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JJF 1069-2012 (JJF1069-2012)

JJF 1069-2012_English: PDF (JJF1069-2012)
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JJF 1069-2012English1709 Add to Cart 10 days [Need to translate] Rules for the Examination of the Service of Legal Metrological Verification Valid JJF 1069-2012

Standard ID JJF 1069-2012 (JJF1069-2012)
Description (Translated English) Rules for the Examination of the Service of Legal Metrological Verification
Sector / Industry Metrology & Measurement Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard A00
Classification of International Standard 03.120.20
Word Count Estimation 74,726
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) JJF 1069-2007
Quoted Standard JJF 1001; JJF 1015; JJF 1016; JJF 1033; JJF 1059; JJF 1070; JJF 1071; JJF 1117; JJF 1244-2010; JJF 1261.1-2010; GB/T 15483.1-1999; GB/T 15483.2-1999; GB/T 19000-2008; GB/T 19001-2008; GB/T 19022-2003; GB/T 27000-2006; GB/T 27011-2005; GB/T 27025-2008; CIP
Drafting Organization Jiangsu Province Quality and Technical Supervision
Administrative Organization National Technical Committee of Legal Metrology management
Regulation (derived from) State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine "on the post JJG30-2012" Universal caliper test procedures " and other 11 national metrology technical regulations Bulletin " (Notice No. 35 of 2012)
Issuing agency(ies) State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
Summary This standard specifies the legal metrology institutes to obtain government administrative departments authorized money transfer, traceability, measurement equipment type evaluation, the amount of goods and merchandise packaging inspection and measurement

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JJF 1069-2012
Rules for the Examination of the Service of Legal Metrological Verification
People's Republic of China National Metrology Technical Specifications
Specification for the Examination legal metrology
Issued on. 2012-03-02
2012-06-02 implementation
The State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine released
Specification for the Examination legal metrology
Replacing JJF 1069-2007
Focal point. the National Technical Committee of Legal Metrology measurement management
Drafting. Jiangsu Quality and Technical Supervision
Jiangsu Province Institute of Metrology
Shanghai Measurement and Testing Technology Research Institute
Chongqing Institute of Metrology and Quality Inspection
National Track Scale Metering Station
This specification commissioned the National Technical Committee on Metering Management is responsible for interpretation of legal metrology
Drafters of this specification.
Huang Yaowen (Jiangsu Province Quality and Technical Supervision)
Zhao Tianchuan
Shichang Yan
Ma Yuming (Jiangsu Province Institute of Metrology)
Wu Jianying (Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing)
Ding Yueqing (Chongqing Institute of Metrology and Quality Inspection)
Fuqing Xi (National Track Scale Metering Station)
table of Contents
Introduction (Ⅳ)
1 Scope (1)
2. References (1)
3 Terms and definitions (2)
3.1 legal metrology institutes (2)
3.2 Management System (2)
3.3 Verification of measuring instruments (2)
3.4 Verification Certificate (2)
3.5 failure notice (2)
3.6 Calibration (2)
3.7 Detection (3)
Stoichiometric ratio of 3.8 (3)
3.9 Proficiency Testing (3)
3.10 Type evaluation (3)
3.11 the amount of goods (3)
3.12 Energy Efficiency (3)
4 organization and management (3)
4.1 Status (3)
4.2 Liability (4)
4.3 Basic Conditions (4)
5 management system (5)
5.1 General Requirements (5)
5.2 Management responsibility (5)
5.3 system files (5)
5.4 Document Control (6)
5.5 Record Control (7)
5.6 Management Review (7)
6 resource allocation and management (8)
6.1 General (8)
6.2 staff (8)
6.3 Accommodation and environmental conditions (9)
6.4 measuring device (10)
7 verification and implementation of calibration and testing (11)
7.1 test, calibration and test implementation plan (11)
7.2 Customer-related processes (12)
Confirm (13) 7.3 verification, calibration and testing methods and methods
7.4 Purchasing services and supplies (15)
7.5 Subcontracting (16)
7.6 Traceability (16)
Sampling 7.7 (17)
7.8 verification, calibration and disposal of detecting objects (18)
7.9 verification, calibration and testing quality assurance (18)
7.10 original records and data processing (19)
7.11 Result Report (19)
8 Management System Improvement (21)
8.1 Improvement (21)
8.2 Control of nonconforming work (21)
8.3 Customer satisfaction and complaints (21)
8.4 Internal Audit (22)
8.5 corrective measures (22)
8.6 Preventive measures (23)
9 Assessment (23)
9.1 Assessment Application (23)
9.2 Examination preparation (23)
9.3 site assessment (24)
9.4 Assessment Report (28)
9.5 verify the corrective action (29)
9.6 Evaluation of examination results (29)
After 10 Certificate supervision (29)
10.1 General (29)
10.2 Supervision and Inspection (30)
Stoichiometric ratio of 10.3 and proficiency testing (30)
10.4 expire Review (30)
10.5 personnel changes (30)
11 expansion item assessment (30)
11.1 expansion items (30)
11.2 expansion in programs (30)
11.3 expansion entry confirmation (30)
Appendix A legal metrology institutes examination application form (31)
Appendix B Tabular assessment project (34)
Appendix C assessment and management system requirements specification document control checklist format (39)
Annex D certificate issued by an appraisal report form format (43)
Appendix E nonconformity/defect records table format (45)
Appendix F Legal Metrological Verification Assessment report format (46)
Appendix G Legal Metrological Verification Corrective Action Verification Report Format (51)
Appendix H confirmed the test item table format (54)
Appendix J confirmed calibration items table format (55)
Appendix K confirmed the amount of goods/packaging measurement inspection items Tabular (56)
Appendix L confirmed the pattern evaluation item table format (57)
Appendix M confirmed the energy efficiency labeling program Tabular measuring and testing (58)
Appendix N JJF 1069-2012 and JJF 1069-2007 terms of control (59)
Appendix P JJF 1069-2012 and GB/T 27025-2008 terms of control (62)
Legal metrology institutions are government administrative departments set up by law or authorized by the establishment and the government administrative unit
Door organizational assessment qualified for government administrative departments to provide technical supervision to ensure the implementation of measurement, and for the national economy and
Social life measurement institutions to provide technical services. To strengthen the management of legal metrology institutions, to ensure that their by
Provide accurate and reliable test, calibration and metrology test results, according to "People's Republic of China Measurement Law" and
Quality and Technical Supervision Order No. 15 of January 21, 2001 promulgated the "legal metrology institution supervision
Provision shall "and other related regulations, development of this specification.
This specification covers the examination content and assessment methods in two parts.
This specification defines the Test in Chapter 4 to Chapter 8. Examination content is based on the measurement of laws and regulations, international law
System Metrology Organization (OIML) for legal metrology laboratory requirements and national standards GB/T 27025-2008 "seized
Testing and calibration laboratories General requirements "as the basis, and with reference to the national standard GB/T 19000-2008" quality
QMS Fundamentals and vocabulary "and GB/T 19001-2008" Quality Management System requirements "on the quality
Management principles, quality management system model and quality management system requirements and so on.
Examination of the contents of this specification is also in line CIPM (CIPM) for the realization of national measurement (standard) and quasi
Mutual recognition and the International Organization of Legal Metrology issued by national metrology institutes calibration/measurement certificate (OIML) for the realization of measurement
Equipment type approval mutual recognition of certificates, and for legal metrology laboratory requests.
This specification defines the assessment methods Chapter 9 to Chapter 11. Assessment method is based on the national standard GB/T 27011-
2005 "General requirements for accreditation bodies conformity assessment" as the basis, and absorb the recent government administrative departments of law
The successful experience of a given measurement institutes assessment.
This specification instead of JJF 1069-2007. Compared with JJF 1069-2007, specification of the main changes are as follows.
1. Increase the efficiency of energy-using products identified measuring and testing of assessment content and assessment methods; increase "assessment
Table B5 --- project using products measuring and testing energy efficiency labeling program "and added Appendix M" confirmed energy
Measuring and testing product energy efficiency labeling program table ";
2. Type evaluation project to refine the assessment related content and assessment methods;
3. The amount of goods from the test items and test items for the adjustment related to increased content of packaging Metrology and Inspection;
4. The provisions of the metrological verification, measurement equipment type evaluation, the amount of goods and packaging inspection and supervision by Nengchan
Energy efficiency labeling product testing and other legislative mandates are not allowed to subcontract;
5. Increase the business management and information technology have verification, calibration and testing equipment updates the basic requirements, the transformation
Ability to ensure funding and work to maintain the normal operation of business requirements;
According to GB/T 27025-2008/ISO /IEC 17025.2005 General "testing and calibration laboratories
Requirements ", GB/T 19000-2008" Quality management systems - Fundamentals and Terminology "and GB/T 19001-2008" quality
Management system requirements "and other national standards, related content or terminology has been revised;
7. According to the experience accumulated in recent years in the statutory bodies of the measuring test practice, assessment methods will be carried out
To improvement;
8. In order to facilitate the understanding and use of the specification, the terms of increase in the first part of the title.
Specific changes in Appendix N "JJF 1069-2012 and JJF 1069-2007 terms of control."
JJF 1069-2007 previous release follows.
JJF 1069-2003;
JJF 1069-2000.
Specification for the Examination legal metrology
1 Scope
This specification defines the legal metrology agency government administrative departments authorized money transfer, money Su
Source, measuring instruments type evaluation, the amount of goods and packaging inspection and measurement of energy efficiency labeling and other measuring and testing tasks
We must meet the requirements for legal metrology institutes and assessment procedures and methods for the evaluation of the examination results.
This instruction applies to government administrative departments of the legal metrology agency assessment and supervision and inspection, and applies to
The applicant to bear verification, calibration of measuring instruments type evaluation, the amount of goods and packaging inspection and measurement of energy efficiency
Authorization and supervision assessment rate identification detection measures such tasks other measurement technology institutions. (Referred to in this specification
Legal metrology institutes and other institutions less unified measurement technology referred to as "institutions." )
This specification applies to agency management system up and running, but does not require institutions according to the structure of this specification is to change the tube
Structure or document management systems. Constituent bodies of the management system documentation should be appropriate to their specific activity patterns.
When an organization is not engaged in measurement and calibration, type evaluation, the amount of goods and packaging inspection or measurement of energy efficiency standard
When measuring and testing knowledge, etc., may require cutting, but cutting is limited to Chapter 7 of this specification does not affect those
Agencies to provide services to meet the terms of capacity or responsibility customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
2. References
This specification refers to the following documents.
JJF 1001 common measurement terms and definitions
JJF 1015 measuring equipment type evaluation and type approval - Generic specification
JJF 1016 measuring equipment type evaluation outline guidelines for the preparation
JJF 1033 appraisal measurement standard specification
JJF 1059 Evaluation and Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement
JJF 1070 prepackaged goods measured net content inspection rules
JJF 1071 National Calibration Specifications writing rules
JJF 1117 stoichiometric ratio of
JJF 1244-2010 food cosmetics packaging metrology and inspection rules
JJF 1261.1-2010 using products measuring and testing energy efficiency labeling rules
GB/T 15483.1-1999 use inter-laboratory validation of the first part than the ability to. Proficiency Testing Program
The establishment and operation
GB/T 15483.2-1999 use interlaboratory validation - Part 2 to the ability to. Laboratory accreditation
Selection and use of proficiency testing program structure
GB/T 19000-2008 Quality Management System Fundamentals and vocabulary
GB/T 19001-2008 Quality Management System Requirements
GB/T 19022-2003 Measurement management systems for measurement processes and measuring equipment