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GB/T 35063-2018 (GB/T35063-2018, GBT 35063-2018, GBT35063-2018)
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GB/T 35063-2018: PDF in English (GBT 35063-2018)

GB/T 35063-2018
ICS 73.040
D 28
Coal Base Shale Oil
ISSUED ON. MAY 14, 2018
Issued by. State Administration for Market Regulation;
Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 4 
2 Normative References ... 4 
3 Terms and Definitions ... 5 
4 Product Category ... 5 
5 Technical Requirements ... 5 
6 Test Methods ... 9 
7 Inspection Rules ... 10 
8 Marking, Packaging, Transportation and Storage ... 11 
9 Safety ... 11 
Coal Base Shale Oil
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the product category, technical requirements, test methods,
inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation and storage of coal base shale oil.
This Standard is applicable to the production and marketing of coal base shale oil.
Other types of shale oil can take this as a reference.
2 Normative References
The following documents are indispensable to the application of this Standard. In terms
of references with a specified date, only versions with a specified date are applicable
to this Standard. The latest version (including all the modifications) of references
without a specified date is also applicable to this Standard.
GB/T 260 Test Method for Water in Petroleum Products - Distillation Method
GB/T 261 Determination of Flash Point - Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Method
GB/T 265 Petroleum Products - Determination of Kinematic Viscosity and Calculation
of Dynamic Viscosity
GB/T 387 Dark Petroleum Products - Determination of Sulphur Content - Tubular Oven
GB/T 508 Petroleum Products. Determination of Ash
GB/T 510 Petroleum Products. Determination of Solidification Point
GB/T 511 Petroleum Products and Additives - Method for Determination of Mechanical
GB/T 1884 Crude Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Products - Laboratory
Determination of Density - Hydrometer Method
GB/T 3536 Petroleum Products - Determination of Flash and Fire Points - Cleveland
Open Cup Method
GB/T 4756 Method for Manual Sampling of Petroleum Liquids
GB 30000.7 Rules for Classification and Labelling of Chemicals - Part 7. Flammable
SH 0164 Petroleum Products Packaging, Storage, Transportation and Delivery
Acceptance Rules
3 Terms and Definitions
The following terms and definitions are applicable to this document.
3.1 Oil Shale
Oil shale refers to a kind of sedimentary rock of kerogen and a little asphaltene, which
are distributed in inorganic mineral substances.
3.2 Shale Oil
Shale oil refers to oil that is generated by oil shale through low temperature dry
3.3 Coal Base Shale Oil
Coal base shale oil refers to oil that is generated by oil shale that is symbiotic or
concomitant with coal in coal stratum through low temperature dry distillation.
4 Product Category
Coal base shale oil (hereinafter referred to as shale oil) products shall be divided into
3 categories in accordance with density, which are respectively light-weight shale oil,
medium-weight shale oil and heavy-weight shale oil.
Shale oil can be considered as fuel oil, raw material for the purpose of chemical
engineering or refinery plant. If shale oil’s Sulphur content is more than 0.5%, it shall
not be used in an industrial burner that does not have a desulfurizer.
5 Technical Requirements
5.1 Light-weight Shale Oil
In accordance with its density, light-weight shale oil shall be divided into No. 1 and No.
2 light-weight shale oil. In accordance with its Sulphur content index, light-weight shale
oil shall be divided into Grade-I and Grade-II light-weight shale oil. The mass of No. 1
and No. 2 light-weight shale oil shall respectively comply with the requirement in Table
1 and Table 2.
7.4 Model Inspection
Model inspection items are all the items that are stipulated in Table 1 ~ Table 6. Under
the following circumstances, these items shall be inspected.
a) Model inspection is needed in new product design and model appraisal, and
trial production and model appraisal;
b) Model inspection is needed in official production, when there are changes in
raw materials, production process and equipment;
c) Model inspection is needed in official production every half a year, or when a
batch of raw materials are changed;
d) Model inspection is needed after mass production is interrupted or suspended,
and resumed;
e) Model inspection is needed when a national or local quality supervision
institution proposes the request for model inspection.
7.5 Determination Rules
In accordance with density, shale oil shall be divided into light-weight, medium-weight
and heavy-weight shale oil. When shale oil respectively complies with all the technical
requirements that are stipulated in Table 1 ~ Table 6, this batch of products shall be
determined as qualified in that grade.
7.6 Re-inspection Rules
In the result of exit-factory inspection, if there are stipulations that do not comply with
the technical indicators in Table 1 ~ Table 6, re-take a doubled size of samples for re-
inspection in accordance with the stipulation in GB/T 4756. In the result of the re-
inspection, if there is still an item that does not comply with the grade of technical
indicators stipulated in this Standard, this batch of products shall be determined as
unqualified in that grade.
8 Marking, Packaging, Transportation and Storage
Marking, packaging, transportation, storage and delivery acceptance shall comply with
the stipulation in SH 0164.
9 Safety
The warning label and warning description of shale oil shall comply with the
requirement in GB 30000.7. Product’s safety requirements shall comply with the
national Regulations on the Safety Administration of Dangerous Chemicals, and
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