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JB/T 7155-2007 (JBT 7155-2007)

Chinese Standard: 'JB/T 7155-2007'
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Standard ID JB/T 7155-2007 (JB/T7155-2007)
Description (Translated English) Wheel for wheeled construction machinery - Technical specifications
Sector / Industry Mechanical & Machinery Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard P97
Classification of International Standard 53.100
Word Count Estimation 8,833
Date of Issue 2007-08-01
Date of Implementation 2008-01-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) JB/T 7155-1993
Quoted Standard GB/T 2828.1; GB/T 2883; GB/T 2933; GB/T 9769; JB/T 5943; JB/T 5946; JB/T 7154-1993; JB/T 7698
Drafting Organization Tianjin Construction Machinery Research Institute
Administrative Organization Machinery Industry Construction Machinery Standardization Technical Committee
Regulation (derived from) NDRC Notice No. 45 of 2007
Summary This standard specifies the construction machinery wheeled wheels (hereinafter referred to as the wheels) in the form and marking, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage. This standard applies to wheeled engineering machinery wheels.

JB/T 7155-2007
ICS 53.100
Reference No. . 21540-2007 JB
Machinery Industry Standard
of the People's Republic of China
Replace 7155-1993
Wheel for wheeled construction
machinery—Technical specifications
Issued by. National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s
Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 5
2 Normative references ... 5
3 Type and marks ... 6
4 Requirements ... 6
5 Test Methods ... 10
6 Inspection Provisions ... 11
7 Signs, Packaging, Transport and Storage ... 11
References and Original Chinese Documents ... 13
This Standard replaces JB/T 7155-1993 Wheel for wheeled construction machinery —
Technical specifications.
Compared with JB/T 7155-1993, the major changes are as follow.
— DIVIDE the Chapter 3 into Chapter 3 and Chapter
4, and REARRANGE the provisions;
— MODIFY the requirements to trademark of the predetermined materials into
the requirements to mechanical properties of materials.
— The bending fatigue test of wheels is changed from bench-test to
accompany-host operating test;
— ADD the roundness tolerance of the lock ring and gutter; and INCREASE the
flatness tolerance of the welding ends and the roundness tolerance of the
bore of retaining ring;
— MODIFY the flatness tolerance of lock ring and retaining ring; and MODIFY
the gap of lock ring fitting onto the test cylinder and the roundness tolerance
of retaining ring;
— ADD the requirements of seat ring;
— ADD the requirements of quantity of welding seam of wheel disc;
— Wheel packaging is changed from banded with rope, no less than 3 bands TO
that it shall comply with the provisions of railway and highway transportation;
— DELETE “When there are special requirements for acceptance, it shall be
agreed by both supply-demand parties”;
— DELETE quality warranty period.
This Standard is proposed by China Machinery Industry Association.
This Standard is under the jurisdiction of Technical Committee of Machinery
Industry Mechanical Engineering Standardization.
This Standard is responsibly drafted by. Tianjin Institute of Construction Machinery,
Shandong Engineering Machinery Steel Ring Factory, Chengdu Engineering
Machinery steel rim Co. Ltd, Feicheng City Yun Yu Steel Co. Ltd, Steel ring factory of
Liuzhou City, Handan City Shing Construction Machinery Co., Ltd, and Nanchang
gear forging factory.
Participating in the draft of this Standard. Anyang Hongyuan Steel Co., Ltd.
This Standard is mainly drafted by. Shang Haibo, Chen Yongxiang, Sun Zhaohua, Xin
Jiang, Lin Zhiping, Zhang Hong, Wang Xuetian, Peng Yuanhui, Li Guangqing, and Xu
The release condition of previous standard replaced by this Standard.
——JB/T 7155-1993.
Wheel for wheeled construction machinery — Technical
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the wheel for wheeled construction machinery – type,
marks, requirements, test methods, inspection provisions, signs, packaging, transport
and storage.
This Standard applies to wheel for wheeled construction machinery.
2 Normative references
The following normative documents contain provisions which, through reference in the
text, constitute provisions of this Standard. For dated reference, subsequent
amendments or revisions (excluding contents of corrigenda) do not apply. However,
parties who enter into agreement based on this Standard are encouraged to
investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards
indicated below. For undated references, the latest edition of the normative document
referred to applies.
GB/T 2828.1 Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes - Part 1. Sampling
schemes indexed by acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection (GB/T
2828.1—2003, ISO 2859-1. 1999, IDT)
GB/T 2883 Series of off-road rims (GB/T 2883—2002, IOS4250-3. 1997, MOD)
GB/T 2933 Wheels and rims for pneumatic tires. Vocabulary, designation and marking
(GB/T 2933-1995, eqv IOS/DIS 3911. 1993)
GB/T 9769 Rim contour inspection (GB/T 9769—2005, TRA. 2002, NEQ)
JB/T 5943 Construction machinery - The general specifications of welding
JB/T 5946 Construction machinery - The general specifications of painting
JB/T 7154-1993 The using of steel of Wheel for wheeled construction machinery -
Technical specifications
JB/T 7698 The mounting Dimensions of wheel disks and hub of rubber-tire loader
be more than 1.5mm;
b) When the nominal diameter of the rim is more than 635mm, it shall not be more
than 2.5mm;
c)When the nominal diameter of the rim is greater than 889 mm, it shall not be
greater than 3mm.
4.6 Bead seat
4.6.1 The thickness reduction of fillet radius of the bead seat of the rim and
pressure-delayed wheel rim shall not exceed 15% of the actual size of the thickness
of the pressed base metal. Crack is not allowed.
4.6.2 The area of fillet radius of bead seat and the matching area between rim and tire
shall be smooth.
4.7 Seat ring
4.7.1 Seat ring shall be smooth, flat and shall be agile for disassembly-assembly.
4.7.2 Roundness tolerance of seat ring shall comply with the following requirements.
a) When the nominal diameter of wheel rim is less than or equal to 889mm, it shall
not be greater than 1.0mm;
b) When the nominal diameter of wheel rim is greater than 889 mm, it shall not be
greater than 1.5 mm.
4.8 Valve hole
Surrounding area of valve hole does not allow burr and edge.
4.9 Wheel disk
4.9.1 Wheel disk shall be manufactured with steel plate with not-more-than 1 welding
4.9.2 The flatness tolerance of wheel disk mounting surface shall comply with the
following requirements.
a) When the nominal diameter of rim is less than or equal to 406.4mm, it shall not
be greater than 0.4mm;
b) When the nominal diameter of rim is greater than 406.4 mm or is less than or
equal to 635mm, it shall not be greater than 0.6 mm;
c) When the nominal diameter of rim is greater than 635 mm , it shall not be greater
b) When the diameter of lock ring is equal to or more than 508 mm, it shall be pulled
5.3.2 The roundness tolerance of lock ring shall be tested by fitting the lock ring onto
test cylinder, and the gap shall be at 1/4-at-least arc length with evenly reduced on
both sides (4.3.2).
5.4 Bending fatigue strength test of wheel shall operate for 1000h with the
host-machine before it is disassembled, and inspect the deformation (4.2.4).
5.5 The tightness test of the tubeless wheel – MOUNT the tire on the wheel, INFLATE
to slightly larger than the rated pressure, PLACE at room temperature for 72h and
TEST with tire pressure gauge (4.10).
6 Inspection Provisions
6.1 Wheel shall be tested by the quality inspection department of the manufacturer
according to the drawings, relevant documents and this Standard, only after test pass
can it leave the factory.
6.2 Wheel’s surface quality, bead seat, perimeter and location of bolt holes shall be
checked for each product, and the remaining items may be sampling-tested.
6.3 Sampling inspection of wheels shall comply with provisions of GB/T 2828.1, this
Standard selects the following programs.
a) Batch. 100 pieces of wheels as 1 batch;
b) Inspection level. general level II;
c) Pass quality level. AQL=10;
d) Accuracy of sampling plan. normal inspection, transfer rules may be used.
e) Type of sampling plan. using one-time sampling plan.
7 Signs, Packaging, Transport and Storage
7.1 The wheels shall be marked at the prominent location.
a) Manufacturer's name or trademark;
b) Produ......
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