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GB 31605-2020 PDF in English

GB 31605-2020 (GB31605-2020) PDF English
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GB 31605-2020: PDF in English

GB 31605-2020
National food safety standard - Hygienic specification
for food cold chain logistics
Issued by: National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China;
State Administration for Market Regulation.
Table of Contents
1 Scope ... 3 
2 Terms and definitions ... 3 
3 Basic requirements ... 3 
4 Handover ... 4 
5 Transportation and distribution ... 5 
6 Storage ... 6 
7 Personnel and management system ... 7 
8 Traceability and recall ... 7 
9 Document management ... 7 
National food safety standard - Hygienic specification
for food cold chain logistics
1 Scope
This Standard specifies requirements and management guidelines for basic
requirements, handover, transportation and distribution, storage, personnel and
management systems, traceability and recall, document management and so
on during the food cold chain logistics process.
This Standard is applicable to the logistics process that requires temperature
control for all kinds of food from after they leave the factory to before selling.
2 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
2.1 food cold chain logistics
a logistics project that uses temperature control as the main method to keep
the food within the required temperature and humidity range from after leaving
the factory to before selling
2.2 handover
a link in the cold chain logistics process, including inbound handover, outbound
handover, and distribution handover
3 Basic requirements
3.1 It shall be equipped with cold storage, transportation tools that are
connected with cold chain food production and operation or other facilities and
equipment that meet the requirements of cold chain food storage temperature
and humidity. The facilities and equipment such as cold storage and
transportation tools shall be equipped with temperature and humidity monitoring,
recording, alarming, and regulating devices. The monitoring device shall be
regularly checked and recorded. The facilities and equipment shall be easy to
clean, disinfect, inspect and maintain.
3.2 The cold storage shall be equipped with a supporting refrigeration system
prevent food temperature from exceeding the specified range. If there is no
closed platform, the compartment door shall be closed at any time between
loading and unloading.
4.6 During the handover, check whether the ambient temperature of the
transportation tool meets the temperature control requirements. At the time of
warehousing and delivery, it shall also check the entire temperature record. At
the time of delivery and handover, it shall also record the temperature record in
the warehouse. When the temperature or food condition is abnormal, it shall
not be accepted.
4.7 When the food cold chain logistics is related to public health events, it shall
clean and disinfect the food outer packaging and related supplies for delivery.
5 Transportation and distribution
5.1 Transport vehicles shall be kept clean and hygienic. It shall establish a
cleaning, sanitation and disinfection record system to clean and disinfect
transportation vehicles regularly. The means of transport shall not transport
toxic and hazardous substances. Prevent food from being contaminated. When
the food cold chain logistics is related to public health events, it shall increase
the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the inside and outside of the
transport vehicle, the cab of transport vehicles. Make a record.
5.2 It shall, according to the type, characteristics, season, transportation
distance of the food, select different transportation methods and transportation
routes. When transporting different foods, loading and unloading at multiple
points in the same transport, it shall according to product characteristics, do a
good job of sub-packaging, separation or separation. Store in an area that
meets food storage temperature requirements.
5.3 Before loading, it shall check the means of transport. According to the
transportation temperature of the food, precool the compartment. The
temperature required for food transportation shall be reached before the start
of transportation.
5.4 The temperature during transportation shall be continuously monitored in
real time. The recording time interval shall not exceed 10min, and it shall be
true and accurate.
5.5 When the temperature of the transportation equipment exceeds the set
range, it shall immediately take corrective actions and emergency measures.
Record the range and time of over-temperature truthfully.
5.6 During the transportation, safety measures, such as lead sealing or locking,
shall be taken for transportation vehicles. The transportation process shall be
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