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GB/T 19249-2017 PDF in English

GB/T 19249-2017 (GB/T19249-2017, GBT 19249-2017, GBT19249-2017)
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GB/T 19249-2017: PDF in English (GBT 19249-2017)

GB/T 19249-2017
ICS 91.140.60
P 41
Replacing GB/T 19249-2003
Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment
Issued by: General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Quarantine of the People's Republic of China;
Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative references ... 4
3 Terms and definitions ... 5
4 Classification and types ... 7
5 Requirements ... 8
6 Test methods ... 9
7 Inspection rules ... 11
8 Marking, packaging, transportation and storage ... 11
Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the terms and definitions, classification and types,
requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation and
storage of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment (hereinafter referred to as
This Standard applies to equipment which uses reverse osmosis water membrane
(including spiral wound type and disk-tube type) technology for the desalting,
purification and separation treatment of water.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this
document. For dated references, only the edition dated applies to this document. For
undated references, the latest edition of the referenced documents (including all
amendments) applies to this document.
GB/T 150 (all parts), Pressure vessels
GB/T 191, Packaging – Pictorial marking for handling of goods
GB/T 5750 (all parts), Standard examination methods for drinking water
GB/T 9969, General principles for preparation of instructions for use of industrial
GB/T 13384, General specifications for packing of mechanical and electrical
GB/T 13922, Performance test for water treatment equipment
GB/T 17219, Standard for safety evaluation of equipment and protective mater
GB/T 20103, Technical terms for membrane separation
GB 50205, Code for acceptance of construction quality of steel structures
The value which indicates the desalting efficiency of equipment.
Product water which is obtained though the treatment of reverse osmosis equipment.
The quantity of product water which is generated by membrane elements, assemblies
and devices within unit time, under specified operating conditions.
[GB/T 20103-2006, definition 2.2.10]
water recovery
The percentage of produced water amount to total water supply.
[GB/T 20103-2006, definition 2.2.12]
Concentrated water whose salt content is increased after the treatment of reverse
osmosis equipment.
cartridge filter
A filter which is constituted by microfiltration element of filter fineness less than or equal
to 5 μm and installed in front of reverse osmosis membrane.
The amount of penetrated constituents per unit time, per unit membrane area.
[GB/T 20103-2006, definition 2.1.33]
5.4 Equipment manufacture shall be as specified in GB 50205.
5.5 The conditions, including equipment installation sites, equipment surroundings and
so on, shall satisfy the requirements for replacement and overhaul of membrane
5.6 The protection system of equipment shall be safe and reliable, which shall be
provided with protective measures to prevent water hammer impact, if necessary.
When equipment is off, a rinsing system shall be used to rinse concentrate thoroughly
inside membrane.
5.7 The corrosion resistance performance shall meet the requirements for corrosion
resistance of working media.
5.8 When equipment is used for the treatment of domestic drinking water, the materials
of equipment, which are in contact with water, shall be as specified in GB/T 17219.
5.9 The pressure resistance performance of equipment shall meet for the design
service requirements.
5.10 The electrical (pneumatic) actuators of equipment shall rotate flexibly and
smoothly without jam. The self-control system shall be reliable and have a safety
protection function.
5.11 The productivity of equipment shall meet the design requirements.
5.12 The salt rejection rate of spiral wound membrane assembly reverse osmosis
water treatment equipment shall not be lower than 95% (except that user has special
requirements); the salt rejection rate of disk-tube assembly reverse osmosis water
treatment equipment shall not be lower than 90% (except that user has special
5.13 The water recovery rate of equipment shall meet the design requirements.
5.14 Equipment shall be subjected to pressure test under specified pressure; it shall
be free from leakage.
6 Test methods
6.1 The test method for the pressure resistance performance of reverse osmosis water
treatment equipment shall be as specified in GB/T 13922.
6.2 Use the manual method to verify whether the electrical (pneumatic) buttons, valves,
etc. of equipment operate flexibly and smoothly; while energized, verify whether the
electrical control system is sensitive and whether their operation and performance are
8.1.2 The marking plate shall include the following content:
-- product type;
-- manufacturer name and address;
-- dimensions (L×W×H, in mm) and weight (in kg) of the main part of equipment;
-- major technical parameters of equipment, including working pressure, maximum
operating pressure, installed power and so on;
-- production date and number.
8.1.3 The pictorial marking for packaging, storage and transportation of equipment
shall be as specified in GB/T 191.
8.2 Packaging
8.2.1 The packaging of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment shall be as
specified in GB/T 13384; protective measures shall be taken for joints, pipe orifices,
instruments, etc.
8.2.2 The documents accompanying reverse osmosis treatment equipment include:
-- packing list;
-- compliance certificate;
-- instructions for use. The compilation of instructions for use shall be as specified
in GB/T 9969.
8.3 Transportation
The transportation of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment shall be as specified
in the contract; it shall be handled with care to prevent collision and severe turbulence.
8.4 Storage
8.4.1 Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment shall be stored in a warehouse
where it is cool, dry and well-ventilated. It shall not be piled up in the open air, or
exposure to the sun, rain or heat sources. Attention shall be paid to fire prevention.
8.4.2 Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment shall not be storage together with
toxic, corrosive, volatile or odorous items.
8.4.3 Reverse osmosis water treatment shall be placed on wood pallets, not less than
10 cm apart from the floor or wall.
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