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JJG 26-2011

Chinese Standard: 'JJG 26-2011'
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JJG 26-2011English599 Add to Cart Days<=5 Micrometers with Dial Comparator and Indication Snap Gauge Valid JJG 26-2011
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Standard ID JJG 26-2011 (JJG26-2011)
Description (Translated English) Micrometers with Dial Comparator and Indication Snap Gauge
Sector / Industry Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard A52
Word Count Estimation 26,225
Date of Issue 2011-09-14
Date of Implementation 2012-03-14
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) JJG 26-2001
Quoted Standard JJF 1001-1998; JJF 1059-1999; JJF 1094-2002; GB/T 8061-2004
Drafting Organization Metrological Verification and Testing Institute of Heilongjiang Province
Administrative Organization National Engineering Measurement Technical Committee of Geometrical parameters
Regulation (derived from) AQSIQ Announcement No. 134 of 2011
Issuing agency(ies) State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
Summary This standard applies to measuring range (0-100) mm, instruction sheet indexing is 0. 001 mm, 0. 002mm variety of levers and measuring micrometer range (0-200) mm, indexing is 0. 001 mm, 0. 002 mm, 0. 005 mm caliper lever variety of initial verification, testing and use of follow-up checks.

JJG 26-2011
Micrometers with Dial Comparator and Indication Snap Gauge
State verification procedures People's Republic of China
Lever micrometer, caliper lever
Issued on. 2011-09-14
2012-03-14 implementation
The State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine released
Lever micrometer, caliper lever verification procedures
Replacing JJG 26-2001
The regulations by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on September 14, 2011, approved and since
From March 14, 2012 into effect.
NFP. National Engineering Geometrical Parameters Measurement Technology Committee
Main drafting unit. Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of verification test
Guilin Measuring & Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.
Guangxi Academy of measuring and testing
Participated in the drafting unit. Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.
This procedure works commissioned by the National geometric parameter measurement technology committee responsible for the interpretation
The main drafters of this procedure.
Liang Yuhong (Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of verification test)
Zhang Liping (Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of verification test)
Zhao Weirong (Guilin Measuring & Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.)
Full Yi-chi (Guangxi Institute of measurement detection)
Drafters participate.
Xu-Hui Li (Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of verification test)
Dong Yuwen (Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.)
table of Contents
1 Scope (1)
2. Referenced Documents (1)
3 Overview (1)
4 metering performance requirements (2)
4.1 foot lever and the surface roughness measuring face amount of proofreading lever (2)
4.2 foot lever load and load change (2)
4.3 Relative position of the pointer and the dial (3)
4.4 groove width, groove width difference and the pointer at the end width (3)
Leverage 4.5 micrometer differential cylinder tapered edge to the end face of the fixed sleeve from the reticle plane (3)
4.6 micrometer lever end face of the relative position of the differential cylinder fixed cone sleeve mm engraved lines (3)
Leverage 4.7 micrometer screw micrometer axial traverse (3)
4.8 Leverage ruler to measure the flatness of the surface (3)
Leverage measured 4.9 feet two parallel surfaces (4)
Indication error of 4.10 foot lever and the indicator showing the value of variability (4)
4.11 Locking shows changes in the value generated when the adjustable spindle foot lever instruction sheet (5)
Lever 4.12 micrometer indication error (5)
The amount of lever 4.13 proofreading work size and dimension deviation change amount (5)
4.14 feet indicator lever position error (5)
5 General Requirements (6)
5.1 Appearance (6)
5.2 Interaction of each part (6)
6 Control of measuring instruments (6)
6.1 Verification condition (6)
6.2 Verification Project (7)
6.3 Verification Methods (7)
Processing 6.4 Verification Results (12)
6.5 test cycle (12)
Appendix A lever micrometer indication error of measurement Uncertainty Evaluation (13)
Appendix B lever caliper measurement error indication represents a value Uncertainty Evaluation (17)
Appendix C calibration certificate and test results in the notice page format (20)
Lever micrometer, caliper lever verification procedures
1 Scope
The order applies to the measurement range (0 ~ 100) mm, indexing indicator is 0.001mm, 0.002mm each
Specifications lever micrometer and measurement range (0 ~ 200) mm, indexing is 0.001mm, 0.002mm,
0.005mm variety of levers caliper initial verification, use and subsequent verification check. (Lever and micrometer
Lever caliper hereinafter referred foot lever. )
2 Citations
The regulations cited in the following documents.
JJF1001-1998 common measurement terms and definitions
JJF1059-1999 Evaluation and Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement
JJF1094-2002 measuring instrument characteristics evaluation
GB/T 8061-2004 lever micrometer
When using this procedure, it should pay attention to using the currently valid version of the documents cited.
3 Overview
Leverage is the use of foot-foot drive in the rack and pinion mechanism of the lever, the linear displacement of the movable anvil becomes angle pointer
Displacement measuring instruments. Mainly used to measure outer dimension precision parts. Leverage Leverage micrometer and caliper schematic outline
Are shown in Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3.
Figure 1 a schematic view of a lever micrometer
1- foot frame; 2 - activities anvil; 3- micrometer screw; 4- locking device; 5- fixed casing; 6- differential cylinder;
11- tolerance zone indicator; 7- button; 8- insulation means; 9- indicator; zero means 10-
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