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FZ/T 93003-2002

Chinese Standard: 'FZ/T 93003-2002'
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FZ/T 93003-2002English299 Add to Cart Days<=3 Spinning plus twisting metallic hooks Valid FZ/T 93003-2002


Standard ID FZ/T 93003-2002 (FZ/T93003-2002)
Description (Translated English) Spinning plus twisting metallic hooks
Sector / Industry Spinning & Textile Industry Standard (Recommended)
Classification of Chinese Standard W93
Classification of International Standard 59.120.10
Word Count Estimation 11,179
Date of Issue 2002-09-28
Date of Implementation 2003-01-01
Older Standard (superseded by this standard) FZ/T 93003-1991
Quoted Standard GB/T 2828-1987; GB/T 2829-1987; GB/T 4340.1-1999
Adopted Standard ISO 96-2-1992, NEQ
Drafting Organization Shaanxi Institute of Textile Equipment
Administrative Organization Shaanxi Institute of Textile Equipment
Proposing organization China Textile Industry Association
Issuing agency(ies) National Economic and Trade Commission of the People Republic of China
Summary This standard specifies the spinning and twisting metal hook (hereinafter referred to as " metal hook ") classification and marking, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, marking and storage. This standard applies to spinning and twisting vertical plane of the ring and cone steel requisitioned metal hook.

FZ/T 93003-2002
Spinning plus twisting metallic hooks
ICS 59.120.10
Record number. 11037-2002
People's Republic of China Textile Industry Standard
FZ/T 93003-2002
Replace FZ/T 93003-1991
Metal hook for spinning and twisting
(ISO 96-2.1992, Textilemachineryandaccessories-
Part 2. HZCH-, HZ-andJ-ringsandtheirappropriatetravelers, NEQ)
Released on.2002-09-28
2003-01-01 implementation
The National Economic and Trade Commission of the People's Republic of China
The ring wire series for ring spinning and twisting consists of three standards.
---Rolling wire for spinning and twisting;
---Wire hooks for spinning and twisting;
--- Plastic hooks for spinning and twisting.
The degree of conformity between this standard and ISO 96-2.1992 is non-equivalent, the main differences are as follows.
--- Removed the provisions relating to the steel collar and its application to plastic hooks;
--- Increased the number of metal hook metrics, cross-sectional shape and its code;
--- Added requirements for metal hooks, such as its hardness, surface roughness and surface quality;
--- Added Chapter 5 "Test Methods", Chapter 6 "Inspection Rules", Chapter 7 "Packaging, Marking, Storage";
--- Change some expressions applicable to international standards to those applicable to Chinese standards.
This standard replaces FZ/T 93003-1991 "Metal hooks for spinning and twisting". The main changes in this standard compared with the previous version of the standard are as follows.
--- Removed restrictions on metal hook types and cross-sectional shapes and complemented cross-sectional shapes (1991 editions 3.1 and 3.3, of this standard
3.1 and 3.5);
--- Deleted the metal hook type code and replaced it with the name of the metal hook type of the manufacturer (3.4 of.1991 edition, 3.5 of this standard);
--- Added the informative appendix "Comparison of the number of metrics of metal hooks" (3.2 of.1991 edition, 3.3 of this standard);
--- The test method for the surface roughness of metal hooks was changed to the standard sample control test (5.3 of.1991 edition, 5.3 of this standard);
--- The inspection rules have added the content of the type inspection.
FZ/T 93003 is one of the series of wire loops for ring spinning and twisting. Listed below and the structure of these industry standards
International standards to be applied, and industry standards to be replaced.
a) Steel wire loops for spinning and twisting (ISO 96-1.1992, replacing FZ/T 93002-1991, FZ/T 90041-1992);
b) metal hooks for spinning and twisting (ISO 96-2.1992, replacing FZ/T 93003-1991);
c) Plastic hooks for spinning and twisting (ISO 96-2.1992, replacing FZ/T 93004-1991).
Appendix A of this standard is an informative annex.
This standard was proposed by the China Textile Industry Association.
This standard is under the jurisdiction of Shaanxi Textile Equipment Research Institute.
This standard was drafted by Shaanxi Textile Equipment Research Institute, Shanghai Far East Wire Needle Cloth Co., Ltd., Chongqing Golden Cat Textile Equipment Co., Ltd.
Company, Henan Second Textile Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. Sanmenxia Steel Wire Company, Zhejiang Wenzhou Hualu Knitting Equipment Co., Ltd.
Add drafting.
The main drafters of this standard. Zhao Yusheng, Chen Xianghong, Wang Keping, Li Guohui.
The previous versions of the standards replaced by this standard are.
---FZ/T 93003-1991.
FZ/T 93003-2002
Metal hook for spinning and twisting
1 range
This standard specifies the classification and marking, requirements, test methods and inspection rules for metal hooks for spinning and twisting (hereinafter referred to as "metal hooks").
And packaging, signs, storage.
This standard is applicable to metal hooks for spinning and twisting steel collars and tapered steel collars.
2 Normative references
The terms in the following documents become the terms of this standard by reference to this standard. All dated references, followed by all
Modifications (not including errata content) or revisions do not apply to this standard, however, parties to agreements based on this standard are encouraged to study
Is it possible to use the latest version of these files? For undated references, the latest edition applies to this standard.
GB/T 2828-1987 Batch-by-batch inspection sampling procedure and sampling table (for continuous batch inspection)
GB/T 2829-1987 Periodic inspection count sampling procedure and sampling table (applicable to the inspection of the stability of the production process)
GB/T 4340.1-1999 Metallic Vickers hardness test - Part 1. Test method
3 classification and marking
3.1 According to the steel collar type, the metal hook is divided into two types. HZ-type vertical steel collar and J-shaped tapered steel collar.
3.2 According to the material, the metal hook is divided into a wire metal hook and a copper wire metal hook.
3.3 The number of metal hooks is the gram value indicating the nominal mass of 1000 metal hooks of the same type (see the metric number of metal hooks)
Appendix A).
3.4 The basic shape, cross-sectional shape, number series and the height of the metal collar used shall be in accordance with the requirements of Figure 1, Figure 2 and Table 1.
3.5 Marking method of metal hook. the name of the product, the type of the steel collar type and its height, the name of the metal hook type of the manufacturer, and the cut
Face shape code, material, number and standard number are composed.
Example. A metal hook with a HZ-type steel collar height of 16.7 mm, a ring-shaped unnamed, made of semi-circular brass wire, number 224 shall be marked as.
Metal hook HZ16.7dr-brass-224 FZ/T 93003
Fig.1 Basic shape of metal hook for HZ type vertical steel ringFig.2 Basic shape of metal hook for J-type tapered steel ring
FZ/T 93003-2002
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