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GB/T 1997-2008 PDF in English

GB/T 1997-2008 (GB/T1997-2008, GBT 1997-2008, GBT1997-2008)
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GB/T 1997-2008: PDF in English (GBT 1997-2008)

GB/T 1997-2008
ICS 75.160.10
H 32
Replacing GB/T 1997-1989
Coke - Sampling and preparation of samples
Issued by.
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China;
Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 4 
2 Normative references ... 4 
3 Terms and definitions ... 4 
4 General ... 5 
5 Sampling... 7 
6 Preparation of coke samples for industrial analysis ... 11 
This Standard replaces GB/T 1997-1989 Coke - Sampling and Preparation of
Compared with GB/T 1997-1989, this Standard has the following main
-- Revise the format of this Standard;
-- Revise the terms and definitions of this Standard and add English names;
-- Properly revise the safekeeping and reserve time of samples.
This Standard was proposed by China Iron and Steel Industry Association.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of National Steel Standardization
Technical Committee.
Drafting organizations of this Standard. China Metallurgical Information and
Standardization Institute, Shougang Company Limited AND Sinosteel Anshan
Research Institute of Thermo-energy Co., Ltd.
Main drafters of this Standard. Sun Wei, Xi Wanze, Zhu Mingsan and Zhang
This Standard replaces the following previous standards.
- GB 1997-1980, GB/T 1997-1989.
Coke - Sampling and preparation of samples
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the terms and definitions in respect of sampling and
preparation of coke samples, the sampling place, house, equipment-tools, as
well as sampling and preparation of samples for industrial analysis and
physical properties test.
This Standard is applicable to the sampling and preparation of coke samples
for industrial analysis and physical properties test.
2 Normative references
The following standards contain the provisions which, through reference in this
Standard, constitute the provisions of this Standard. For dated references,
subsequent amendments (excluding corrections) or revisions do not apply to
this Standard. However, the parties who enter into agreement based on this
Standard are encouraged to investigate whether the latest versions of these
documents are applicable. For undated reference documents, the latest
versions apply to this Standard.
GB/T 2007.5 General rules for the sampling and sample preparation of
minerals in bulk - Experimental method for checking the bias of sampling
GB/T 9977 The terms of coking products
3 Terms and definitions
Terms and definitions determined in GB/T 9977 as well as the following ones
apply to this Standard.
3.1 Lot and batch
Coke of same specification at same delivery shall be deemed as one lot, and
the mass of one lot of coke is called batch.
3.2 Basic lot
It means the specified minimum batch.
3.3 Share sample
It means the coke sample obtained by sampling tool when it works one time at
one part of one lot of coke (continuous times available for manual sampling).
3.4 Vice sample
It is composed of partial share samples taken from one lot of coke.
3.5 Great sample
It is composed of all share samples or all vice samples taken from one lot of
3.6 Sample again use
Use all samples to determine an item, then use it to determine other items after
the preparation of partial or all these samples.
3.7 Spare sample
Sample that is prepared for or unprepared but reserved for determining a
certain test item.
3.8 Maximum size
The minimum size of mesh through which over 95% of coke can pass.
4 General
4.1 Moisture sample
4.1.1 After moisture sampling, it shall be immediately put into a
corrosion-resistant sample storage barrel with a sealed cover or other
watertight sealed container. Tightly cap the barrel or container after each share
sample is put in place.
4.1.2 The sample storage barrel with moisture samples inside shall be kept
away from heat sources and direct exposure in the sun. After sampling,
preparation of samples shall be conducted in time. If determination results are
affected by excessively large batch of coke or long interval between two coke
transports, the share samples shall be made into vice samples according to
the coke transport time. Determine the moisture of the vice samples. Take
weighted average of vice sample moisture as moisture determination result of
this lot of coke. The moisture can also be determined by sample division after
mixing the vice samples according to the proportion of the share samples.
Table 3 Minimum mass of share samples of coke
Size range/mm < 25 ≥25~< 40 ≥40~< 80 ≥80
Min mass of share samples/kg 1 2 5 15
5.5 Sampling in coke flow
5.5.1 During the coke transporting by belt conveyer, the interval of share
sampling shall be determined according to the batch and the quantity of share
samples of each batch.
a) While the coke is moving, sampling of share samples shall be conducted
according to a certain mass or time interval by using sampling tools.
b) For manual sampling, the convey belt speed shall not exceed 1.5 m/s,
and the coke thickness shall not be greater than 0.3 m.
c) When samples are taken from the static belt, each sample shall be taken
from the whole section, and the sampling length shall not be less than 2.5
times of the maximum coke size.
The first share sampling shall start at random in the first interval, but it must not
begin at the starting point of the first interval. The following share sampling
shall be conducted according to the calculated interval. If the quantity of share
samples is enough when sampling is conducted according to the fixed interval
while the coke transporting does not stop, then share sampling shall be
continued according to the original interval until the transporting of the whole
lot of coke is finished.
While receiving the samples, the receiving tools shall not be overfilled, so as to
prevent large sample overflowing, which may cause test result system error.
5.5.2 Sampling at coke bin or discharge spout
The sampling at coke bin or discharge spout is the same as that in coke flow
(5.5.1 a)).
5.5.3 Sampling of loading and unloading truck, ship or over-casting by
adopting belt conveyer is the same as that mentioned in 5.5.1. However, if
there is no conditions to install a mechanical sampling funnel, sampling shall
be conducted as specified in 5.5.4.
5.5.4 Other sampling methods in loading and unloading truck, ship or
cover-casting. Large-pile sampling. sampling shall be conducted at different layers of
the coke pile during coke loading. The quantity of share samples of the whole
distributed in the pile locations. When the quantity of share samples is less
than the number of corresponding pile locations, each pile location shall have
at least one share sample.
6 Preparation of coke samples for industrial analysis
6.1 House, equipment-tools
6.1.1 Preparation room
Preparation room shall include preparation of samples (crush, mix, divide,
screen, etc.), storage of samples, drying, etc. The room shall be large and
bright enough without being affected by rain or wind or foreign dust. It shall
have dust-proof equipment. All rooms shall have smooth cement floor.
Samples mixing, division and screening shall be conducted on the cement
floor paved with a >6 mm steel plate.
6.1.2 Crusher
Crusher applicable to preparation of samples includes jaw crusher, roll-type
crusher and other sealed grinders. Theses equipment can be used as long as
their material and ratio of crushing meet corresponding requirements, without
contamination and easy to clean. Jaw crusher
Jaw crusher usually has three specifications.
a) Opening size is about 200 mm×150 mm, and used for crushing coke size
from large and middle to < 60 mm;
b) Opening size is about 150 mm×125 mm, and used for crushing coke size
from 60 mm to < 13 mm;
c) Opening size is about 100 mm×60 mm, and used for crushing coke size
from 13 mm to < 6 mm. Roll-type crusher
The roll diameter of roll-type crusher is usually ≥250 mm, and roll width is 75
mm ~ 200 mm. It usually requires 2 roll-type crushers.
a) Used for crushing sample size from 6 mm to < 3 mm;
b) Used for crushing sample size from 3 mm to < 1 mm. Rock grinder
The acting part of the rock grinder shall be made of high manganese steel,
high chrome steel or other wear-resisting alloy steel.
6.1.3 Divider
The inside surface shall be smooth. It shall adopt sealed type to prevent loss of
moisture and powder sample. Cone type, rotary type or dichotomous type shall
be adopted. Before use, the divider shall be calibrated according to the
provisions in GB/T 2007.5. The precision calibration result shall comply with
corresponding requirements.
6.1.4 Screen Perforated screen size. 60 mm×60 mm. Woven screen size. 13 mm×13 mm; 6 mm×6 mm; 3 mm×3 mm; 1 mm
×1 mm. Sample screen size. 0.2 mm×0.2 mm.
6.1.5 Sampling shovel, sam...
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