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HJ 2527-2012

Chinese Standard: 'HJ 2527-2012'
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HJ 2527-2012English319 Add to Cart Days<=3 Technical requirement for environmental protection products. Membrane bioreactor HJ 2527-2012 Valid HJ 2527-2012
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Standard ID HJ 2527-2012 (HJ2527-2012)
Description (Translated English) Technical requirement for environmental protection products. Membrane bioreactor
Sector / Industry Environmental Protection Industry Standard
Classification of Chinese Standard N56
Classification of International Standard 13.060.99
Word Count Estimation 12,134
Quoted Standard GB/T 191; GB/T 700; GB/T 985.1; GB/T 1804; GB/T 3091; GB/T 3280; GB/T 3797-2005; GB 4208; GB/T 4219.1; GB/T 4237; GB 5226.1-2008; HJ 535; HJ 536; GB/T 8923; GB 11901; GB/T 11914; GB/T 12771; GB/T 13306; GB/T 13384; HJ 637-2012; GB 50235; HJ/T 251; HG/T 31
Drafting Organization China Environmental Protection Industry Association (Water Pollution Control Committee)
Regulation (derived from) Department of Environmental Protection Notice No. 47 of 2012;
Summary This standard specifies the membrane bioreactor definition, classification and nomenclature, basic requirements, performance requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transport and storage. This standard applies to daily processin

HJ 2527-2012
Technical requirement for environmental protection products.Membrane bioreactor
People's Republic of China National Environmental Protection Standards
Environmental protection product membrane bioreactor
Technical requirement for environmental protection products
membrane bioreactor
2012-7-31 release
2012-11-1 implementation
Issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection
Table of Contents
Preface II
1. Scope .1
2 Normative references .1
3 Terms and definitions ..2
4 Classification and Nomenclature ..2
5 Basic Requirements .3
6 Performance Requirements .4
7 .5 Test Method
8 inspection rules .6
9 signs, packaging, transportation and storage ..7
To implement the "People's Republic of China Water Pollution Prevention Law" to regulate membrane bioreactor manufacturing, improve membrane bioreactor
Quality should be the enactment of this standard.
This standard specifies the definition of membrane bioreactor, classification and nomenclature, basic requirements, performance requirements, test methods,
Inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage requirements.
This standard is the first release.
This standard is developed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection Science, Technology organization.
This standard drafting units. China Environmental Protection Industry Association (Water Pollution Control Commission), Tianjin-source environment
Technology Engineering Company Limited.
This standard is approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection July 31, 2012.
This standard since November 1, 2012 implementation.
The standard explanation by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
Environmental protection product membrane bioreactor
1 Scope
This standard specifies the definition of membrane bioreactor, classification and nomenclature, basic requirements, performance requirements, test methods, inspection
Inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage.
Or industrial wastewater treatment is applicable to the day of treated water is not greater than 500m3/d of domestic sewage and biological treatment
Reuse of membrane bioreactor.
2 Normative references
The standard content of the following documents cited in the articles. For undated references, the effective version applies to this
GB/T 191 Packaging - Pictorial signs
GB/T 700 carbon structural steel
GB/T 985.1 gas welding, arc welding, gas welding and beam welding Recommended groove
GB/T 1804 General tolerances Tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance
GB/T 3091 low pressure liquid delivery welded steel pipe
GB/T 3280 stainless steel cold-rolled steel sheet and strip
GB/T 3797-2005 Electric Control Equipment
GB 4208 housing protection (IP Code)
GB/T 4219.1 Industrial Part 1 with a hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) piping systems. Pipes
GB/T 4237 hot-rolled stainless steel sheet and strip
GB 5226.1-2008 Safety of machinery electrical equipment Part 1. General requirements
HJ 535 Water quality - Determination of ammonia Nessler reagent spectrophotometric
HJ 536 Water quality - Determination of ammonia acid spectrophotometric method
GB/T 8923 steel surface before painting Rust grades and grade
GB 11901 Water quality Determination of suspended solids - Gravimetric method
Determination of GB/T 11914 Quality of potassium dichromate method COD
GB/T 12771 fluid transport stainless steel welded pipe
GB/T 13306 signs
GB/T 13384 mechanical and electrical products packaging General technical conditions
HJ 637-2012 quality oil and animal and vegetable oils determination of the infrared spectrophotometry
GB 50235 industrial metal pipeline engineering construction and acceptance
HJ/T 251 environmental protection product Roots Blower
HG/T 3183 fluorine plastic lining single stage single suction chemical centrifugal pump technology conditions
HJ/T 336 environmental protection product submersible sewage pump
HJ/T 366 environmental protection product pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter
HJ/T 367 environmental protection product pipeline electromagnetic flowmeter
HJ 505 water quality BOD (BOD5) - Dilution and seeding method
JB/T 6170 Pressure Sensors
JB/T 7256 self-priming centrifugal pump types and basic parameters
JB/T 7392 digital pressure gauge
JB/T 9273 electrical contacts
JB/T 10203 Remote pressure gauge
JC/T 658.1-2007 glass fiber reinforced plastic water tanks - Part 1 SMC combined water storage tanks
JC/T 658.2-1997 glass fiber reinforced plastic tanks - Part 2 hand lay-piece tank
HG 20520 GRP/PVC (FRP/PVC) composite pipe design requirements
3 Terms and Definitions
The following terms and definitions apply to this standard.
3.1 membrane bioreactor membrane bioreactor (MBR)
A film as the carrier, the biological response (effect) and separation combined with progress of the reaction can change and improve the reaction efficiency provided
3.2 membrane membrane module
The membrane element within the coupling member, the end plates and seals and other components of practical devices.
3.3 TMP trans-membrane pressure (TMP)
The pressure difference between the inlet side and the outlet side of the membrane. Units of kPa.
4 Classification and Nomenclature
4.1 Classification
Membrane bioreactor by membrane bioreactor and the relative position of the classification, membrane placed inside the bioreactor
For submerged membrane bioreactor (submerged membrane bioreactor, SMBR); membrane bioreactor placed
External to external membrane bioreactor (side-stream membrane bioreactor, SSMBR).
4.2 Naming
Membrane bioreactor membrane bioreactor model by the abbreviation (MBR), classification abbreviation (S representatives dip
No membrane bioreactor, SS on behalf of external membrane bioreactor) and treated water (m3/d) and a membrane area (m2)
The Arabic numerals.
Example. MBR-SS-300/1200
Represents external membrane bioreactor, treated water is 300 m3/d, membrane area of 1200 m2.
5 Basic requirements
5.1 Composition
Membrane bioreactor from the reactor shell, membrane, pumps, fans, piping, instrumentation, and electrical backwash cleaning system
Control and other components.
5.2 Manufacturing
5.2.1 membrane bioreactor drawings and documents shall be in accordance with procedures approved by the manufacturer, and in accordance with this standard. No Note
Dimensional tolerances shall comply with GB/T 1804's.
5.2.2 reactor shell can be manufactured by welding and assembling. Welding should close no leakage, no slag, porosity, crack
Marks, shrinkage, weld defects such as undercut. Interior parts, such as welding should be solid and reliable, no cracks pattern, shrinkage and other welding defects. Weld
Groove shall comply with GB/T 985.1 and GB/T 1804's.
5.3 parts
5.3.1 Pump
Self-priming centrifugal pump shall comply with the provisions of JB/T 7256's; submersible sewage pump shall comply with HJ/T 336; the wash pump should break
Co-HG/T 3183 requirements.
5.3.2 Fan
The fans shall comply with HJ/T 251's.
5.3.3 Electrical Control Electrical cabinet body protection not less than GB 4208 in IP55. Electrical cabinet selection yuan, the device shall comply with the provisions of GB/T 3797-2005 in 4.4.1. Electrical wiring inside and outside the cabinet shall comply with GB/T 3797-2005 in the 4.12.4. should have a level control, aeration control, membrane fouling detection warning, out of the water control and fault alarm protection
Membrane electrical and automatic protection.
5.3.4 Instrumentation Pressure measuring instrument selection pressure sensors, digital pressure gauge, pressure gauge and remote pressure as needed
Tables, etc., and shall conform to JB T 6170, JB/T 7392, JB/T 9273, JB/T 10203 requirements /. ultrasonic flow measuring instruments need to select the pipe flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter according to, shall comply HJ/T
366, HJ/T 367 provisions. Gauge should be used in electric contact type, pressure, or reed-type ultrasonic liquid level. pH value, turbidity, CODCr, ammonia and other alternative instruments shall comply with the relevant standards.
Treated water (m3/d) and a membrane area (m2)
Category (S on behalf of submerged membrane bioreactor
SS on behalf of external membrane bioreactor)
Membrane bioreactor
MBR - -
5.4 Electrical Safety
5.4.1 wire, cable choice should comply with GB 5226.1-2008 in Chapter 14.
5.4.2 ground protection should be consistent with the provisions of Security GB/T 3797-2005 in the 4.10.6.
5.4.3 Short circuit protection shall comply with the provisions of GB/T 3797-2005 in 4.10.2; overload protection should be consistent with GB/T 3797-2005
The provisions of 4.10.3.
5.4.4 Electrical insulation resistance values and their control and exposed conductive parts and between live circuit equipment shall comply with GB/T
4.8.1 The provisions in 3797-2005.
5.5 Material
5.5.1 membrane bioreactor housing can be carbon steel, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic and other reinforced plastics.
5.5.2 When the membrane bioreactor shell made of carbon steel, should be consistent with the provisions of GB/T 700, and plate thickness not less than 6
mm, the coating should be carried out before the device blasted, their grade level should not be less than Sa2 1/2 GB/T 8923 stipulated.
5.5.3 When the membrane bioreactor housing made of stainless steel, it should comply with GB/T 3280 regulations, GB/T 4237's.
5.5.4 When the membrane bioreactor shell with glass fiber reinforced plastics, shall comply with the JC 658.1-2007 in 5.1 and 5.2
And JC 658.2-1997 requirements specified in 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3, and the material thickness of the housing must not be less than 8 mm.
5.5.5 should adopt the membrane hollow fiber membrane, membrane plate, tubular film microfiltration or ultrafiltration membrane, membrane pore size
0.01μm ~ 0.4μm, the flux should be not less than 10 L/(m2 · h) (submerged membrane bioreactor) or not less than 40 L/(m2 · h)
(External membrane bioreactor). Membrane materials should be high strength, anti-pollution, anti-aging, under normal operating conditions, the service life
Not less than three years.
5.5.6 Pipe material can be used PVC pipe, welded steel pipe and so on. Selection of PVC pipes should be consistent with GB/T 4219.1 of
Provision, use welded steel pipe shall comply with GB/T 12771, GB/T 3091's.
5.6 Assembly and Installation
5.6.1 membrane bioreactor housing should be corrosion-resistant, no leakage, the membrane module and outlet pipe connections shall be tight and reliable, the pipeline system
Connection system should not leak tight.
5.6.2 membrane assembly, leave sufficient space for the film according to the manufacturer's requirements to meet the installation, and check exchange membrane
Repair requirements.
5.6.3 plastic pipe connection valves shall comply with HG 20520, the metal pipe installation and welding should be consistent with GB
50235 of provisions.
5.6.4 When the ambient temperature is below 4 ℃, respond to the demand for wet storage membrane insulation measures taken when assembling.
6 Performance requirements
6.1 Water quality
Membrane bioreactor water quality should meet the following requirements.
Chemical oxygen demand (CODcr) ≤500 mg/L; BOD (BOD5) ≤300 mg/L; suspended solids (SS)
≤150 mg/L; ammonia ≤50 mg/L; animal and vegetable oils (n-Hex) ≤50 mg/L and the mineral oil (n-Hex) ≤3 mg/L;
pH value of 6 to 9; the water temperature should be at 15 ℃ -35 ℃ between;
Reach above the water quality of raw water should be pretreated;
Raw water filtration membrane manufacturers need to adopt to meet the accuracy requirements of the mechanical filter grid.
6.2 water quality
Membrane bioreactor CODcr, BOD5, SS, ammonia nitrogen removal rate should be not less than 90%, respectively, 93%, 95%,
90%. Water quality indicators CODCr, BOD5, SS, ammonia, animal and mineral oils to meet the appropriate reuse or discharge
standard requirement.
6.3 The main technical parameters
Membrane bioreactor process parameters are given in Table 1.
The main process parameters in Table 1
Mixed liquor suspended
Solids concentration (MLSS)
Sludge load
kgBOD5 /
(KgMLSS · d)
Ammonia loading
KgN-NH3 /
(KgMLSS · d)
6000 ~ 12000 ~ 0.15 0.01 ~ 0.05 0.03 ~ 2 5
0-50 (immersion)
20 to 500 (external)
7 Test methods
7.1 Composition
Check visually or design drawings.
7.2 Dimensions
The size of the parts and the whole with the corresponding levels of precision gage measurements.
7.3 Welding Quality
Weld inspection and measurement using dye penetrant inspection with weld feet.
7.4 parts by mass
Check parts certificate or inspection reports provided by the manufacturer.
7.5 Electrical Safety
According to GB/T 3797-2005 5.2 The method described in the corresponding test.
7.6 Material
7.6.1 housing
Materials provided by the manufacturer certificate, after processing is completed in accordance with the case GB/T 700, GB/T 3280, GB/T 4237,
JC 658.1-2007 or JC658.2-1997 specified acceptance.
7.6.2 membrane
In the membrane through to 0.02 MPa ~ 0.05 MPa compressed air, with soap and water (or other produce foam and no
Caustic solution) is applied to the external interface check, stable 3 min, there should be no air bubbles.
7.6.3 Pipeline Materials
Materials provided by the manufacturer certificate, the processing is completed in accordance with GB/T 4219.1, GB/T 12771 or GB/T 3091
Acceptance of the provisions.
7.7 tightness test
7.7.1 The membrane bioreactor filled with water, 4 h after the observation should be no leakage.
7.7.2 for pipeline pressure test, the test pressure of not less than 1.5 times the design pressure. Metal pipe under test pressure
30 min after stabilization should not leak; plastic piping test pressure stable at 1 h, each connection should not leak.
7.8 Water Testing
Membrane bioreactor influent and effluent water quality testing methods.
a) into the effluent chemical oxygen demand (CODCr) according to GB/T 11914 method for detection;
b) inlet and outlet of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) detection method according to HJ 505;
c) into the effluent suspended solids (SS) detection method according to GB 11901;
d) Carry, effluent ammonia detection method according to GB/T 7479 or GB/T 7481 Method of detection;
e) detection method water animal and vegetable oils and mineral oil testing according to GB/T 16488 method.
8 Inspection Rules
8.1 Inspection classification
Membrane bioreactor inspection into the factory inspection and type testing.
8.2 factory inspection
Factory inspection by one to test, test items in Table 2.
8.3 Type inspection
8.3.1 Type inspection should be inspected product extracted 2, test items in Table 2.
Table 2 Test items and requirements
No. Project requirements, test methods factory inspection type test
1 Composition 5.1 7.1 √ √
2 Dimensions 5.2.1 7.2 √ √
3 welding quality 5.2.2 7.3 √ √
4 parts 5.3 7.4 √ √
5 Electrical Safety 5.4 7.5 √ √
6 housing 5.5.1 ~ 5.5.4 7.6.1 √ √
7 membrane module 5.5.5 7.6.2 √ √
8 Pipeline 5.5.6 7.6.3 √ √
7 airtight 5.6.1 7.7 √ √
8 water quality 6.1 7.8 - √
9 removal 6.2 7.8 - √
8.3.2 When one of the following occurs, type inspection should be carried out.
a) appraisement;
b) the product structure, materials or workmanship significant changes;
c) Normal production, every three years;
d) more than two years to restore production shut down;
e) factory test results and the results of the last test patterns are quite different when.
8.4 determine the rules
8.4.1 Product testing with the standard requirements, judged to be acceptable.
8.4.2 If the sample checks have failed items, should be doubled sampling, to conduct a review of each project, if the results of the retest all together
Grid, you can still determine whether the product is qualified.
8.4.3 If the product re-examination, any one still a failure occurs, it is determined that the product failed.
9 signs, packaging, transportation and storage
9.1 mark
Membrane bioreactor product label should be set in clear site, signs shall comply with GB/T 13306 of.
9.2 Packaging
9.2.1 Type of packaging shall comply with GB/T 13384 of.
9.2.2 equipment factory packaging, all fittings, nozzles, flange should be fully sealed.
9.2.3 before packing, all of the instruments, meters, and other consumable membrane should be protected.
9.2.4 outside of the box should be shipping mark and logo storage, and shall comply with the provisions of GB/T 191's.
9.3 Transport
Membrane bioreactor should care, and must not throw touch, and electrical cabinets and other membrane to avoid being squeezed and collision, and note
Meaning moisture, sun protection and fire prevention.
9.4 Storage
9.4.1 Electrical equipment and control instruments and other items should be dust, water and moisture.
9.4.2 membrane storage should refer to the technical requirements of the membrane suppliers.
9.4.3 membrane bioreactor should be finished storing in a clean space and avoid collision and extrusion.
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