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GB/T 25350-2010 (GB/T25350-2010)

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GB/T 25350-2010English90 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto-delivery. Technology specification for cleaning fuel supply system of ethanol gasoline vehicles Valid

GB/T 25350-2010: PDF in English (GBT 25350-2010)

GB/T 25350-2010
ICS 03.220.20
R 16
Technology specification for cleaning fuel supply
system of ethanol gasoline vehicles
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Standardization Administration Committee.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 4 
2 Cleaning items and technical requirements ... 4 
3 Cleaning operation process ... 5 
4 Inspection and debugging ... 8 
5 Quality assurance period ... 8 
This Standard was proposed by Ministry of Transport of the People 's Republic
of China.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee
on Auto Repair of Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC 247).
Main drafting organization of this Standard. Ministry of Communications
Highway Science Research Institute.
The drafting organizations of this Standard. Anhui Provincial Highway Transport
Administration Bureau, Jiangsu Provincial Communications Department
Transport Administration Bureau, Jilin University.
Main drafters of this Standard. Han Guoqing, Cai Fengtian, Ning Qing, Fan Jian,
Liu Li, Tian Yongsheng, Li Weiqing, Zhao Meng, Yan Fengyi, Chen Ming, Li Ke,
Yin Guoxiang, Li Xiansheng, Zhao Zhiguo.
Technology specification for cleaning fuel supply
system of ethanol gasoline vehicles
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the fuel supply system cleaning project and technical
requirements, operation process, inspection and commissioning, quality
assurance period for gasoline vehicles before they use ethanol gasoline for the
first time.
This Standard is applicable to cleaning fuel supply system of ethanol gasoline
vehicles which have been driving for more than 30,000 km prior to the first use
of ethanol gasoline.
2 Cleaning items and technical requirements
See Table 1 for cleaning items and technical requirements. The process flow is
shown in Figure 1.
Table 1 Cleaning items and technical requirements
No. Item Technical requirements
1 Fuel tank
a) No dirt, rust, glial particles, accumulated water in the tank;
b) Fuel tank pads are intact, fast and reliable, without wear, oil spill;
c) No dirt in tank breathing valve, easy access and easy exhaust;
d) The oil sensor float is alcohol resistant material.
2 Fuel pump
a) Clean, no impurities inside and outside of fuel pump;
b) The pump membrane is alcohol resistant material;
c) The fuel filter is clean, smooth, without dirt.
3 Fuel filter
a) Replace the disposable fuel filter;
b) No dirt inside and outside the detachable fuel filter; filter is resistant
alcohol filter such as metal grid or ceramic material.
4 Injector No carbon deposition, blockage, drip oil leakage phenomenon
5 Tubing
a) Tubing is resistant to alcohol;
b) Pipeline is clean and smooth;
c) No sag, crack or leakage joints;
d) The tubing connector is alcohol resistant material.
6 Fuel evaporation control device
a) Pipeline is resistant to alcohol, clean and smooth;
b) The surface of the activated carbon tank is not damaged;
c) Activated carbon is effective.
3.9 Carburetor cleaning
3.9.1 Clean the outside of the carburetor first. Then decompose the carburetor.
Clean each oil channel, measuring hole, oil room, atomizing nozzle, needle and
inlet filter, etc.
3.9.2 Check oil float, plastic parts, rubber parts. If they are made of a material
susceptible to ethanol corrosion, it shall be replaced with alcohol resistant parts.
3.9.3 Install the carburetor and connect the tubing.
3.10 Oil-water separator cleaning
3.10.1 Check the oil-water separator. Replace it if it cannot work as normal.
3.10.2 Clean the oil-water separator to make it without dirt or accumulated
4 Inspection and debugging
4.1 Check the fuel supply system. The pipeline connection shall be reliable,
without leakage. The relevant parameters shall meet the original technical
4.2 Make adaptive adjustment to carburetor engine. Properly adjust the
concentration of the mixture. Advance the ignition advance angle.
4.3 After adding automotive ethanol gasoline, the engine shall start with good
performance, idle stability, smooth running, without broken cylinder, tempering,
blasting or abnormal sound.
5 Quality assurance period
Calculated from the date of completion and exit-factory, the vehicle shall travel
2000 km or 10d, whichever comes first.
(Above excerpt was released on 2017-02-27, modified on 2021-06-07, translated/reviewed by: Wayne Zheng et al.)
Source: https://www.chinesestandard.net/PDF.aspx/GBT25350-2010