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GB 14536.15-2008 (GB14536.15-2008)

Chinese standards (related to): 'GB 14536.15-2008'
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GB 14536.1-2008English610 Add to Cart 0--3 minutes. Auto immediate delivery. [GB/T 14536.1-2008] Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use -- Part 1: General requirements GB 14536.1-2008 Valid GB 14536.1-2008
GB 14536.15-2008English90 Add to Cart 0--3 minutes. Auto immediate delivery. [GB/T 14536.15-2008] Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use -- Particular requirements for humidity sensing controls GB 14536.15-2008 Valid GB 14536.15-2008
GB/T 14536.1-1993EnglishRFQ ASK 9 days Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use. Part 1: General requirements GB/T 14536.1-1993 Obsolete GBT 14536.1-1993
GB 14536.15-1999English479 Add to Cart 3 days Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use Particular requirements for humidity sensing controls GB 14536.15-1999 Obsolete GB 14536.15-1999

Standard ID GB 14536.15-2008 (GB14536.15-2008)
Description (Translated English) [GB/T 14536.15-2008] Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use. Particular requirements for humidity sensing controls
Sector / Industry National Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard K32
Classification of International Standard 29.130.20
Word Count Estimation 16,115
Date of Issue 2008-12-30
Date of Implementation 2010-02-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) GB 14536.15-1999
Quoted Standard GB 14536.1
Adopted Standard IEC 60730-2-13-2006, IDT
Drafting Organization Guangzhou Institute of CVC detection technology
Administrative Organization National Standardization Technical Committee of home automation controller
Regulation (derived from) Announcement of Newly Approved National Standards No. 26 of 2008 (total 139)
Proposing organization China Electrical Equipment Industry Association
Issuing agency(ies) Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China; Standardization Administration of China
Summary This Chinese standard applies to equipment for household and similar purposes or in connection with the use of electrical equipment for use automatic humidity sensing controls, including for heating, air conditioning and similar purposes controller. These devices can use of electricity, gas, oil, solid fuel, solar energy, etc., or combinations thereof. 1. 1. 1 substitute the following paragraph after Note: Note: this standard, "device"encompasses"appliances"and"control system. "1. 1. 2 Replacement

GB 14536.15-2008: PDF in English
GB 14536.15-2008
Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use.Particular requirements for humidity sensing controls
ICS 29.130.20
National Standards of People's Republic of China
GB 14536.15-2008/IEC 60730-2-13.2006
Replacing GB 14536.15-1999
Household and similar electrical automatic controller
Particular requirements for humidity sensing controls
(IEC 60730-2-13.2006, IDT)
Posted 2008-12-30
2010-02-01 implementation
Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China
Standardization Administration of China released
Table of Contents
Preface Ⅰ
IEC Introduction Ⅲ
1 Scope and normative references 1
2 Definitions 1
3 General requirements 1
4 General notes 1
Rating 1 5
6 Category 1
7 Profile 2
8 Protection against electric shock 2
9 ground protection measures 2
10 Terminals and terminations 2
11 structural requirements 2
12 moisture and dust 2
13 Electric strength and insulation resistance 2
14 Fever 2
15 Manufacturing deviation and drift 2
3 16 Environmental Stress
Durability 17 3
The mechanical strength of 18 3
19 Threaded parts and connections 3
20 creepage distances, clearances and distances through solid insulation through 3
21 heat, fire and resistance to tracking 3
22 corrosion 4
23 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) emission requirements --- 4
24 assembly 4
25 Normal operation 4
26 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements --- immunity 4
27 non-normal operation 4
28 Guidelines for the use of electronic disconnect 4
Figure 5
Appendix 6
Requirements Annex H (normative) electronic controller 6
Annex AA (normative) Cycles 9
GB 14536.15-2008/IEC 60730-2-13.2006
All technical content in this section is mandatory.
GB 14536 "Household and similar electrical automatic controller" is divided into two parts.
--- Part 1. General requirements;
--- Part 2. Particular requirements.
Special requirements and consists of the following components.
--- GB 14536.3 - Particular requirements for thermal motor protectors (IEC 60730-2-2, IDT);
--- Particular requirements GB 14536.4 tubular fluorescent lamp ballasts for thermal protectors (IEC 60730-2-3, IDT);
--- GB 14536.5 sealed and semi-hermetic motor - compressor motor thermal protection Particular requirements (IEC 60730-2-4,
--- Particular requirements GB 14536.6 automatic electrical burner control systems (IEC 60730-2-5, IDT);
--- GB 14536.7 pressure sensitive electrical controls - Particular requirements (idt IEC 60730-2-6);
--- GB 14536.8 Particular requirements for timers and time switches (idt IEC 60730-2-7);
--- GB 14536.9 Particular requirements for electrically operated water valves (including mechanical requirements) (IEC 60730-2-8, IDT);
--- GB 14536.10 - Particular requirements for temperature sensing controls (IEC 60730-2-9, IDT);
--- GB 14536.11 Particular requirements for motor starting relays (IEC 60730-2-10, IDT) used;
--- GB 14536.12 Particular requirements for energy regulators (idt IEC 60730-2-11);
--- GB 14536.13 Particular requirements for electrically operated door locks (IEC 60730-2-12, IDT);
--- GB 14536.15 Particular requirements for humidity sensing controls (IEC 60730-2-13, IDT);
--- GB 14536.16 Particular requirements for electric actuators (idt IEC 60730-2-14);
--- GB 14536.17 special requirements of the float or electrode-sensitive automatic electrical water level sensing controller used in the boiler appliance
(IEC 60730-2-15, IDT);
--- GB 14536.18 - Particular requirements for household and similar use of the float type level controllers (IEC 60730-2-16, IDT);
--- GB 14536.19 Particular requirements for electrically operated gas valves, including mechanical requirements (IEC 60730-2-17, IDT);
--- GB 14536.20 Particular requirements for water and air flow sensing controls, including mechanical requirements (IEC 60730-2-18, IDT);
--- GB 14536.21 Particular requirements for electrically operated oil valves, including mechanical requirements (IEC 60730-2-19, IDT);
This section identical with IEC 60730-2-13.2006 "special for household and similar use automatic controller to humidity sensing controls
Part of this structure with IEC 60730-2-13.2006 same. In this section, there is a corresponding national standards, national standards incorporated by reference
Quasi; no national standards, IEC standards are incorporated by reference outlined.
For ease of use, this section made the following editorial changes.
a) instead of as a decimal by decimal comma ",". ",";
b) increase the national standard foreword;
c) with the "GB 14536.1" instead of "Part 1."
This part of GB 14536.1-2008 "Household and similar electrical controls - Part 1. General requirements" in conjunction.
This Part replaces GB 14536.15-1999 "Household and similar electrical controls - Particular requirements for humidity sensing controls."
Compared with GB 14536.15-1999 part of the main changes are as follows.
a) Chapter 7 in Table 7.2 has some changes;
GB 14536.15-2008/IEC 60730-2-13.2006
b) Chapter 15 Manufacturing deviation and drift representation has increased;
c) the name of several sections according to changes GB 14536.1 made the appropriate changes;
d) Appendix H (requires electronic control) made major changes.
Appendix H and Appendix AA This section is normative appendix.
This part is proposed by the China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association.
This part of the National Standardization Technical Committee household automatic control (SAC/TC212) centralized.
This section is drafted. Guangzhou CVC Testing Institute, Guangzhou Electric Apparatus Research Institute, Zhejiang Yan Thermostat Co., Ltd. Ningbo
Economic and Technological Development Zone Haixin Electric Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Kelon Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.
The main drafters of this section. Du, Huang Kaiyun, Chen Yonglong, thanks to Long Ke, Zhang Lei.
This part of the standard replaces the previous editions are.
--- GB 14536.15-1999.
GB 14536.15-2008/IEC 60730-2-13.2006
IEC Foreword
1) IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is a worldwide standardization group composed of national electrotechnical committees (IEC National Committees)
Organizations. The object of IEC is to promote international cooperation on issues related to the standardization of the electrical and electronic fields. For this purpose
IEC addition to other activities, but also publishes International Standards, technical specifications, technical reports, public specification (PAS, Publicly
AvailableSpecifications) and guidelines (henceforth referred to IEC publication). Their preparation is entrusted to technical
Commission to complete. As a member of IEC National Committees, as long as the interest of the standard to be developed, may participate
Its formulation. Liaising with the IEC 's international, official or unofficial organizations are also involved in the development of standards.
IEC and the World Organization for Standardization (ISO ) in accordance with the conditions specified in the agreement, close cooperation.
2) IEC IEC National Committees on technical issues formal decisions or agreements of particular concern on this issue with all the skills to participate
Technique developed by the Commission and, where possible expressed consensus on the issues involved in the international arena.
3) IEC Publications have the form of recommendations for international use, and in this sense recognized by the National Committees. Do its utmost to ensure
Paul IEC standard technology content is correct at the same time, IEC for end users or use any translation errors live
4) In order to promote international unification, IEC National Committees should clearly maximize the IEC international standards into the country
Standard or region. In case of any difference between the standard and the corresponding national or regional standard IEC , should be national standards or
Regional standards clearly stated.
5) IEC not developed any sign of approval procedures. When a device is declared if it complies with one of its standards of IEC , IEC this
Assumes no responsibility.
6) All users should be sure you are using the latest version.
7) IEC or its leaders, employees, servants or agents, including independent experts and IEC technical committees, national committee
Members will, for the use of any person or the trust of the IEC standards or other IEC publication caused casualties, property damage
Loss or other damage to the natural environment (whether such losses are direct or indirect) does not bear any responsibility for the phase
Should produce costs and expenses (including legal fees) is not liable.
8) Note that the standard references mentioned in this publication. Publication reference standard for the correct application of this standard is indispensable.
9) Note that some of the contents of this publication may involve patents, IEC these patent rights will not be responsible.
International Standard IEC 60730-2-13 by the IEC /T C72. home automation controller Technical Committee.
This second edition will repeal and replaces the first edition......