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CNCA 07C-031-2007 PDF in English

CNCA 07C-031-2007 (CNCA07C-031-2007) PDF English
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CNCA 07C-031-2007English290 Add to Cart 0-9 seconds. Auto-delivery. Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification of telecommunications equipment - telecommunications terminal equipment Obsolete

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CNCA 07C-031-2007: PDF in English

No.. CNCA-07C-031.2007
China Compulsory Certification CCC
Implementation Rules for Compulsory
Certification of Telecom Equipment Category
Telecommunication Terminal Equipment
Issued by. State Certification & Accreditation Administration of PRC
Table of Contents
1. Scope... 4
2. Authentication mode ... 4
3. Basic process of Certification ... 4
3.1 Apply for certification ... 4
3.2 Prototyping Test ... 4
3.3 Initial Factory Inspection ... 4
3.4 Certification Result Evaluation and Approval ... 4
3.5 Follow-up Inspection ... 4
4. Basic requirements for Certification Implementation ... 4
4.1 Apply for certification ... 4
4.2 Type Test ... 5
4.3 Initial Factory Inspection ... 7
4.4 Certification Result Evaluation and Approval ... 9
4.5 Follow-up Inspection ... 9
5. Certificate ... 11
5.1 Maintenance of Certificate ... 11
5.2 Extension of the certificated product coverage ... 12
5.3 Suspension, cancellation and withdrawal of the Certificate ... 12
6. Usage of Compulsory Certification Mark ... 13
7. Charging ... 13
Annex 1. Unit Division for Compulsory Certification of Telecom Terminal Products ... 14
Annex 2. Compulsory Certification of Telecom Terminal Products List of Key Safety
Components, Test Standards and Number of Samples for Random Test... 19
Annex 3. Key Components that Compulsory Certification of Telecom Terminal Products has
the impact on EMC ... 21
Annex 4. Requirements of Factory Quality Control for the Compulsory Certification of
Telecommunication Terminal Equipment ... 22
Annex 5. Factory Quality Assurance Capability Requirements ... 28
References. List of Implementation Rules for China CCC ... 32
Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification of
Electrical and Electronic Products
Telecommunication Terminal Equipment
1. Scope
The document is applied for the compulsory certification for telecommunication terminal
Telecommunication Terminal Equipment refers to the telecommunication equipment that
provide message sending and receiving function at the end of public telecommunication network.
The telecommunication terminal equipment defined in the document include fixed telephone
terminal, cordless telephone terminal, corporate phone, fax machine, modem (including card),
mobile terminal, ISDN terminal, data terminal (including card), multimedia device, etc.
2. Authentication mode
Type test + initial factory inspection + Follow-up inspection
3. Basic process of Certification
3.1 Apply for certification
3.2 Prototyping Test
3.3 Initial Factory Inspection
3.4 Certification Result Evaluation and Approval
3.5 Follow-up Inspection
4. Basic requirements for Certification Implementation
4.1 Apply for certification
4.1.1 Application Unit Division Apply for certification based on product model on principle
Products of same type under the same manufacturer but produced in different factories shall
apply for test as separate unit. Type test is performed on the samples from the same factory, and
the samples and related materials of other factories are required if necessary for conformity test. The same parts (parts with * in Annex 3) in the product electrical structure and product
security, which impact seriously on product EMS are viewed as a same unit for the certification.
The specific model in the single unit shall be identified in principle. For the specific application
units for certification, see Appendix 1.
4.1.2 Document delivered in application
The applied certification shall deliver the formal application and attach the following files.
(1) Electrical circuit diagram related to safety and EMC (e.g. electrical circuit diagram of
power supply) and/or system block diagram/mounting structure of the unit;
(2) Key components and/or primary material list;
(3) Chinese Instruction
(4) Chinese nameplate and alarm markup;
(5) The difference description between various models of the products in the same applied
(6) Other required documents (e.g. Maintenance manual).
4.2 Type Test
4.2.1 Sampling for Type Test Sampling principle
If there is only a model in the applied unit, the sample of this model is delivered.
For the test of series of products as the same unit, we shall select the representative model
from it, and the selected samples shall cover the security requirements and EMS requirements of
the series of products. If not covered, we shall select and send other products in this unit for the
supplementary test.
For unit test, key safety components (Annex 2) in the unit shall be tested separately as
required. The key safety components that have been certified and awarded with the compulsory
product certification or voluntary certification whose test result accepted for the compulsory
product certification result according to CNCA regulation are exempted from separate test, but the
samples and relevant materials and documents are required for audit. Number of samples
The applicant is responsible to select and send the samples for type test based on the
certification authority. See Annex 1 for the number of samples for the machine. For the number of
samples for the separate safety test along with the machine test, and the related requirement, see
Annex 2. Disposal of type test sample and related documents
After the type test, it shall process the test samples and/or related materials in the suitable
4.2.2 Criteria, Items and Method of Type Test Test Standards
GB 4943 Security of IT Equipment
YD/T 993 Lightening-proof technical requirements and test methods of
electrical circuit related to the
safety and EMC, will be viewed as
a same unit for certification.
2) Any part that is different from
the above shall be viewed as a
separate unit for application.
Annex 5.
Factory Quality Assurance Capability Requirements
To ensure the conformity of the certification products in batch production and the samples
with qualified type test, the factory shall meet the quality assurance capability requirements
defined by this document.
1. Responsibilities & Resource
1.1 Responsibilities
The factory shall define the responsibilities and the relationship of the staff related to the
quality activities, and it shall specify a quality person in charge, whatever he is responsible for, he
shall have the following responsibilities and rights.
a) set up the quality system to meet the requirements in the documents and ensure the
implementation and maintenance;
b) Ensure the products marked the compulsory certification meet the requirements for
certification standard;
c) Set up the documented procedure and ensure the proper safekeeping and use of the
certification mark;
d) Set up the documented procedure and ensure to unmark the compulsory certification for
the unqualified products and products awarded with the certificate changed but not approved by
the certification authority.
The quality manager shall have full competent to perform his job.
1.2 Resource
The factory shall be equipped with the necessary production equipment and inspection
equipment to meet the requirements that products meet the compulsory certification standard; it
shall have the appropriate the human resource ensure the staff who impacts on the product quality
have the necessary capability; it shall set up and maintain the necessary environment in production,
inspection, test, s...
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