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GB/T 707-1988 PDF in English

GB/T 707-1988 (GB/T707-1988, GBT 707-1988, GBT707-1988)
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GB/T 707-1988English245 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto-delivery. Hot-rolled channel steel--Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances Obsolete

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GB/T 707-1988: PDF in English (GBT 707-1988)

UDC 669.14
GB 707-88
Replacing GB 707-65
Hot-rolled Channel Steel -
Dimensions, Shape, Weight and Tolerances
Issued on. August 9, 1988 Implemented on. July 1, 1989
Issued by. Ministry of Metallurgical Industry of the People’s Republic of China
Table of Contents
1 Main Content and Scope of Application ... 3
2 Dimensions and Allowable Tolerances ... 3
3 Shape ... 9
4 Weight and Allowable Tolerances ... 9
5 Marking Example ... 10
6 Test Methods... 10
Additional Information ... 11
Hot-rolled Channel Steel –
Dimensions, Shape, Weight and Tolerances
1 Main Content and Scope of Application
This Standard specifies the dimensions, shape, weight and allowable tolerances of hot-rolled channel steel.
This Standard is applicable to hot-rolled channel steel with a slant angle on the inner side of steel legs.
2 Dimensions and Allowable Tolerances
2.1 Sectional Dimensions and Allowable Tolerances
2.1.1 Please refer to Figure 1 for the sectional view and annotated symbols of channel steel.
the design of hole model; they shall not be deemed as conditions of delivery.
2.1.4 Allowable tolerances of sectional dimensions The allowable tolerances of the height (h), leg breadth (b) and waist thickness
(d) of channel steel shall comply with the stipulation in Table 3.
Table 3 The allowable tolerance of the average leg thickness of channel steel shall be ± 0.06 t. The bending deflection of channel steel shall not exceed 0.15 d. The external slant angle of channel steel shall be not more than 1.5% b on a single leg and not more than 2.5% b on both legs. The leg-end and shoulder passivation of channel steel shall make it impossible to pass through a round bar whose diameter equals to 0.18 t.
2.2 Length and Allowable Tolerances
2.2.1 General Length
Generally speaking, the length of channel steel shall comply with the stipulation in Table 4.
following formula.
4.4 In accordance with the agreement between both parties, the allowable tolerance
of the weight of channel steel (per meter) shall not exceed
5 Marking Example
Common carbon steel, Class-A, No. 3 melted steel, hot-rolled channel steel whose dimension is 180 mm x 68 mm x 7 mm shall be marked in this way.
Hot-rolled channel steel
6 Test Methods
6.1 Method of Dimensional Test
6.1.1 The height of the test shall depend on the height of the waist.
6.1.2 The test of the leg breadth shall be prevented from the influence of uneven waist.
6.1.3 The bending deflection shall be measured with a ruler and feeler gauge.
6.1.4 The test of the external slant angle shall comply with Figure 2. Use a sample plate to measure the absolute value of the difference between P and Q, and the difference between M and N, and it shall not exceed the stipulation in in this Standard.
Figure 2
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