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HJ 598-2011 (HJ598-2011)

HJ 598-2011_English: PDF (HJ598-2011)
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HJ 598-2011English209 Add to Cart 3 days [Need to translate] Water quality. Determination of TNT. Sodium sulfite spectrophotometric method HJ 598-2011 Valid HJ 598-2011

Standard ID HJ 598-2011 (HJ598-2011)
Description (Translated English) Water quality. Determination of TNT. Sodium sulfite spectrophotometric method
Sector / Industry Environmental Protection Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard Z16
Classification of International Standard 13.060
Word Count Estimation 8,831
Date of Issue 2011-02-10
Date of Implementation 2011-06-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) GB/T 13905-1992
Drafting Organization Beijing Environmental Technology in northern soldiers Development Co., Ltd.
Administrative Organization Ministry of Environment Protection
Regulation (derived from) Department of Environmental Protection Notice No. 9 of 2011
Summary This standard specifies the determination of sodium sulfite TNT spectrophotometry. This standard applies to the production and use of powdered ammonium nitrate explosive discharge of industrial process wastewater Determination of TNT. When the sample volume was 10. 0ml, using 30mm cuvette, the method detection limit of 0. 1mg/L, determination range of 0. 4 ~ 10mg/L. TNT measured concentration is higher than the upper limit of the sample may be measured after appropriate dilution.

HJ 598-2011
Water quality.Determination of TNT.Sodium sulfite spectrophotometric method
National Environmental Protection Standard of the People's Republic
Replace GB/T 13905-92
Determination of water quality ladder
Sodium sulfite spectrophotometry
Water quality-Determination of TNT
-Sodium sulfite spectrophotometric method
Published on.2011-02-10
2011-06-01 Implementation
Ministry of Environmental Protection released
Ministry of Environmental Protection
No. 9 of.2011
In order to implement the "Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China", protect the environment, protect human health, and standardize environmental monitoring, the water is now approved.
The determination of total mercury is determined by the Cold Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry and other nine standards for national environmental protection standards.
The standard name and number are as follows.
I. Determination of total mercury in water - Cold atomic absorption spectrophotometric method (HJ 597-2011);
3. Determination of water quality ladders N-chlorohexadecylpyridine-sodium sulfite spectrophotometry (HJ 599-2011);
4. Gas chromatographic method (HJ 600-2011) for the determination of water quality ladders, black ropes, and dien ladders;
5. Determination of water quality of formaldehyde - Acetylacetone spectrophotometry (HJ 601-2011);
6. Determination of water quality 石墨 Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry (HJ 602-2011);
VII. Determination of water quality 火焰 Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry (HJ 603-2011);
VIII. Determination of total hydrocarbons in ambient air - Gas chromatography (HJ 604-2011);
IX. Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Soils and Sediments Purge and Trap/Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (HJ 605-2011).
The above standards have been implemented since June 1,.2011 and published by the China Environmental Science Press. The standard content can be found on the website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
From the date of implementation of the above standards, the following seven national environmental protection standards approved and issued by the former National Environmental Protection Agency shall be abolished.
The name and number are as follows.
1. Determination of total mercury in water quality by cold atomic absorption spectrophotometry (GB 7468-87);
2. Determination of water quality ladders by sodium sulfite spectrophotometry (GB/T 13905-92);
3. Determination of water quality ladders by spectrophotometry (GB/T 13903-92);
4. Determination of water quality TNT, Hessian and Dien, gas chromatography (GB/T 13904-92);
V. Determination of water quality formaldehyde acetylacetone spectrophotometry (GB 13197-91);
6. Determination of water quality 原子 Atomic absorption spectrophotometry (GB/T 15506-1995);
VII. Determination of total hydrocarbons in ambient air Gas chromatography (GB/T 15263-94).
Special announcement.
February 10,.2011
1 Scope..1
2 Method principle..1
3 interference and elimination.1
4 Reagents and materials.1
5 instruments and equipment. 2
6 samples. 2
7 Analysis steps..2
8 Results calculation and representation..3
9 precision and accuracy..3
10 Quality Assurance and Quality Control.3
11 Waste treatment 3
To protect the environment and protect the human body in order to implement the Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China and the Law of the People's Republic of China on Water Pollution Prevention and Control
This standard is formulated for the determination of health and standardization of TNT in water.
This standard specifies the sodium sulfite spectrophotometric method for the determination of TNT in water.
This standard is a revision of the "Sodium Sulfite Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Water Quality TNT" (GB/T 13905-92).
This standard was first published in.1992. The original standard drafting unit was the Fifth Design and Research Institute of China Ordnance Industry. This is the first revision.
The main revisions are as follows.
- increased interference and elimi