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JJG 1113-2015

Chinese Standard: 'JJG 1113-2015'
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JJG 1113-2015English459 Add to Cart Days<=4 Verification facility for water meters Valid JJG 1113-2015
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Standard ID JJG 1113-2015 (JJG1113-2015)
Description (Translated English) Verification facility for water meters
Sector / Industry Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard A53
Classification of International Standard 17.120
Word Count Estimation 19,192
Date of Issue 2015-04-10
Date of Implementation 2015-10-10
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) JJG 164-2000 (Partial)
Quoted Standard JJG 162; JJG 164; JJG 259; JJG 643; GB/T 778.3-2007
Drafting Organization China measure Scientific Academy
Administrative Organization National Technical Committee metering flow capacity
Regulation (derived from) State Quality Inspection Administration Announcement 2015 No. 47
Issuing agency(ies) State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
Summary This Standard applies to the collection method and the flow time method of meter testing device (hereinafter referred to as the device) initial verification, subsequent verification and the use of checks.

JJG 1113-2015
Verification facility for water meters
State verification procedures People's Republic of China
Water meter testing equipment
Issued on. 2015-04-10
2015-10-10 implementation
The State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine released
Meter testing device test procedures
Replacing JJG 164-2000
The "water meter testing equipment."
Focal point. the National Technical Committee on Metering flow capacity
The main drafting units. China Institute of Metrology
Zhejiang Institute of Metrology
Beijing Institute of Metrology detection
Participated in the drafting unit. Ningbo Mingtai Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Hunan Institute of Metrology detection
Hangzhou Tianma Measurement Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Provincial Institute of Metrology
This procedure flow capacity commissioned the National Technical Committee responsible for the interpretation of measurement
The main drafters of this procedure.
Meng Tao (China Institute of Metrology)
Zhaojian Liang (Zhejiang Institute of Metrology)
Li Chen (Beijing Institute of Metrology detection)
Drafters participate.
GRAPHIC COMMUNICATION (Ningbo Mingtai traffic Equipment Co., Ltd.)
Li Ning (Hunan Institute of measurement detection)
Muller (Hangzhou Tianma Measurement Science and Technology Co., Ltd.)
Wuwei Long (Guangdong Institute of Metrology)
table of Contents
Introduction (Ⅱ)
1 Scope (1)
2. References (1)
3 Terms (1)
3.1 collection method (1)
3.2 Flow time method (1)
3.3 gauge setting mechanism (1)
4 Overview (1)
Use 4.1 (1)
4.2 Composition (1)
4.3 works (2)
5 metering performance requirements (3)
5.1 accuracy class and the maximum permissible error (3)
5.2 Repeatability means the main criteria (3)
5.3 commutator introducing uncertainty (3)
5.4 Stability flow means (3)
6 General Requirements (3)
6.1 nameplate and logo (3)
6.2 pipeline system (3)
6.3 workload (3)
6.4 weighing system (4)
6.5 commutation (or experimental start and stop) equipment (4)
6.6 flow setting device or method (4)
Tightness 6.7 (5)
6.8 automatic reading device (5)
6.9 device with water and water supply systems (5)
7 control of measuring instruments (5)
7.1 test conditions (5)
7.2 Verification Project (5)
7.3 Verification Methods (6)
7.4 Verification Results processing (11)
7.5 test cycle (11)
Appendix A piston device calibration standard volume (12)
Appendix B test certificate and test results notice (within the page) format (14)
This procedure based on JJF1002-2010 "national verification procedures to write the rules," written in conjunction meter testing device
Set characteristics and development situation in our country, will JJG 164-2000 "liquid flow standard device" in the meter testing device
Set a separate part revision procedure Except as noted in section referenced JJG 164-2000 verification method, this Regulation
JJG 164-2000 process will replace the meter calibration device the content. For the test meter method should be in accordance with meter means
According to the relevant provisions JJG 643 "standard table method flow standard device" execution. Furthermore, this regulation is aimed primarily at cold
Shui meter testing equipment.
Compared with JJG 164-2000, in addition to editorial changes this procedure outside of the main technical changes are as follows.
--- Increased introduction, describes the procedure as amended in accordance with revised front and rear major technological changes, the alternative procedures
Previous editions, etc;
--- Adjust the classification of water meter device, the meter calibration device into the collection method, flow method and standard time
Table method;
--- Clear that only a level of accuracy, 0.2;
--- Increasing the stability of the apparatus flow requirements;
--- Cancel the effect of the start and stop of the test;
--- Refine the general technical requirements for metal gauges, the length of the scale, the minimum primary indication, etc;
--- Increase the quality of the law means the density measurement requirements;
--- Timer simplifies verification requirements;
--- Verification in accordance with the volume of work is the need to re-engraved lines are divided into two kinds of cases, were provided for verification within
Content and methods;
--- Adds checks for automatic meter reading equipment;
--- Modify the instantaneous flow indicator verification requirements, instead of checking the flow rate setting means;
--- Weighing modified test method, an increase of tare, use lower limit and other requirements, reducing the test point,
You can test only the loading process;
--- Increased piston meter verification device verification method;
--- Increased use of the instrument in the inspection requirements in test cycles;
--- Modified calibration certificate/test results in the notice page format;
JJG 1113-2015 previous version "water meter testing equipment," the release case.
--- JJG 162-85 "water meter and test equipment";
--- JJG 164-2000 "liquid flow device."
Meter testing device test procedures
1 Scope
The order applies to the collection method and flow meter calibration device time law (hereinafter apparatus) initial verification, after
Continued use of verification and inspection.
2. References
This procedure references the following documents.
JJG 162 cold water
JJG 164 liquid flow standard device
JJG 259 Standard Metal Tank
JJG 643 standard table method flow standard device
GB/T 778.3-2007 (idtISO 4064.2005) Measurement of water flow in closed conduits cold potable water
Table and hot water - Part 3. Test methods and equipment
For dated references, only the dated edition applies to this procedure; undated reference documents
Member, the latest edition (including any amendments) applies to this procedure.
3 Terms
3.1 collection method colectionmethod
The verification process will be flowing through the meter in water collecting in one or more containers, determined by weighing method or the volumetric method
3.2 Flow time method flowrateandtimemethod
Flowing through the meter in the certification process to determine the amount of water flow through the measurement results and time. Prescribed by
Carried out within the time one or more times repeated measurements of the flow to achieve, but to avoid the beginning of the test and the end of the non-constant
Constant flow area instantaneous flow measurement.
3.3 gauge setting mechanism volumepresetdevice
Gauges installed in the photoelectric or inductive electrical contacts and other water level sensor, measured in the water level rises to a preset position
When issuing a feedback signal to the device operating system to stop the flow of media devices, automatic operation and standard volume value
4 Overview
4.1 Purpose
It means the water table is closed the pipeline to pass the standard flow of money can be used for various types of cold water
Verification studies, calibration and testing methods.
4.2 Composition
Apparatus generally includes the following components.
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