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JJG 4-2015

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JJG 4-2015English409 ASK Days<=4 Steel Measuring Tapes Valid JJG 4-2015
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Detail Information of JJG 4-2015; JJG4-2015
Description (Translated English): Verificatin regulation of steel measuring tapes
Sector / Industry: Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard: A52
Classification of International Standard: 17.040
Word Count Estimation: 18,174
Date of Issue: 2015-08-24
Date of Implementation: 2016-02-24
Older Standard (superseded by this standard): JJG 4-1999
Quoted Standard: GB/T 13236-2011; QB/T 2443-2011; OIML R35-1-2007
Drafting Organization: Tianjin Institute of Supervision and Testing Weighing; Beijing Institute of Metrology detection; China Institute of Metrology; Measuring Tool Co., Ltd. Harbin Puli Sen; eternal Harbin Measuring Instruments Ltd.
Administrative Organization: National Geometric Length Measurement Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from): AQSIQ Announcement 2015 No.106
Issuing agency(ies): State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
Summary: This Standard applies to ordinary steel tape, steel tape sounding initial verification, use and subsequent verification check.

JJG 4-2015
(Steel tape measure test procedures)
State verification procedures People's Republic of China
Steel tape
Issued on: 2015-08-24
2016-02-24 implementation
The State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine released
Steel tape measure test procedures
􀧣 􀧣
Replacing JJG 4-1999
Focal point: the National Technical Committee of length measuring geometry
Main drafting unit: Tianjin Institute of Supervision and Testing Weighing
Beijing Institute of Metrology detection
Participated in the drafting unit: China Institute of Metrology
Harbin Puli Sen Tools Co., Ltd.
Harbin eternal measuring instruments Ltd.
This procedure length measuring geometry commissioned the National Technical Committee is responsible for interpretation
The main drafters of this procedure:
Liu Jiali (Tianjin Supervision and Testing Institute of Metrology)
Tian Yong (Tianjin Supervision and Testing Institute of Metrology)
Zhang Man Shan (Beijing Institute of Metrology detection)
Luray Jun (Tianjin Supervision and Testing Institute of Metrology)
Drafters participate:
Jiangyuan Lin (China Institute of Metrology)
Wang Jianwei (Puli Sen Harbin Measuring Tool Co., Ltd.)
Yang Shumin (eternal Harbin Measuring Instruments Ltd.)
table of Contents
Introduction (Ⅱ)
1 Scope (1)
2. References (1)
3 Terms (1)
Tension 3.1 (1)
3.2 dipstick mound (1)
4 Overview (1)
5 metering performance requirements (3)
Lined width 5.1 (3)
5.2 Zero error (3)
5.3 Indication error (3)
6 General Requirements (4)
6.1 Appearance (4)
6.2 Interaction of each part (4)
7 control of measuring instruments (5)
7.1 test conditions (5)
7.2 test items and test equipment (5)
7.3 Verification Methods (6)
7.4 Verification Results Processing (7)
7.5 test cycle (8)
Appendix A Sounding steel tape measure zero error test (9)
Appendix B test certificates/test results in the notice page and format (10)
This procedure is based on OIMLR35-1:2007 (E) "common tool length measurement" requirement, in accordance with
JJF1002-2010 requirements "national verification procedures to write the rules," the on JJG 4-1999 "steel tape measure" into
Line revision. Compared with JJG 4-1999 "steel tape measure", in addition to editorial changes, the major technical changes are as follows:
--- Remove Strapping steel-related content;
--- Significant increase in the number of steel tape, steel tape rack outline drawings and related metering performance requirements;
--- Increasing the arc foot with steel tape tension at the time of verification is not specified requirements;
--- Increased requirements indication error test, applying a different tension according to the length of the test station;
--- Increased requirements for steel tape subsequent verification error of indication; adjust the steel tape measure centimeter division shows the maximum allowable value
Requirements error;
--- Modified sounding steel tape indication error, measurement error performance requirements of the tension, the abolition of grade Ⅰ, Ⅱ grade
Sounding steel tape of classification requirements;
--- Increasing the error indication data processing formulas;
--- Increasing the length of the steel tape test station requirements;
--- Increased sounding steel tape measure zero error test the metering performance requirements;
--- Removed certified by the stamp requirement.
JJG 4 of previously issued as follows:
JJG 4-1999;
--- JJG 4-1989, JJG 398-1995, JJG 399-1985 merger;
--- JJG 4-1980;
--- JJG 4-1958.
Steel tape measure test procedures
1 Scope
The order applies to ordinary steel tape, steel tape sounding initial verification, use and subsequent verification check.
2. References
This procedure references the following documents:
GB/T 13236-2011 Petroleum and liquid petroleum product storage tank level measurement equipment manual
QB/T 2443-2011 Steel Tape
OIMLR35-1:2007 (E) conventional length measurement tool (OIMLInternationalrecom-
mendation: materialmeasuresoflengthforgeneraluse)
For dated references, only the dated edition applies to this procedure; undated reference documents
Member, the latest edition (including any amendments) applies to this procedure.
3 Terms
3.1 tension tension
Straighten foot tape measure belt tension when applied.
3.2 dipstick mound dip-weight
Connected to the foot with the lower end, the quality can be maintained with a heavy foot plumb.
4 Overview
Ordinary steel tape is used to measure the length of the measuring object. Sounding steel tape measure with a ruler by the mound and dipstick combinations
Body to measure the depth of the liquid composition dedicated gages.
The main structural steel tape measure to have a certain elasticity of the entire foot zone (with feet flat or curved foot zone), or roll the metal
Within the framework of foot boxes or plastic material. Steel tape end fitted with ring-pull or hook feet; restrained with tape attached to the control rule
Button means of rolling; steel tape ruler sounding dipstick end with a mound, it is connected with both feet can be fixed,
It may be removable.
Steel tape measure its structure is generally divided into A, B, C, D, E, F six forms, its shape as shown in FIG. 1 to 6 respectively
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