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JJG 15-2010

Chinese Standard: 'JJG 15-2010'
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JJG 15-2010EnglishRFQ ASK Days<=3 Cigarette. Verification Regulation of Draw Resistance Standard JJG 15-2010
JJG 15-2010ChineseRFQ ASK <=1-day [PDF from Chinese Authority, or Standard Committee, or Publishing House]

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JJG 15-2010
Cigarette.Verification Regulation of Draw Resistance Standard
Ministry of People's Republic of China Metrology Verification Regulations
JJG (Tobacco) 15-2010
Tobacco special resistance standard rod test procedure
Released on.2010-06-21
2010-07-01 implementation
National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau released
Tobacco special resistance standard rod test procedure
JJG (Tobacco) 15-2010
Replace JJG (tobacco) 15-2002
This regulation was approved by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau on June 21,.2010, and since July.2010
Implemented from day to day.
Focal Point. National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau
Main drafting unit. China Tobacco Standardization Research Center
This procedure entrusts the National Tobacco Standardization Technical Committee to explain
JJG (Tobacco) 15-2010
The main drafters of this procedure.
Zhang Wei (China Tobacco Standardization Research Center)
Nursery (China Tobacco Standardization Research Center)
Participate in the drafters.
Changcheng (Zhengzhou Jiayu Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.)
Yang Rongchao (China Tobacco Standardization Research Center)
Zhao Hang (China Tobacco Standardization Research Center)
Fan Li (China Tobacco Standardization Research Center)
Zeng Bo (Zhengzhou Jiayu Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.)
JJG (Tobacco) 15-2010
table of Contents
1 range (1)
2 Citations (1)
3 Overview (1)
4 terms (1)
5 Metrological performance requirements (2)
6 General technical requirements (2)
7 measuring instrument control (2)
8 verification method (2)
9 verification result processing (3)
10 verification period (3)
Appendix A Calibration Method for Tobacco Special Resistance Standard Rod Test Equipment (Piston Drive) (4)
Appendix B Calibration Method for Tobacco Special Moisture Resistance Standard Rod Test Equipment (Critical Flow Hole Drive) (5)
Appendix C Tobacco Special Moisture Resistance Standard Rod Verification Record Format (6)
JJG (Tobacco) 15-2010
Tobacco special resistance standard rod test procedure
1 Scope
This verification procedure applies to the verification of a new, manufactured, and repaired tobacco-specific resistance standard rod.
2 Citations
This procedure refers to the following documents.
GB/T 16447 Atmospheric environment regulated and tested for tobacco and tobacco products
Determination of physical properties of cigarettes and filter rods - Part 5. Cigarette resistance and filter rods
Pressure drop
ISO 6565 Standard conditions and tests for smoke resistance and filter rod pressure drop of tobacco and tobacco products
Use of this procedure should take care to use the current valid version of the above cited documents.
3 Overview
The Tobacco Special Moisture Resistance Standard Rod is a standard appliance used on tobacco special resistance testers. Tobacco special resistance standard
The rod test is based on the gas flow rate of (17.5 ± 0.3) mL/s, the special resistance rod for tobacco in the gas path
The measurement of the pressure difference at the end is performed, and the verification value of the standard rod for the special suction resistance of tobacco is calculated.
The verification device is mainly composed of a dedicated constant current generating device, a special fixture and a differential pressure gauge. Dedicated constant current generation
The piston can be driven or the critical flow hole can be driven.
4 terms
The following terms apply to this verification procedure.
4.1 Tobacco resistance of the special resistance coefficient of tobacco
Under standard conditions, when a steady flow of 17.5 mL/s flows through the tobacco-specific resistance standard rod,
The pressure difference between the two ends is the suction resistance of the tobacco special resistance resistance standard rod.
4.2 Piston drive
The piston moves in a high-precision perforated cylindrical cylinder at a constant speed, driven by a high-precision motor, from the ambient atmosphere.
The air is pumped to form a gas flow with a stable volume flow.
4.3 Critical flow hole drive
A pressure difference is formed at both ends of the critical flow hole, and the gas forms a gas flow through the flow hole under the pressure difference, when the pressure
When the difference reaches the critical flow hole critical pressure condition, the flow hole produces a constant flow of air (tobacco-specific critical flow)
The pores, under critical pressure conditions, produced a constant flow of 17.5 mL/s.
JJG (Tobacco) 15-2010
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