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GB 1536-2004 (GB1536-2004)

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GB 1536-2004English105 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto-delivery. [GB/T 1536-2004] [Including 2005XG1] Rapeseed oil Obsolete

GB 1536-2004: PDF in English

GB 1536-2004 (Renamed to GB/T 1536-2004)
ICS 67.200.10
X 14
GB 1536-2004
Replacing GB 1536-1986
Rapeseed oil
[Including Amendment No.1 2005XG1]
It is renamed as a recommended standard according to the
Announcement No.7 of 2017 by Standardization Administration
Issued by: General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and
Quarantine of PRC;
Standardization Administration of PRC.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3 
1 Scope ... 4 
2 Normative references ... 4 
3 Terms and definitions ... 5 
4 Classification ... 8 
5 Quality requirements ... 9 
6 Test methods ... 11 
7 Inspection rules ... 12 
8 Labels ... 13 
9 Packaging, storage and transportation ... 13 
References ... 14 
Amendment No.1 [2005XG1] of GB 1536-2004 Rapeseed oil ... 14 
Solvent extraction rapeseed oil
The oil obtained by the solvent extraction process of rapeseed.
Genetically modified organism rapeseed oil
Oil obtained from genetically modified rapeseed.
Rapeseed oil-low erucic acid
The rapeseed oil which has an erucic acid content of not more than 3%.
Crude rapeseed oil
Rapeseed oil that cannot be directly consumed by humans without any
Finished product of rapeseed oil
Rapeseed oil directly for human consumption after being processed to meet
the quality index and hygiene requirements of this standard.
Refractive index
The ratio of the angle of incidence to the sine of the angle of refraction when
light enters grease from the air.
Specific gravity
The ratio of the mass of the vegetable oil at 20 °C to the mass of distilled
water of the same volume at 20 °C.
Iodine value
Acid value
The number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide required to neutralize the
free fatty acids as contained in 1 g of fat.
Peroxide value
The number of millimoles of peroxide in 1 kg of fat.
Residual solvent amount in oil
The number of milligrams of solvent remaining in 1 kg of fat.
Heating test
When the oil sample is heated to 280 °C, observe the presence or absence
of precipitation and oil color change.
Refrigeration test
The oil sample is kept at a constant temperature of 0 °C for a certain period
of time, to observe its clarity.
Saponified matter content
The content of the saponified compound in the oil after alkali refining
(calculated as sodium oleate).
Smoking point
The temperature of the oil sample when it is heated to a temperature at
which blue smoke is continuously emitted.
4 Classification
Rapeseed oil is divided into crude rapeseed oil, pressing rapeseed oil, finished
solvent extraction rapeseed oil.
amount in oil /
Pressing rapeseed
Note 1: Those marked with “-” are not detected. When the Residual solvent amount in pressing rapeseed oil and grade 1 and grade
solvent extraction rapeseed oil is less than 10 mg/kg, it is regarded as not detected.
Note 2: Some indicators in bold are mandatory.
5.3 Hygienic indicators
It is performed according to GB 2716, GB 2760 and relevant national standards
and regulations.
5.4 Others
Rapeseed oil must not be mixed with other edible oils and non-edible oils. It
shall not be added with fragrances or spices.
6 Test methods
6.1 Inspection of transparency, smell, taste: It is performed in accordance with
Chapters 1 and 3 of GB/T 5525-1985.
6.2 Color inspection: It is performed in accordance with Chapter 2 of GB/T
6.3 Inspection of specific gravity: It is performed in accordance with GB/T 5526.
6.4 Inspection of refractive index: It is performed in accordance with GB/T 5527.
6.5 Inspection of moisture and volatile matter: It is performed in accordance
with GB/T 5528.
6.6 Inspection of insoluble impurities: It is performed in accordance with GB/T
6.7 Inspection of acid value: It is performed in accordance with GB/T 5530.
6.8 Heating test: It is performed in accordance with GB/T 5531.
6.9 Inspection of iodine value: It is performed in accordance with GB/T 5532.
6.10 Inspection of saponification value: It is performed in accordance with GB/T
6.11 Inspection of saponification value: It is performed in accordance with GB/T
6.12 Inspection of unsaponifiable matter: It is performed in accordance with
GB/T 5535.
conforming product.
8 Labels
In addition to complying with the provisions and requirements of GB 7718, there
are the following special terms:
8.1 Product name
8.1.1 All products labeled “Rapeseed Oil” shall comply with this standard.
8.1.2 Genetically modified rapeseed oil shall be identified according to relevant
national regulations.
8.1.3 For the pressing rapeseed oil and solvent extraction rapeseed oil, it shall
be identified with “pressing”, “extraction” respectively in the product label.
8.2 Country of origin
It shall be indicated of the country of origin of the raw materials of product.
9 Packaging, storage and transportation
9.1 Packaging
It shall comply with GB/T 17374 and relevant national regulations and
9.2 Storage
It shall be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Do not store it together with
harmful or toxic substances.
9.3 Transportation
It shall pay attention to safety during transportation, to prevent sun, rain,
leakage, pollution and label detachment. There must be a special vehicle in
bulk transportation. It shall keep the vehicle clean and hygienic.
(Above excerpt was released on 2019-08-03, modified on 2021-06-07, translated/reviewed by: Wayne Zheng et al.)
Source: https://www.chinesestandard.net/PDF.aspx/GB1536-2004