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JJG 657-2019

Chinese Standard: 'JJG 657-2019'
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JJG 657-2019English419 Add to Cart Days<=5 Breath Alcohol Analyzers Valid JJG 657-2019
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Standard ID JJG 657-2019 (JJG657-2019)
Description (Translated English) Breath Alcohol Analyzers
Sector / Industry Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard A61
Classification of International Standard 17.020
Word Count Estimation 21,289
Date of Issue 2019-09-27
Date of Implementation 2020-03-27
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) JJG 657-2006
Quoted Standard GB/T 21254-2017; OIML R-126 (2012)
Adopted Standard OIML R126(2012), NEQ
Drafting Organization China Academy of Metrology, China Institute of Testing Technology, Guangdong Academy of Metrology
Administrative Organization National Physical and Chemical Metrology Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from) State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration Announcement No. 40 of 2019
Issuing agency(ies) State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration
Summary This standard applies to the first verification, subsequent verification and in-use inspection of the exhaled gas alcohol content detector.

JJG 657-2019
Breath Alcohol Analyzers
National Measurement Verification Regulations of the People's Republic of China
Exhaled gas alcohol content detector
2019-09-27 release
2020-03-27 Implementation
Issued by the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration
Exhaled gas alcohol content
Verification Regulation of Detector
Replace JJG 657-2006
Centralized unit. National Physical and Chemical Measurement Technical Committee
Main drafting unit. China Academy of Metrology
China Testing Technology Research Institute
Guangdong Academy of Metrology
Participated in the drafting unit. Zhejiang Institute of Metrology
Institute of Transportation Management Science of the Ministry of Public Security
Jiaside Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Beijing Academy of Metrology and Testing Science
This regulation is entrusted to the National Physical and Chemical Measurement Technical Committee for interpretation
The main drafters of this regulation.
Liu Yiling (Chinese Academy of Metrology)
Founder (China Institute of Testing Technology)
Houxiang Cui (Guangdong Institute of Metrology)
Participating drafters.
Lin Zhen (Zhejiang Institute of Metrology)
Yu Chunjun (Institute of Transportation Management Science, Ministry of Public Security)
Pan Weijiang (Jiaside Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.)
Shen Zhengsheng (Beijing Institute of Metrology and Testing Science)
table of Contents
Introduction (Ⅱ)
1 Scope (1)
2 References (1)
3 Overview (1)
4 Measurement performance requirements (1)
4.1 Indication error (1)
4.2 Repeatability (1)
4.3 Drift (1)
4.4 Anti-interference ability (1)
4.5 Residual effects of memory (2)
4.6 Expiratory resistance (2)
4.7 Measuring range, resolution and measurement unit conversion (2)
4.8 Minimum expiratory flow and minimum duration (2)
5 General technical requirements (2)
5.1 Appearance and structure (2)
5.2 Marks and logos (2)
5.3 Power-on inspection (2)
5.4 Retention and storage of results (2)
6 Control of measuring instruments (2)
6.1 Verification conditions (2)
6.2 Verification items (3)
6.3 Verification method (4)
6.4 Processing of verification results (6)
6.5 Verification period (6)
Appendix A Requirements for Ethanol Standard Gas in Air and Precision Wine Detector (7)
Appendix B. Method and requirements for traceability of ethanol gas concentration value produced by ethanol gas source (8)
Appendix C Concentration of alcohol in exhaled breath (mole fraction μmol/mol) and alcohol in exhaled breath
Conversion of mass concentration (mg/L) and blood alcohol concentration (mg/100mL) (11)
Appendix D. Original Record Format of Exhaled Gas Alcohol Content Tester (12)
Appendix E Format of the inner page of the certificate of verification/certification result (14)
The main technical indicators of this regulation refer to GB/T 21254-2017 "Exhaled Gas Alcohol Content Detector" and
Compared to.2006, the main changes except for editorial changes are as follows.
--- The name of the regulation was changed to "exhaled gas alcohol content detector";
--- Modified the requirements of the "indication error", "repeatability", "anti-interference ability" and "expiratory resistance" (see 4.1,
4.2, 4.4, 4.6);
--- Added "drift" "measurement range, resolution and measurement unit conversion" "exhalation minimum flow rate and shortest hold
"Continuous time" index requirements (see 4.3, 4.7, 4.8);
--- "Memory effect" was changed to "residual memory effect", and the indicator requirements were modified (see 4.5);
--- The "result retention and storage time" item was adjusted to the "result result" in Chapter 5 "General Technical Requirements"
Keep and store "(see 5.4)
--- The verification item of "undervoltage alarm function" has been cancelled;
--- Revised "Verification Environmental Conditions" "Standard Substances and Equipment for Verification" "List of Verification Items" (see
6.1.1, 6.1.2, Table 3);
--- Modified the "indicating error", "repeatability", "anti-interference ability", "memory residual effect", "expiratory resistance" and
Verification method of "Expiratory Time" (see 6.3.3, 6.3.4, 6.3.6, 6.3.7, 6.3.8, 6.3.9);
--- Added "drift", "minimum expiratory flow and shortest duration", "measurement unit conversion", "measurement range"
Verification method (see 6.3.5, 6.3.9, 6.3.10, 6.3.11);
--- Amendment Appendix A "Requirements for Ethanol Standard Gas in Air and Precision Wine Detector" (see Appendix A);
--- Added Appendix B "Method and Requirements for Traceability of Ethanol Gas Concentration Value Produced by Ethanol Gas Source"
(See Appendix B);
--- Added Appendix C "Exhaled alcohol concentration (mole fraction μmol/mol) and exhaled alcohol concentration
Degree (mg/L) and conversion of blood alcohol concentration (mg/100mL) "(see Appendix C);
--- Deleted Appendix D "Expiratory Alcohol Concentration and Blood Alcohol Concentration Comparison Table".
The previous releases of this regulation are.
--- JJG 657-2006;
--- JJG 657-1990.
Verification Regulations of Exhalation Gas Alcohol Content Detector
1 Scope
This regulation is applicable to the first verification, subsequent verification and in-use inspection of the exhaled gas alcohol content detector.
2 Reference documents
This regulation refers to the following documents.
GB/T 21254-2017 Exhaled gas alcohol content detector
For dated references, only the dated versions are applicable to this Regulation; for those without dates
The latest version (including all amendments) is applicable to this regulation.
3 Overview
Exhaled breath alcohol content detector (hereinafter referred to as wine detector) is used to detect the alcohol content in human exhaled breath
the amount. The wine detector consists of gas circuit, control circuit, alcohol sensor, breath detection system, sampling system and display printing system
And other components. According to the measuring principle, the wine detector can be divided into battery type (ie electrochemical type), semiconductor type and infrared type.
4 Measurement performance requirements
4.1 Indication error
The display error of the wine detector should meet the requirements of Table 1.
Table 1 Indication error requirements
First verification and subsequent verification
(-0.040 ~ 0) mg/L
Or relative error -10% ~ 0
Just one of them
(-0.060 ~ 0) mg/L
Or relative error -15% ~ 0
Just one of them
4.2 Repeatability
The repeatability of the wine detector should meet the requirements of Table 2.
Table 2 Repeatability requirements
First verification Follow-up verification and inspection in use
≤1.7% ≤2.5%
4.3 Drift
Zero drift. no more than 0.010mg/L.
Indication drift. The indication drift at 0.4mg/L measurement point does not exceed 0.010mg/L.
4.4 Anti-interference ability
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