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GB 50009-2012 (GB50009-2012)

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GB 50009-2012: PDF in English

GB 50009-2012
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Load Code for the Design of Building
ISSUED ON. MAY 28, 2012
Jointly Issued by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction of the People's
Republic of China
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Quarantine of the People's Republic of China
~it.A~.;!t~ooo 00%11Fit
Load Code for the Design of Building Structures
Jt$L~s *~ w$X.~JA1 w.
Chief Development Department. Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People 's
Republic of China
Approval Depaitment. Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People 's Republic
of China
Implementation Date. October 1, 2012
Beijing 2009
According to the requirements of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the
People's Republic of China-"Notice on Printing 'Development and Revision Plan of National
Engineering Construction Standards and Codes in 2009"' (Jian Biao [2009] No. 88), this code is
revised from the national standard "Load Code for the Design of Building Structures" GB 50009-
2001 (2006 Edition) by the China Academy of Building Research jointly with the organizations
concerned. During the revision process, the drafting group seriously summed up the design experience
in recent years, made reference to the relevant content of the foreign codes and international standards,
developed multiple monographic studies, extensively solicited for the comments of construction
competent departments as well as design, research and teaching organizations nationally, and finally
finalized upon review through repeated discussion, modification and trial design.
This code comprises 10 chapters and 9 appendixes with the main technical contents as follows.
general provisions, terms and symbols, classification and combination of loads, permanent load, live
load on floors and roofs, crane load, snow load, wind load, thennal action and accidental load.
The main technical contents in the revision of this code. 1. The provisions for adjustment coefficient
of variable load considering design working life are added; 2. The accidental load combination
expression is added; 3. Chapter 4 "Permanent Load" is added; 4. The characteristic values of uniformly
distributed live loads on floors and roofs of pa11ial civil buildings are adjusted and supplemented, and
the provisions for the value of live load of fire engine in the des ign of wall, column and foundation
are modified, and the live loads on railings are modified and supplemented; 5. The conditions of
nonuniform snow distribution on patiial roofs are supplemented; 6. The exposure factor for wind load
and the peak topography correction coefficient are adjusted; 7. The shape factor of wind load and the
local shape factor are supplemented and perfected, the value range of interference effect coefficient of
tall building complex is supplemented, and the provisions for wind tunnel test equipment and method
requirements are added; 8. The calculation expression and calculation parameter of along-wind vibration
coefficient are modified, and the provisions for the calculation principle of the wind vibration of
large-span roof structures are added; 9. The provisions for the calculation of equivalent wind load for
across-wind and torsional vibration are added, and the provisions for the combination conditions of
along-wind load and equivalent wind load for across-wind and torsional vibration are added; 10. The
calculation formula and table of gust factor are modified; 11. Chapter 9 "Thermal Action" is added;
12. Chapter 10 "Accidental Load" is added; 13 . Appendix B "Reduction Factor of Fire Engine Load
Accounting for the Influence of Covered Soil" is added; 14. The reference snow pressure and reference
wind pressure of pa1iial cities are adjusted by counting the snow pressure and wind pressure of each
meteorological station throughout the country again based on the new observed data, and the new
reference snow pressure and reference wind pressure maps throughout the country are drawn; 15 . The
reference air temperature of each meteorological station throughout the country are given by counting
based on the monthly average maximum and monthly average minimum air temperature data over the
years, and the reference air temperature distribution maps throughout the country are added; 16.
Appendix H "Equivalent Wind Load for Across-wind and Torsional Vibration" is added; 17. Appendix
J "Acceleration of Wind Induced Along-wind and Across-wind Vibration for Tall Buildings" is added.
In this code, the provision(s) printed in bold type is (are) compulsory one(s) and must be enforced
General Provisions ... 1
2 Terms and Sy1nbols ... 2
2.1 Tern1s ... 2
2.2 Sy1nbols ... 4
3 Classification and Combination of Loads ... 8
3 .1 Classification of Loads and Representative Values of Loads ... 8
3 .2 Co1nbination of Loads ... 8
4 Permanent L...