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SY/T 10025-2009 (SYT 10025-2009)

Chinese standards (related to): 'SY/T 10025-2009'
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SY/T 10025-2016English1379 Add to Cart 8 days (Specification for pre - operation inspection of marine drilling equipment) SY/T 10025-2016 Valid SYT 10025-2016
SY/T 10025-2009English360 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto delivery. Pre-operation inspection for offshore drilling unit SY/T 10025-2009 Obsolete SYT 10025-2009
SY/T 10025-1999English1559 Add to Cart 9 days drilling Rig Pre-Drilling Inspection Specification SY/T 10025-1999 Obsolete SYT 10025-1999

Standard ID SY/T 10025-2009 (SY/T10025-2009)
Description (Translated English) Pre-operation inspection for offshore drilling unit
Sector / Industry Oil & Gas Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard E13
Classification of International Standard 75.020
Word Count Estimation 45,457
Date of Issue 2009-12-31
Date of Implementation 2010-05-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) SY/Y 10025-1999
Drafting Organization China Oilfield Services Limited
Administrative Organization Oil drilling engineering Standardization Committee
Regulation (derived from) National Energy Board Notice 2009 No. 2; industry standard filing Notice 2010 No. 2 (No. 122 overall)
Summary This standard specifies the offshore oil and gas drilling operations on the drilling unit and its main attachments inspection before the job content, methods and requirements. This standard applies to offshore oil and gas drilling operations before sitting down to the bottom, self-elevating, moored semi-submersible drilling rigs and other mobile devices and platforms rig test. Other floating rigs available for implementation.

SY/T 10025-2009: PDF in English (SYT 10025-2009)
SY/T 10025-2009
ICS 75.020
E 13
SN. 27502-2010
Oil and Gas Industry Standard
of the People’s Republic of China
Replace SY/T 10025-1999
Pre-operation Inspection for Offshore Drilling Unit
Issued by. National Energy Administration
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 4 
2 Terms and definitions ... 4 
3 Pre-operation inspection ... 4 
3.1 Requirements ... 4 
3.2 Test conditions ... 4 
3.3 Inspection contents and methods ... 5 
4 Test report ... 6 
4.1 Contents of report ... 6 
4.2 Rectification of problems ... 6 
Appendix A (Normative) Certificates and material inspection ... 7 
Appendix B (Normative) Intuitive inspection ... 20 
Appendix C (Normative) Pre-operation Inspection Report for Offshore Drilling
Work ... 38 
This Standard replaces SY/T 10025-1999 “Pre-operation Inspection for Drilling Platform”.
Compared with SY/T 10025-1999, the main changes of this Standard are as follows.
— Add test methods;
— Add test conditions;
— Tabulate the inspection contents;
— Add inspection report;
— Delete policy statement in SY/T 10025-1999;
— Delete inspection purpose in SY/T 10025-1999;
— Delete appendix D in SY/T 10025-1999.
Appendixes A, B and C in this Standard are normative.
This Standard was proposed by and shall be under the jurisdiction of the Standardizing Committee
on Offshore Oil Drilling Engineering.
Drafting organizations of this Standard. China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) and China National
Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).
Main drafters of this Standard. CAO Shijing, WANG Jianjun, LI Lihong, YUAN Xiaosong, WANG
Dongshi, and SONG Linsong.
The historical version replaced by this Standard is as follows.
— SY/T 10025-1999.
Pre-operation Inspection for Offshore Drilling Unit
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the inspection contents, methods and requirements of pre-operation
inspection for offshore drilling and support units.
This Standard is applicable to the pre-operation inspection of offshore mobile drilling units such as
bottom-sitting, self-elevating, semi-submersible drilling platforms, etc. and support units on the
platform. For floating drilling unit, this Standard may be served as a reference standard.
2 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this Standard, the following terms and definitions shall apply.
The time from the moment FROM when drilling unit is confirmed to be used in drilling operation
TO the starting time of operation.
A company which has the right to operate and manages oil and gas mines, or organizes and
operates offshore drilling project.
drilling contractor
A company which has or uses drilling unit and provides drilling operation services to operator.
3 Pre-operation inspection
3.1 Requirements
Pre-operation inspection shall be organized and carried out by an inspection group. The members
of inspection group shall include the experts in the fields of safety, environmental protection, drilling,
electromechanical industry, and marine affairs, etc. The leader of the inspection group shall be
appointed by the operator.
The inspection group shall make inspection plan and contents based on the characteristics of
operation. The operator shall notify the inspection plan and contents to drilling contractor about
10d in advance.
3.2 Test conditions
In case of one of the following conditions, drilling unit shall be inspected.
— When operator first-time uses the drilling unit;
— When there is significant difference existed in the engineering contents of adjacent operation
— After the owner of drilling unit is changed;
— After the significant repair or rectification of drilling unit;
— Drilling unit re-operates after having idled for 3 months or more;
— When operator considers that it is necessary.
3.3 Inspection contents and methods
3. 3.1 Certificates and material inspection
Inspect the quality certificates of drilling and support units, qualification of contractor, original
materials and record, management system, operational conditions, etc. The detail contents of
certificates and material inspection are shown in Appendix A.
3.3.2 Inspection of drilling unit and support units Inspection methods
It should adopt intuitive inspection, function test, pressure test, unified operational test,
nondestructive test and disassembly inspection, etc. Intuitive inspection
It should adopt the methods such as eye-inspection, hand-touching and ear-hearing. Intuitive
inspection contents are shown in Appendix B. Function test
Observe the working conditions of all moving parts of control equipment under unladen load or
light load; monitor the range of displayed parameters of each instrument.
It is applicable to underwater & well control system, drilling string compensation system, skidding
system, crown block protector, safety detection and alarm system, power system, emergency
system, rescue system and fire-fighting system. Pressure test
Use test medium to pressurize the system to test its loading and sealing capacities. It is applicable
to underwater & well control system, drilling fluid recycling system, well cementing system, ash
transmission system, and the pipeline and valve of sea water system. The test pressure of low
pressure installations such as sea water and ash transmission systems is the rated working
pressure. If it does not fall within 5min, then it is deemed as qualified. For high pressure installation,
low and high pressure tests shall be conducted separately. The test result of high pressure
equipment shall conform to the design requirements. Unified operational test
Apply load to power, rotating, lifting and recycling systems; then conduct unified operational test.
During the test, the displayed data of relevant instruments such as ampere meter shall be recorded.
The test scheme shall be able to reflect the operational and power matching conditions of single
unit and entire system. The time of load test of drilling fluid recycling system shall not be lower than
6h. The time for the unified trial operation of newly constructed drilling unit shall not be lower than
36h. Nondestructive test
On the condition that the tested object shall not be damaged or destroyed, sound, light, electric or
25 Marine riser and man delivery device
26 Gooseneck pipe and choke killing hose a
Sheave block for marine
riser tensioner and steel
rope a
28 Liquid-gas separator
Telescoped bulkhead for
guide rope tensioner and
steel rope a
30 Relief valve of tension system
31 Relief valve of guide rope tensioner
32 Relief valve for oil gas storage of compensator
33 Trip and pressure testing device for diverter
3 Only for floating drilling unit.
A.1.3.4 Certificates of power and support units
For the certificates of power and support units that need to be inspected, refer to Table A.5.
Table A.5 Certificates of Power and Support Units
Name of drilling unit. Responsible person. Inspection time. Inspector.
SN Equipment
issued by
1 Main diesel generator set
2 Emergency diesel generator set
Rectification and
frequency conversion
electric control gear
4 Boiler (thermal medium boiler)
5 Activate air compressor
6 Tension air compressor
7 Serve air compressor
8 Soot blowing compressor
9 Respirator’s compressor
10 Ship refrigerating installation
11 Air conditioning system
Pumps (ballast pump,
main sea water pump,
sewage pump, electric
submersible pump)
13 Fresh water generator
14 Crane, travelling crane, electric hoist
15 All the pneumatic/ hydraulic winches
16 Fastening object
17 Fastened object
18 Platform forklift
Mooring system
(anchor head, anchor
cable, Kent ring, fishing
tools, anchor chain,
buoy, shackle, anchor
Jacking system (motor,
gear case, brake, rack,
ring beam, ring beam
pin, shockproof rubber,
hydraulic system)
21 Locking device (rack, hydraulic system)
Main towing system
(cross-bridge cable,
towing bridle, anti-wear
chain, shackle, triangle,
stand-by towing line)
Table A.5 (Continued)
SN Equipmen...