/T 42500-2023
ICS 03.080.01
CCS A 16
Specification for on-demand delivery service
Issued by: State Administration for Market Regulation;
Standardization Administration of the PRC.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative references ... 4
3 Terms and definitions ... 4
4 Basic requirements ... 6
4.1 On-demand delivery platform enterprises ... 6
4.2 Delivery person ... 7
5 Service process ... 7
5.1 Order creation ... 7
5.2 Order response ... 7
5.3 Order allocation ... 7
5.4 Order fulfillment and delivery ... 8
5.5 Order completion ... 9
6 Service equipment and configuration ... 9
6.1 Delivery vehicle ... 9
6.2 Delivery box (package) ... 9
6.3 Helmet ... 10
7 Service evaluation and improvement ... 10
7.1 Service evaluation ... 10
7.2 Service improvement ... 10
Appendix A (Informative) Calculation methods for on-demand delivery service
evaluation indicators ... 11
Bibliography ... 14
Specification for on-demand delivery service
1 Scope
This document stipulates the basic requirements for on-demand delivery service as well
as service process, service equipment and configuration, service evaluation and
improvement requirements.
This document applies to the operation and management of on-demand delivery service.
This document does not apply to the operation and management of intra-city online
freight shipments and fresh food terminal delivery.
2 Normative references
The contents of the following documents, through normative references in this text,
constitute indispensable provisions of this document. Among them, for dated references,
only the edition corresponding to that date applies to this document. For undated
references, the latest edition (including all amendments) applies to this document.
GB 811 Helmets for motorcycle and electric bicycle users
GB 5749 Standards for drinking water quality
GB 7258 Technical specifications for safety of power-driven vehicles operating on
GB 17761 Safety technical specification for electric bicycle
GB/T 18354 Logistics terminology
GB/T 22239 Information security technology - Baseline for classified protection of
3 Terms and definitions
The terms and definitions defined in GB/T 18354 and the following ones apply to this
On-demand delivery service
the order pushed by the platform.
4 Basic requirements
4.1 On-demand delivery platform enterprises
4.1.1 It shall have a fixed business location and be equipped with the equipment and
personnel required for on-demand delivery service.
4.1.2 It shall establish service specifications and systems, to clearly state service
requirements, service fees, etc.
4.1.3 It shall establish a sound pre-job training and continuing education system for
delivery persons; organize regular education and training on laws and regulations,
professional ethics, service standards, safety, etc.; establish training files.
4.1.4 It shall establish a service evaluation, complaint and improvement mechanism;
publish service supervision telephone numbers and other complaint methods and
handling procedures.
4.1.5 It shall design reasonable algorithms of assigning and getting orders AND order
merging rules for multiple orders to be delivered together. The algorithm shall be
moderately open. There shall be no discrimination based on gender, age, etc.
4.1.6 It shall have the licensing qualifications to carry out Internet information service
business. The network security level shall meet the third-level security capabilities in
GB/T 22239.
4.1.7 It shall build and maintain an information platform or application that meets the
needs of on-demand delivery service. Its functions include but are not limited to:
a) Data security protection, user privacy protection, etc.;
b) Communication;
c) Data analysis, order matching, etc.;
d) Warnings, prompts, and feedback;
e) Complaints and comments.
4.1.8 It shall establish an information security protection and user information
desensitization system, to strengthen the protection of personal information and
national information security. Before collecting the information on consignee and
consigner and on delivery person, it shall obtain their consent.
b) Geographical location information of consignee and consigner (including order
initiator and recipient);
c) Number of orders being delivered by the delivery person;
d) On-demand delivery service time;
e) Basic information such as category, weight, and quantity of delivered items;
f) Delivery person’s health certificate.
5.3.2 When allocating orders, it is advisable to give priority to delivery persons with
high order completion rates and good service quality.
5.3.3 After the order is released, the platform shall allow consignee and consigner to
cancel or change the order within the specified time.
5.3.4 Orders, which are not accepted by anyone, should be posted in the public area of
the information platform. The delivery person can choose the order himself. If there is
no delivery person to accept the order within a certain period of time, the information
platform background can automatically cancel it.
5.4 Order fulfillment and delivery
5.4.1 After the delivery person receives the order, the platform shall desensitize the
order status, delivery person's name, contact information and other information; provide
timely feedback to the consignee and consigner.
5.4.2 The platform shall recommend the location and time for picking up (delivering)
delivery items to consignee and consigner and delivery person.
5.4.3 The platform shall recommend the planned delivery route to the delivery person.
5.4.4 After receiving the order and before arriving at the designated location, the
delivery person shall proactively contact the consignee and consigner, to confirm the
order status; and shall arrive at the agreed location within the agreed time.
5.4.5 When the delivery person arrives at the agreed location to pick up the items, he
shall conduct an inspection, to check the consistency of the items with the order
5.4.6 During the delivery process, the delivery person shall keep the seals of delivered
items intact; and shall not store items unrelated to meals in catering delivery boxes
5.4.7 The delivery person shall regularly disinfect and clean catering delivery boxes
(packages). During disinfection, the water used in preparing detergent solutions and
disinfectants shall comply with the requirements of GB 5749.
5.4.8 Before the items are delivered, if the consignee and consigner cancel the order or
change the service requirements, the platform shall promptly prompt the delivery
person about the order status AND provide solutions.
5.4.9 During the delivery process, if emergencies such as bad weather, traffic accidents,
items damage, etc. occur, and the order cannot be completed or the order is delayed, the
delivery person shall promptly provide feedback to the platform. The platform shall
negotiate with consignee and consigner and delivery person AND provide solutions.
5.4.10 When the order delivery is not completed, the delivery person shall not confirm
the completion of the order delivery in advance.
5.5 Order completion
5.5.1 After the delivery person confirms that the order has been delivered, the platform
shall, through the information platform, promptly display the delivery details to
consignee and consigner.
5.5.2 The platform shall provide consignee and consigner with channels for service
evaluation and for issuance of delivery service fee invoices; and CLOSE the order.
5.5.3 The platform shall remind consignee and consigner to provide service evaluation
6 Service equipment and configuration
6.1 Delivery vehicle
6.1.1 The technical conditions of electric bicycles for delivery shall meet the
requirements of GB 17761. The technical conditions of motorcycles and mopeds for
delivery shall meet the requirements of GB 7258.
6.1.2 The vehicle shall comply with the regulations of the relevant administrative
authorities in the location where the service is provided.
6.2 Delivery box (package)
6.2.1 The delivery box (package) shall have the function of protecting the delivered
6.2.2 Catering delivery boxes (packages) shall be made of materials with anti-mildew
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