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HJ 2528-2012 (HJ2528-2012)

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HJ 2528-2012English319 Add to Cart 3 days [Need to translate] Technical requirement for environmental protection products. Hollow fiber membrane bio-reactor unit Valid HJ 2528-2012

Standard ID HJ 2528-2012 (HJ2528-2012)
Description (Translated English) Technical requirement for environmental protection products. Hollow fiber membrane bio-reactor unit
Sector / Industry Environmental Protection Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard N56
Classification of International Standard 13.060.99
Word Count Estimation 12,141
Quoted Standard GB/T 191; GB/T 700; GB/T 709; GB/T 985.1; GB/T 1804; GB/T 3280; GB/T 4237; GB/T 5750.12; GB/T 5836.1; GB/T 5836.2; GB/T 8923; GB/T 9969; GB/T 10002.1; GB/T 11901; GB/T 12771; GB/T 13200; GB/T 13306; GB/T 13922; GB/T 14436; GB/T 19866; GB/T 20103; GB/T 202
Drafting Organization China Environmental Protection Industry Association (Water Pollution Control Committee)
Regulation (derived from) Department of Environmental Protection Notice No. 47 of 2012;
Summary This standard specifies the hollow fiber membrane bioreactor group's definition, classification and nomenclature, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transport and storage. This standard applies to submerged membra

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HJ 2528-2012
Technical requirement for environmental protection products.Hollow fiber membrane bio-reactor unit
People's Republic of China National Environmental Protection Standards
Environmental protection product hollow fiber membrane bioreactor
Reactor control group
Technical requirement for environmental protection products
Hollow fiber membrane bio-reactor unit
2012-7-31 release
2012-11-1 implementation
Issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection
Table of Contents
Preface .III
1 Scope 1
2 Normative references 1
3 Terms and definitions .2
4 .2 classification and nomenclature
5 2 Basic requirements
Performance Requirements 4 6
7 Test Method 4
8 Inspection Rule 4
9 signs, packaging, transportation, storage .5
Appendix A (informative) membrane wire aging evaluation methods ..7
To implement the "People's Republic of China Water Pollution Prevention Law" to regulate the hollow fiber membrane bioreactor set design and production, improve hollow fiber
Dimensional membrane bioreactor group is quality, the development of this standard.
This standard specifies the definition of the group bioreactor hollow fiber membranes, classification and naming, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and standard
Chi, packaging, transportation and storage requirements.
This standard is the first release.
This standard by the People's Republic of China Ministry of Environmental Protection Science, Technology organizations to develop.
This standard drafting units. China Environmental Protection Industry Association, Beijing Water Technology Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences Ecological Environment
Research center.
This standard is approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection July 31, 2012.
This standard since November 1, 2012 implementation.
The standard explanation by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
Environmental protection product hollow fiber membrane bioreactor control group
1 Scope
This standard specifies the definition of the group bioreactor hollow fiber membranes, classification and naming, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and
Logo, packaging, transportation and storage.
This standard applies to submerged membrane bioreactor treatment process sewage and industrial wastewater treatment biodegradability.
2 Normative references
The standard content of the following documents cited in the articles. For undated references, the effective version applies to this standard.
GB/T 191 Packaging - Pictorial signs
GB/T 700 carbon structural steel
Size GB/T 709 hot rolled steel sheet and strip, shape, weight and tolerance
GB/T 985.1 gas welding, arc welding, gas welding and beam welding Recommended groove
GB/T 1804 General tolerances Tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance
GB/T 3280 stainless steel cold-rolled steel sheet and strip
GB/T 4237 hot-rolled stainless steel sheet and strip
GB/T 5750.12 drinking water standard test methods of microbiological criteria
GB/T 5836.1 drainage construction with a hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipes
GB/T 5836.2 drainage construction with a hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipe fittings
GB/T 8923 steel surface before painting Rust grades and grade
GB/T 9969.1 General Industrial Product Manual
GB/T 10002.1 water with a hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipes
Determination of GB/T 11901 Quality of suspended solids - Gravimetric method
GB/T 12771 fluid transport stainless steel welded pipe
Determination of GB/T 13200 Water turbidity
GB/T 13306 signs
GB/T 13922.1 water treatment equipment General Performance Test
GB/T 14436 General industrial products assurance documents
GB/T 19866 general principles of welding procedures and assessment
GB/T 20103 membrane separation technology terms
GB/T 20207.1 acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene (ABS) pressure piping systems - Part 1. Pipes
GB/T 20207.2 acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene (ABS) pressure piping systems - Part 1. Fittings
GB/T 50235 Industrial metal pipe construction and acceptance
JB/T 2932 water treatment equipment and technical conditions
3 Terms and Definitions
The following terms and definitions apply to this standard.
3.1 hollow fiber membrane bioreactor group is hollow fiber membrane bio-reactor unit
Assembled from the hollow fiber membrane element (referred to as the membrane element), gas distribution apparatus, catchment device, a basic framework into the water treatment unit, set
Biological reaction tank, solid-liquid separation apparatus, referred membrane group.
3.2 Membrane filtration area membrane filtration area
Refers to the effective membrane area of the hollow fiber membrane is a hollow fiber membrane element group and the units of m2.
3.3 TMP trans-membrane pressure
The pressure difference between the inlet side and the outlet side of the membrane, the unit is kPa.
4 Classification and Nomenclature
4.1 Classification
Membrane group by framing materials and membrane filtration area use classification.
4.2 Naming
The hollow fiber membrane bioreactor group Model group by the bioreactor's film abbreviation (MU), frame material identification (S on behalf of not
Stainless steel, C for carbon steel), membrane filtration area (m2) of Arabic numerals and hollow fiber abbreviation (HF) and other components.
Example. HF-MU-S-300 indicates the frame is of stainless steel, membrane filtration area of 300m2 hollow fiber membrane bioreactor device group.
5 Basic requirements
5.1 Composition
Film group consists of hollow fiber membrane elements, gas distribution apparatus, catchment device, frame and other components.
5.2 Manufacturing
5.2.1 Film Group shall be in accordance with procedures approved by the drawings and technical documents manufacture, and compliance with this standard. Tolerance should be consistent with GB/T 1804
Parts 5.2.2 film material used by the group, the welding material and the adhesive material shall meet the technical requirements specified in the current national standard, the quality of welding operators
Co GB/T 19866, the provisions of GB/T 985.1, the metal pipe installation and welding should be consistent with GB/T 50235 requirements of.
5.2.3 steel membrane group should comply with GB/T 700, GB/T 709, GB/T 3280, GB/T 4237, GB/T 12771 requirements, hard polyethylene
Vinyl chloride should be consistent with GB/T 5836.1, GB/T 5836.2, GB/T 10002.1 requirements, ABS should be consistent with GB/T 20207.1, GB/T 20207.2
Frame material identification, S, C
Hollow fiber
Membrane bioreactor control group
HF - MU-- -
Membrane filtration area
The provisions of other materials shall comply with the provisions of JB/T 2932's.
5.3 parts
5.3.1 hollow fiber membrane element should be used in chemical and mechanical stability, corrosion resistance, high strength, long life, non-toxic, flux membrane material assembled in
Hollow fiber membrane element. Select the hollow fiber membrane element should follow the following principles.
Standard a) membrane element pore size between 0.01μm ~ 0.4μm;
b) membrane pore size distribution of the membrane element concentration;
c) hollow fiber membrane filament tensile breaking strength of not less than 7 Newton;
d) good oxidation resistance film element;
e) of the film material trapped solute adsorption is small. hollow fiber membrane element mounted within the membrane group should be easy to clean, repair and replacement.
Hollow fiber membrane element due membrane manufacturer's certificate and instructions for use
5.3.2 gas distribution means gas distribution device consists of aeration piping and intake pipe composition, the device should be connected to a reliable and easy to remove accumulated sludge and residues and the like. Aeration piping should be evenly arranged below the membrane element, aeration orifice should be smooth and free of burrs, aeration holes should be uniform outlet. inlet line should enable the aeration gas distribution pipeline reasonably uniform.
5.3.3 catchment device catchment device is connected by a membrane element and outlet manifolds which brings together water collector pipes and outlet road total composition. Within the catchment device
There should be no residue. catchment device outlet road should be sealed chemical corrosion connections subjected to external pressure, and resistance to internal pressure and the time-line cleaning.
5.3.4 framework framework should be high strength, stiffness and resistance to corrosion. framework should use carbon steel or stainless steel. All surfaces should be made when using carbon steel rust and anti-corrosion treatment, the coating should be beautiful, prison
Solid, does not allow holidays, sagging, blistering, folds, scratches, peeling off rust treatment should meet the GB/T 8923 requirements. membrane group shall be provided with hoisting equipment, lifting device provided on the film set of frame. Lifting device should be safe, reliable, easy maintenance and installation.
5.4 Assembly and Installation
5.4.1 Film Group's gas distribution, water catchment and frames and other components should be securely connected and easy maintenance.
5.4.2 membrane element installation, according to the membrane manufacturer's technical requirements.
Various pipes and fittings 5.4.3 membrane group used should conform to appropriate standards and regulatory requirements.
5.4.4 Film Group should be compact structure, reasonable layout, easy to operate, installation and maintenance, and to meet the technical requirements.
6 Performance requirements
6.1 Performance
6.1.1 turbidity should be less than 1NTU.
6.1.2 effluent suspended solids concentration should be less than 5mg/L.
6.1.3 water should be less than 500 fecal coliform/L.
6.1.4 Under design operating conditions, the flux should be not less than 0.288m3/(m2 · d).
6.1.5 frame at the design operating conditions without significant deformation.
6.2 life
Under design operating conditions, the membrane element life of not less than 3 years.
7 Test methods
7.1 Appearance quality by visual.
7.2 dimensions of the parts and the whole with the corresponding levels of precision gage measurements.
7.3 Weld inspection Weld inspection using a tape measure and color detection.
7.4 tightness test catchment device using the apparatus into the water, which leads to the oil-free compressed air, maintained at 100kPa pressure three minutes into the apparatus,
Observe whether the bubbles, it is determined whether or not the leak.
7.5 hollow fiber membrane element according to the film supplier technical requirements and operating instructions for testing and evaluation.
Machine performance test 7.6 membrane group apparatus according to GB/T 13922.1, and should continuously running at design operating conditions conducted after 2h (superscript
Standard Test Method).
a) water turbidity by GB/T 13200 method of measurement;
b) effluent suspended solids concentration measured by the GB/T 11901 method;
c) water fecal coliform press GB/T 5750.12 Method of detection;
d) flux. unit time measured under conditions designed to run out of water and divided by the area of the membrane filtration unit is m3/(m2 · d).
7.7 membrane element life in accordance with Appendix A and by running for more than three consecutive years to assess and determine the actual project.
7.8 Composition and manufacturing membrane group using check design drawings and technical documents or certificates corresponding raw materials.
8 Inspection Rules
8.1 Inspection classification
Membrane group test into the factory inspection and type testing.
8.2 factory inspection
Factory inspection by one to test, test items shown in Table 1.
Table 1 film set from the factory and type test project requirements and test methods
No. Item Test method Requirements factory inspection type test
1 Assembly and Installation 5.4 7.1 √ √
2 Dimensions 5.2.1 7.2 √ √
3 welding quality 5.2.2 7.3 √ √
4 gas distribution apparatus 5.3.2 7.1 √ √
5 catchment device 5.3.3 7.4 √ √
6 frame quality 5.3.4,6.1.5 7.1 √ √
7 membrane element quality 5.3.1 7.5 √ √
8 Composition and manufacturing 5.1,5.2.3 7.8 √ √
9 turbidity 6.1.1 7.6 a) - √
10 effluent suspended solids concentration 6.1.2 7.6 b) - √
11 water fecal coliform 6.1.3 7.6 c) - √
12 flux 6.1.4 7.6 d) - √
13 life 6.2 7.7 - √
8.3 Type inspection
8.3.1 When one of the following conditions, type of inspection should be carried out.
Shape identification a) the new product;
B) after the official production, when the design, process, materials are major changes that may affect product performance;
c) Normal production, inspection once every three years;
d) continuous discontinued after one year, the recovery in manufacturing;
e) Quality Supervision, Inspection bodies type inspection requirements.
8.3.2 Sampling. extracting factory inspection device 2 as a sample type inspection, sampling base of not less than 10; also available through
Final acceptance of the equipment for two as sample type test.
8.3.3 type test items shown in Table 1.
8.4 determine the rules
8.4.1 Product testing with the standard requirements, judged to be acceptable.
8.4.2 If the sample checks have failed items, should be doubled sampling, the project failed the retest, if the re-examination results for all qualified, you can still
Determine whether the product is qualified.
8.4.3 If the product re-examination, any one still a failure occurs, it is determined that the product failed.
9 signs, packaging, transportation and storage
9.1 mark
9.1.1 should be set up signs in film products group was part of the identification containing the following.
a) the product name;
b) Model;
c) the manufacturer;
d) the date of manufacture;
e) serial number.
9.1.2 Type and size of the signs should be consistent with GB/T 13306 provisions.
9.2 Packaging transport
9.2.1 shall be suitable for land and sea transport requirements, parts should be fixed firmly in the box. Random files to be packaged in plastic bags, and fixed
In the box, random file should include.
a) the packing list;
b) certificate;
c) instructions for use.
9.2.2 certificate shall be prepared in line with GB/T 14436 regulations, manual preparation shall comply with GB/T 9969.1 of.
9.2.3 before packing, membrane components and other wearing parts should be protected.
9.2.4 equipment factory packaging, all fittings, nozzles, flange should be fully sealed.
9.2.5 outside the box storage flag shall comply with GB/T 191's.
9.3 Storage
9.3.1 membrane group containing membrane element should avoid direct sunlight and stored at between 4 ~ 40 ℃, when the temperature is below 4 ℃, the membrane element must be taken
Take freezing measures, long-term when not in use, the membrane element and the film should be stored separately from other components of the group.
9.3.2 Storage hollow fiber membrane element should be carried out with reference to the technical requirements of the membrane suppliers.
Appendix A (informative) membrane wire aging evaluation methods
A.1 Method
The film yarn soaked in the agent specified predetermined time, the test membrane strands tensile strength, water flux.
A.1.1 provisions of Pharmacy
Sodium hypochlorite solution at a concentration of 5 ‰, 1%, 5%.
A.1.2 soaking time
The film is accelerated liquid immersion test, inspect when the liquid load (concentration * time) is greater than the standard washing conditions 5 years or 10 years,
Film aging state.
Standard cleaning conditions. after every 7-day online washed once, solution concentration 0.3 ‰; after every 30 days online washed once, liquid concentration
5 ‰.
Acceleration soak load is greater than standard cleaning load (1.2 times), as long as the accelerated aging test are not found, then the film may have a 3-year, 5 years, or
More than 10 years of life.
Table A. yam life when Scale
Item 3 years 5 years equivalent equivalent equivalent of 10 years
5 ‰ Acceleration soaking time (day) 6 10 20
Acceleration 1% soaking time (day) 3 5 10
Acceleration 5% soaking time (day) 0.6 1 2
Accelerating immersion liquid load (mg/L · hr) 720,000 1,200,000 2,400,000
Standard cleaning liquid load (mg/L · hr) 602,464.2 1,004,107 2,008,214
Acceleration soak load/standard wash load 1.2 1.2 1.2
A.1.3 criteria
Tensile strength is reduced by 40%, or reduced to 3N or less;
Shimizu flux units TMP under growing or attenuation of more than 30%.