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JJG 30-2012

Chinese Standard: 'JJG 30-2012'
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JJG 30-2012English509 Add to Cart Days<=4 Verification Regulation of Current Calipers Valid JJG 30-2012
JJG 30-2012Chinese19 Add to Cart <=1-day [PDF from Chinese Authority, or Standard Committee, or Publishing House]


Standard ID JJG 30-2012 (JJG30-2012)
Description (Translated English) Verification Regulation of Current Calipers
Sector / Industry Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard A52
Classification of International Standard 17.040
Word Count Estimation 22,262
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) JJG 30-2002
Quoted Standard GB/T 21388-2008; GB/T 21389-2008
Drafting Organization Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Metrology
Administrative Organization National Engineering Measurement Technical Committee of Geometrical parameters
Regulation (derived from) AQSIQ Announcement No. 35 of 2012
Issuing agency(ies) State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
Summary This standard applies to dividing the value or the resolution is 0. 01mm, 0. 02mm, 0. 05mm and 0. 10mm, measuring range 0 ~ 2 000mm variety cursor with the table or digital calipers, I-type depth caliper first test, follow-up check verification and the us

JJG 30-2012
Verification Regulation of Current Calipers
State verification procedures People's Republic of China
Universal caliper
Issued on. 2012-03-02
2012-09-02 implementation
The State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine released
Universal caliper test procedures
Replacing JJG 30-2002
NFP. National Engineering Geometrical Parameters Measurement Technology Committee
Drafting Unit. Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Metrology
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Institute of Electronics V
This procedure works commissioned by the National geometric parameter measurement technology committee responsible for the interpretation
The drafters of the regulations.
Evergreen (Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Metrology)
Zhang Hui (Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Metrology)
Zhangxiao Fen (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Institute of Electronics V)
table of Contents
Introduction (Ⅱ)
1 Scope (1)
2. References (1)
3 Overview (1)
4 metering performance requirements (4)
Width and width difference (4) 4.1 scale mark
4.2 measuring surface roughness of the surface (4)
4.3 Measuring surface flatness (4)
The basic size deviation and parallelism within 4.4 arc jaws (5)
4.5 edge within the jaws parallelism (5)
4.6 Zero error (5)
4.7 Indication variability (5)
4.8 Drift (5)
4.9 Indication error and sub-divisional error (6)
5 General Requirements (6)
5.1 Appearance (6)
5.2 Interaction of each part (6)
5.3 the relative position of each part (6)
6 Control of measuring instruments (7)
6.1 Verification condition (7)
6.2 test items and test equipment (7)
6.3 test methods (8)
Processing 6.4 Verification Results (11)
6.5 test cycle (11)
Appendix A calibration certificate/test results in the notice page and format (12)
JJG 30 "Universal caliper", JJG 31 "height caliper", JJF1072 "tooth thickness caliper calibration specification" common structure
Technical regulations to meter gauge calipers class.
JJG 30 "Universal caliper" Writing is a "national verification procedures to write the rules," according to the JJF1002-2010
Provisions of JJG 30-2002 "Universal caliper" subject to revisions. "Universal caliper" Compared with JJG 30-2002,
The main technical changes in addition to editorial changes outside as follows.
--- Based JJG 146-2011 "Block", the abolition of the technical requirements of 6 equal blocks (see 6.2);
--- Based JJG 63-2007 "knife-shaped ruler" to cancel the 0 and level 1 requirements (see 6.2);
--- Taking into account the depth of the caliper have Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ kinds of structure type, and is the most common type Ⅰ, test procedures
Scope depth caliper type Ⅰ limited depth caliper, with reference to the implementation of other types;
--- Indication of the maximum permissible error, cancel the (0 ~ 150) mm stepper, are classified as less than 200mm of system
An index, while increasing (0 ~ 70) mm sub-block (see 4.9);
--- Cancel "knife-edge within the jaws of the basic dimensions" requirement, instead of the error within the jaws of the knife shown is controlled
System (see 4.9 and 6.3.12);
--- Increase digital caliper interpolation error class requirements (see 4.9 and 6.3.12);
--- Increased foot body length requirements (see 5.2.3);
--- The relative position of each part of the increase "vernier and main scale engraved lines engraved lines should be parallel, not visible eyesight pour
Oblique "requirements (see 5.3.1);
--- Increase "when two outer caliper amount claw merger, eyesight should be no visible gap" requirements (see 5.3.4);
--- Increase in the measurement error performance requirements shown in the "cursor with a table or digital calipers outer jaws indication error in
Inside and outside ends of the two measurement positions, which is not more than the absolute value of the difference between the readings of the measuring range of the corresponding maximum permissible error, "the
Regulations to control and ensure that the actual use of the caliper jaws parallelism and size of the outer end of the inside (see 4.9).
Previous version JJG 30-2002 release conditions.
--- JJG 30-1992, JJG 32-1987, JJG 192-1979, JJG 400-1985, JJG 526-
1988 merger;
--- JJG 30-1984.
Universal caliper test procedures
1 Scope
This procedure is applied to the value or indexing resolution of 0.01mm, 0.02mm, 0.05mm and 0.10mm, measured
An amount ranging from 0 ~ 2000mm various specifications cursor with a table or digital calipers, Ⅰ type depth caliper initial verification, subsequent
Check verification and use of other types of calipers may also be implemented by reference.
2. References
This procedure references the following documents.
GB/T 21388-2008 cursor, with table and digital display depth caliper
GB/T 21389-2008 cursor, with table and several Caliper
For dated references, only the dated edition applies to this procedure; undated reference documents
Member, the latest edition (including any amendments) applies to this procedure.
3 Overview
Caliper is the use of common foot box with jaws (or plane) relative motion foot body through a cursor, indicating
Digital table or displayed on the pitch parallel ruler ruler box body and two jaws (or measuring surface) between the outer scale for measuring
Inch, size and depth in the size and blind holes, stepped holes and grooves and other relevant dimensions of the measuring instruments. The main structure
Respectively form a caliper (see Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3), digital calipers (Figures 4 and 5), with table caliper (see
Figure 6), Ⅰ type vernier caliper depth (see Figure 7), Ⅰ type digital depth caliper (see Figure 8).
Vernier caliper amount claw Fig.1 with blade
Jaw blade within 1-; 2- foot frame; 3- fastening screw; 4- foot body; 5- main scale;
6- depth measuring rod; 7- depth measurement surface; 8- vernier; 9- outer jaws
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